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Barrie J Davies

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milford haven

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University of wales institute cardiff, 2004, MA
southampton institute, 2000, BA
Carmarthen College of Art and, 1997, foundation

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Barrie J Davies projects

performance, installation, mixed-media, sculpture, abstract, Wales, Welsh art, exhibition/performance, photography, pop

Barrie J Davies CV



2013 – “I HAD TOO MUCH TO DREAM LAST NIGHT” Oriel Bach Gallery, Swansea

2012 – “THE GONZO TEA GARDEN ROAD TRIP” Oriel Bach Gallery, Swansea

2012 – “THE PARADISE ROOM IN GONZO LAND” Arcadecardiff, Cardiff, Wales

2009 – “NO LOOKING” The Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, Wales

2008 – “THE BARRIE J DAVIES SHOW” Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, England

2007 – "PHOTOGRAPHS ON THE STAIRS" Q Gallery, Narberth, Wales

2006 – "THE BALLAD OF BARRIE J" G39, Cardiff, Wales

2005 – "MAY CONTAIN NUTS" Oriel I Bawb, Snowdon Mill, Porthmadog, Wales

2005 – "BARRIE J DAVIES IS AN ARTIST" Fold Gallery, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, England

2004 – "BLOW MY MONKEY" The Red Box Gallery, Ninian Road, Cardiff, Wales

2003 – "SERENDIPITY" The Circle Gallery, Muni Arts Centre, Pontypridd, Wales

2001 – "23 RPM" Haverfordwest Library Gallery, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales

2000 – "CRIME SCENE" Project Milford, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales

1998 – "WORLDS MOST WANTED" Haverfordwest Community Centre, Pembrokeshire, Wales




2013 WAREHOUSE DES REFUSES” Milgi, Cardiff, Wales

2013 20 X 20” Gallery TS1, Middlesbrough, England

2013 MAMS FRIDGE” Mam’s Fridge Gallery, Treorchy, Wales

2013 LOOKING GLASS OPEN” The Looking Glass, Bristol, England

2013 ART IN THE WAREHOUSE” Milgi, Cardiff, Wales

2013 No.4” West Wharf Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2013 – “POSITIVE POSTCARDS” The Lowry Arts Centre, Salford Quays, England

2013 – “MEMORY” Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, Canada

2013 – “PAINTINGS” Seren Art Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2013 – “ART CAR-BOOTIQUE” Chapter, Cardiff, Wales

2013 – “SECRET” The Royal College of Art, London, England

2012"THE REUNION SALON"Urban Outfitters, Cardiff, Wales

2012"BLOW BACK"Tactile Bosch Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2012"THE NATIONAL EISTEDFORDD OF WALES"Vale of Glamorgan, Wales  

2012"BEATEN BLACK, BLUE, RED GREEN AND GOLD"Clifton Street, Cardiff, Wales

2012"DISRUPTION 2"Elysium Gallery, Swansea, Wales


2012"CITIZEN"Tactile Bosch Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2012 – “SUMMER #3” Project Ten Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2012"ORACLE"Pedro Goyena, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2012 – “ANYTHING GOES” The Courtyard Gallery, Asheville, North Carolina, USA

2012 – "TRACES" ATELIER 5B, Schondorf am Ammersee, Germany

2012 – “REJECTED” A Side B Side Gallery, London, UK

2012 – “ART CAR-BOOTIQUE” Chapter, Cardiff, Wales

2012 – “MADE IN SPRING” Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2012 – “SPRING #3” Project Ten Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2011 – “DIRTBOX” Nos Da, Cardiff, Wales

2011 – “CHRISTMAS SHOW” St Davids Hall, Cardiff, Wales

2011 – “WINTER #2” Project Ten Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2011 – “SECRET” The Royal College of Art, London, England

2011 – “MADE IN ROATH ARTS FESTIVAL” Roath, Cardiff, Wales

2011 – “AUTUMN #2” Project Ten Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2011 – “SOMEBODY PEOPLE” The Dairy, Cardiff, Wales

