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Kim Barry
Death to Fat Man  
Posted 1/29/15

As the time in my space in LA, West Eleven, was coming to a close in the fall of 2012, one thing was for sure. Fat Man, my nefarious creation, needed to be dealt with in all his gluttonous, icky, preverted, greedy glory. He was born earlier in the year from an idea to create a sculpture that embodied the various industries and powers that destroy the soul of beauty and true goodness in the world. He did his job many times over throughout the year at West Eleven and even added humor... [more]

WWW. Exhibit @ SixTHreeFouR Studio March 23- June 30 2014  
Posted 8/14/14

Spring is here and SixThreeFouR in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh is presenting WWW. by Kim Barry from March 23, 2014 thru June 30th, 2014. Please contact for an appt. to visit her studio space, interact with the installations and view work available for your own collection. WWW. INSTALLATION DETAIL WWW. INSTALLATION DETAIL WWW. INSTALLATION DETAIL WWW. INSTALLATION FROM LEFT: WWW. INSTALLATION, DREAM MAP IN THE BACKGROUND ... [more]

Breaking Bad Installation 2013  
Posted 5/22/13

TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2013 "Breaking Bad" Art Installation 2013 Some things held sacred and in secret, simply box in with a hypnotic carnival of illusions defining life. With one drop of a mustard seed of truth and faith, the sacred and secret illusion breaks down.  If you have the courage to allow the collapse, align with the mustard seed, and resist the urge to keep or rebuild your given box, then you are truly free. No more living in cubicles or pixels.   "Breaking Bad" 2013 ... [more]

...A Glass Half Full....  
Posted 5/22/13

SUNDAY, MARCH 17, 2013 So ....the Glass is Half Full or Half Empty .....But no matter the amount, who, these days, is asking "What's in it?"  In many a microcosm of work, worship, and play, turning the pure to poison and the poison to pure can be veiled in the redefining and rationalization of terms, costs, and benefits. Bottoms Up  ..... A Glass Half Full.... New Work by Kim Barry 30 4" Glass Cups, 2" water, various amounts of mysteriously evolving su... [more]

A Rotting Idea  
Posted 11/5/12

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2012      for more of my work, visit "A Rotting Idea"  2008 Acrylic and Screws on Drywall  Kim Barry   How old are you? How old are YOU? Wait…. How old are you? I hear it a lot. I never satisfy their demand with an answer. Why? What point is there in it? Does it tell them ANYTHING? Quite the opposite. Not replying, expresses so much more about what I believe in. There is nothing in believing in and providing a numerical... [more]

Derivatives called Love  
Posted 10/4/12

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2012 Julia 2008 Photograph  by Kim Barry What's braver than giving love to those you simply care for without their permission, possession, or prudence- without their reaction, return, or regard? No war hero metals compare. Too many have lived too closely to life without it and the dark places that are created when the heart  is not fed. What then is braver than  creating a life, a reality of faith that materializes into spaces that magnet those that nee... [more]

Bob Odenkirk  
Posted 10/4/12

A Sign from Traction Ave photograph Summer 2012 The world will lean to your inner will if you leave the gate open, take out your Iphone earplugs, and get out of your bullet proof car to see what's going on outside your own four walls. It's scary. You are left vulnerable. I know. I get it. Even with a loose grasp on the practical side of life, I have needed a few rituals to define some form of structure to what seemed to a life set to a Bob Dylan song for better or worse. I was simply com... [more]

The Sherpa  
Posted 5/19/12

"Sherpa" 2011 Acrylic, Spray Paint, on Canvas Kim Barry I unloaded another's pack of life force and laid it down one more time. Being an Aries, I am perceived as being able can handle big loads. So, I am noticed, sized up, packed up, and shipped to fill in where another intends to conquer as their diplomat. Being a Dragon, my personal load is in manifesting many grand adventures for myself and those around me. So, people get inspired and take notes. Most of the time, I am comforta... [more]

