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Trixie Pitts

Trixie Talks Art
Reworking An Old Painting  
Posted 3/22/16

Sightseeing 2016 oil on raw canvas 36 x 36 inches Buyers are often interested in buying an artist's latest work but they can be a lot more pricey. I frequently I sell older paintings that I did several years ago. The site has been particularly helpful in this regard. It is a sort of do-it-yourself interior design sort of site. Not being dedicated to fine art, I use it to sell only my old ones - at reasonable, affordable prices. I feel it’s a good deal for everyone: I lig... [more]

About Painting On the Waterfront and a Couple of Others  
Posted 4/26/15

On the Waterfront oil, graphite on canvas 60 x 48 inches This painting won a 2015 Blue Dot Award at an exhibition at the Phyllis Harriman Gallery in the Art Students League of New York! At the reception, someone said to me, "Your paintings don't jump out at you, but invite you in." I like that! I know it's a good one, because I don’t remember how I did it! That’s always a good sign - it means I was “in the zone” and not thinking about what it’s going to look like. ... [more]

On Selling My Paintings!  
Posted 6/27/14

I have several avenues through which I get customers who buy my paintings: word of mouth, my personal website (, my blog, art consultants who pitch my work to corporate customers, the Art Students League, as well as through other websites like SaatchiArt and ArtSlant. Customers have also found me through Pinterest and just Googling abstract painters in NYC. Each experience is different. Surprisingly, lots of people buy paintings without ever seeing them in person. I re... [more]

Joan Mitchell Exhibition - Must See!  
Posted 5/23/14

Joan Mitchell Trees (diptych) 1990–91 oil on canvas 86 3/4 x 157 1/2 inches Collection of the Joan Mitchell Foundation, New York When asked by her biographer why she painted, Joan Mitchell replied, “…it’s wonderful. I’ve always said it’s like riding a bike with no hands.” After seeing JOAN MITCHELL: TREES at Cheim & Read in Chelsea, it seems to me she was riding her bike no hands through the French countryside when she created these paintings! Wha... [more]

Christies Modern and Contemporary Spring Auction Preview 2014  
Posted 5/10/14

Jean-Michel Basquiat Untitled 1981 acrylic, oilstick and metallic spray enamel on canvas 68 x 103 inches I love to go to the auction previews to see things that can’t normally be seen. Christies had some striking paintings! Once again in my opinion, they have edged out Sotheby’s. The quality and the presentation seemed so much higher. Above is one of the three Basquiat paintings that I saw; there may have been more. It was big and bright. Below is a smaller one. Jean-Michel... [more]

Sotheby’s Impressionists, Modern and Contemporary Preview Spring 2014  
Posted 5/10/14 Tamara De Lempicka - La Dormeuse (Kizette) I 1933 oil on panel 12.25 x 16.125 inches (31 x 41 cm) Well, it’s that time of year again! I love going to the auction previews. Although the work may not be the artists’ total finest, it’s great to to see works that are not usually available to the public. I enjoy seeing things that may not be ever seen again. I am not really a Tamara De Lempicka fan. The straight severe edges and exactitude are not my cup of t... [more]

Naming Paintings  
Posted 1/26/14

Peppermint Patty 2014 acrylic on canvas 60 x 27 inches I love naming paintings. Painting the way that I do in hopefully a spontaneous, non-thinking way, sometimes I am amazed with what the painting reminds me of when I finally get it away from the studio and look at it. As soon as I brought home and looked at this painting, the name came to me immediately: Peppermint Patty. I always loved Peppermint Patty because Patty was what everyone called me when I was a child and PP was so different... [more]

Arriving with Baggage  
Posted 12/13/13

Arriving with Baggage oil on canvas 48 x 48 inches Sometimes they just happen, paintings. I really love this one because somehow it just almost exploded onto the canvas. It’s hard to describe to someone who is only looking at a little image instead of the big (4 x 4 ft.) canvas, but I kind of went for broke. I had an idea of what I wanted to express, but the way I paint is not to neatly and calmly plan. I prefer to just do it and see what happens. It’s more like life that wa... [more]

Open Heart  
Posted 9/27/13

Open Heart 2013 oil on canvas 36 x 36 inches This is currently the painting that is closest to my heart. I painted it all in one go. Well actually, I stretched the canvas and painted a couple layers of white on Monday and I painted it on Tuesday. In between that time, I found out that someone that meant a lot to me had just died, not unexpectedly, since they were 90. I just happened to find out by Google searching their name on a whim. The next day, I didn’t want to sit around feeli... [more]

Why I Painted Three Women - Second Thoughts  
Posted 8/30/13

Three Women 2005 oil on canvas 36” x 24” Why I painted Three Women doesn’t seem to matter so much anymore. I look at it and remember why I painted it, but I also see things I wasn’t able to see before. I first wrote about this painting that I painted in 2005 - on August 24, 2009. (Please visit my art website/blog: Wow! It strikes me that I must have been in some sort of “zone” similar to one I might get into when I’m painting -... [more]

I Love To Paint With Black and White  
Posted 7/24/13

Expedition 2013 Oil, Graphite on Canvas, 48 x 54 inches I love painting with black and white and grey. A lot of my paintings I begin with a gestural under-painting where I draw into the under-paint before I beg in to add color. Sometimes though, a particular canvas might cry out to me, “Stick with it! Don’t add another color!” And I have to then agree with my painting that adding a color would then make it all about them! Expedition is such a painting. At a... [more]

Art Scam?  
Posted 5/13/13

                                     Flower Power (Detail) 2013 Oil 2013 On the heels of winning a blue dot for my painting at the Art Students League of New York last week, I received a couple of unsolicited emails. One was about a prospective buyer for my painting, which of course is always welcome. The second came today. It is an email from someone claiming to be curator for an upcoming exhibition at a gallery in Soho. I conjectured the person had seen my painting at the league and selected... [more]

Abstract Landscapes - Burgundy  
Posted 4/13/13

Clos de Beze 2013 Oil, Graphite on Canvas 48”x48” Chambolle Musigny 2013 is from my new series of abstract paintings based on my recent extended visit to Burgundy, France during the late winter/very early spring. At that time of year, the colors are very subtle but particularly beautiful in Burgundy. There is usually a mist in the air intensified by the haze from the burning of the old vine branches in preparation for the new season. After spending some time recently in Burgundy... [more]

When We Were Small  
Posted 11/15/12

When We Were Small 2012  (Oil, Pastel, Graphite on Canvas  48 x48 inches)   For this painting I wrote a poem to accompany it.  Although I feel each (painting and poem) stand on their own, I think together they pack a real one-two punch - for me anyway!   When We Were Small  11/09/2012 Way back then When we were small We were together through it all. Then, you were gone.   To go on, my instinct Erased every trace of you. But a seed of remembrance Remained, unnamed Growing slow... [more]

No Going Back Now...  
Posted 9/23/12

     When I Was A Baby  2012  Oil, Graphite on Canvas  60”x48” Recently, I didn’t feel like painting one day so I did a couple of little drawings instead. I had never really done drawings in the busy abstract painting studio space where I paint at the Art Students League before. Anyway, I kind of got it in my mind that I was going to start at the beginning - my beginning - to try to paint more of my story. I did a little sketch of what I think of as one of my earliest experiences that I called, “When I Was A Ba... [more]

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