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Steve Vanoni

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Monterey, CA.

Lives in

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CSUS, 1982, M.A.

Representing galleries

sculpture, conceptual, figurative, graffiti/street-art, abstract, photography, traditional, modern, surrealism, performance, landscape, video-art, realism, installation, pop, cultural-center pop pop video-art video-art mixed-media mixed-media, gallery, exhibition/performance, research, studio-lofts, Association, collective, arts-education mixed-media mixed-media installation mixed-media performance mixed-media



  I  paint, create performance art, produce artcars, cut steel, sculpt with clay and work with various mediums and have been actively exhibiting my artwork in galleries for over 30 years. I consider myself to be one of the greatest living painters on the planet today; NO _*_*_*_!!!… and laugh at myself as much as possible!!!.  I have been an art's educator  since 1987, played music for over 40 years, have been doing spoken word performances since 1981 and do some acting when invited....Please take a few minutes to view some images of my artworks....


       I've been creating Performance Art  Internationally at Festivals, galleries, Museums, Artist Communities and venues  in New York City, Brooklyn, London and Brighton; Paris, San Lys, Toulouse, Marseilles and Sete in France; Seoul and Nowon in South Korea; Barcelona and Sabadell in Spain; Berlin and Cologne in Germany; San Francisco and Miami; Ystad and Malmo in Sweden; Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Pori, Vaasa, Kankaanpaa and Saksmaaki in Finland; Tallinn, Parnu, Paide and South Estonia, Oakland and the Black Rock Desert, Alytus in Lithuania, Riga in Latvia, Sacramento, Davis, Stockton and a few other lesser-known cities... Through my associations and collaborations with various Performance Artist Groups I have been fortunate to establish many important and invaluable  relationships with a great global network of talented artists.       

                       MY APPROACH TO PERFORMANCE ART


      The main focus of my performance art is to involve the audience in the performance.....I remember being in Malmo a couple of years ago watching a very nice durational performance piece; I was leaning up against the wall standing next to a friend when I realized and commented to my colleague: “Oh, this is our job as audience members; to be stuck to the wall; like flies on fly paper....” It was a rather unsettling realization that changed and challenged me to rethink and act out more in my works in order to get the audience to move and become more actively involved….. The audience members can be living contributors in performance works, can move and share their thoughts and feelings… if the performer is interested in opening the door to them…. For me an audience that is sitting still, quiet and static might as well be dead bags of flesh non-actively stuck to a spot…. That perhaps is an extreme viewpoint, but I like to remind them that we are alive!!!!! We are able to move and think and create something living together given the opportunity.

     I not only utilize my nervous anxious energy in my schemes and actions, but include the audiences nervous energy in order to create a mood and tension that is real (in the moment,) beautiful and alive. For me it is  group Kundalini, where you work with the group and raise everybody’s energy; and it works every time.  I enjoy on occasion, sitting and voyeuristically watching performances from aside in a chair but I also enjoy the freedom to CHOOSE to jump, move and scream when inspired…… As a frequent audience member I must say that it is refreshing to have the choice rather than always being confronted with the traditional “SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!!…” format that is provided in most performance situations…

     The first thing that I do in my actions now is to move the audience…. this is my first action: to get them up and take them some place….. WE ARE ALIVE>>>>> WE CAN MOVE….. That is one of the main reasons that we have bodies…….. I bring the audience into the artwork and set them up on to the pedestal….. They always look great…  Similarly to a Duchamp found sculpture and let them revel in their beauty and the possible absurdity of the moment…..The performances are always choreographed: where will they start out being…??? Where do I move them to??? etc… 
I always do 3 actions....

      I have been working with audiences globally on the streets, in galleries and museums for several years and they never let me down... I have invented several “performance vehicles” that actively engages the audience in “our” works and for me there is nothing more beautiful then to open the performance up to them and stand back and see their action; they always deliver the gooooods. They are free to make their choice of whether they want to participate or not and how much they participate….. They help make everything happen within the performance structure and format......I enjoy creating solo works and collaborating with other artists and artist groups as well.... I’m constantly thinking about and looking for new ideas and ways of working to incorporate within my repertoire...

STEVEN VANONI                                                                                                                           +372-5593-1498                     

46 Vana Kalamaja

Tallinn 10451, Estonia                                                                                                                      



1982                M.A., California State University, Sacramento

1980                B.A., California State University, Sacramento



                        attended PERFORMANCE ART CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS


1979                studied with Professor Phil Hitchcock, performance artist colleague who performed at the legendary Richard Demarco Gallery,

Edinburgh, during the early 70’s along with his contemporaries: Joseph Beuys, Paul Neagu, Marina Abramovic,

Zbigniew Warpechowski, David Helder, Tom Hudson, Tom Marioni, Bill Beech, Jane Whittaker, Jackie Lansley,

Sally Potter, Barbara Koslowska, Zbigniew Makarewicz, Anne Gauldin, Rose Finn-Kelcay, Tina Keane,

Andrew Drummond, Alistair MacLennan, Tony Jones, Nigel Rolfe, Lily Eng and Richard Layzell.

