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Marilyn LaGrone-Amaral

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The Delta

Birth year
Year of the Rooster

Lives in
Los Angeles Ca.

Works in
L.A. N.Y. MInn.


Ohio State University/ Juillard School of Music, BFA

figurative, exhibition/performance, abstract, digital, photography, mixed-media, arts-education mixed-media installation abstract sculpture, mixed-media installation mixed-media painting conceptual


   ........I was raised in the perfect alchemy of the magical lore of the south in the Mississippi delta that spoke to me in ancient whispers on soft summer nights....  and the very concretive realities of New York City  that kept  the edges of my instincts  sharp...One of my greatest influences  was my father. My father was an exceptional artist and painter as well as a great spirit he was also one of the" Tuskegee Airmen" I have inherited much from him.My mother was an educator  and a  pianist .I grew up embraced  in and encouraged by  the creative forces of my family, that allowed me to explore ,stretch and discover  my creative" selves ." During my childhood and in my  high school years my father and I would share his studio , which was in our house in Brooklyn, N.Y.  He carefully instilled into my young hands and my wild unblinking inner eye to really "look" and "see" digest, and then execute with feeling and mood and always rely on blood memory.

I won several scholarships  at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn N.Y. for the gifted youth program. I attended Washington Irving high School and Performing Arts High Schools both in N.Y.C.. I studied modern Dance and received a scholarship at the Martha Graham school ...and was torn for years between the two art forms,until I learned  how to let them  complement and enrich each other in my work with movement, shape and  balance.I graduated at the the top quarter of my class  with an Academic Art Degree from Washington Irving. I attended Ohio State University where I was an Art major and Dance minor, however I also attended  the Juillard School of Music for modern Dance.

My journey as an artist has been rich and life affirming. I have been inspired by and contributed to the multicultural milieu of New  York, Los Angeles and Europe. I have been called an "ARCHETYPAL EXPRESSIONIST" by Constantin Severin of Roumania. I have been so fortunate and blessed to have been touched by the muses and they have been so generous to me . My career spans more than 30 years of creative, innovative endeavors in the arts. I have made my mark as an artist in a variety of media, most recently in  Saint Paul Minnesoto at the Pillsbury HouseTheater for the Late Night Series...."Painter, writer Marilyn LaGrone-Amaral paints pictures with words in her performance of "YOU WON'T GO AWAY HUNGRY A FEAST FOR THE SENSES" a present day Scherazade, she draws you into her world of precious flavored moments of time, and snapshops of a life where Stories+Paintings=Food."

I strongly believe that all individuals benefit by expossure to art, and that a society experiences positive change when its members are given the opportunity to develope their own means of artistic expression . My long-term commitment to share my talents through teaching in a variety of community-based art programs and educational institutions reinforces that belief.



"Pathways and Echoes"- UCSB Multicultural Center,Lecture, one woman show Santa Barbara,

Mask Designer for Annual Brazilian Carnival-Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood Ca.

Rosetta Stone Gallery- "Visions of a Culture" Los Angeles, Ca.

Site Gallery "Cool Art 97" Los Angeles, Ca.

"Museum of the Senses" Festival of the Five Senses, Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel. Ca.

"Cafe Boogaloo" permanent installation, Hermosa Beach Ca.

"The Crow Two"- Tribal installation for Vincent Perez.Malibu Ca.

"Please do Touch" Hollywood Mogul Gallery, Hollywood Ca.

"Chalk it Up Festival" muralist and Artist for wearable Art Silent Auction, Pasadena, Ca.

"The Essence of Women" Bova Gallery, Los Angeles Ca.

The Festival of Masks, 8 years,Los Angeles Folk

and Art Craft Museum

"Colors from the Outside" two woman show The Eye Grind Gallery, Los Olivos Ca.

"Generation Of Women" Third world Art EXchange,Los Angeles Ca.

"The First Decade" La Mamma Galleria, New York City

"Urban Masks Stories" one woman show, the Stevenson Gallery Silverlake, California

"The African Marketplace Art Festival" Los Angeles

""You Won't Go Away Hungry, a Feast for the Senses" A performance project: paintings, spoken

words and music. Performed at thePillsbury House late night series, Minnesota.

