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Marcelo Holzinger

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  • 20130404160811-mholzinger_deepforest
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  • 20121003194222-mholzinger_the_rising
  • 20121003200531-mholzinger-endlesshappiness
  • 20121003191901-mholzinger-celestia
  • 20130404160838-mholzinger_mysticgarden
  • 20121003185050-mholzinger_trilogy_iii
  • 20130404160919-mholzinger_loveislove
  • 20121003200056-mholzinger_westlava
  • 20121003185322-mholzinger_trilogyii
  • 20121004122835-mholzinger_shiningstar
  • 20121003191958-mholzinger_genesis
  • 20130404160942-mholzinger_ascension
  • 20121003185548-mholzinger_shattered
  • 20121003185749-mholzinger_yearofthedragon
  • 20121003185639-mholzinger_scarlet-sky
  • 20121003190918-mholzinger_connexions
  • 20121003191026-mholzinger_transformation
  • 20121003191343-mholzinger_dreamscapeinred
  • 20121003191249-mholzinger_dreamscapeinblue
  • 20121003191554-mholzinger_elements_ii
  • 20121003191656-mholzinger_elements_i
  • 20121003192058-mholzinger_winter_solstice
  • 20121003192413-mholzinger_somewhere_between
  • 20121003192757-mholzinger_earth_dramatique
  • 20121003192659-mholzinger_dance_de_joie
  • 20121003193456-mholzinger_crimson_quadro
  • 20121003193019-mholzinger_quadro_natural
  • 20121003192910-mholzinger_quadro-caliente
  • 20121003193356-mholzinger_electric_mint_quadro
  • 20121003193201-mholzinger_terra_quadro
  • 20121003193257-mholzinger_quadro-del-sol
  • 20121003193959-mholzinger_sunrise_oflife
  • 20121003194056-mholzinger_newmoon_ofhope
  • 20121003195105-mholzinger-zensquare_3
  • 20121003195250-mholzinger_standingalone
  • 20121003195421-mholzinger-everglades
  • 20121003195541-mholzinger-malefigure2
  • 20121003195654-mholzinger-malefigure1
  • 20121003195831-mholzinger_greentower
  • 20121003195948-mholzinger_redtower
  • 20121003200359-mholzinger-reedfield
  • 20121003184910-mholzinger_equality
  • 20121003200251-mholzinger-zensquare_1
  • 20121003192536-mholzinger_heart_of_gold



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exhibition/performance, graffiti/street-art, digital, traditional, modern, surrealism, landscape, realism, pop, conceptual, performance, mixed-media, figurative, abstract


Marcelo Holzinger is a contemporary visual artist from Miami, USA. He was born and raised in Argentina, and has over 20 years of combined experience as an artist, graphic designer and interior decorator. He began cultivating his artistic talents at a young age, feeling a strong sensitivity for beauty, nature, art and design.

In his teen years, Marcelo and his family experienced a lot of adversity. Overcoming these obstacles helped solidify Marcelo’s belief that anything is possible in life. He learned to consistently put his best into everything he did, and to always pursue his passion and dreams.

Marcelo earned a degree in Advertising and Design in Buenos Aires. While in college he worked his way up in an advertising agency, becoming its Art Director. He also taught Graphic Arts at the University of Buenos Aires.

His dreams led him to explore the world. In his early 20's he traveled throughout South America, Europe and the United States. The mix of cultures, the history, the art, the architecture, and especially the people that he experienced in his travels greatly impacted his heart and soul, as a person and as an artist.

After having these intense experiences, Marcelo embarked on an even bigger challenge; in the mid 1990’s he moved to New York – a city he had fallen in love with, alone, with just a backpack, his CD player and an English dictionary. He faced difficulties and obstacles, yet he always managed to turn them into opportunities. He lived and worked as a graphic designer for many years, and continued to pursue his passion for art and design.