1979                Attended performance art workshop lead by Marcia Tucker, Founder of the NEW MUSEUM, New York, N.Y

1978                Studied performance art with Michael Crane, Author of CORRESPONDENCE ART.”



                   WORK EXPERIENCE


2012                Lead Artist for “ESCAPE INTERNATIONALES PERFORMANCE ART FESTIVAL 2012” Artcar workshop, Berlin, DE., May.

                        TALLINN MUSIC WEEK 2012, Performing with “Ajukaja,” featuring Raul Saremeets, Mart Avi & Steve Vanoni, EST., March.

                        Guest DJ on Raul Saremeet’s “VIBRATIONS” Radio Show, radio 2, Estonian National Radio, Tallinn, EST., February.

            “Intensive Painting Focus, AN AMERICAN FRIEND,” workshop at EKA, Tallinn, Estonia, January.

                        Actor in “Umbkotid,” a new Estonian TV3 sitcom, released in theatres, Tallinn, Estonia, January.       

2011                Guest Lecturer with Erkki Pirtola on Contemporary Folk Art Environments at Kankaanpaa Taideokoulos,

                        Kankanpaa, FI., November.

                        Manager for the Musical Group CLEANING WOMEN:, Helsinki, Finland, November.

                        Lead artist for “ARTCAR WORKSHOP,” at Kankaanpaa Taideokoulos, Kankanpaa, Finland, November.

                        Lead artist for “ACTION PAINTING,” workshop at the Estonian Kunst Academia, Tallinn, Estonia, October.

                        Guest Lecturer with Erkki Pirtola on Contemporary Folk Art Environments at the Pori Art Museum in conjunction with “ECO ART

EXHIBITION,” Pori, Finland, August.

Guest Lecturer on BURNINGMAN ARTS FESTIVAL at the Culture Factory Polymer’s, “KULTUURITEHASE FESTIVAL 2011,”

Tallinn, Estonia, August.

Lead Artist at Korean Experimental Art Festival 2011, Artcar Making Workshop, Seoul, South Korea, July.

                        Lead Artist in Found Object Workshop; “COM-POST MODERN SCULPTURE FOR THE AVANT GARDENERS II,”

                        Voipaala Art Center, Saaksmaki, Finland, July.

                        Organizer of the Event: The Culture Factory Polymer …… LOUDLY PRESENTS “PERFORMANCE ART NOW, TALLINN,”

                        Featuring Performances by members of the EKA: Aili Maarja, Sophie Semjonova, Tanel V. Kulla.... and Steve Vanoni, (US)…..


                        EVA VEVERE!! from LATVIA, Hypnotic Sounds by IG NOIR, LIVE Music by LIISA TETSMANN, KATRI MEH,


                        for making this EVENT possible… Photography by Stephan Jacobs.... Culture Factory Polymer, Tallinn, Estonia. June.

                        Lead Artist in a Performance workshop with students from the Estonian Kunst Academia, Tallinn, Estonia, June.

                        Artist Residency at NONGRATA Kalamaja Kunst Studios, Tallinn, Estonia, June - ???....

                        Lead Artist in Artcar project for “HUNGER PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL,” OPENSPACE/ Voxsluxus, Program Diverse Universe 2011,

Interviewed on Berlin International Radio about my artcar…..  Berlin, Germany, May.

                        Presented “Contemporary Southern Folk Art and Outsider Art” Exhibition from my personal art collection at the John Natsoulas

                        Center for the Arts, Davis, CA., January.

2010                Created “2nd International Performance Art Festival,” featuring an evening with NONGRATA; featuring Anonymous Boh,

                        Devil Girl, Dionysis Monroe, Moggeleeto, HORSECOW, Al Dawg, Travis McCoy Fuller with musical accompaniment by

                        Art Lessing and the FLOWER VATO, John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, Davis, CA., December.

                        Created the Event “SERVATAGUSE MUUSIKA ventures to PERFORMANCE ART,” featuring International

                        Performance Artists: ROI Varra, Arianne Foks, Ville Karel, Philip Pedersen, Meeland Sepp, Tuutu, Steve Vanoni with music by

                        CW01, (Cleaning Woman), IG NOIR, Banana Pill and DJ JOJO 200 at EAST Creative Space, Tallinn, Estonia, October.

                        Member of “The Broken Finger Trio,” Musical Combo along with musicians CW01 and IG NOIR; Tallinn, Estonia, September.

Manager and Co-creator of “THE 24 HOURS,” an International Art Project and Latvian Boy Band formed and

conceived during the “SURVIVAL KIT 2 Contemporary Art Festival,” Riga, Latvia, September.

Presenting Exhibition of “American and Estonian Outsider and Self Taught Art,” featuring live musical performances

by IG NOIR, Katri Meh, Ryan Left and DJ Levy along with live Performance Art by Ville Karel at the Patarei Culture Park,

Tallinn, Estonia, August.

Did voice-over work for Polymer Festival Global Container Festival 2010 Television Commercial, Tallinn, Estonia, August.

Visiting resident artist in the “CARE” Artist in Residence Program, City of Tampere, Finland, July.

Presenter of “American Outsider and Southern Folk Art Exhibition,”

“American and Finnish Outsider/ Contemporary Folk Art”, lecture featuring noted Finnish Folk Art Environment Expert Erkki Pirtola

and Steve Vanoni; hosted in conjunction with the Exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art Pispala,

Pispala Community Library, Hirvitalo, Tampere, Finland, July.