"L.A.vs.THE WAR II" Group Show and Event at the Vortex Gallery, L.A. C.A.



"Youth First Theater of Hearts", Los Angeles Ca.

Watts Labor Community Action Center. Los Angeles Ca.

Pratt Institute Of Technology, Brooklyn, New York

Police Athletic League Art Centers, New York, N.Y.




Los Angeles Times

Vibe magazine

Hollywood Reporter

Los Angeles Daily News

The African Market Place under the Fringe Art Festival, Archival Video, for Peter Sellers

L.A. Weekly

Village Voice



.......I published  my first book on the second day of January 2013, What a way to start a new year!. It is called "MUSIC AT THE EASEL" prose poetry paintings what a ride! Here are some of the reviews. It can be purchased from, Amazon or Barnes and Noble .  It is available in soft and hard copy as well as an e-book. Please e-mail me with comments  or thoughts at : after you read it, I would like that a lot! Thanks for the support............




In her debut, a painter uses mixed media to share her observation on her life as an artist.


LaGrone-Amaral shares her deeply personal autobiographical and sociopolitical views in a mélange of essays, poetry, photos, and illustrations. The author writes that her inspiration for making art comes form her father, a master painter who was also a Tuskegee Airman in World War II. She keeps the lessons her father taught her “safe and tucked away like precious jewels,” she writes.  She includes a plethora of images of her as a young girl painting with her father to clarify the path that was laid out for her at a young age. Raised in the South and in New York City, currently residing in Los Angeles, LaGrone-Amaral has a voice as diverse as the places she lived. She writes about attending church with her family in the south and how the breeze ”played with the lazy ribbons in our hair and made the parlor curtains swing like they were dancing.” The book includes reflections about a range of subjects,

from a broken bottle on a street to “feeling in colors,” to a date at New York’s Russian Tea Room with a “handsome young dancer.” LaGrone-Amaral describes and demonstrates the artists ability to “collect and store up moments, feelings, visions, dreams, and fragments from the changing shadows of life’s journey.” Her writing is as bright as the paintings she includes, and her flowery adjectives enliven even the mundane observations. A self-labeled “archetypal expressionist,” the author “uses” paintings

 like words” and balances visual imagery with prose that speaks to the nuances of life.


An engaging, eloquent memoir told through poetry, essays and paintings.




No there is nothing subtle when Marilyn meets herself in the dream. Dashing color. Chopped onions, rose water and black seed honey……always a tangled dress, poems in her teeth wrapped in cayenne and blisters of chilies. We all wanted her to dance in the light of tangerine strokes lifting tears.

Her images of canela, crushes against smudges along the edge of the bowl. We are at ease standing in her honor.”


                                                                                        Lorie Carlos, Performance Artist


“ This is more than just a book………Marilyn LaGrone-Amaral’s MUSIC AT THE EASEL is very much a feast for the soul. With her prose, poems and paintings she conjures up a rich tapestry of beautiful things from a time gone by. She is an incredible artist, her work a bountiful treasure.”


                                                                                       Rodney Allen Hooks, Filmmaker


                                                          Comments from the ARTSLANT Tribe

" Your work truly touches my soul."

                           Marina K. Rehrmann...U.S.A.


"Strange kind of magic going on, well done."

                          James Sutherland.....Scotland


"Your work speaks to me of an inner dialogue between subconscious and conscious mind, there is so much left to interpretation."

                           Tafewa Turner....Canada


"Strong and Unusual work!"

                              Mike Munro Bell...U.K.


"Evocative painting that tells stories."

                             Bill Warren...Costa Rica


" I like your mysterious style  the feeling of hopeful lonlyness."

                               Ruslan Agirba...Kiev


"Still forever inspired by " Dream'n of Nawlins" and "Sobbing Woman at the Door."

                              Phelonise Willy....U.S.A.


"Your work seems to awaken inner consciousness.There is dazzle and impunity in the color choices, as well as poetic expression."

                                Dr. Roland Talag...Phillipines


..."Amazing work! Vibrancy,passion and creativity!"

                               Hufreesh Dumasia....Mumbai


..."You have soul in your work...all your feelings are there."

                               Vasco Ribeiro, Portugal


..."Your art to me is gentle,romantic and true."

                             Marlena Yurokova, Russi

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