2011 – “FLUXUS NEVER STOPS” Kaunas Biennial, Lithuania

2011 – “PAINTINGS” Gallery 407, London, England

2011 – “ROOTS AND SHOOTS” Mid Wales Arts Centre, Caersws, Wales

2011 – “SUMMER #2” Project Ten Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2011 – “ART CAR-BOOTIQUE” Chapter, Cardiff, Wales

2011 – “100 POSTCARDS” Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2011 – “PAPER” Project Ten Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2011 – “100 POSTCARDS” The Royal Standard, Liverpool, England

2011 – “A JOURNEY TO THE EAST” SOS Gallery, Bandug, West Java, Indonesia

2011 – “MY EVERYDAY OBJECT” Polifemo, Milan, Italy

2011 – “350 EARTH” Bunnel Street Gallery, Homer, Alaska, USA

2011 – “SOAPBOX ARTS FESTIVAL 2011” St Helen’s, England

2011 – “IMAGINE BLUE SQUIRRELS” Miami Arts, Miami, Arizona, USA

2011 – “CUTCLICK” Artlandish Gallery, Cleethorpes, England

2011 – “RESLIENCE” Llantarnham Grange Art Gallery, Cwmbran, Wales

2011 – “POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE” CRG Gallery, New York, USA

2010 – “POLAR ART FAIR” Tactile Bosch Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2010 – “SECRET” The Royal College of Art, London, England

2010 – “THE PROFESSIONALS” Eversheds, Cardiff, Wales

2010 – “AUTUMN BOOK ARTS FAYRE” Ffotogallery, Penarth, Wales

2010 – “EMERGING ARTISTS” The Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, Wales
2010 – “SHOWCASE” Old Library Artspace, Cardiff, Wales

2010 – “INKLINGS” Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2010 – “100 T-SHIRTS” Jazzcakes, Cardiff, Wales

2010 – “SUMMER BOOK ARTS FAYRE” Ffotogallery, Penarth, Wales

2010 – “THE BOOK OF DEATH” Musuem of Modern Art Wales, Machynlleth, Wales

2009 FRAMEWORK SOCIAL” Framework, Swansea, Wales

2009 ART AND PROMISES” The Marriot Hotel, Cardiff, Wales


2009 COMMUNICATIONS” Elder Street Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA

2009 BLAH BLAH” Elysium Gallery, Swansea, Wales

2009 – "THE FRIEZE ART FAIR" Regents Park, London, England

2009 – "SECRET" The Royal College of Art, London, England

2009 – “THE TAIL COAT PROJECT” Craft in the Bay Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2009 – “SEX, ANARCHY, WALES” The Globe, Cardiff, Wales

2009 – “ART FORCE 1” The Israeli Centre for Digital Art, Holon, Israel

2009 – “THE BIG EVENT” Nos Da, Cardiff, Wales

2009 – “REPETATIVE VARIATIONS” Monkey Bar, Swansea, Wales

2009 – “4 TO 7” Propeller Island Gallery, London, England (curated by Mark Mcgowan)

2008 – “CRASH WORSHIP” Tactile Bosch Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2008 SHOWROOM” Coopers Arms, Aberystwyth, Wales

2008 – “IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME” G39 Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2008 – “NATIONAL ART COMPETITION” Angelus Gallery, Winchester, England

2007 – “BREAKPADS” THE Garej Artspace, Cardiff, Wales

2007 – “HAPPINESS” Oriel I Bawb, Snowdon Mill, Porthmadog, Wales

2007 – “PUNK” Galerie Lecocon, Hamberg, Germany

2007 – “PUNK” Ada Street Gallery, London, England

2007 – “SONIC ART EXPO” Plymouth, England

2007 – “ART IN IT” Muni Arts Centre, Pontypridd, Wales

2007 – “SOS Art Fair” Kings Road, Cardiff, Wales

2006 – “UNSAFE” Light House, Poole, England

2006 – “WHERE WERE @” Tactile Bosch Artspace, Cardiff, Wales

2006 – "SECRET" The Royal College of Art, London, England

2006 – "FRED" Fold Gallery and various locations in and around Cumbria, England

2006 EXHIBIT 27” The Museum of Temporary Art, Tubingen, Germany

2006 – "SURFACE" Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, Powys, Wales

2006 – "UNDERCOVER” Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, Powys, Wales