The next stop on his journey was Miami Beach, where he expanded and refined his artistic skills and worked as a creative consultant for various businesses and organizations. He also became an Interior Decorator – as another outlet for his artistic expression. Next, his professional journey led him to Houston, where he had his first art exhibition – launching his career as a professional artist and marking the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

In the current phase of his evolution as an artist, Marcelo has returned to Miami, a city that sparks his creative imagination. With nearly thirty exhibitions in the last two years alone, he’s been actively contributing to the growth of Miami’s art scene, including his participation in the Miami River Art Fair during Art Basel week, Designer for the Stars at the Miami Home Design Show, and the Masters Mystery Art Show at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, South Beach, among many others. Marcelo’s paintings have been acquired by private and corporate collections.

2013 has thusfar been another milestone year for Marcelo; his work has been represented overseas to international audiences – including exhibitions at Art Monaco 2013 in the Grimaldi Forum of Monaco, Monte Carlo, and the 16th Annual Beijing International Art Exposition in Beijing, China, among others.

With art shows throughout the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami) and world-class exhibitions in Europe and Asia, Marcelo has been receiving extensive national and international attention. He has been the subject of profiles and features in numerous publications, TV and other media, including The Miami Herald, CNN Español, Univision TV Network, and many others. He has also been recognized by the City of Miami Beach for being “an extraordinary asset to the cultural life of our community, our state and our country, as an artist and humanitarian.”

Marcelo strongly supports charitable causes, and feels fortunate to be able to give back to his community whenever he can. He is thankful for having the ability to dream without limits, love deeply, be endlessly adventurous, and have a zest for life. Marcelo says: "I feel blessed to be able to do what I love. I'm still exploring, growing and evolving. I paint, design, create and dream with passion . . . and with the intention of living every single moment of my life to the fullest."


Artist Statement

I paint from the inside out, from raw emotion. Painting fills me with a sense of accomplishment, wholeness and purpose, and is the best vehicle for translating my inner passion and vision out to the world. My abstracts are visually strong and vibrant in texture and color, with dynamic compositions.

I am an action painter – I am guided by my mood, feelings and instincts. Although I usually start with a preconceived idea or concept, my relationship with my paintings is intimate and interactive. At times I feel as though the work is moving me toward an unknown destination – I become the instrument and the facilitator, watching it evolve, until it reaches a breakthrough point. From that moment on, I take the process forward to completion.

Beauty, Passion and Love are my greatest inspirations, and I work to strengthen their presence in the world. My goal is for my work to be a catalyst – to provide every person the chance to have a unique encounter with my paintings and to welcome their own thoughts, feelings and sensory reactions. I want to bring more beauty into the world through my art – not just the superficial beauty that we see on the surface – but the beauty within ourselves. I believe that the most powerful and meaningful beauty is the beauty that we create. Beauty is healing, and I feel a responsibility to share beauty, passion and love with others.


