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Barry Masteller

  • 20131222114807-banter_54x84_alkyd_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20131222115951-chaser_58x50_acrylic_damar_resin_alkyd_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20131222120157-compound_72x66_acrylic_damar_resin__alkyd_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20131222120346-conversations__eight_30x30_acrylic_alkyd_damar_resin_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20131222120725-conversations__two_30x30_acrylic_alkyd_damar_resin_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20131222120530-conversations__five_30x30_acrylic_alkyd_damar_resin_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20131222122618-province__two_30x30_acrylic_alkyd_damar_resin_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20131222122843-blood__rubies_and_strawberries
  • 20131222123105-blood__rubies_and_strawberries
  • 20131222161255-string_theory_a_62x72_string_acrylic_alkyd_damar_resin_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20131222161503-string_theory_b_62x72_string__damar_resin__acrylic_alkyd_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20131222161752-milestone_58x50_acrylic_damar_resin_alkyd_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20131222163046-nardis_58x50_acrylic_damar_resin_alkyd_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20131222163343-conversations__one_30x30_acrylic_alkyd_damar_resin_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20131222163725-conversations__six_30x30_acrylic_alkyd_damar_resin_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20140203154836-cumulous_30x30_acrylic_alkyd_damar_resin_and_oil_on_canvas_2014
  • 20140204095244-thetis__66x54_acrylic_damar_resin__alkyd_and_oil_on_canvas_2014
  • 20140204143541-sounding_66x54_acrylic_damar_resin__alkyd_and_oil_on_canvas_2014
  • 20140204143333-conversations_nine__don_and_sancho__30x30_acrylic_alkyd_damar_resin_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20131222122019-megellan_72x66_damar_resin__alkyd_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20140313153648-four_seasons__one
  • 20140313154004-four_seasons__two
  • 20140313162502-four_seasons__three
  • 20140313162803-four_seasons__four
  • 20140313172117-natural_occurrence_162_homage_in_black_and_white_acrylic_damar_alkyd_and_oil_on_canvas_54x84_2011_2013
  • 20130902122847-pajaro_54x84_alkyd_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20130902123900-violets_and_roses_54x84_alkyd_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20140313211544-one_that_got_away_22x30_acrylic_on_arches_paper_2012
  • 20140313211702-dandelion_54x84_alkyd_and_oil_on_canvas_2013
  • 20140313211703-graham_avenue_22x30_acrylic_on_arches_paper_2012
  • 20140314074317-broadway_exchange_22x30_acrylic_on_arches_paper_2012


Los Angeles, Silver Lake.

Birth year

Lives in
San Francisco Bay Area

Works in
San Francisco Bay Area


Representing galleries

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When I begin a painting I am rarely sure how it will resolve. It is in itself a part of a greater whole. That is; it has something in it of the work before it. In this I believe painting is like language and paintings like words, each making-up a kind of vocabulary whose meaning becomes clearer or at least more complete with each subsequent work.

My images are not of real places but of the imagined, felt or memorized-places of the mind.I like to think of them as magical and dream like aspects of the deeper mind and subconscious. However my work is not limited to making interesting or even thought provoking pictures, though I certainly hope they are. I am after all a painter; which means that paint itself is my medium of choice as opposed to other crafts. I find power and excitement in the medium and application, in the fluid to solid quality of the material. In glazing, scumbling, scratching, scraping and wiping away, in the laying down of veils of color and in the pure physical interplay between the canvas and myself.

 Painting for me is like magic, what you see is not what you see. The closer you get to the surface the more the picture fades away and the more its just about paint. With all of it's beautiful blemishes, brush marks and hair's, bubbles, cracks, and studio detritus. Step a few feet back and you re-enter the place of dreams.

Barry Masteller






Born:  Silver Lake District, Los Angeles, California

Studied Under: Walton Craig Titus, (1907-1978)  Hollywood, California. 1962-1965


Solo Exhibitions:

2013 Hartnell College Art Gallery, "Along The Way"  selections from
              'Natural Occurrence' series and 'The White Paintings'.