                         Lead artist in “Found Object Sculpture Workshop; COM-POST-MODERN SCULPTURE FOR THE AVANT GARDENERS”

                         at the Center for Contemporary Art Pispala, Hirvitalo, Tampere, Finland, July.

                        Visiting Artist in Residence at NONGRATA ART STUDIOS, Tallinn, Estonia, April – October.

                        Guest Sax player Sideman performing with the MIKE FARRELL BAND, Sacramento, CA; ongoing…

2009                Guest Presenter on College Radio Station KDVS with Host DJ Larry Rodriguez, presenting

music from 2009 Europe Performance Art Tour including from Estonia: TATJANA KRISTALL, Rainer Jancis,

                        BF*KLOB, rebimene & voltimene and Tolmunud Mesipuu; from France: 1KA and Rosa; from Finland:

                        CLEANING WOMEN and Vuslux and manogurgeil and from La Garriga, Spain: LA TROBA KUNG FU, Davis, CA., July.

                        Recorded Saxophone parts with noted Estonian Rock Musician and Music Producer Rainer Jancis

                        for upcoming release; Tallinn, Estonia, July.

                        Presented the First Exhibition of American Southern Folk and Outsider Art in FINLAND;


                        Galleria 3 H & K, Pori, Finland, July.

                        Assisted in the construction of Jean Michel Rubio’s Monumental Sculpture

                        “ZARAFA,” for the 1st Festival of Books of the Canebie’re, Marseille, France, June.

                        Residency at NONGRATA Studios, Tallinn, Estonia, February - July.

                        Performed and Recorded with Estonian punk/metal/art rock band TATJANA KRISTALL

                        in Tartu at NONGRATA’s Ferrodrum and Parnu Art Hall. Estonia, as part of the DIVERSE

                        UNIVERSE PERFORMANCE ART FESTIVAL 2009, Estonia, May.

                        Presented the First Exhibition of “American Southern Folk and Outsider Art” in Estonia, Museum of New Art, Parnu, Estonia, April.

                        Guest Presenter / Lecturer at the South Carelia Polytechnic Institute; Imatra, Finland, February.

2008                Invited to be Artist in Residence at SEO BONG RECYCLING CO., Busan, South Korea, November.

                  Conducted Artcar Workshops for families at the Children’s Artist Workshop,

                  at the Children’s Grand Park / Sejong University Subway Station; Seoul, South Korea.

                  Created an Artcar and Performed at “NEW WAVE NOWON,” Seoul

                  International Performance Festival, Nowon, Seoul, South Korea, October.

                  Featured Actor in Jason Rudy’s “Sukeban Octopus,” October release.

                  Small bit Act in Jonathan Morken and Keith Lowell Jensen’s “WHY LIE, I NEED A DRINK”

                  Featured Artist Interviewed on “HEART TO HEART” on ARIRANG;

                  South Korea’s Global Television Network, Seoul, South Korea, September.

                  Created Mural for KOPAS (Korean Performance Art Spirit) Headquarters

                  at Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea.                                            

                  Commissioned to create a sculpture for the EROTIC HERITAGE ART MUSEUM,

                  Las Vegas, Nevada, August.

                  Lead Artist in workshop to create First Artcar in Estonia with NONGRATA Artists for the 2008 Diverse Universe

                  International Performance  Art Festival, Tammiste, Estonia, May

2007                Painting included in S.M.A.C.’s Art in Public Places Collection at the Sacramento

                        Community Convention Center Theater.

2006                Moved Folk Artist Duke Cahill’s Monumental Sculptures to

                        Horse Cow’s former West Sacramento location for restoration and installation….

                        Acted as an extra in Trash Film Orgy’s “MONSTER FROM BIKINI BEACH”

                        Received ARTSCAPES Grant from S.M.A.C. to produce a Fashion Show

                        and Multi-Media Performance, August.

                        Featured Poet on “I BEGAN TO SPEAK,” Video; A Legacy of Poetry from

                        a City of Two Rivers by Sacramento Poet B.L. Kennedy.

                        Hosted GALLERY SO TO DO’s International Performance Art Festival:

                        “AMERICA, AMERICA, AMERICA,”

                        at H.C.’s North C Street location….. 30+ International Performance Artists, May.

2005                Invited to create an artwork for the New Wing of the Sacramento City Hall.

                        Featured Actor on “CULTURE CLASH”  Pilot for Showtime Cable Network, Los Angeles, CA.

2004                Co-curated “THE EYES HAVE IT,” An Exhibition of California Visionaries; with Bonnie Grossman

                        of the Ames Gallery, Berkeley, CA., and with cooperation from Seymour Rosen of the S.P.A.C.E.S. Organization

                        at the University Library Art Gallery, California State University Sacramento; March 26th - June 4th.

                        Launched GALLERY HORSE COW Website:

2002                Taught Drawing: CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY SACRAMENTO.

                        Taught Drawing for AMERICAN RIVER COLLEGE Spring Semester. Sacramento, CA.

