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Burcu Guettler

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University of Applied Arts Dortmund, 2009, Diplom
University of Applied Arts Bielefeld, 2011, Master
Bogazici University Istanbul, 1998, MA

digital, photography, modern, surrealism, landscape, conceptual, sculpture, abstract, photographer photography fine art landscape postmodern urban romantic pictorial berlin koeln montage photocompositing street photography mixed-media landscape surrealism modern painting photography digital conceptual landscape


The quest for the blue flower

Original Photos: Lambda Print on Alu Dibond 60cm x 60cm bzw. 60cm x 90cm

The project „ The Quest for the Blue Flower“,
which can be bound to the Romantic Era in terms of transcientness, and aesthetic symbolism, shows a strong subjective approach, in form of permeations and cross-fadings, equilibrating on the borders of civilisation and nature, kitch and trash, day and night, reality and utopia. The project is a postmodern artistic quest, on the outer borders of a city, where natural and urban structures struggle to gain the control over each other. The symbolic transparancy of the last walls of the city, let the nature inside, creating an eery feeling of apocalypse. The romantism of the photos at the first glance, is destroyed through urban rubbish, trashy wall structures, masts and antennas. The project asks the question from a hypermodern perspective: Will the Humanity gain perfection through conquerring the nature or through living in balance with it.



The Pencil of Nature


- Overture in three parts: allegro, adagio, minuet -

- Digital Haikus-


To be in a city at night, with all the lights in the darkness, vague noises, much less people walking in the empty streets has something magical, meditational. it has its own existential music more like blues or jazz. As I have taken the photos in the city my subconcious was singing songs from Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen  my mind. A deserted city with hundred thousends of people living in was mine, opening its secrets to me.

"Like a bird on the wire
Like a drunk in a midnight choir
I have tried in my way to be free"

The first part of the series „The Pencil of Nature“ consists of long time exposures of the city lights whereas the movements of the camera can be seen as the mimicry of the accelerating rapidity of life in the city and the perception the rapidity creates. The photos show the city as abstract as it can ever be, reducing the visual impression of night in the city to vibrant light sculptures.

The second part of the series were photographed in the ancient European forests, in different times of the year, from which the Grimm Brothers have taken their inspiration for „The Snow White“  „The Red Riding Hood“ and many other fairy tales.This time I had classical music in background, mostly Vivaldis „Four Seasons“.
The photos from the forests create a visual contrast to the first part of the series, reducing the forest to form and colour, reflecting the perception of following the trees through the sky, the serenity and when it gets darker the unscanny perception of being in the middle of the woods.


The third part of the series follows inspirations from being „on the way“.  Nature and urban are wowen together in an impressionist manner creating a bond between the depths of the forests and the urban city life, two life forms shaping me, and let me miss and respect the other. This time it is Doors, Nirvana and Metallica playing in my thoughts.

The project is named after Henry Fox Talbots series of photographs from 1840‘s. He had seen a pencil, in the ability of the camera to draw, to record the light. And my series of photographs can be seen after 170 years as a contemporary counterpart from the dimensions of the digitalised, with acceleration urbanised world.


Dada is dead. Long live Dada.

Big brother is watching you


New ideas - they can be accepted, but a new optical view, a new way to see - nothing can make the people more angry then an unusual picture.

(Raoul Hausmann in his Essay “Mass Psychology”)

" With the industrial revolution, the image of the environment, especially that of the metropols has taken a montaged character. The environment increasingly appeared to be a "real montage"

(Eckhard Siepmann)

Burcu Guettlers work „Dada is dead. Long live Dada“ is a selection from over five thousand photos she had taken in the  European cities such as Amsterdam, Milan, Dortmund and Copenhagen in a time period of two years. The result of her so to call archeological  excavations, actualising the dadaist way of seeing the urban world, reflect  a subjective documentation of  21st century city landscapes. What seems to be photomontages are uncomposited photographs, a sensitive play with the optical unability of the eyes to see two layers focused at the same time, questioning the term „Real“ in photographical terms.  The arrangement of colours and forms showing a nearly graphical perfection enpowers the perception „this can not be a photograph“.  This first expression surprisingly changes when the photos are examined in detail, trying to unravel the puzzle. What seems to be a surreal work using montage turns out to be street photography par excellence. The mundane is surreal.
Yes the big brother is watching us.



I lived in a communal with 14 people for three years. In this time I photographed my housemates in their rooms.
The ongoing reciprocal exodus - imigration - between the mass culture and the subcultures, the exodus between the visual identity and the unseenable dreams and thoughts hiding themselves behind faces were inspirational. A though punk with his plush toy collection, the first photo of an eighteen year old boy as a woman who decided to change his sexual identity, photographed in front of a mural she painted herself, and a German rasta man; reflecting the imigration from the mass culture to the subculture, to self created dreamy parallel worlds. The photos are taken in absolute darkness, painted with a torch throughout long time exposures and aren't digitally changed. 



  2009-2011 Fachhochschule Bielefeld, Faculty of Arts,
  Photography and Media
  Master of Arts

  2002-2009 Fachhochschule Dortmund
  Faculty of Design, Photography and Cinema
  Master of Arts

  2007-2008 Travels to European Cities; Milano, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Verona, Livorno,   Salzburg, Innsbruck

  2001 Assistant in „Fotodesign Studio" Dortmund

  1999-2000 Translator for German Red Cross and Doctors without Borders

  1999 Translation of the book „Amazons in Greek Mythology"

  1995-1998 Bogazici University Istanbul
  Faculty of Vocational Studies
  Business Management

  1996-1998 Representative of the art club , Bogazici University



2006 Exhibition of the winners of the Photography Competition of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs. City Hall Gallery Berlin.

2006 „Duisburger Gegenakzente d'jazz, Duisburg.

2006 „ Gesehen -ein Bild der Hellwegregion-" City Hall Gallery, Bergkamen.

2007-2010 Musician Portraits Constant Exhibition Foyer Domicil Jazz Club Dortmund.

2009 „Schauraum" Gallerie FH Dortmund.

2009 Exhibition of the Finalists Adobe Design Achivement Awards Galery Adobe, Almaden Tower, San Jose, Amerika.

2010 Mucisian Portraits „Free Songs Inside" Domicil Jazz Club Dortmund.

2010 Ostwall Museum Dortmund

2011 100 tents 100 Artists Stadtgarten, Dortmund

2012 Showing during the Art Takes Times Square Billboard Premier event on June 18th, New York

2012 Daniel Cooney Fine Art (DCFA), New York / Emerging Artists Auction  / January 16 - February 23

2013 Planerladen, Dortmund

2012 “Art Takes Times Square” Billboard Exhibition in Times Square,
New York, USA
2012 Artists Wanted Scope Artshow,
2014 Photospiva Annual Exhibition,
Spiva Art Center, USA




2005 2. Price in the Photography Contest of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs Germany „.

2009 Finalist in the International Design Competition „Adobe Design AchievementAwards".

2010 Matching Funds Scholarship for Excellent Academic Achievements.

Recent Exhibits

Burcu Guettler participated in these exhibits:

Mar, 2014 Photo Spiva juried Exhibition
Spiva Center for the Arts Missouri / USA
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Burcu Guettler has Exhibited at these venues:

Spiva Center for the Arts Missouri / USA

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