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Trong Gia Nguyen

20121209172109-20120607184728-what_a_life_ ArtSlant Prize 2012 - Fringe Frontier   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Veronica Bruce, Timothy Gaewsky, Steven Vasquez Lopez, Susan Meyer at Aqua Art Miami December 6th, 2012 - December 9th, 2012
Posted 12/9/12

Veronica Bruce - 1st Place, ArtSlant Prize 2012 I met Ms. Bruce in a studio that looks more like a construction site than an artist’s studio, in one of Chicago’s many industrial lofts. Her sculptures rose vertically from the wooden floor, dotting the space as piles of material rounded the interior. Bruce’s process is founded in her training as a painter but has since expanded off the wall and into the exhibition space. She retains an acute understanding of composition and col... [more]

20121208064314-termsandconditions ArtSlant Prize 2012: Timothy Gaewsky - Instant Gratification   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 12/8/12

Timothy Gaewsky - Honorable Mention, ArtSlant Prize 2012   Trong Nguyen: How was your first taste of Art Basel Miami and what did you end up doing last night? Timothy Gaewsky: Just being in Miami for the first time was an eye-opener for me. Arriving at The Aqua Hotel and seeing all the people was an amazing experience. The galleries' rooms were packed and the art was high quality. Afterwards I walked down Ocean Drive, got a bite to eat and few drinks and just soaked it all in.   TN: Are y... [more]

20121204192747-image Collecting Miami: An Interview with Young Miami Collectors Jack and Tara Benmeleh   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 12/4/12

Trong Gia Nguyen asks a few questions of young Miami collectors Jack and Tara Benmeleh, who give our readers a little insiders' insight to the best of the Art Basel scene, a few hot Miami artists to keep an eye on, and their bliss for art collecting and doing their part in growing the 305 cultural scene. Trong Gia Nguyen: What is your background and what first got you interested in collecting art? Jack Benmeleh: I'm an attorney. Tara Benmeleh: I'm a jewelry designer. We met at the Bass Museum, our first date was at the MAM. We love... [more]

20120904162856-leonardo_drew NY Fall Previews: Art World Gullivers and Lilliputians   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 9/4/12

The art world Gulliver, power-napping in the fantasy land of excitable Gallery Girl Lilliputians, reawakens after Labor Day to the trumpeting of purring, promising shows that will inevitably uplift the spirit ratings or go down deep dark waters with the centennial of Titanic’s sinking. Just as Swift’s traveler encounters the range of human goodities and lameassness, so too our subway sojourns take us from the west end taverns of Chelsea eastward on the limping L to the faraway lands of bearded... [more]

20120204052337-11--2 An Interview with the Artists   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Conor McGrady, Roberto Visani at carol jazzar contemporary art February 24th, 2012 - April 22nd, 2012
Posted 4/13/12

New York-based artists Conor McGrady and Roberto Visani are currently exhibiting in a two-person show at Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art. The refined garage space seems an appropriate place for the artists' "home-grown" brand of politically charged work. McGrady's large-scale gouache drawings are rendered strictly black and white, while Visani's sculptural DIY "gun kits" are assembled from an array of household items. Both access in very contrasting ways – McGrady is clean and sanitized, Visani expre... [more]

20120204040736-516-filename-700-520-fit Armory Week: Gearing Up!   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
at The Armory Show March 8th, 2012 - March 11th, 2012
Posted 3/3/12

Consider this the GIZMODO edition of Armory week, or as New York Knickerbockers now call it, Lin-Armory! Since the fair circuit is gradually moving into a virtual world where Big Brother can track your every taste and passion with ever more incremental precision, this Optimus primer gets you ready for the Matrix that is to come. For each of the corresponding eleven fairs, we will recommend an accompanying, indispensable tech gadget to take along with you – to augment reality and render the... [more]

20120209213220-hoglundengame Interview with Richard Höglund   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 2/9/12

Richard Höglund is one those young artists you meet, have a beer with, chat about all things impertinent and precious, and leave saying to yourself, "You know what? The art world will be okay." The Paris-based American works diligently on his trade, is charismatic and articulate, yet doesn't always take things too seriously, and definitely will not hesitate to throw a punch if you are behaving like a complete a-hole. If Die Antwoord was leading a 21st century reformation, I would want him on my... [more]

20111206175422-adamweintraub-aq08-2 ArtSlant Prize at Aqua   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 12/6/11

ArtSlant BoothAqua Art MiamiAqua Hotel1530 Collins AvenueMiami Beach, FL 33139November 30 - December 4, 2011  Aqua Art Miami was once again the scene of this year's ArtSlant Prize exhibition, officially titled Land Locked. The weather was warm and the public enthused and welcoming.  Room 220 was elegantly (as elegant as these things can possibly be) stocked with works by the Prize recipients Christine de la Garenne, Jason Irwin, and Holly Murkerson, in addition to Honorable Mentions Nathalie Chi... [more]

