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Eduardo Casillas

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Mexico City.

Birth year

Lives in
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

Works in
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico


figurative, eduardo traditional, casillas, Mexico, mexican, artist



As part of my training, I have studied on my own, the techniques of artists that have undoubtedly influenced my artistic approach to the pictorial medium, masters as: Michelangelo Buonarotti, Velásquez, Rembrandt, Reubens, Goya, Géricault, Rodin, Francisco Corzas, Van Gogh, William Turner, Francisco Goitia, Egon Shielle, James Ensor, Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon.

It is my interest to explore the traditional painting techniques used specially during the Baroque period, those recipes that give a special character of Alchemy to the preparation of the materials proven to last much longer than an ephemeral human life, to incorporate them into a language, in which I intend to privilege the naked brushstroke, as a revealing bizarre and uncontrolled face expression, a trace of the initial incidental gesture of the hand over the raw matter, to evoke through the distortion in the free and spontaneous stroke, instead of representing. This allows the image to be completed in the mind of the observer, the beholder from his/her own subjectivity, concludes the creative process by summoning in the painting, the dormant spirit, the weight of the flesh and the meat.

My themes or motifs, often dwell in the dark corners of our collective consciousness, like pain, suffering, death or violence, this is because, personally, I consider that Painting and Art should not simply aimed at entertaining or please our senses, but to be, in the most fortunate cases, a transforming force, mirror and valuable record of the "Homo Sapiens" and our path through the universe, in all our complexity, without censorship, nevertheless, in a world in which the Painting and Art have completely lost their primordial characteristic of being something “sacred”, My paintings do not attempt to tell any story, nor leave any “message”, although, it is my intention that in each one of them, the original reference subject can be trascended, to find the latent paradox and contradiction, the celebration through form, colour and texture of what I, personally consider “human”.



The Series "Pastures" deals directly in a straightforward manner with the violent and grotesque part of the social reality we experience nowdays in México. For the realization of this series, I took as reference, photographs of corpses executed or dead by violent death, at the hands of some other human being, bodies found in their moments of being reabsorbed by the soil, wether it be in remote, hidden vaccant lots, or at the side of the road, or in sown fields or countryside places, in this year 2010, photos published in newspapers and sensationalist tabloids, during the year, I was able to collect a significant ammount of these pictures, with the intention of trascending these images with painting through the use of plastic pictorial elements.

Without being in the mood of creating an endorsement or a praise of criminal acts, but neither trying to ignore, minimize or turn my back on these brutal facts, product of our society, culture and human behavior. It is my intention to share this personal view, deformed and sublimated reflection of the suffering, death and violence, ever present companions of our Species, contextualized by style and intention, in the Art field that, from it´s first steps, when it was merged with Religion, and Daily Life, untill our modern days, has made Death and its mysteries, a recurrent theme, reminding us where we come from, what we are, and giving us a premonition with absolute certainty... of the dissolution of our present form and our reduction to simpler elements, to nourish "Pastures".



Born in México City on May 12th 1979, from a very early age, I started to show a great interest in drawing, during my adolescence I took some private lessons in both drawing and painting, since then I knew that my life would be permanently linked to the exploration of different means and techniques of expression with different materials.

1995 - Private Drawing and Painting lessons with Blanca de Vega.

1996 - Human Figure drawing Workshop with René Freire.

1996 - Private Drawing lessons with Socorro Elénez.

1997 - Job as a clay modeller and designer at the commercial manufacturing of latex masks workshop “La Mano”.

1998 - 1999 - Studies of Visual Arts Career at the Centro Morelense de las Artes (CMA).

1999 - Drawing Course with José Luis Cuevas.

1999 - Collective Art Exhibition - “Un Deseo no muy Claro, pero Fuerte.” Students of the Centro Morelense de las Artes (CMA).

2000 - Collective Painting Exhibition - “Radicalizarte”  at the Gallery  “La Concepción”.

2001 - Basic Electronics studies at the Institute Thomas Alba Edison, in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.

2001 - Logo Design, Illustrations, and published etchings in the newspaper “La Hoguera”, Cultural supplement of the local newspaper “El Regional del Sur”.

2002 - Webmaster Course at the Instituto de Computación Activa de Morelos (ICAM).

2003 - Self-Learning in Digital Manipulation of Images, Computer Design, and Digital Painting.

2004 - 2005 - Study trip to Ottawa, Canada, with a Student Visa, with the aim of studying French and 3D animation at La Cité Collégiale.

2006 - 2007 - Study trip to Ottawa, Canada. Self-Learning in Digital Manipulation of Images, Computer Design, and Digital Painting.

2008 - Computer Architectural Design for a residence extension.

2009 - Self Employed as a Designer for Publicity Printing Company  “Fractart”

2010 - Self Employed in “”,   Company dedicated to the design and hosting of websites.

2010 - Cinema appreciation course with Ricardo Vinós, at the Centro Cultural Universitario de Morelos (CCU).

2010 - Oil painting production of the series:  “Pastures”, “Heads”, “Offel and Giblets”.

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