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Elinros Henriksdotter

weaving artistic expressions into an enticing fabric of the outer worldly with multimedia installations
Dreaming Big  
Posted 2/13/14

This is a blog post about art and charity... or mainly about art. Do most of us dream of that 3 m x 3 m piece? A lot can be said with small surfaces, but it feels as if it is required of us to create whole worlds, and to be able to fit a universe on a one large wall. What do we know about composition until we have tackled at least nine square meters? ‘We’ are of course the artists, but hey, graffiti is cheating. For the graffiti artists a small piece of drawing paper should be the ch... [more]

Sonic Poetry project from 2010  
Posted 3/14/13

Sonic Poetry project from 2010Music "stolen" from Avishai Cohen [more]

Sonic Poetry from Divine Matrix art series/installation  
Posted 3/13/13

The Divine Matrix art series The Divine Matrix art series/installation is an alternative to the world as we know it, using the senses, the intellect and the heart of the viewer as a complex gateway to a rich experience, with a combination of painting, poetry, sonic art and video presented in an installation. Intimate encounters with metaphysical faces and figures accompanied by experimental sonic poetry serve to articulate the tremendous possibilities of the unseen, as well as the complexity... [more]

A selection of works '08 - '13 - From Agony to Bliss  
Posted 3/13/13

Click for large image [more]

Book empowering victims of sexual abuse - Excerpt  
Posted 3/13/13

Excerpt from 'Queen of Her Universe' "This story begins in a house on the Swedish country side where the fields stretch proudly over small hills. During the dark half of the year the Nordic countryside is struck by an intense solitude in which thoughts and memories hit us hard like stones against the wounds in our souls, and in the summer we forget all about it. We lived in a red wooden house with a messy but homey kitchen, a big bed and a bathroom. He was that kind of dad who would read bed... [more]

Book empowering victims of sexual abuse  
Posted 3/13/13

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi   It is not easy to talk about rape or domestic sexual abuse – as victims we carry the weight of the truth on our shoulders and in our hearts, and we do our best to go through life with the burden of shame, guilt, depression, fear and self-hatred. Many times it seems like it is better to keep quiet, in order to maintain the illusion of peace and normality. Domestic sexual abuse is incredibly common. According to NAASC... [more]

Old School Video 'By the Wave Flowing Through'  
Posted 3/8/13

By the Wave Flowing Through from ER Henriksdotter on Vimeo. [more]

Painting and sonic poetry from Divine Matrix series 2013  
Posted 3/6/13

Spiritual painting and poetry "The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci     Lady of the Leaves – To Virginia Woolf   I   Launch your self into unbridled existence As the drops of sun Rest on spots of morning dew   Release yourself through the kitchen window And enter the garden, now Climb the tree with your will To unite  with the wondrous silence Of wood and chlorophyll   The Lady of the Leaves awaits you there Between time, smiling   II I... [more]

We Are All Artists  
Posted 11/8/12

What if you could be artistic and tuned into the universe, operating as a channel for limitless creativity, absolute freedom and power? Congratulations! You are now officially artistic. We are born creative and it takes very little to reassess that natural state. To make art, all you need to do is to grab a brush and go – really. Artistic freedom is equally important as the freedom of speech. It is the freedom to just be, to revel in the endless possibilities of the moment. Spirituality and creat... [more]

CTColumn:: Concerning organic dialogue and barbarians  
Posted 7/10/12

  “Let me witness their faces light up when we come to a mutual understanding…  We are always surprised by how the organic dialogue leads us to unexpected territory.” A couple of weeks ago, seated around the fire in a Swedish forest on a lukewarm summer evening, I was trying to articulate a frustration of mine to my family members. They were sweet enough to pay attention, but ended up looking like question marks, as often happens when career-related issues are being discussed with wine infused rel... [more]