20111016215858-rousseau_01 Cast On   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Samuel Rousseau at Parker's Box September 22nd, 2011 - October 30th, 2011
Posted 10/16/11

Samuel Rousseau’s last exhibition at Parker’s Box featured a number of beautiful projections cast on architectural, plastic jerry can “cities,” detailing the lives of busy inhabitants always on the go. The artist, who is shortlisted for the Marcel Duchamp Prize, gives a preview of what he will be offering at the Grand Palais in the coming weeks with his short but sweet homage to the big apple, Brave Old New World. Three eponymous, crest-like bas-reliefs play the support role this time around to Rousseau’s pr... [more]

20111016215447-screen_shot_2011-10-17_at_12 Words in Waiting   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
David Scher at Pierogi October 14th, 2011 - November 13th, 2011
Posted 10/16/11

On the left side a curtain is drawn, revealing a “stage” of activity. Letters as memos or people flutter and float about, waiting for direction or going about their business. Lines and a string tensioned by two bottles cut across the space. A heap of detritus rests near the baseboards, surmounted by a small telephone pole whose wires connect to the strings. A window opens into a landscape, or is it a painting hung on the wall? A hat suspends next to it. Round splotches of watercolor dot the scen... [more]

20110612225900-29 Hot and Havana   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 6/12/11

¡Sí Cuba! FestivalMarch-June 2011Brooklyn Academy of Music and other venuesCuban VisionsMay-JuneMetropolitan Pavilion I love walking into the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s entrance hall of the Peter Jay Sharp Building and people-watching every which way. On one side moviegoers buy tickets for “Tree of Life” while to the other dance enthusiasts queue up for classical dance at the Howard Gilman Opera House.  Thrown in the din, experimental or world music blares from the BAMcafe above. Those darn... [more]

Trong Gia Nguyen: 24-Hour Fair Primer   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 4/11/11

24 Hour Fair Primer with Trong Nguyen You can’t be an art snob if you spend too much time looking at art. So in honor of Christian Marclay’s The Clock, which was previously screened at Paula Cooper, I am investing exactly 24 hours – alright, I am breaking it into four 6-hour days – to take in the entirety of fair week. If you’d like to join in, here’s the timeline of when and where you'll find me. WEDNESDAY 4pm… Scope Art Fair opens. There are a lot of extracurricular programs at Scope, includ... [more]

20130506193702-20110225173628-jack_early-ear_candy_machine-04 From the Archive: An Interview with Jack Early  

From the archive: At Frieze New York 2013, McCaffrey Fine Art (stand B15) will be showing work by Jack Early. This week we're revisiting Trong Gia Nguyen's interview with Early, conducted after the artist's comeback from a seventeen-year hiatus from making art. New York, Feb. 2011 - After a seventeen year absence from the art world, Jack Early returned two years ago at Brooklyn’s South First Gallery. He makes his Manhattan “debut” at Daniel Reich with another version of Jack Early’s Ear Candy Mach... [more]

20110221103408-it_s_later_than_you_think__2010 Trey Speegle at Benrimon   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Trey Speegle at Benrimon Contemporary February 3rd, 2011 - March 5th, 2011
Posted 2/16/11

At Benrimon, check out Trey Speegle’s color-by-number paintings combining playful textual musings about politics, metaphysics, pop culture and other “deep thoughts.” The artist, who has spent the last two decades working in publishing, has a sharp eye for design and immediately grabbing the viewer’s attention. In the back of the space, Speegle’s “RePop Shop” offers limited edition plates, t-shirts, puzzles and other readymade goodies that go so hand in hand with all things of mass appeal. ~Trong Nguyen   Image:... [more]

20110204125206-52247_donovan Pin Pusher   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Tara Donovan at Pace Gallery - 510 W 25th February 12th, 2011 - March 19th, 2011
Posted 2/14/11

I loved Tara Donovan’s Haze, the 2003 installation at Ace Gallery composed entirely of drinking straws to form an organic, alien wall terrain that enveloped the space. I also loved her last show at Pace in 2006 that employed zillions of plastic cups to create an otherworldly lunar street view. Her latest offering at Pace, titled Drawings (Pins), leaves me on the fence.When looking at Donovan’s installations one is first encountered by the formal beauty of the works, and then upon closer inspect... [more]

20110214202551-other Other People   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Tracey Moffatt at Tyler Rollins Fine Art January 13th, 2011 - February 26th, 2011
Posted 2/14/11