Solo/Group Exhibitions

2013 • 16th Annual Beijing International Art Exposition. Beijing Exhibition Center, (September). China.
2013 • First Annual Miami Style Fusion. Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery, (June). Miami, FL.
2013 • Miami Beauty Show. Miami Beach Convention Center, (May). Miami Beach, FL.
2013 • ART Monaco ‘13. At The Grimaldi Forum of Monaco, (April). Monte Carlo, Monaco.
2013 • Art Deco Welcome Center. “Legends Ball” Art & Seaside Architecture, (April). Miami Beach, FL.
2013 • The Wynwood Lofts Art Complex. (March) Miami, FL.
2012 • Miami River Art Fair - Art Basel week 2012. In Alliance with ART Monaco. Miami Convention Center, James L. Knight International Center (December). Miami, FL.
2012 • Epic Hotel Miami. “Beauty Bash” - Fashion, Beauty & Art Show (December). Miami, FL.
2012 • Fort Lauderdale Home Design Show. “Design for the Stars.” Showcasing original paintings at Broward Convention Center (November). Fort Lauderdale, FL.
2012 • The Wynwood Lofts Art Complex. (October-November) Miami, FL.
2012 • Gallery 101. “PinkOut: Breast Cancer Fundraiser” (September). Fort Lauderdale, FL.
2012 • Gallery 101. North Beach Fort Lauderdale Art Walk (August-September) Fort Lauderdale, FL.
2012 • Miami Home Design Show. “Design for the Stars” - Miami Beach Convention Center (August-September). Miami Beach, FL.
2012 • Bacchanalia. The Food and Wine Festival Art Walk (August). Miami, FL.
2012 • The Wynwood Lofts Art Complex. Wynwood Art District (July). Miami, FL.
2012 • Wynwood Walls. “ART: Keeping the World Moving.” The Eclectic Arts Movement (June). Miami, FL.
2012 • Archidezings Studio. (June-July). Wilton Manors, FL.
2012 • Daas Gallery. Downtown Fort Myers (May). Fort Myers, FL.
2012 • The Wynwood Lofts Art Complex. Wynwood Art District (April). Miami, FL.
2012 • Art Deco Welcome Center. “Leaders, Legends & Lovelies” Art & Fashion (April). Miami Beach, FL.
2012 • FrameWorks. Coconut Grove (March). Coconut Grove, FL.
2012 • The Wynwood Lofts Art Complex. Wynwood Art District (February). Miami, FL.
2012 • Gallery 101. North Beach Fort Lauderdale (February). Fort Lauderdale, FL.
2012 • Terrell Moore Gallery. “2nd Annual Ellen DeGeneres Art Show” (January). Los Angeles, CA.
2012 • Miami Beach LGBT Visitor Center. Art Exhibition (January). Miami Beach, FL.
2012 • The Wynwood Lofts Art Complex. Wynwood Art District (January-February). Miami, FL.
2011 • Miami Beach LGBT Visitor Center. Art Exhibition (December). Miami Beach, FL.
2011 • The Wynwood Lofts Art Complex. Art Basel 2011 week (December). Miami, FL.
2011 • Ritz-Carlton. “Masters Mystery Art Show” - Art Basel 2011 (November-December). Miami Beach, FL.
2011 • Miami Beach LGBT Visitor Center. “Sleepless Night Miami Beach” (November). Miami Beach, FL.
2011 • Rodez Gallery. “The Root of All Things” Hispanic Heritage Month (October). Coconut Grove, FL.
2011 • Gallery 101. North Beach Ft. Lauderdale (August-September). Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
2011 • FrameWorks. Coconut Grove (June). Coconut Grove, FL.
2011 • Gab Studios. Wynwood (April). Miami, FL.
2011 • Michael Perez Gallery. Midtown/Wynwood (February). Miami, FL.
2011 • Rehs Galleries. New York City (January). New York, NY.
2011 • FrameWorks. Coconut Grove (January). Coconut Grove, FL.
2010 • The Wynwood Lofts Art Complex. Art Basel week (December). Miami, FL.
2010 • Buro Building Midtown. “Art Miami After Party Art Show.” Art Basel week (December). Miami, FL.
2010 • Gab Studios. Wynwood (November). Miami, FL.
2010 • The Wynwood Lofts Art Complex. “Mia’s Smile” Art Fundraiser (September). Miami, FL.
2010 • Blossom Street Gallery. (March). Houston, TX.


Press / Media

• Upscale Living Magazine. (June 2013).  Art+Culture: “Marcelo Holzinger - Why He Loves the Cosmopolitan Culture of Miami.”

• TV Network Univision 23. (August-September 2012). TV segment. “Artist and Designer Marcelo Holzinger ‘Design For The Stars’ Designs a Room in Honor of News Anchor Eileen Cardet at the Miami Home Design Show - Miami Beach Convention Center.”

• The Miami Herald. (August 2012). Feature Marcelo Holzinger. “Design Professionals Debut Original Room Vignettes for South Florida TV Personalities.”

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• CNN Espanol. (November 2011). TV interview at “Masters Mystery Art Show” presented by Ritz-Carlton Hotel South Beach.

• Ambiente Magazine. (November 2011). Cover Feature. “Marcelo Holzinger: Marked by the Ability to Create.”

• WeMerge Magazine. (June 2011). “Marcelo Holzinger – Who’s Next GALLERY WINNER.” 

• Imagen Magazine. (April 2011). “Marcelo Holzinger – El Arte De Sonar Sin Limites” (“The Art Of Dreaming Without Limits’). 

• Mosaic Of Art Radio Show. (March 2011). Radio interview by host, artist and curator George Fishman.

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• Houston Art Examiner.(March 2010). “Erie City Iron Works Building to Host Blossom Street Artists.


Upcoming Exhibitions & Events

(Details coming soon).


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