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Chandan Rao

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  • Indian_wall_grafiti
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  • Kollis
  • Suprabhata
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  • Floral_essence
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exhibition/performance, collective, landscape, mixed-media


The Serene Beauty of Nature made me pick up the brush......

I am a cityite. My childhood memories include the green valleys of Bagamandalai in Coorg Dist. and Yekkar in South Kannara Dist. Two beautiful sleepy villages in the State of Karnataka in India.

Beautiful Serene Valley of Coorg has some amazingly beautiful picturesque locations especially Talkaveri where the river Cavery originates and Bagamandala a village near by which has a Sangama of three rivers i.e three rivers meet to flow as one thereon. My maternal Grandfather's house which had a beautiful Rose garden in the front and "the Well" nearby. The house is surrounded by trees all around and has a river flowing by. And the distant mountains which are visible thro' the trees....

Whereas Yekkar has the open paddy fields, The images of the farmer ploughing , directing the Oxen thro' the field , all the while uttering encouraging words which has a high pitched resonance effect to it, Or the women working in the fields singing with their rustic voices is still fresh in my mind. The different stages of paddy growing in the fields has the spectrum of colour moving from brown to green to yellow. And then there was my Grandfather's Big House with a big Swing where we spent some happy moments. I also remember spending the afternoons sitting on a window sill or the teakwood cot placed near the window at the back of the house enjoying the tremendous afternoon breeze blowing thro' and watching the paddy grass in the fields swaying joyfully and hearing the leaves of the big trees rustle......

So I went about trying to capture Nature on My Canvas......,

like a Kid trying to capture the butterflies in his net.........

♣♣ Just a thought...............

I have enjoyed painting these scapes so much
that I won
der at God's joy at creating the world and us.
And having created us,
is He disappointed in us for destroying his world in the name of
progress ?????

is He indulging us like parents do of their favorite child ????..


♣♣♣ Enroute (2010)

to Shringeri, Karnataka.....

♣♣♣♣ About my digital paintings, I'm loving it creating .. e_paintings that is....

My paintings are usually about nature and her beauty ... I try to capture what I see..but my digital paintings are about what I feel ..hence I feel I should explain them...

Shri Krishna: I have'nt diffrentiated His colour from the background colour cause blue is the sky...which is space... which in turn is the universe .....and ........... KRISHNA is the Universe ......... hence the Uni colour.

The Wall graffiti : Won me the 1st 2010 showcase award..

Different Perceptions :There was this experiment conducted at ART Lab ,where we were given a landcape and asked to create another landscape using a part or the whole of the original .. I could have painted a gloomy picture but there is too much gloominess in our world and I feel art should liven our lives ... hence my perception of the experiment..

Floral Essence : I have dipicted the essence of the flower dispersing thro' air.

Towards Enlightment : Tried to dipict the transformation of the Soul when it reaches it's goal in the Quest for Truth.

Aquarius Star : I loved painting it

Shloka Patra: I love old works of art....they are so beautifully done ..I wish I had a an old book where the text is written on dried leaves (thalea gari) i created one... The text is a shloka from 'The Gita' .

♣♣♣♣♣ M y S h o w c a s e E n t r i e s :

2009 Showcase Entries:

"Shree Laxmi ~ Goddess of Prosperity"

This particular painting of Goddess Laxmi is with mask to suggest that She is a known figure yet she is an unknown entity.

"Rose twig on the floor"

Rose is a rose is a rose …but so is the leaflet ,very beautifull !

"Dusk G(r)azzing"

~ the rural tranqulity of the landscape facinated me ~

"Light Melting Darkness ~ Deepavali"

We just celebrated the festival of Lights i,e Deepavali where lamps are lit to celebrate the victory over darkness (evil) within and outside and Goddess Laxmi is invoked to bless us with prosperity (positive energy).

2010 Showcase Entries:

" The Wall Graffiti "

In India people have Gods' figures painted on the outer side of their compound walls to stop others from sticking posters or dirting the walls..I just picked up the idea for a griffiti painting. The first figure is of Lord Shiva. His abode is the snow peaked Kailash Mountain. Hence I have painted Him as an icy figure.. The 2nd figure is of Shri Krishn. I haven't differentiated His colour from the background because the sky is blue.. sky is space...which in turn is the Universe ...and KRISHNA is the Universe ......... hence the Uni colour.


March Showcase Entry :- 'Kollis - II'

Two Kollis (Fisherfolks) on the rocks against the backdrop of the Sea made it an interesting Scape to paint....... I had Sadera, Florida, USA from helping me online with usefull suggestions while painting this Scape...

June Showcase Entry :- 'Aquarius'

I always wanted to showcase a modern Indian Woman and also paint the Aquarian Star sign ….With this painting I am killing two birds with one stone…I am portraying the Indian Woman as modern yet traditional and still spreading Light…...and as for the the Aquarian star sign … replaced water with light in the pot……


5th Showcase entry :'Shloka Pathra'

We all would love to own a scroll wirh a treasure I created one for myself...The text is a shloka (verse) from 'The Gita''s God's own words saying "Worship and trust Me completely and I will protect and look after ur well-being"


6th Shocase Entry: - 'A Tribute'

India just celebrated 'Gandhi Jayanti' on Oct. 2nd (Gandhiji's birthday).....We Indians should feel lucky and proud to have gained our Independence thro' 'non-voilence' ....this was possible only because of 'Mahatma Gandhiji '- The Father of India.. A Salute to this great person who belived in the goodness of man and worked to protect mankind and peace...the torch or lamp in this image denotes India depicted by the tri colours in her flag.

Recent Exhibits

Chandan Rao participated in these exhibits:

Jun, 2009 String Of Scapes
Nehru Center Art Gallery
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Chandan Rao has Exhibited at these venues:

Nehru Center Art Gallery

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