Tracey Moffatt’s new short film Other immediately beckons the viewer to grab some popcorn and take a seat as you enter the gallery. Its upbeat rhythmic soundtrack is reminiscent of Bollywood’s choreographed dance extravaganzas.  From Last of the Mohicans to The English Patient and Sex in the City, clips of numerous films and televisions shows narrate a quick lesson on the “evolution of colonialism.” The first fearful encounters of the “other” segue quickly to “difference-is-same” carnal lust and... [more]

20110130154212-bjorn_melhus_meadow A Fair(l)y (darker) Tale   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Meghan Boody, Julia Chiang, Sue de Beer, Jen DeNike, Ghost of A Dream, Damien Echols, Alexa Gerrity, Leor Grady, Ichiro Irie, Ragnar Kjartansson, Nelson Loskamp, Center For Tactical Magic, Marilyn Manson, Bjørn Melhus, Kneil Melicano, Donald Moffett, Trong Gia Nguyen, Galia Offri, Randy Polumbo, Gilad Ratman, Ugo Rondinone, Lorna Simpson, Zomo at Hendershot Gallery January 16th, 2011 - February 24th, 2011
Posted 1/30/11

In keeping with the duality set up by its title, “A Strange Affinity to the Beautiful and the Dreadful” explores the antipodal forces of dark and light, death and life, good and evil that shape our imagination, and, the show suggests, our reality. Nimbly curated by Maureen Sullivan, the exhibition boasts an extensive roster of contemporary heavy-hitters – including Marilyn Manson, Ugo Rondinone, Sue De Beer, Alexa Garrity, and Artslant’s own Trong G. Nguyen – and posits as its framework the age-... [more]

20110102232655-gander_wilde Happy in the Park   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 1/2/11

Ryan Gander: The Happy PrinceDoris C. Freedman PlazaCentral Park, New York CitySeptember 15, 2010 – April 10, 2011    Have a second look at another side of Gander’s broad practice in Central Park, where the artist has created a monument of a ruined monument. Sponsored by the Public Art Fund, the singular monolith has a literary reference to The Happy Prince, a parable by Oscar Wilde.~Trong G. Nguyen Image: Ryan Gander, The Happy Prince, 2010. Courtesy the Public Art Fund. [more]

20110102232153-picassobust Torn in Between   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Jean Cocteau, Giorgio de Chirico, Otto Dix, Hannah Höch, Fernand Léger, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, August Sander, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum October 1st, 2010 - January 9th, 2011
Posted 1/2/11

Chaos and Classicism feels like the forced scholarly sort of show that, were it not for the many wonderful works in the exhibition, would leave a person wondering why anyone would curate such a broad theme that, for all intents and purposes, could have included any number of artworks from any period in history. Concentrating on the years between the wars in France, Italy, and Germany, every work in Chaos and Classicism depicts or references the human figure, during a time when creators and societies... [more]

20110102231416-ryan_gander2_490 Modernist Squabble   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Ryan Gander at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum October 1st, 2010 - January 9th, 2011
Posted 1/2/11

After surveying Ryan Gander’s Intervals exhibition in the Aye Simon Reading Room at the Guggenheim Museum, I proceeded to take a quick snapshot of the wall text, for later reference. The young security guard sitting in the corner nearby quickly admonished me, stating that it was copyrighted and therefore, I was not allowed. I asked him whether it was actually part of the installation, and as one might imagine, the most banal conversation of “is it art/is it not art” ensued. I wondered if he was part... [more]

20101228061618-abramovic_wearend The End from the Editor   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 12/28/10

2010, as with all years, was a memorable one. But rather than rattle off a best and worse list, I am simply taking note of the things that have stuck with me over the last twelve months. When I rewind, these are the sirens that flash and blink to mind.   The Whitney Biennial, which I always root for, chimed in a solid performance. In a nutshell, the survey included good artists, who in turn produced good works. Just not great artists producing great works. Thus if the objective of curators France... [more]

20101227010223-abramovic_wearend The End from the Editor   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 12/26/10

2010, as with all years, was a memorable one.  But rather than rattle off a best and worse list, I am simply taking note of the things that have stuck with me over the last twelve months. When I rewind, these are the sirens that flash and blink to mind.   The Whitney Biennial, which I always root for, chimed in a solid performance.  In a nutshell, the survey included good artists, who in turn produced good works. Just not great artists producing great works. Thus if the objective of curators F... [more]

20101121165225-sh7iu3p1 Hi Tide at Aqua Art   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Kirk Crippens, Chantel Foretich, Susan Meyer, Robert Minervini, Vincent Romaiello, Ursula Sokolowska, xz za at Aqua Art Miami December 2nd, 2010 - December 5th, 2010
Posted 12/7/10