2006 – "WISH YOU WERE HERE!" Artshed, Ware, Herts, England

2005 – "MULTIPLEX 4" The Old Cinema Art Space, Hoxton, London, England

2005 – "SLICE 3" Chapter Art Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2005 – "MULTIPLEX 3" The Old Cinema Art Space, Hoxton, London, England

2005 – "SECRET" The Royal College of Art, London, England

2005 – "THE WELSH CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR 2005" Oriel I Bawb, Porthmadog, Wales,

2005 – "MOBILE" Arena Gallery, Liverpool, England

2005 – "SUPER 8 STATION 2" Station Art space, Bristol, England

2005 – “OBSESSION” GALERI X, Istanbul, Turkey

2005 – "STATES OF UNION?" Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland

2004 – "THE POST CARD SHOW" The Surface Gallery, Nottingham, England

2004 – "SLICE 2" Tactile Bosch Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2004 – "SECRET" The Royal College of Art, London, England

2004 – "FLIM FLAM" G39, Mill lane, Cardiff, Wales

2004 – "JACUZI JUNTA" Chapter arts Centre, Cardiff, Wales

2004 – "PERFECTLY NORMAL" Tactile Bosch Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2003 – "SECRET" The Royal College of Art, London, England

2003 – "SLICE" Jacobs Market Art Space, Cardiff, Wales

2003 – "DRAWING, THE END OF THE LINE" Ecole Municipale de Dessin, Saint-lo, France

2003 – "CAERLEON ARTS FAIR" Artavia Gallery, Caerleon, Wales

2002 – "CHRISTMAS SHOW" Artavia Gallery, Caerleon, Wales

2002 – "ART IN THE MARKET" Newport market Gallery, Newport, Wales

2002 – "SUMMER" Brooklyn Art Gallery, Cardiff Wales

2001 – "CHRISTMAS" InkSpot Arts and Crafts Centre Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2000 – "ANONYMOUS" Southampton Institute Fine Art Degree show, Southampton, England

2000 – "SUMMER SHOW" Milford Haven Dockside Gallery, Milford Haven, Wales

1998 – "ALCHEMY" St Mary’s Market, Southampton, England

1998 – "FOUNDATION" Carmarthen College of Art & Design, Carmarthen, Wales




2012 “FULL BREAKFAST” – An experimental artist art magazine made with other artists input available to download in PDF format.
2010“THE BARRIE J DAVIES CARBOOT SALE ARTSHOP” – an installation at The Artisan Beer Festival Cardiff
2010“BAD JOKE” – a live performance comedy at GwdiHw Cafe Bar Cardiff , 30th of September
2010“THE SULKATHON” – a live performance about sulking outside Cardiff city hall, 27th of August, 1pm to 2pm

2009 DOWN THE PAN – Series of drawings exhibited in various public toilets documented for the internet.

2009 OPEN STUDIO – The studio of Barrie J Davies was open to the public every Saturday 12 to 5pm for two


2008 THE PUB ART GROUP – an artist group to discuss art & ideas once a week in the Pen and Wig Pub in


2007 SUBEQUE – Book launch and performance, Cardiff

2007 GAREJ – part of a group artist run art space gallery in Cardiff

2006 MULTIPLY – A series of gold brick multiples for sale at Black Pug clothing store, Albany road, Cardiff

2005 ON THE PISS – A happening / event/ pub crawl starting at the Tut and Shive Pub City Road Cardiff going

to other pubs in Cardiff. Images of this event documented for Barrie J Davies Website. 27th may

2004 THE MUSEUM OF NOTHINGNESS – Mail Art project collecting objects that people sent in the post that

represent ‘nothing’, publicised in The Western Mail and AN magazine, Nov

2004 GIVING YOU NOTHING – A badge art give away project at Tommy’s Bar, Howard Gardens, UWIC

Cardiff, Apr

2003 FOR THE TATE – a mail art project donating a painting on paper by Barrie J davies to be added to the

Collection of the Tate Gallery London.