2011 Patricia Rovzar Gallery, "Oil on Canvas" Seattle, WA

2010 U.S Embassy, Kathmandu, Napal

2009 Elenor D. Wilson Museum, Hollins University," Boulevards"

            Roanoak, VA

2008 Patricia Rovzar Gallery, "Recent Paintings", Seattle, WA

2007 The Grace Museum, "Earth + Sky", Abilene, TX

2007 Caldwell / Snyder Gallery, Recent Paintings, Saint Helena, CA

2007 Caldwell / Snyder Gallery, "Recent Paintings", San Francisco, CA

2007 Trajan Gallery, "Recent Paintings" Carmel, CA

2007 Wiregrass Museum of Art, "Imagined Journey's", Dothan, AL

2007 Dubuque Museum of Art, 'Cityscapes' Dubuque, IA

2006 Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Seattle, WA

2006 Campton Gallery, New York, NY

2006 Trajan Gallery,  "Recent Paintings"  Carmel, CA

2006 Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey Now, Monterey CA,

2006 Museum of the Southwest, "Mythical Landscapes", Midland, TX

2005 Campton Gallery, Recent Paintings, New York, NY

2005 Anderson Fine Art Center, "Boulevards", Anderson, IN

2004 Caldwell / Snyder Gallery, New York, NY

2003 Trajan Gallery, Carmel, CA

2003 Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Kirkland, WA

2002 Caldwell / Snyder Gallery, New York, NY

2002 Caldwell/Snyder Gallery, San Francisco,CA

2001 Caldwell/Snyder Gallery, New York, NY

2001 Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Kirkland, WA

2000 Caldwell/Snyder Gallery, San Francisco,CA

1999 Nelson/Rovzar Gallery, Kirkland,WA

1998 Robert Aichele Gallery, Menlo Park, CA

1997 Tamara Bane Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA

1997 Emmie Smock Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1996 Lisa Parker Fine Art, New York, NY

1995 Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey, CA

1994 Shaklee Corp Gallery, San Francisco,CA

1993 Monterey Conference Center, Monterey, CA

1993 Bank of America World Headquarters Gallery,

          San Francisco, CA

1990 Claypoole-Freese Gallery, Pacific Grove, CA

1989 Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove, CA

1989 Shaklee Corp Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1986 PDA Gallery, Carmel, CA

1985 Site 311 Gallery, Pacific Grove, CA

1984 Ankrum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1984 Maple Gallery, San Diego, CA

1983 Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey, CA

1983 Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove, CA

1982 San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA

1981 Maple Gallery, San Diego, CA

1981 Rubicon Gallery, Los Altos, CA

1981 Collectors Gallery, Pacific Grove, CA

1979 Monterey Conference Center, Monterey, CA

1978 Will Stone Collection, San Francisco,CA

1977 Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove, CA

1975 Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey, CA

1968 Jabberwock Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1967 La Cienega Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1967 Playhouse Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Group Exhibitions:

2014 "Contemporary Heritage", Selections from the Permanent Collection.
               Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA

2011  Classic Art Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

2009 “Within the Dialogue” with: Ursula O'Farrell. Chris Winfield, Tom Burns

            Claypoole Freese Gallery, Carmel, CA.

2009 “Made in Monterey” Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey, CA

2008 “Parallel Lines” Works on Paper, Hartnell College Gallery, Salinas, CA

2007/2006  Annual Group Exhibition, Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Seattle, WA

2007/2006/2005/2004/2003/2002/2001/2000/1999 Annual Group Exhibition

          Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Kirkland, WA.

2007 "Thick Paint / Thin Paint" Hartnell College Gallery, Salinas, CA

2006 "Monterey Collects" Monterey Museum of Art

2004 "Masters of the Sea" Five Centuries of Marine Painting.

           Hartnell College Gallery Salinas, CA

2004 Art Chicago, Chicago, Ill

2004 San Francisco International Art Exposition, San Francisco, CA

2003 Caldwell / Snyder Gallery 20th Anniversary Exhibition

2003 Monterey Museum of Art, Annual Juried Show,

          Juror: Scott Shields. First Award in Painting.