2001                Invited to Create and Co-curate an Outsider/ Contemporary Southern Folk Art Show

                        at the E.B. Crocker Art Museum. Sacramento, CA.

                        Wrote Feature Articles for Sacramento News and Review on Noted Folk Artist

                        Duke Cahill, and The Burningman Arts Festival.

2001-2009       Created and Co-directed GALLERY HORSE COW; an Underground Artist’s Community featuring Art Studios,

                        Large Quarterly Community Cultural Art Events; monthly Art Exhibitions featuring: Self Taught, Contemporary

                        Southern Folk Art, Art Brut, Outsider Art, Burning Man Artists, Regional Artists and Artcars. Sacramento, CA.

                   *   Commissioned to create Two New Large Murals: 100ft. and 80ft. long for

                        S.M.A.C.’s Art in Public Places Program; at the Sequoia Pacific Warehouse Site.... Sacramento, CA.         

2000                Recipient of the Wilkerson Fellowship for “Technical Arts” for my efforts to conserve, promote,

                        document and preserve Duke Cahill’s Folk Art Environment. Sacramento Metropolitan Art Commission.

                        Curator of exhibition of Southern Folk and Northern California Outsider Art, NEOIMAGES.COM, New York, N.Y.  

                        Produced Video of DUKE CAHILL’S Folk Art Environment included in the Museum of American Folk Art’s

                        Video Archive, New York, N.Y.                                                                                           

1999                Negotiated the loan of pieces by Noted Folk Art Sculptor: Romano Gabriel,

                        from the City of Eureka to the OAKLAND MUSEUM OF ART. Oakland, CA.

1999                Discovered, brokered and delivered “16 Previously Unseen Works by Martin Ramirez,”

                        to the Phyllis Kind Gallery; New York, NY.

1998-present   Worked alone and with Allen Denault on the preservation of Sacramento Folk Art Environment Artist

                        Duke Cahill’s Site; with guidance from Seymour Rosen; Director of S.P.A.C.E.S. Organization,

                        Los Angeles, CA.

1998-2001       Employed by the William James Association to conduct weekly Drawing Workshops at

                        Folsom State Prison, Folsom, CA.

1990-2008       Employed at the Short Center North to facilitate art-making workshops with app. 100

                        developmentally disabled adults. Sacramento, CA.

1997                Part-time Studio/Lecturer at American River College. Sacramento, CA.

1997               Wrote article on Duke Cahill for publication by Raw Vision: International Journal of Art Brut,

                        Outsider Art, Visionary and Folk Art. London, England.

1996-present   Artworks included in the E.B. Crocker Art Museum’s ongoing exhibition of NORTHERN

                        CALIFORNIA ART SINCE 1945. Sacramento, CA.

1995                Director of the Martin Ramirez Gallery; featuring monthly exhibitions

                        of Northern California Outsider Art from: The Creative Growth Arts Center, N.I.A.D.

                        and the Short Centers: North, South, and Stockton. Sacramento, CA.

1995                Received Sacramento Metropolitan Art Commission’s 1995 Fellowship for “Visual Arts - Arts in Education Award.”

1995                Opened for Lydia Lunch and Excene Cervenka’s “Terror Twins” Spoken Word Tour. Sacramento, CA.

1993                Conceived and curated: “Expressive Visions,” Art from the Short Center; presented in conjunction

                        by the Crocker Art Museum and the Dean Moniz Gallery, Sacramento, CA.

1992                Received a “New Works” Grant from the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission to exhibit my

                        TRAIN PAINTINGS at the CALIFORNIA STATE RAILROAD MUSEUM, Sacramento, CA.

1992                Commissioned by the Center of Contemporary Arts to create a mural. Sacramento, CA.

1991-92           Artworks published in Pulse Magazine. Sacramento, CA.

1991                Animated feature “TV SHOW” selected and included in the Mill Valley Film and Video Fest’s

                        “Significant American Shorts,” Category; Mill Valley, CA.

                        Featured Spoken Word Artist on “LANDING SIGNALS;” an Anthology of Poets from the Sacramento Valley.

1990                Received a “New Works” Grant from the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission

                        to create and air a computer-animated P.S.A.: “Get Into the Arts,” on KXTV, Channel 10.

1990-91           Taught art for Sacramento Parks and Recreation’s after-school “Art’s Cool” Program:

                        Grades 1 through 6 at the “Summer School for the Arts.”

1990                Received “Best Graphics Award,” from the Sacramento Community

                        Cable Foundation for “TV Show;” a computer animated video.

1987-90           Received an Artist in Residence Grant, California Arts Council, at Grace Day Home:

                        taught art to four and five year olds. Sacramento, CA.

                        Sold Animated Video to Club DV8; San Francisco, CA.

1989                Commissioned by Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission to paint two large murals

                        on the Sequoia Pacific Warehouse: A.P.P. Program.

1989-2001       Performed and recorded with noise church, the f holes, KLING KLANG, Viscous Gel,

                        HERBIVORE and Vanoni, Dan’s Swing Thing, The Earwigs, Sex 66, Dutch Falconi and

                        the Twisted Orchestra. Sacramento, CA.

1994                Founding and Last Surviving Member of “HARRY BURNS BALONEY,” a Musical/Performance

                        Art Group; Opened for Exene Cervenka at the CATTLE CLUB, Sacramento, CA.                     