Aqua Mami Fair1530 Collins AvenueMiami Beach, FL It's been a great week in Miami working with the Showcase artists.  Chantel Foretich, Hannes Bend, Robert Minervini, Susan Meyer, and Ursula Sokolowska all made it down to the beautiful south - and we do mean BEAUTIFUL with the 80 degree weather and sunny skies, all a block from the beach. The people at Aqua have also been amazing to work with, and we can't thank them enough for making this a great experience. The rest was left up to the artist... [more]

20101205100424-artslant_boothmeyer Artslant Booth at Aqua   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 12/5/10

Aqua Mami Fair 1530 Collins AvenueMiami Beach, FL It's been a great week in Miami working with the Showcase artists.  Chantel Foretich, Hannes Bend, Robert Minervini, Susan Meyer, and Ursula Sokolowska all made it down to the beautiful south - and we do mean BEAUTIFUL with the 80 degree weather and sunny skies, all a block from the beach. The people at Aqua have also been amazing to work with, and we can't thank them enough for making this a great experience. The rest was left up to the art... [more]

20100906005958-woa-110-update-judges-blog-1-1 Art Reality, Take Two   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 9/6/10

I had fun being on Work of Art for like, all of two episodes. After several months of immersion watching the series and reading all the love-hate (okay, it was mostly hate) commentary and criticism in the blogosphere, Twitterdom, Facebook, and seemingly everywhere else, it's come to the conclusion that despite Bravo's distorted editing job brought on by producers who are less than well-versed in art (sorry, SJP), the art world can't seem to get enough of this stuff. And that says plenty i... [more]

20100906004717-screen_shot_2010-09-06_at_3 Moving Forward   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 9/6/10

It's Labor Day and that means tomorrow the gallery art season kicks into high gear.  Hundreds of openings are on the slate for the coming weeks, and summer-tanned dealers and gallerinas are ready to make their pitches and put their best feet forward.  Slightly rewinding, I've still yet to see the Charles Burchfield and Christian Marclay shows at the Whitney Museum, but they are at the top of my list of things to do this week. New shows I am looking forward to this autumn include Michael Zelehoski's debut solo exhibit at Christina Ray – and I am not jus... [more]

20100905234043-orvieto_cathedral Giving New York the Boot   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 9/5/10

The first part of my summer was spent engaging in the fantastic entertainment fiasco that was Bravo's art world reality television drama Work of Art.  Having been a contestant on the show, I watched along with everyone else in New York and witnessed the simultaneously delightful and ungraceful fallout from bloggers, show judges, newspaper critics, and artists alike, many of whom took matters too seriously in detriment to their good health. I tried as best I could to keep a distance (well, mostly... [more]

Gi_wendy_wischer In Another World   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Amelia Biewald, Mary Walling Blackburn, Daniel Bohzkov, Adam Cvijanovic, Teresa Diehl, Pablo Helguera, Natasha Johns-Messenger, Kaarina Kaikkonen, Andrea Mastrovito, Alan Michelson, Clive Murphy, Trong Gia Nguyen, Luis Gonzalez Palma, Ted Riederer, Marina Rosenfeld, Raimundo Rubio, Vadis Turner, Monika Weiss, Wendy Wischer at Governors Island June 5th, 2010 - October 10th, 2010
Posted 6/19/10

        Governors Island is only minutes away from Manhattan yet it feels like another world, or a step back in time.  Missing is the hustle and bustle of the city, the routine, the up-down-and-cross town, replaced instead with leisurely pace of bicycles looping the island, swaying hammocks in the coastal breeze, and the curious adventure of exploring the rather mysterious island dwellings once inhabited by military personnel.  With its jumbled mix of architectural styles, from forts and castles to di... [more]

Interview with Rodney Dickson  

New York, June 2010:  Senior East Coast Editor Trong Nguyen speaks with Irish-American artist Rodney Dickson, whose exhibition of new paintings at Gasser Grunert is an exceptionally fine example of how alive the medum can be, in the right hands.   Rodney Dickson, Number 26, 2009, Oil on Canvas, 23 x 17 inches; Courtesy the artist and Gasser Grunert Trong Gia Nguyen: In the press release for your show at Gasser  Grunert it says that you are your "own man" and "a great force in painting" who disregards passi... [more]

Interview with Raphaele Shirley  

New York, June 2010 - Senior East Coast Art Editor Trong Gia Nguyen spoke with artist Raphaele Shirley about her current exhibits at the Chelsea Art Museum and Dorfman Projects, as well as her recent trip to the Arctic Circle to make pictures using flashlights and zodiac boats. Raphaele Shirley, Shooting Stair , 2009, Mixed-media, water fog, laser ; Courtesy Dorfman Projects Trong Nguyen: Tell us a little bit about the Arctic Circle Project.Raphaele Shirley: It is a residency organized by the Farm Foundation called "The Arctic Circle". For t... [more]

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