Remember That No One Ever Kicks A Dead  
Posted 5/18/12

"Welcome to LA" 2010 Photographic Image Kim Barry The war of words is alive and well and leaving bodies on the streets of LA as we speak.  So many think badly, treat each moment for the worse, and finish it all off by acting  out the worst case scenario as a result. Why? I blame in small part, all capitalistic fear based television- specifically 800 CSI shows running 24hr 7 for the people that never leave their house and tune in, which, sidenote,  raises the chicken or the egg question... [more]

What If There is No Enemy? Then it's just the Fear Talking  
Posted 3/27/12

What If There is No Enemy?2012Acrylic on CanvasKim BarryMy mother locks doors. She locks windows. As soon as something cannot appear at her immediate recollection,  the first envisioned and, clearly logical, explanation is that some hoodlum ran through the house at warp speed moments before and grabbed the one and only treasure on my mom's mind at the moment-  a key, a folder, and my personal favorite, a Hummel.Of course.Because that happens.I wonder if the simple act of locking do... [more]

West Eleven Opens Its Doors for The Brewery Artwalk Mar 31 & April 1, 2012  
Posted 3/27/12

West Eleven is proud to open its doors as part of The Brewery Artwalk Spring 2012. Come visit, in person, the paintings and installations, the stories, and me.When: March 31 & April 1Time: 11am- 6pm both daysLocation: 642 Moulton Ave w-11 90031Parking- plentyAdded bonuses- over 300 artists live here. You get to walk through many of their studios, see live performances, and grab food and drink from the restuarant, Barbara's.See you then. [more]

Posted 3/9/12

FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 2012 I'M BR OK E2011Acrylic, Stencil Templates, Screws on GypsumKim BarryI have a knack for finding value in the hard to reach places. I see it long before most are being spoon fed the cheap, mass produced, rufi laced version, sometime after. It comes in all forms of nouns and verbs. I don't need the centerfold interview or highlighted mention in the latest "IT" magazine to learn and know its value when staring it in the face. Viceversely,  I sometimes see sugared coated p... [more]

Posted 2/28/12

"Disconnected II" 2011Acrylic on Gypsum96'x48" Kim Barry"I paint figures with little or no senses about them- no eyes, ears, noses, mouths. This is a constant and for good reason. We tend not to use them. In Disconnected, the people are running to and from ambiguous places without sensing where they are going and where they have come from; never taking notice to those around them and feeling isolated in their own action.  Before I turned on to real living in the small town of Jacksonville, FL and... [more]

West Eleven hosts Your Event!  
Posted 2/11/12

 West Eleven, a 1,200 sq. ft. creative house located conveniently off Rt 5 inside The Brewery, the largest artist community in the US. The space functions as my art studio and is rented out for hosting lectures, corporate meetings, private parties, weddings, rehearsal dinners, workshops, and other creative events. The space provides a beautiful, intimate, artistic atmosphere that breaks away from the normal lecture hall or convention room by boasting original art, a boho chic decor, and a cr... [more]

Buried Child  
Posted 2/6/12

"Buried Child" 2007 Acrylic, Ink, Joint Compound, Screws on Gypsum Kim Barry Maybe I had it easier as the baby of the family. . .  ok, I had it a lot easier in learning to  do my own thing.  When the real life Flying Nun marries the real life Mickey Rourke, pops out a few spawn, and tries to make a go of it as a family Oral Roberts would envy, there is much more crazy to focus on than the daily adventures of the smallest member.  I liked it that way. The freedom to experience the world... [more]

Conflicted & Compartmentalized  
Posted 2/6/12

"What Have We Done?" Acrylic, charcoal, canvas, 1970s iron-ons for Chug-A-Mug Beer on Gypsum 2011 Kim Barry  So here I am at the beginning  2012, my Dragon year (roar.)  —  visualizing my own path through this new experience of LA as a more and less romantic, starving artist during what no one in that little box most people have chosen to live through will name--- A DEPRESSION. WE ARE IN AN EFFING DEPRESSION, PEOPLE We all helped to make a darn good milkshake of an economy for a few years, but the o... [more]