1988                Recorded on The FOOLKILLER’S “OUT OF STATE PLATES” Album, Mad Rover Records.

1987                Featured on Sacramento Public Television; KVIE’s “ART’S ALIVE” Show. Sacramento, CA.

                        Published “TARGET IN THE HEAD POEMS” A Collection of My Poetry, Aluminum Chicken Press.

1986                Showed My Videos at The Ritz, Danceteria; October, New York, N.Y.

                        Showed videos at Club DV8, San Francisco, CA.

                        Founding member and originator of the SCREAMING PYGMY ORCHESTRA;

                        A “Variety Show” based on the concept of the ITALIAN FUTURIST’S Variety Theatre;

                        consisting of Performance Artists, Comedians, Live Experimental Music, Dancers and 5 musicians

                        from Mexico who performed music of the Andes. Sacramento, CA.

 1985                NEBULOUS STUCCO THING recorded and released “LOSING IT BIG AT  

                        CARNAGIE HALL.”

1984-86           Founding member of NEBULOUS STUCCO THING, Performance Art,

                        Experimental Music and Spoken Word Group. Sacramento, CA.

1981-86           Founding Member of “THE STUCCO FACTORY”; A Sacramento Underground Artist’s

                        and Musician’s Community.

                        First Spoken word performance at FIDO Art Gallery, Sacramento, CA.

1979                Participant in Professor John Fitzgibbon’s Epic Mythological Performance: “THE TRIUMPH OF FLORA,”

                        featuring Allen Kaprow, Judy Chicago and 50 other performers….





2012                 “ANTI Contemporary Art FESTIVAL,” Collaborative Group Performance, Kuopio, FI., September.

                             “KEAF 2012,” Korean Experimental Performance Festival; Performing Composition for an “AUTORCHESTRA”

                       Seoul, South Korea, September.

                             “WASTELAND FESTIVAL,” Found Object Art Sculpture Project, Kouvola, FI., July.

                             “DIVERSE UNIVERSE 2012,” A nomadic performance art festival; “YEAR OF THE PULSE JET IN THE EU”

                             traveling to performance locations in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Berlin,

                             Rotterdam and Nijmegen, Netherlands, Barcelona, Paris, Marseille and Toulouse, France, Gothenburg, Sweden,

                             Bergen and Oslo, Norway, Vaasa and Pori, Finland. May – June.

                            “I WILL EAT TURKU PERFORMANCE.....” Gallery Titanik, Turku, FI. April.

                            “LA BAS BIENNIAL,” International Festival of Performance Art, Helsinki, FI., April.

                            "STEVE VANONI: Scripts, Scraps, Shapes and other Mishaps...." Exhibition,

                      Pärnu Linnagalerii Raekojas, Parnu, EST., March- April...

                           “KALAMAJA CIRCUS Performance,” Kalamaja Art Commune, Tallinn, EST., March.

2011                   “KALAMAJA CIRCUS Performance,” Kalamaja Art Commune, Tallinn, EST., December.

                           “3 Actions for Better Holy days…” Ptarmigan Art Space, Helsinki, Finland, December.

                           Black Santa Performance,” with CW01 and DJ JoJo 200, Patarei Culture Park, Tallinn, EST., December.

                           “CIRCUS PERFORMANCE” with Meeland Sepp, Katliin Pille, Sorge Margus Tiitsma, Tuutu, Mari Prekup, CW01, DJ JoJo 200,

                            HORSECOW, Gallery 3H & K, Pori, Finland, December.

                            “Kankaanpaa ARTCAR Christening + 2 actions” Kankaanpaa Taideokoulos, Kankaanpaa, Finland, December.

  “3 actions might be better than one: you must move now, may I see your feet & “grandom” champion of

   TURKu 2011…” Fluxee Performance Series, Turku, Finland, November.

  “tour de Delatante avantguarde Tallinn 2011 grande championship” Performance,

                           Tallinn, Estonia, November.  

                      Partcipant in Estonian Artist’s Group VEDELIK’s “75th OLYMPIC ANNIVERSARY” Performance, Tallinn, Estonia, November.

                      Infr’action Festival International d’art performance, “HOLY/WAR, Honey pot, Bike Race

                            and Backwards Race 2011,” “FOOTWEAR REVERSED FASHION SHOW,” Sete, France, September.

                           “TREATMENT 006,” “HONEYPOT: Performance” Galerii Metropol, Tallinn, Estonia, September.

                           TOUR DE TALLINN CHAMPIONSHIP 2011 Performance,” 2011 Global Art Container Festival, Culture Factory Polymer,

                            Tallinn, Estonia, August.

                           “3 Part Performance for a Freer Planet 2011,” Project Human Festival, South Estonia, August.

                           “BACKWARDS RACE AND PEOPLE WITH COLORS ACTION,” Gallery YOGIGA, Seoul, South Korea, July.

                      KEAF 2011: Korean Experimental Performance Festival 2011;



                           performance is over here…” Seoul, South Korea, July.

                           “GERM FREE YOUTH PARTY,” Ptarmigan Art Space, Tallinn, Estonia, July.

