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Jane Szabo

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Art Center College of Design, MFA

Representing galleries
Gallery 825 / Los Angeles Art Association / Orange County Center for Contemporary Art

photo, digital, photography, conceptual, figurative, abstract, Enviornmental Portrait photography

Upcoming Exhibitions and Events
Mar, 2016 Investigating Self - Solo Show
The Yuma Art Center
Jan, 2016 2015 Kaohsiung International Photographer Exhibition
Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan
Jul, 2015 2015 Kaohsiung International Photographer Exhibition
Kaohsiung City Culture Center
Jul, 2015 First Annual Mask:cara
KGB Studio & Gallery
Jun, 2015 Variable Voices
Lamperouge Gallery
Jun, 2015 Variable Voices
Lamperouge Gallery
Current Exhibitions and Events
May, 2015 What Remains: Debris and Detritus in Fine Art
San Diego Art Institute

Jane Szabo received an MFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Her award winning photography has been has been exhibited across the United States. Her work has been included in exhibitions at Vermont Photo Place Gallery, The Dark Room Gallery, PhotoSpiva, San Diego Art Institute Museum of the Living Artist, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and Gallery 825 in Los Angeles.

I my opinion one could substitute the word “tinkerer” for artist. For me, the act of being an artist is the act of working with my hands, creating things out of seemingly nothing or the mundane, making things look beautiful and drawing your attention to details. My work is strongly informed by my history as a painter and mixed media artist. Though I have a camera in my hands, I still think and create like a painter as I play with composition, color, and abstraction.
After a successful career in the film industry, I am now able to approach my art making with no strings attached. I can explore and experiment and take risks. This freedom to finally “play” has led me to develop new bodies of work that take me outside of my comfort zone as I explore social and psychological aspects of myself and those around me. I am deeply interested in the human condition and my work explores how we live, how we relate to each other, and how we feel about our self-identity.
Making art is a never-ending process of self-discovery and exploration. One project or idea leads to the next, and the work constantly evolves. It is the most exciting road to travel, and I will stay on it learning, growing and “tinkering” to the very end.



Reconstructing Self  The balance between the self and the world outside can be a precarious one. We struggle to find a way to individualize ourselves, yet often merely blend in amongst the masses. Disappearing Self is a series of contemporary self-portraits that address issues of identity. Photographs of dresses, made from  familiar objects such as wrapping paper, coffee filters and road maps, suggest a persona, and become a stand in for my own self. The personas represented in these forms illustrate who I am, who I am not, and who I wish to be.

With a background as a fine art painter and installation artist, the Disappearing Self project merges my love for fabrication and materials with my visions and ideas in conceptual photography. Presented as a typology, the dresses encourage the viewer to look closely to analyze the differences and similarities, and perhaps to fit themselves in to one or more of these dresses or “selves.”

The empty forms reference alienation or loneliness, while the patterns and designs simultaneously strive for individuality and uniqueness. Though I think of these works as self-portraits, the lack of human form makes the dresses more universal.  And, with references to paper doll dresses and childhood play-time, one can imagine these personas could be put on and removed at will as the mood and personality change. This series of environmental portraits, which are shot in the subject’s home, have an added twist. A parent is photographed in a child’s room, a child is presented in a parent’s space, and activities occur in unusual places. The displacement of the subject makes the viewer pay special attention to their surroundings.

I recently was asked the very valid question as to why I had chosen to photograph people.
When returning to the camera after a long hiatus, the first thing I said was “I don’t shoot people.” And yet, here I am, inviting myself into people’s homes, invading their personal spaces and looking deeply into their psyches. As humans, we are drawn into the lives of others, yet we see our own reflection. I hope this project serves to allow each viewer a moment of self-reflection. These beautiful images invite you in, but once inside they force you to question your own identity, and your relationship with others.

Sense of Self After shooting many portraits of people in their homes and attempting to tap in to a psychological element, I realized that I was frequently referencing my own self-identity and issues. It was then time to turn the camera around and start working further outside my comfort zone. It was time to expose my “Self” and reveal my own vulnerability. I am currently working on a series of self-portraits entitled Sense of Self. Many of the images within the project document a process or activity. Blur, movement and light are used to add a psychological element to the work. This is a large body of work and is much more conceptual and experimental than my previous projects. These images explore my struggle to maintain a rigid sense of order upon my self and my environment (a process that is failing). This attempt and failure to contain chaos parallels my personal struggles and sense of identity. Unfortunately, this self-imposed rigid sense of order, a self that wants to grid, to sort, to map, to control, conflicts with my need to escape into freedom.

I’m with the Band Being married to a musician means many late nights in dark and often smoky venues. After getting the obligatory “live” shots that every band member craves, I began to investigate the behind the scenes moments that are so much more personal. I’m with the Band documents one short week while hanging out with The Other Mules, a nasty blues band, as we peruse the clubs of Amsterdam and its neighboring cities.

In other bodies of work I bring my eye and sensibility as a painter. Using macro lenses, and manipulating light and depth of field as a way to create painterly forms, I am experimenting with shooting everyday objects and showing them in abstracted views, emphasizing texture and form.


Recent Exhibits

Jane Szabo participated in these exhibits:

May, 2015 Photo Independent
Raleigh Studios
Apr, 2015 53rd International Exhibition
San Diego Art Institute
Apr, 2015 The Telephone Game
Prohibition Gallery
Apr, 2015 LACDA 11 Year Anniversary Exhibit
LACDA - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
Mar, 2015 We Choose Art: A Feminist Perspective
The Montalban Theater
Mar, 2015 From Her
Pico House Gallery at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument
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3rd 2015 Showcase Entry


Jane Szabo Reconstructing Self: Fan Deck

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