2003 Six Centuries of Portraits, Part 2. Hartnell College, Salinas, CA

2003 Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, CA. "Artist's at the Edge"

           with: David Kimball Anderson, William Henry, Roy Lichtenstein, John   Babcock,

           Sirima Sataman, Brian Coleman, Marsha Blaker-DeSomma, Paul DeSomma,

           Melita Crowie, Leo Bersamina, James Morris, John Hylton, Masima Teraoka.

2003 Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2003 Art Chicago, Chicago, IL

2002 Lisa Kurts Gallery, Memphis, TN. "Summer Group Exhibition"

          with: Marcia Myers, Scott Duce, Anita Huffington, James Crosby, Bennett Bean,

         Thomas   Ostenberg, Walter Anderson, Jeff Muhs, Peter Hershberger, Roy Timboli,

         Ted Larson, Charles Carraway,, Wade Hoeffer, Edith Caywood, Jillian Banks,

         Gary Bukovnick, Peter Opheim, Carroll Cloar, Joe Andoe.

2002 Art Miami, Miami, Fl

2002 Land and Legacy, Monterey Museum of Art at La Mirada.

2002 San Francisco International

          Art Exposition, Caldwell / Snyder Gallery

2001/2000 Caldwell Snyder Gallery, San Francisco, CA. "Gallery Artist's"

2000 Woodward Gallery, NYC. "Trees"

          with: Connie Borup, Marilyn Bridges, Deborah Claxton, Kyu Nam Han,

          Joseph Hyde, Bill Martin, Charles Yoder.

1999 Air Born, Monterey Airport Terminal, CA.

          with: Robert Matheny, Marc Destout, Paul Jacobson, Jon Pittman.

1999 California State Art Collection, California Senate, Sacramento, CA

1999 Woodward Gallery, NYC. "Outdoors/Inside"

          with: Hugo Bastidas, David Febland, Hiro Ichikawa, Margaret Morrison,

          Christina Vergano, Allen Whiting, Charles Yoder.

1998 Nelson/Rovzar Gallery, Kirkland, WA

1998 Santa Cruz Museum of Art.

1998 Carl Cherry Center for the Arts,Carmel, CA

1998 Monterey Museum of Art at LaMirada,Monterey,CA. "Towards the  Millennium"

           with: Rick   Arnitz, Manual Neri, David Ligare, David Martin-Loza, David Seiler,

           Raymond Saunders, Sara Carter, Christopher Brown.

1997 Tamara Bane Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA

1997 Emmie Smock Gallery, SanFrancisco, CA

1996 Lisa Parker Fine Art, NYC

1993 Claypoole/Freese Gallery, Pacific Grove, CA

1991 Juried Biennial, Phillip Linhares, Oakland Museum

          at Monterey Museum of Art.

1991 Vorpal Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1991 Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey, CA. "For Better or For Worse"

          with: Michael Mew, Laura Raboff, Carl Dern,Kathleen Jesse.

          Mary Louise-Stanley, Paul Pratchenko, Mark Stock, Edwardo Carillo,

          Inez Storer, Rupert Garcia, Anita Benson.

1990 Claypoole/Freese Gallery,Pacific Grove,CA

          with: Deanna Forbes, Karen Nagano, Michael Pavlov, Gerald Richman.

1988 Katherina Rich Perlow Gallery,NYC. "Summer Group Show"

1988 University of California Santa Cruz. "Exemplary Contemporary",

          Juror: Richard Koshalek.

1988 Newport Harbor Art Museum,CA

1987 J.J. Brookings Gallery,CA.

          with: Lawrie Brown, Monroe Hodder, Jim Jacob, Geir Jordahl,

          Ken Matsubara, William Morehouse, Mark Templeton, Lee Tribe, Todd Watts.

1986 Vorpal Gallery,San Francisco,CA

          with: Peter Wayne Lewis, Kenneth Matsumoto.