                     “COM-POST-MODERN SCULPTURE FOR THE AVANT GARDENERS II,” Exhibition, Voipaala Art Center,

                           Saaksmaki, Finland, July.

                           “BACKWARD’S RACE” Performance at PERFORMANCE ART NOW, TALLINN, Culture Factory Polymer, Tallinn, June.

                           Performed with Meeland Sepp, Tuutu and Sorge “CIRCUS PERFORMANCE,” Gallery Metropol, Tallinn, June.

                           Diverse Universe 2011, Touring Performance Art Festival performing in: Estonia, Latvia, Berlin, Finland, May & June.

                          “SPEECH KARAOKE,” Hameenlinna Art Museum, Jyvaskyla, Finland, February.

2010                   Solo Performance: “SIGNS AND LOSERS,” and group performance with NONGRATA in San Francisco, Davis, CA. December.

   NEO CROCKER Party, “YOU LOST,” featured performance artist, E.B. Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA. October.

  “ATTIC T;an evening of performance art and music, 46 Vana Kalamaja, Tallinn, Estonia, October.

                          “SERVATAGUSE MUUSIKA ventures to PERFORMANCE ART” EAST Creative Space, Tallinn, Estonia, October.

                           Johnny Amore presents “The Secret Pearls of…” A Video Presentation of artist’s works, Gallery 3 H + K, Pori, Finland, October.

                          “64 Babies” Performance with CW01 at Club Taka as part of the “SURVIVAL KIT 2” Contemporary Art Festival,

                           Riga, Latvia, September.

                          “ACTION APARTMENT,” “Best Losers of Riga Performance,” Riga, Latvia, September.


   Kunstii Museum of Modern Art; Vaasa, Finland, September.

  “EAST Footwear Fashion Shoe Performance Piece,” East / Creative Space, Tallinn, Estonia, August.

  “PERFO,” “Tampere gentleMen’s Hat Club Performance,” Performance Art Festival, Telakka Club, Tampere, Finland, August.

  “PERFORMANSSIFIESTA,” “Mexican Fiesta Performance in 3 Actions,” International Performance Art Festival;

   Center of Contemporary Art Pispala, Hirvitalo; Tampere, Finland, July.


   Center for Contemporary Art Pispala, Tampere, Finland, July.

 “ANONYMOUS BOH,” Performance with NONGRATA, Tartu Kustimaja, Kolmes Galeriis, Tartu, Estonia, July.

                          “Et 20 l’ete – edition 2010,” Group Performance with Red Plexus and Solo Performance; “Tour De Belleville 2010,”  Paris, France, June.

  Performed with Lithuanian Butoh Dancer Benas Sarka at the Patarei KUTUURITOLM 2010, as part of the

“FRIEND-SHIP,” Nordic and Baltic Performance Art Project, Tallinn, Estonia, June.

  Performed at “TREATMENT-05,” at Gallery Metropol, Tallinn, Estonia, June.

 “Hujieda Mishimaru, Sato Yukie and Steve Vanoni,” Endla Theater Kuun Black Box, Parnu, Estonia, June.

  Kim Baek Ki, Steve Vanoni, Hujieda Mishimaru, Sato Yukie at Port Artur Square, Parnu, Estonia, June.

 “PERF 10”NONGRATA Performance and Solo Performance; “Best Losers of Pori, 2010,”

  International Performance Art Festival, Gallery 3H & K, Pori, Finland, May.

                          Featured Performer at Skanes Kontsforening; NONGRATA, “BEAUTY OF A CAR ACCIDENT PERFORMANCE,”

                          And “BEST LOSERS OF MALMO 2010 PERFORMANCE,” Malmo, Sweden, May.                       

                          Featured Performance Artist: Solo: “BEST LOSERS OF PARIS,” and “TOUR DE BELVILLE 2010 CHAMPIONSHIP,”

                          and group performance with NONGRATA, at “DE’SORDE URBAIN E’DITION PARIS 2010,”

                          CONFLUENCES and TRACES ART SPACE; organized by ORNICART, Paris, France, May.


                          at L’Estruch Live Arts Center, Sabadell, Spain, May.

  Featured Performer at LA PAPA; Solo “4 Babies Performance,” and NONGRATA Group Performance; Barcelona, Spain, May.

  Featured Performer at Centre d’ Art de Terre Blanque, Toulouse, France, May.

  Featured Performer at TempoRares Paradies and Fein Raus, Cologne, Germany, May.

  Featured Performer at AQUA Carre and A.J.A.R. Galerie, Solo “Tour de Berlin 2010,” and NONGRATA Group Performance;

  Berlin, Germany, May.

  Featured Performer at Alytus Art School; “TOUR DE ALYTUS 2010,” Alytus, Lithuania, April.

  Featured Performer at Club Piens, “TOUR DE RIGA 2010,” Riga, Latvia, April.


  Featuring Performances at the Parnu Museum of New Art; Tour travels to various venues in Estonia, Latvia,

  Lithuania, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden and Finland…. Parnu, Estonia, April.          

                          Featured Performance Artist at GRACE EXHIBITION SPACE & GALLERY, “TOUR DE BROOKLYN 2010,” Brooklyn, New York, March.

