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Claudette McDermott

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20150623045443-dscf2578 old news
Hi Claudette I just started working on my artslant site for the first time since 2009, i think. I saw a message with good comments and good advice from you. Thank you and sorry for not answering. Just so much happened and i couldn't get to it. I will work on it from now. pls dont stop the good advise. i'm not very good with this kinda stuff Regards AntheA
20150623045443-dscf2578 old news
Hi Claudette I just started working on my artslant site for the first time since 2009, i think. I saw a message with good comments and good advice from you. Thank you and sorry for not answering. Just so much happened and i couldn't get to it. I will work on it from now. pls dont stop the good advise. i'm not very good with this kinda stuff Regards AntheA
Very nice work!
20110129130953-p8230015 hello
good work mom.ashraf
Hi Claudett nice art ..Ithank you from the bottm of ma hart for comment.Im confdent that you will give my good opinio for my work
20100830212135-casting_photos001 something new
Claudette I have done a short run of watercolors and would love if you could take a look. I hope all is well with you. with respect David
Xper0 Thank you
Hi Claudette, Thank you for viewing my works and for that sweet comment. I will be posting some latest works done in this medium soon. I love to share to you my story on how I got into this. I use to be a paint and brush artist and I love exploring things for art and I happened to stumble on this stuff. One day I came home very hungry and my food was waiting for me on the table and I found some ants feasting on it, was upset and got hold of a burning candle. I tracked down the ants on the wall and burned them. After a while I looked back at the wall and notice the effects of the smoke left on the wall and that's it! I started to explore if this simple candle could make an extraordinary piece of art. I hope people like it. Thank you for your appreciation. HP
Xper0 Really Nice
Hi Claudette, Your art is cool and your style, your colors, the whole composition amazing I like it so much. Keep on! I have posted some of my works here in artslant using candle wax and smoke as my medium hope you could ckeck it out when you have time. Thank you. HP
Renevatio__ii___latin_rebirth_ Claudette
Firstly thank you for comment on my page, i have added new work do have a look when you can - i hope you enjoy them as well. Your colours are wonderful and your style positively exciting.
A-poster Hi Claudette,
I like your compositions and colours. Cheers, Alex
Img_0325 hello
nice talage of your painting it reflect abstrac too. you have my support anytime . hopefuly you take look at my art work and tell me what do think. i appreciat your time . stay well and be in touch
I do a lot of traveling. At first hiking/camping thoughout the US, the Europe and now further east. It is my feelings about my past visit to TUrkey.
Me_bio exotic inspiration!
hi, Claudette. i have been surfing artslant arts and i found your style and work were pretty cool and inspiring. you have such a rich imagination! i am a Japanese Artist and would warmly like to invite you to have a look at my gallery. now my painting is in the juried showcase. i really appreciate if you could support me by casting your vote for my painting if you like what you see. thank you. hiroko
20110502112113-still-life_with_pumpkins_1 Thank you
Thank you for your very kind words about my work. I have enjoyed viewing your's as well. Some of your paintings remind me of Georgia O'Keeffe.
Picture_917 VERY NICE WORK.
Fotoflexer_photo hy
very nice work,loved ur colours
20110327040428-waiting0 Very Creative
Thank you for your comments to my painting. Your work is very creative. I like your glass painting and the lovely jewelleries. Besides painting, I also do sculpture and little bit of jewellery wirh pearls and stones. I haven't got time to upload other paintings to the Please check out more of my work in my personal Website:
Selfportrait Hats off to you!!!
Very nice work. "Floral Ballet" looks like a Georgia O. influence, so I'm partial to that one! "Follow the Wind" really captures it... but my favorite is "Would be Left Astray". Honestly, you are very good in all your chosen mediums...keep creating it is a joy to look at your work. Thank you for your kind words on my work. Warm regards, Paula ps love the profile painting!
Peter-profil-09 Thanks for the hint
I did take a closer look at the page you reccommented and I will give it a serious try. Thank you a lot for compliment on my work.
yes! i've been known to go big in my dreams and thats why I am where I am today, because I believe! As far as charging for your work, you need to determine where you want to go in life. The year you want to be there. Take a per hour pay for the work you do, and the time it takes you. Unfortunately, when it's your first time doing a job, since you have no clue on how long it will take you, over-estimate your time doubled. I,ve seen your work and you are very talented. You will enter canvas's way bigger than you can imagine. Before long you will be doing whole houses each time you contract a job. And always work on contract. Split your fee in thirds. 1/3 before you start. 1/3 half way through, and 1/3 before you complete the job for the day. take the check before you start. each time you do a job write down when you start, when you take breaks and when you finish each day. add these up for the week or how long it takes you and measure the space your working on. This will give you how fast you can complete 1square foot of work. You will then know how long it will take you and you will have your hourly rate that you have decided on and estimates will be a breeze from there on. if you feel at times you did not earn enough for the amount of your work then increase your hourly rate. You are an artist, people can not do what you can do for themselves. the need alone for you, starts at $65.00 an hour, and your experience should bring you well over that! I cannot stress enough how to watch your time to be able to accurately price yourself out. What you will find starting this work in peoples homes will be a joy and reward you will never get from a canvas again. Except when you sell your artwork to go on that wall you designed. Everyone you tuch will have your art apart of their lives forever and the experience they get spending time with you while you work there will make great friendships all over the world. the dream I'm living now! GOOD LUCK and ENJOY!
Ciao Claudette, thanks for your nice words. Great respect for your works and great pleasure to meet the colours of your soul. All the best.
L_960cf231096f4488b84143ef5fb54f41 thankyou :)
yr work is really interesting. cover a lot of influences. i really liked 'wine cellar'. I've made and sold a handful of acrylic and ink on canvass, one of which is this, named 'Pandion':
I watch your work, its nice work. Your work is based on different type & medias. The colour combination are nice & rich.
00 hi Claudette!!
If you wish , take a look at my gallery and vote for my ''poetry on canvas'' at: thank you! Eirini Baka
Hello, I was surfing around Artslant and found my way to your home page. I find your artworks creative, interesting and eye-catching. Please accept my best compliments and best wishes. I welcome you to visit my home page. I am sure that you will enjoy my rather unusual ‘corporate’ subjects and cast your valuable vote for me. Voting ends on the 15th March. So, please hurry! Thank you for your time and support. Regards Seshadri. Mumbai, India
Sensei_obras SEARCHING...
Your spirit is searching, lloking for a specif art theme. you will find it, the way you investigate shapes, colors, scenes will definetely take you there. Bravo. Sensei Paul Quintero
Slywayart-2 :)
Bravo !, really poetry on canvas
Rab_7 Very beautiful
I loved your work. Good luck!
Aisha-razem-1 This is a call for all
need your vote tonight ! ............................. Hi, I visited your home page when I was touring through Artslant here ! and I found my eyes staring at your work , I enjoyed finding your work to enrich my vision , found an interesting efforts in art . Quite beautifying and calming the blank space of human's sadness !I loved your work gave me great deal of idea about your work hoping to see more of your work ) , I hope that we can support each other's theme by visiting our art work and activaing the art’s call in our friendship overall …... I wish you all the best! And I welcome you to visit my home page and cast your vote for my work if you like it ( Horse Woman ) in the showcase competition , ) I thank you so much and let’s change the silence to a pulsing heart of art & awaken the art by our talking colored dart !!!Aisha Razem
Stefan Thanks
Thank you so much for your positive comments about my paintings. Your work looks very interesting and varied. I particularly like the glass works. Very beautiful! Stefan

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