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Noelle Maline

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Lives in
Long Beach

Works in
Los Angeles


CalArts (California Institute of the Arts)

photography, conceptual, installation, mixed-media, drawing, painting, photo





Noëlle Maline



Noelle's most recent work is about
documenting transparent things and recording imaginary communication into something that is tangible..
Being able to see sound and hear shadows. A guide to what is invisible.

This is what artist, Noelle Maline has been working in creating .. Narrative illustrations, installations and collages involving translating static, echos and sound waves of the nameless and displaced people from the past.. While attempting to decode what they are trying to tell through stories using altered reception. Sound waves come through the adapted photographs by means or ways of rendered frequencies. There is also an element of illustrating what the gray area in the mind would try to convey, through alternative forms of communication.



Noelle grew up down by the sea in an old lookout tower.. Her mother was a writer and librarian. She would would bring home old books to fill the house up to the ceiling. Her father researched history and was good with numbers. Her older brother worked in a book shoppe and collected rocks out by the old mines. Coming from a family of collectors, they would bring back obsolete findings from various road trips - to be displayed all over the house. Noelle learned early on that everything had a story.. And that some of the most interesting ones were of the unknown and untold.

Noelle started taking private art classes early on and became mostly interested in oil painting and collage work. She studied photography at a mountaineering school in the Colorado Rockies and attended California Institute of the Arts for a short while. Noelle then took a few years off for traveling and research. During this time, she won the Art of California Gold Award. Thereupon, she went back to complete her degree at Cal Arts and was awarded a BFA in the studies of art, installation and experimental sound.


Some of her most recent projects have been installations of wires in secret rooms, mapping invisible communication and sound performances to old film projections.

Noelle lives and works by the sea near Los Angeles, CA



BFA 2002 ~ California Institute of the Arts

Art, Installation, Sound


~~~upcoming and current exhibits~~~



*April 1 - April 30 2016 Art on Paper @ Maryland Federation of Art , Annapolis, MD

*November 27 - December 23 2015 Small Wonders @ Maryland Federation of Art , Annapolis, MD

*July 28 - 2015 5 Year Anniversary Art Exhibition , Artist Portfolio Magazine

*July 13 - 2015 SeeMe Digital display at the Louvre Museum , Paris, France

*January 10 - February 1 - 2015  Passage Exhibit @ Verum Ultimum , Portland, OR

*Decemeber 1 - 8 - 2014 Art Takes Miami @ Scope Art Show , Miami, FL

*November 15 - December 22 - 2014 International Juried Show @ HUD Gallery, Ventura, CA

*October 31 - November 17 2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ Rosebud County Public Library, Forsyth, MT

*September  26 - October 24 2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ JailHouse Gallery, Hardin, MT

*August 18 - September 19 2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ Henry A. Malley Memorial Library, Broadus, MT

*August 8 - August 10 2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ Artists of the Prairie, Ekalaka, MT

*July 5th - August 15 2014 - Small Wonders @ Dianne Neuman Gallery, Gualala, CA

*July 11th - August 1st 2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ Bank of Baker & Wells Fargo, Baker, MT

*June 14th - June 27th 2014 - Abracadabra @ Joshua Tree Art Gallery, Joshua Tree, CA

*June 9 - July 3, 2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ Schoolhouse History and Art Center, Colstrip, MT

*May 21 - June 27, 2014 - The Art of the Collage @ Gallery360, Lancaster, PA

*May 5 - June 2, 2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ MonDak Heritage Center, MT

*April 11 - May 18, 2014 - Left Coast Annual Juried Exhibition @ Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA

*March 28 - April 25,  2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ The Gallery, Glendive, MT

*March 7th, 2014 - Year in review 2013 @ See.Me Exhibition Space, Armory Week, Long Island City, NY

*January 25 - March 8, 2014 - 35th Annual Juried Show: Works on/of Paper @ WaterWorks Art Museum, Miles City, MT

*March 2013 - MindCamp - Group Show @ Musee16, Los Angeles, CA

*February 2013 - Diorama of an Art Exhibition no.4 - Group Show @ Musee16, Los Angeles, CA

*November 2012 - Current Location - Latitude: 34.0391003, Longitude: 118.2360374 - An Art Exhibit @ Musee16, Los Angeles, CA

*October 2012 ~ Sound Maps, Solo Show @ University of Redlands, CA

*May 2012 - 'The Mushroom and Hot Dog Basement Show' group show @ Musee16, Los Angeles, CA

*February 2012 - 'Diorama of an Art Exhibition no. 3' group show @ Musee16, Los Angeles, CA

*November 2011 - 'Diorama of an Art Exhibition' ~ two year installation @ Factory Place, Los Angeles, CA

*June 2011 - 'The Dog's Breakfast" group show @ Musee16, Santa Ana, CA

*April 2011 - 'Ignite: A study from street level' group show @ SPARC Gallery, Venice, CA

*February 2011 - 'Diorama of an art Exhibition no.2' group show @ Musee16, Santa Ana, CA

*December 2010 - 'Diorama of an Art Exhibition' ~ one year intallation @ Santora Building, Santa Ana, CA

*August 2010 - 'No. 3' traveling group show @ Musee16, at several locations in Long Beach, CA

*June 2010 - 'Diorama of an Art Exhibition' ~ six month installation in vintage trailer, Long Beach, CA

*September 2009 - 'Research' @ the batteries, Marin Headlands, CA

*November 2008 - 'Bread Crumbs' solo show @ Musee16, Lakewood, CA

*August 2008 - 'Grackles' solo show @ Musee16, Orange, CA

*September 2007- 'research' solo show @ Musee16, Portland, OR

*July 2007- 'Overkill' @ Jace Gace, Portland, OR

*April 2007- Wonderquest @ Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR

*April 2007- 'The Traveling Menagerie' @ Musee16 in Portland,OR

*February 2007- 'Diorama of an art Exhibition' group show @ Musee16 in Portland,OR

*June 2006- Group show @ The Smell. Los Angeles, CA.

*February 2006- Group show @ Ric Rac, Pasadena, CA.

*May 2005- Grayland guerila show, San Francisco, CA

*February- March 2005 'Open Season Productions' group show @ Koo's in Long Beach,CA

*December 2004-'Greetings from Grayland'[solo]@ The Boliver cafe and gallery, Santa Monica, CA

*November 2004-January 2005-'Saints and Sinners'

*October 2004- Nightmare on 18th Street@18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, CA

*September 2004-Fire Art Sale, Group show, Organized by Act Now@ King King, Hollywood

*July 2004-Lost Women of Juarez@ The Mary Paxon Gallery, Norwalk, CA

*July 2004-'Lost Women of Juarez', Group show Auction@ Chapman University, Orange, CA

*June 2003-'Algemeen Performance', Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA.

*January 2003-Boneshakers Exhibit@ The Broadland Hotel, Long Beach, CA

*May 2002-Problematic my ass@ L-shape gallery, Valencia, CA

*November 2001-'They look the same' solo show@ Gallery d402, Valencia, CA

*October 2001-'Here' Guerila group show @ Linden St., Long Beach, CA

*September 2001-Pertinent Intervals@ 11-7 gallery, Long Beach, CA

*February 2000-solo show@ C.I.A. main gallery, Valencia,CA

*July 1999-'War'group show, organized by S.M.A.C.@ gallery row on u-haul, Echo Park, CA

*June 1999-ninety nine@ Miller Durazo gallery, Los Angeles,CA

*February 1993-solo show@the midnight gallery, long beach,CA

*January 1993-solo show@the e-bar gallery, pasadena,CA

*November 1992-group show@the lime gallery,valencia,CA

*November 1992-art of california magazine full page/gold award

*September 1992-aids benefit auction@ L.A.C.E., los angeles,CA

*February 1992-solo show@the pik me up, los angeles,CA