                          FOUNTAIN ART FAIR, “IF YOU LOSE IT HERE, YOU CAN LOSE IT EVERYWHERE,” New York, N.Y., March.

2009                  Performer in Meeland Sepp and Margus TIITsma/Sorgei’s Art Performance, “ESTONIAN MAN POWER,”

                          Kultuuritehas Polymer, Tallinn, Estonia, July.

                          Featured Performance Artist; NONGRATA, at the Avis de Chantier – Place de la Re’union, Paris, June.

                 Featured Performance Artist; NONGRATA, at “DE’SORDRE URBAIN E’DITION PARIS 2009,”                   

                 CONFLUENCES, Paris, France. June.

                 Featured Performance Artist at “PERFO 09” International Performance Art Festival;

                 Pori, Tampere, Finland, June.

                 Featured Performance Artist at adriAntik Theatre; D.U. European Tour, Barcelona, May.

                 Featured Performance Artist at LA PAPA; D.U. European Tour, Barcelona, May.

                 Featured Performance Artist at the LIVERY; D.U. European Tour, Marseilles, May.

                 Featured Performance Artist at Mixart Myrys; D.U. Eureopean Tour, Toulouse, May.

                 Featured Performance Artist at Terre Blanque; D.U. European Tour, San Lys, France, May.

                 Featured Performance Artist at BULLWINKEL “MYFEST” PARADE: CENTRIFUGA;

                 1st International Printer and Performance Festival, Gallery P, Theatre Kapelle;

                 D.U. European Tour, Berlin, May.

                 Featured Performance Artist at HORDE PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL,

                 Kasko Performance Space and Recycling Park; D.U. European Tour, Basel, Switzerland, May.

                 Featured Performance Artist at the Naïve Art Museum; D.U. European Tour, Riga, Latvia, May.

                 Featured Performance Artist at “DIVERSE UNIVERSE PERFORMANCE ART EXPLOSION”

                 Tallinn, Parnu, Paide, Tartu, Estonia, April.

                          Performance with NONGRATA at the YGSTAD ART MUSEUM, Ygstad, Sweden, March.

                          Performance at RICHMIX with NONGRATA, PROTOPLAY, HORSECOW & TATJANA KRISTALL;

                          London, England, March 14

                          Performance with PROTOPLAY, NONGRATA, HORSECOW, at SHUNT Lounge and Theatre Company,

                          London, England, March 12, 13

                          Performance with HORSECOW, ANONYMOUS BOH, DIONYSUS at Permanent Gallery,

                          Brighton, England, March.

2008                   Featured Art Car / Performance artist at the 2008 Seoul International Performance

Festival, “NEW WAVE NOWON,” Seoul, South Korea, October.

                 Horsecow BOMB BRIGADE and NONGRATA perform at:

                  HORSECOW STUDIOS and BITCHIN SPACE; Sacramento, September.



  John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, Davis, September.

              2008 Korean Experimental Arts Festival (K.E.A.F) Solo Performance &

                 Performing with NONGRATA, September, Seoul, South Korea, September.

                 Burningman Art Festival, Daily Performances with NONGRATA, Saskia Edens

                 And the HORSECOW BOMB BRIGADE, Black Rock Desert, Nevada, August.

 Opening Exhibition at the Erotic Heritage Art Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada, August 2nd.

                    Art Car opening in Tammiste Hooldekodu, Parnu Estonia, May.

                    ART CAR, “NONGRATA” Performance Event in Parnu Artist House

                    Performance Art Event: DIVERSE UNIVERSE EXHIBITION:

                    “PERFORMANCE EXPLOSION” at the Culture Factory Polymer,

                    Tallinn, Estonia, April.                                               

                    “ARTCONTACT” Performance Event at the Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland, May.

                    Diverse Universe Performance at KUMU Estonian Art Museum, May.

                    “AMERICAN FOLK ART” from my Collection exhibited at John Natsoulas   

                    Center for the Arts, Davis, CA., May.

                    HORSECOW PERFORMANCE ART TASK FORCE performs for the 17th                        

                    Ceramic Sculpture Conference for the John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, Davis, 

                    CA. April.

                          HORSECOW PERFORMANCE ART TASK FORCE performed at UOP’s

                          Reynold’s Art Gallery, Stockton, CA., March.

                          Performed with NONGRATA at UNDERCURRENTS ARTSPACE, Miami, Florida.

                          Hyde Park Fine Arts, Tampa, Florida, February.

                          Performance Art Lectures/ Performances @ Hillsborough Community College              

                          “Color Theory Lecture/ Performance” @ Tampa Art Institute, February.

2007                 “Horse Cow Performance Artists Group Blasts Some Art”

                          John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA. October.

                          “CIRCUS” Performance Art ACTION at

                          A Bitchin Space, Sacramento, CA., September.

                          “HORSE COW & NONGRATA” Performances at

                          Horse Cow Studios, Sacramento, CA., September.

                          “NONGRATA & HORSECOW” Performances at

                          Brickhouse Gallery, Sacramento, CA., September.

                          “SHORT CENTER ART FACULTY AND STUDENTS”

                          Toyroom Gallery, Sacramento, CA.

2006                  “ARTCAR FEST” San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA.