1985 Monterey Museum of Art, CA. "Works in Wood"

          with: Jeremy Anderson, John Buck, Michael Cooper, Dovey Dee, Colin Gray,

          Sam Hernandez, Anthony Priolo, Italo Scanga, Dan Snyder, Michael Stevens,

          James Surls, H.C. Westerman.

1985 Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, CA. "A Serious Look at Humor"

          with: Ruth Bavetta, Dwan Beveridge, James Buddle, Gael Crimmins,

          William Crutchfield, John Egan, Kari Hildebrand, Jim Jenkins, Paula, Kersulis,

          Pat Klotz, Martha Matthews, Julie Medwedeff, William Otten, Everett Peck,

          Jeff Reed, Karen Innis Reid, Craig Shannon, Robin Van Lear, Gordon Wagner,

          Earnest Wrege, Ray Jacob, Clyd San Juan, Lars Isrealson.

1985 Ankrum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

          with: Earnest Wrege, Martha Matthews.

1984 San Francisco Arts Commission. "Small Works Invitational"

1984 Monterey Museum of Art. "Oh Well Orwell Invitational"

1984 Maple Gallery, San Diego, CA

          with: Russell Forester, Andrea Hoffman, Christopher Lee, Peter Mitten,

          Mario Urebe, W.Hasse Wojtyla.

1983 Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey, CA "Winners" Survay Invitational.

1981 Pacific Grove Art Center. "Three Friends"

          with: Gordon Wagner, Elsbeth Ramos.

1981 Taylor Gallery, Taos,NM. Gallery Artists

1979 Juried Annual, Paul Mills,

          Monterey Museum of Art

1977 Monterey Conference Center, Monterey California

1976 Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

1976 Juried Annual, Alexander Napote. First Award

          Monterey Fair Grounds Contempoary Gallery

1975 Juried Annual, Harry X. Ford, Best of Show Award

          Monterey Museum of Art.

1974 Monterey Museum of Art.

1973 Lincoln Gallery, Carmel, CA

1972 Pacific Grove Art Center.

          with: Jim Casteel, Robert Divale.

1971 Pacific Grove Art Center.

          with: Jim Casteel, Robert Divale, Victor Digesu, Janet Amant.

1967 McKenzie Gallery, Los Angeles,CA

1967 Third Eye Gallery, Encino,CA

1964 Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles,CA. City wide juried show, Barnsdale Park



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Selected Collections:

Palm Springs Art Museum

Crocker Art Museum,

  Sacramento, CA

San Jose Museum of Art

Seven Bridges Foundation,

    Greenwich, CT

Bank of the West. San Jose, CA

Saratoga Capital, San Jose, CA

Alicante Hotel

Payden and Rygel Investments,

  Los Angeles, CA

Stoffer Hotel, Los Angeles

Weight loss Clinics

Gonzaga University, WA

Monterey Museum of Art

First Capital Corp

Garrison Capital

J.W. Robinson Co.

Coldwell Banker Corp

Home Federal

Pebble Beach Co.

Prudential Insurance

Monterey Conference Center

Hagens,Berman,Sobol,Shipiro LLP

Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara,CA

Roche Bioscience / Syntex Corp.

  San Jose, CA

Bank of America World Headquarters,           

   San Francisco, CA

Price Waterhouse,NYC

Sapporo Royal Hotel, Japan

C&H Sugar

Club Corp.

Bachalter, Neimer, Fields & Younger.

Lifescan / Johnson & Johnson

Hyatt Regency, Chicago

Tanimura & Antle

    Salinas, CA

Crowne Plaza Hotel, NYC

Cypress Inn, Carmel,CA

Santa Cruz Museum of Art

Duke Energy

Siemans AG, Beijing

Veritas Software

Beshoff,  San Jose, CA

National Steinbeck Center.


The Paramount, Seattle, WA

Community Hospital, Monterey, CA

Recent Exhibits

Barry Masteller participated in these exhibits:

Aug, 2013 Along The Way
Hartnell College Gallery
May, 2011 Musings, Images and Reflections
Monterey Museum of Art
Exhibited at these venues
Barry Masteller has Exhibited at these venues:

Hartnell College Gallery Monterey Museum of Art

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