Keep Your Boxes...  
Posted 2/6/12

The idea of sharing the impulsive moments of my life on this blog, while simultaneously, being understood as a serious artist has seemed an act of self indulgence with a side of professional sabotage. People need boxes. People need to sum you and your work up in speed dating time and then they freeze you, Hans Solo style, into that conceived mold. Every creative person striving towards success is playing a one way laser tag game in the woods with the proverbial Jabba The Hut. Ooooo Jabba like... [more]

The Across America- Dream Map Installation  
Posted 12/20/11

Originally conceptualized and installed in Jacksonville, FL by Kim Barry and Joey Thate at their former studio/gallery, Suite106,  West Eleven is proud to announce the resurrection of this installation as an exercise for everyone across America,  to create a fresh start and set your life's goals free.Question begins simply - Money or Dream?As Americans, historically, our belief in our dreams for our individual and collective lives captured the imagination of the world.We inspired. Presently, the... [more]

Amanda Sage & Michael Divine Workshop at West Eleven  
Posted 12/18/11

West Eleven, located inside The Brewery, opens its doors for artists, workshops, events, & private parties. World renowned artists, Amanda Sage & Michael Divine, recently had their Los Angeles workshop December 14, 2011 to December 18th.  We were privileged to have West Eleven host such an event.   For more information regarding Sage & Divine,    visit To have your workshop, event, exhibit, or party here, please email     kimbarrystudio... [more]

Press Release for West Eleven's 11.11.11 Happening  
Posted 11/1/11

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2011 Press Release: West Eleven's 11.11.11 happening. Kim Barry and Joey Thate are delighted to announce West Eleven’s first happening. 11. 11. 11. They have invited , writer and creative visionary, Courtney Barriger, and singer/ song writer and cruel vocal temptress to ears everywhere ,  Rachel Borovik, to collaborate.  7:30pm Courtney Barriger discusses her newly published book, “NightBook” and will have signed copies available.  8:30pm Rachel Borovik graces u... [more]

Argot & Ochre Article  
Posted 10/30/11

by Daniel Rolnik       on OCTOBER 25, 2011 West Eleven, a brand-spanking-new creative house that was opened by artists Kim Barry and Joey Thate was a hit at The Brewery Art Walk. The biggest attraction was The Fat Man, a plaster sculpture of a naked heavyweight wearing a can on his junk which was part of an outdoor installation entitled American Values Part II. Paper and pencils were given to guests to draw or write about their very own experiences with a fat man in their life based on a story that was placed in front of the work. Inside the... [more]

American Values Part II  
Posted 11/1/11

KIM BARRY STUDIO WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2011 American Values Part II Here are some highlights of the "American Values Part II" Installation that opened at West Eleven, Saturday Oct 1, 2011. This public interactive piece establishes the story of "Fat Man" with the help of a ,Pete the Pod, character.  His words are written on the tablet below with Pete in the grass as he greets curious visitors. After each visitor reads the story of Fat Man, they are as... [more]

Yoo-N-LA Article  
Posted 11/1/11

Brewery ArtWalk – Creativity, Inspiration, & Artistic Grandeur Article and Photographs By: Marissa Wallace Los Angeles was the site of an all-encompassing fusion of creativity, inspiration, and artistic grandeur this past weekend of October 1st and 2nd in the downtown area. The Brewery ArtWalk is a twice yearly event that occurs in the respective fall and spring quarters, where artists and art lovers alike are encouraged to come and overdose on an array of galleries and exhibits. Hosted at t... [more]