2003 GIVE AWAY – a mail art project giving away free unframed abstract paintings to galleries & the public

2002 REJECTED: 2002 to 2010 – collection project file of art gallery exhibition rejection correspondence




2010 – Online artist in residence for The Art Engagement (organised by Clare Adams)




2007 – "BRAKE PADS" Curator of a mixed media group show at the Garej Art space Cardiff,

2006 – "THE COUCH TRIP" curator of an exhibition of Video art in the lounge of a flat in Cardiff

2005 “ALL WASHED UP!” curator and organiser of an exhibition of artwork in a Bathroom in Cardiff

2004 "SLICE 2" Assistant Curator, Group Exhibition, Tactile Bosch, Cardiff, Wales

2003 "SLICE" Assistant Curator, Group Exhibition Jacobs Market, Cardiff




2012 – UWIC, Cardiff, Wales, UK (guest lecturer)

2010 – Coleg Morgannwg, Pontypridd, Wales, UK




2010 – Inklings Doodle drawing workshop at Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2009 – The Tale Coat Project Assisting Artist with Lucy Lille commissioned by Caerphilly Council

2009 – Doodle drawing workshop at Risca House, Risca commissioned by Caerphilly Council

2007 – Nominated for Academi Welsh Book of the Year 2008 for “Subesque – The Art of Barrie J Davies”

2007 – Nominated for the Artes Mundi Prize

2006 – The Big Arts Week 2006 at Llanedyrn High School, Cardiff, Wales

2005 – The Red Box Gallery Award for The Baddest Painting

2005 – Quench Magazine – cover image





G39 Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

The Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, Wales

Tactlebosch Art space, Cardiff, Wales

University of Wales Institute of Cardiff




2012 – Pitch Arts Show, Radio Cardiff, Live Radio interview, 10am to 11am, 26th June

2012 – The Great Frock ‘n’ Robe Swindle, p2 & p3

2010 – BBC1 Television News, artwork featured in news about exhibition at Royal College of Art, Nov15th

2010 – The Jamie and Louise Show, Radio Wales, Live Radio interview, 9:15am 26th August
2010 – Metro, Cardiff issue, p.6, 25th August
2010 – South Wales Echo, “Sulking does you the world of Good”, p.6 24th August

2009 – Tros Gynnal Art Exhibition and Auction 2009 Catalogue, Lot 90, p45

2009 – Paper X Magazine, issue 2

2009 – Buzz Magazine, arts listing October, p58

2008 – South Wales Echo, “Riding your bike” 13th June, p.23

2007 – Metro Magazine "An Art review" Brodie Lynons

2007 – “Subesque – The art of Barrie J Davies” published by Editions Martin (ISBN 978-0-9530-4924-0)

2007 – South Wales Echo, “Artists hope to draw in crowds” Jan 26th, p.4

2006 – “Surface” exhibition catalogue, Oriel Davies Gallery

2006 – “Show One of Each” exhibition catalogue, G39 Gallery

2006 – “Undercover” exhibition catalogue, Oriel Davies Gallery

2006 – Metro Magazine "An Art review" by Gordon Dalton, 18th Apr, p24

2005 – Cumberland & Westmorland Herald "Its all a matter of taste"6th Aug, p4

2005 – South Wales Echo, “Glass half empty for pub crawl record attempt” 28th may, p.3

2005 – Red Dragon FM “The Art Pub Crawl” 27th may

2005 – South Wales Echo, “Can this man organise a booze-up in a brewery?” 20th may, p.8

2005 – BBC Website “Live Art Pub Crawl” may

2005 – Real Radio: listing of “On The Piss (art event)” may

2005 – Quench Magazine “Artist or Knob Head?”, Vol 2 Issue 23, p.8 & p.9

2005 – "Obsession" Exhibition Catalogue CD ROM

2004 – The Western Mail "Hunt for something to prove nothing" 23rd Nov, p.14

2004 – MA fine Art Degree Show Catalogue,

2004 – S4C Television Documentary "Slay Maker" May 6th, 9.30pm

2003 – "Drawing, The end of the line" Exhibition Catalogue

2002 – Buzz Magazine - Feb

2001 – Buzz Magazine - Feb

2000 – Milford Mercury Newspaper "01 Gallery For Milford?" 21st July p. 7

2000 – Southampton Institute Fine Art Degree Show Catalogue




Barrie J Davies is represented by Barrie J Davies Projects

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