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Seth Victorious

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University of North Texas, 2012, BFA
University of Texas at Arlington, 2016, MFA

installation, mixed-media, sculpture, figurative, conceptual

Subconscious Content Statement

Subconscious Content


The unconscious mind, known also as the personal unconscious constitutes all that is forgotten or repressed. For many the ability to repress memories, thoughts, and feelings comes naturally in the form of self preservation. In traumatic experiences where dealing with such things would be detrimental, we naturally suppress these feelings, memories or thoughts. As it goes, things that are suppressed will eventually become depressed. An analogy would be thus: Suppression could be seen as holding a beach ball under water. One can hold it there as long as they can, but no one can hold it there forever. Eventually the arms will give out and be forced to let go. The ball will for forced out of the water and into the air going in a direction much different then the easy pushing down of the ball into the water. Depression is the ball ejecting from the water. Our mind suppresses much like the ball. It also depresses when it no longer has the strength to suppress.

These works are an investigation, or more a study of what I depress. I am from the school of thought that all art comes from the unconscious self, unless it is design and not intended as art of the soul but rather art for looks. I create images of reality mixed with non reality. Sometimes it gets confusing and unclear as to what the message is, but that's a part of the confusion of the thoughts, feelings, and memories depressed; they are not always clear, in fact they are hardly ever clear. Who goes into a therapist's office and says, “I'm depressed...and this is why...”

I allow images to freely uproot from my unconscious mind and I put them together. I do not conjure up images from my imagination. They come up out of a deeper place in my brain. It's much like free writing but with images.  

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