CTColumn:: Echo From The Art Jungle  
Posted 7/6/12

“Where does she get it from?” the private view art mingling Londoners mumble over the free drinks each First Thursday, First Wednesday, First Tuesday and on the odd nights when the brave and special galleries choose to have their openings. I remember coming to London and being incredibly art thirsty; drooling over brush strokes, contrasting oil textures and ten thousand other versions of creative expression. It didn’t take me long to wonder what the rest of the crowd was doing there. Where the... [more]

Review:: ‘This Bloody Excrement Is My Testament’  
Posted 2/26/12

Review of Noam Edry's solo show and performance 'The Silver Salver' at the Museum of Art, Ein Harod, Israel, which marked the end of 2011 and the inauguration of the new Miron Sima Auditorium Photo: Guy Barkan Photo: Guy Barkan Photo: Guy Barkan We love the pink low-calorie lychee these days, its sweet and perfumy flesh makes a fabulous cocktail and it is the perfect smoothie ingredient with its high levels of Vitamin C, fiber and potassium. There are, however, good lychees and bad lychees, so make sure to buy the right one. If two legs are embracing the pit... [more]

Cosmic travels at Pure Evil gallery  
Posted 2/6/12

    Cosmic travels at Pure Evil gallery We leave ordinary life outside as we enter Pure Evil gallery for the DJ Food exhibition on this fine Thursday evening in an increasingly cold and miserable London. DJ Food's The Search Engine has finally been released on Ninja Tune and this exhibition is showcasing sound, visuals and fine art connected to the close-to one hour of revelation of sonic pleasure. On the ground floor, the crowd is lounging around, sipping beer, networking and loosing themselv... [more]

..must... try... to think...  
Posted 2/6/12

Women make men stupid According to recent research at the Behavioral Science Institute, Nijmegen, Netherlands, the mere anticipation of an interaction with a woman can impair men’s cognitive performance. Research has previously stated that face-to-face encounters between heterosexual women and men result in men’s impaired cognitive performance (Karremans et al. 2009), but these recent studies show us that a mere anticipation of interaction causes men to perform dramatically worse on basic cognitiv... [more]

Poem :: Slide the curtain open  
Posted 1/29/12

  I Inserting a burning candle, a tall one, into my spine tonight... Forcing the rib cage open placing a burning candle, a tall one. Slide the curtain open  What if I would open up to you in the tarmac sort of way,in the ordinary shadowlightworldwakingnwalkingthensleeping way of life what if I would? When all this love is given no direction nothing sincere no courage the essence of life is fucking lost dammit...   II Too used to being a rock and only real with the assistance of candle light an... [more]

Hunting for my Values  
Posted 1/21/12

“Everything has been figured out, except how to live.”Jean-Paul Sartre “For each a roadFor everyman a religionFace everybody and ruleFuck everything and rumbleForget everything and rememberFor everything a reasonForgive everybody and remember”Ian Brown, song ‘F.E.A.R.’ Hunting for my Values Everyone has a unique experience of life, although the current obsession with uniformity of behavior and ideology probably kills the individuality in most people. When I tried to silence myself to fit in, it lead me... [more]

Born a War Painter  
Posted 1/21/12

Edry's Mother's Day drawing at the age of 3, her earliest recollection of over-painting ”It is pretty amazing, looking back at life, how I have always had the privilege of being supported. Sometimes I don’t believe in myself, but when there are so many people who do believe in you, it strengthens you to continue on the artist’s journey.” - Noam Edry In 2008 I got to know a Canadian abstract painter in his mid twenties whose parents dedicated the entire basement to his artistic endeavors. Th... [more]

Poem: Human buildings  
Posted 1/21/12

All humans,my darling,are buildings.There is hopefully light,slippers and a radioinside those walls. when action spits on commonality I shiver with pleasure May she love her skin,her toes,her bones. StandProud - knowingly, almosttoo gracefully knowing her grace saw her & sighed; relieved May she stride,striding further and wildhorselikestomping over those trying to stop her Our vigorous tyrant is clasping nebulas between her legs All depth,my darling,is mystery.The sun in youis the sun in mewe rule ins... [more]

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