West Eleven opens at The Brewery  
Posted 11/1/11

MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 2011 West Eleven Opens at The Brewery   Kim Barry and Joey Thate open their contemporary art studio, West Eleven,  at The Brewery in downtown Los Angeles October 1, 2011. The opening night party will be held the evening of The Brewery Artwalk.  Over 200 original paintings, sculptures,  and multi media works will be on display and available for sale.  Do not miss the beginning of Los Angeles' newest studio for contemporary art. Contact kim... [more]

Exhibit Ambush Event  
Posted 11/1/11

SATURDAY, JULY 9, 2011 Upcoming Exhibition Event October 22, 2011 I am delighted to be a part of this wonderful, upcoming event.   AMBUSH EVENTS LAUNCHES EXHIBIT AMBUSH AT THE HORTON PLAZA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  On October 22, 2011, Ambush Events will take the public by storm with their featured event, “Exhibit Ambush” in the Gaslamp district of San Diego, CA.  This event will push the artistic boundaries; while simultaneously keeping the audience in awe. EA will be... [more]

Joan Thate Talks About Kim Barry & Joey Thate's Dream Map Installation  
Posted 11/1/11

SUNDAY, AUGUST 1, 2010 Joan Thate's Reflections on The Dream Map Project Part of the "Across America" Exhibit was a simple 13'x 10' painted outline of the US map filled in with thousands of play money bills. The idea Joey and I had was to then have individuals share their heart's desire in life on a "dream cloud" (paper cut in the form of a comic think cloud) and place on the map thereby covering the play money. As the dream clouds increased, America would be filled with more and more dre... [more]

Press Release "Across America" Exhibit  
Posted 11/1/11

TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 2010 "Across America" Exhibit July 7- Aug 1 2010 Joey Thate & I, Kim Barry, are pleased to announce July's exhibit, "Across America." Opening July 7, 2010 during Artwalk, the exhibit will be shown through August 1, 2010. As always, visitors during Artwalk only, will add their own voice to this installation by helping to show where our minds are at as Americans. What are we thinking, what are our hopes, what are our dreams, do we even have them anymore? A roadmap of brainwaves will take over the front... [more]

The Portrait Series Has Begun  
Posted 11/1/11

MONDAY, JUNE 21, 2010 Portrait Series Has Begun-- Updated "Olivia" 2010 "Laura""Mother" 2010 "Coffee Break" 2010 "Self"For years now, I have actively avoided painted anything that resembled a reenactment of anything pre-set for me-- a scene, a picture, anything around our current surroundings and limited by our 5 senses. Being raised on the tit of scenic artists and grad student teachers so willing to make you their copiers to get the grade, I was over it. It was too easy to recreate what was in front of me. I am copying yet... [more]

"Everybody Eats, Everybody Poops" Exhibit  
Posted 11/1/11

MONDAY, JUNE 14, 2010 June's Exhibit Opening at Suite 106-- Everybody Eats, Everybody Poops This month Joey & I racked our brains to come up with some sort of installation concept that would complement Ezra Marcos' photoshoot. The idea was the common thread in all of us and accepting some truths in stereotypes-- good and bad. So, what did we do? We called up our friend & artist, Dolf James, for a lunch meeting. We had some ideas about large restroom symbols-- the ultimate basic symbol for men an... [more]

Where There's A Will, There is a Space  
Posted 11/1/11

TUESDAY, MAY 25, 2010 Jacksonville's EU Article-- May 2010 Where There is a Will, There is a Spacea downtown gallery update  from L to R) JD Lambert (323 Modernism), Matthew Bennett (The Arts Center), Joey Thate and Kim Barry (Suite 106), Mary Atwood (The Arts Center), Jefree Shalev (Nullspace) and Adrian Pickett (The Adrian Pickett Gallery ) photo by ezra marcos by SHEA SLEMMERpublished: May 7, 2010You don't have to be keen on anything "art" to know about Art Walk. The fifteen block self-guided tour of Downtown Jacksonville hel... [more]

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