~~~sound & installations~~~

*March 2013 - Elevator to the Gallows sound & projection performance @ Musee16, Los Angles, CA

*December 2012 - Elevator to the Gallows sound performance @ Musee16, Los Angeles, CA

*October 2012 - Whipering Wires sound installation for Sound Maps, Solo Show @ University of Redlands, CA

*October 2012 - Elevator to the Gallows sound performance @ Musee16, Los Angeles, CA

*April 2007-  When the World Sleeps sound installation/performance@ Musee16, portland,OR

*March 2004- window display and song for 'The Original' show@walled city, san pedro,CA

*June 2003- Algemeen sound performance', Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA.

*May 2003- Algemeen sound installation/performance, 'Altered Egos' show@the del mar theatre,los angeles,CA


~~~print and cover artwork~~~

2015~ The Exposure Award collection of Photographs

2015~ Kolaj Magazine, collage artist trading cards

2013~ Intransitive Recording, album cover artwork, For by Maile Colbert



2015~ The Exposure Award presented at The Louvre

2015~ 2nd Juried Showcase Winner for ArtSlant for Installation

2014~ 29th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition

2013~ 8th Juried Showcase Winner for ArtSlant for Installation

1999, 2000 & 2001~ Ahmanson Project Grant.

1992~ Art of California Gold Award.

Recent Exhibits

Noelle Maline participated in these exhibits:

Mar, 2013 MindCamp - Art Exhibit - Opening
Feb, 2013 a Diorama of an Art Exhibition no.4
Feb, 2013 a Diorama of an Art Exhibition no.4
Oct, 2012 Sound Maps
University of Redlands
Oct, 2012 Sound Maps
University of Redlands
Feb, 2012 Diorama of an Art Exhibition ~ no. 3
Click here to see all exhibits for Noelle Maline
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