                   “Aspects of Humanity,” Invitational Show at Center for Contemporary Art,

                    Sacramento, CA.

  “RUN LIKE HELL,” Duboce Street Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

  Performed with “NONGRATA” International Performance Art Group

  from Estonia, America and Chile at 21 Grand Street, Oakland, CA.

  Performed with NONGRATA Performance Artists for SOTODO’S

  “AMERICA, AMERICA, AMERICA,” International Performance Art Festival, Horse Cow, Sacramento, CA.

  Group Invitational, Axis Gallery, Sacramento.


                          SHORT NORTH ART: TOYROOM GALLERY. Sacramento, CA.


                          Gallery Horse Cow, Sacramento, CA.


                          Gallery Horse Cow, Sacramento, CA.  

  “9:45 ART BLAST!!!” Live Art Performance of Pulse Jet blasting gallons of paint on

  GALLERY HORSE COW’S WALLS and Live Nude Models making impressions on painted surfaces..


2002                 THE BEST,” GALLERY HORSE COW, Sacramento, CA.

2001                 “HOM’AGE SHOW,” 750 Gallery, Sacramento, CA.

2000                  “The Season’s Best,” B. Sakata Gallery, Sacramento,CA.

                          NEOIMAGES GALLERY, New York, NY.

                          “Capitol’s Best,” LIMN Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
                          “4th International Congress of “SOTODO ARTISTS,” “CELERY HAUS PERFORMANCE INSTALLATION,” Berlin-Sacramento.                 

                         “PAINTINGS FOR MODERN CAVE DWELLERS,” Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, CA.     

1999                “Abundant Treasures,” Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA.
                          Collaboration Show, BIG ART, Sacramento, CA.

                         “Group Show,” B. Sakata Garo, Sacramento, CA.

                         “STUCCO REVISITED,” Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento,                                        

                         “The Big End,” BIG ART, Sacramento, CA.

1998                “DEATH AND DESIRE,” Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA.

1997                “CSUS/ 50,” Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, CA.

                         “Steven Vanoni,” Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, CA.

                         “New Space/ New Works,” Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, CA.

                         “6 Black/ 6 White,” BIG ART, Sacramento, CA.

1996                “Chair Show,” Weintraub Thomas Gallery, Sacramento, CA.

                         “The White Gallery: 1978-1981; Reunion show,” Phantom Galleries, Sacramento, CA.

1995                “Faculty and Students from the Short Center North,” BIG ART, Sacramento, CA.

                         “Steve Vanoni, Paul Richards and John Berger,” Phantom Galleries, Sacramento, CA.

1994                  “Building a Collection of Gifts,” E.B. Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento,

                         “Sacramento/ Berlin: Capitals,” International Performance Art Festival; SOTODO Gallery, Sacramento, Berlin. 

1993                “Erotic Art,” BIG ART, Sacramento, CA.

                         “Film and Video Art,” Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA.

1992                “The Ethan and Sherry Wagner Collection,” E.B. Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA.

 “EN LA KESH,” 60 Artists/ Poets Collaborative, Performance Art, Sacramento Train Station,   

 Sacramento, CA.

1991                “VAUDEVILLE at the VETS,” An evening of Performance Art, Veterans Memorial Theater, Davis.  

1989                 “TRUCK, BEER, SAW & CROQUET” Performance, I.D.E.A. Gallery, Sacramento, CA.

1987                “ECCENTRIC IMAGERY,” Carolyn Corre Gallery, Paris, France,

                         Ekymose Art Contemporain, Bordeaux, France, Berkeley Art Center

                         “50 Ceramic Sculptors,” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA.

1986                “Artbridge,” City Gallery, Kobe, Japan.

                        “Vandenberge and Vanoni,” The Candy Store Gallery, Folsom, CA.

                        “Six from Sacramento,” Gregory Ghent Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

1985                “Sacramento/ Davis Interface,” Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA.

                        “TARWORKS,” I.D.E.A. Gallery, Sacramento, CA.

1984                “COWTOWN,” Chan Elliot Gallery, Sacramento, CA.

1983                “Twenty Questions,” Fido Art Gallery, Sacramento, CA.

                        “Steven Vanoni,” Chan Elliot Gallery, Sacramento, CA.

1982                “X”s 5,” White Gallery, Sacramento, Ca.

“Some Local Color from the Flatlands,” Sheppard Art Gallery, University of   Nevada, Reno, NV.

                        “SCULPTURE SACRAMENTO,” Fido Art Gallery, Sacramento, CA.

1981                “California Works,” California State Fair, Sacramento, CA.

                        “56th Annual Crocker Kingsley Exhibition,” E.B. Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA.

                        “2nd Annual Postcard Invitational,” Roscoe Louie Gallery, Seattle, WA.

                        “An Evening of Performance Art” featuring Steve Vanoni, Open Ring Gallery

                        Sacramento, CA.

1980                “Arthur Gonzalez and Steven Vanoni,” Robert Else Gallery, CSUS,

                        Sacramento, CA.

                        “Steven Vanoni,” Monterey Peninsula Art Museum, Monterey, CA.

                        “ANECHOIC CHAMBER PERFORMANCE,” CSUS Engineering Department, Sacramento, CA.



                      REVIEWS AND PUBLICATIONS



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