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Jennifer Reeves

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Royal Oak, Michigan

Birth year

Lives in
New York

Works in
New York


Representing galleries




Solo Exhibitions


Galeria Joan Prats, Barcelona, Spain (July-September)


Ramis Barquet, New York, NY (Chelsea Gallery)


Ramis Barquet, Monterrey, Mexico


Max Protetch Gallery, New York

Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, MA


Gorney Bravin + Lee, New York (project room)


Art & Public, Geneva, Switzerland

Gian Enzo Sperone, Rome, Italy (cat., fall)


Stefan Stux Gallery, New York


Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, Michigan. In Place

The Roger Smith Gallery, New York. Specific Abstraction: the line of demarcation

Felch Street Space, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Good Posture, (installation)

Alexa Lee Gallery, Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Place Series


Helen M.Z. Harwood Gallery, New York. The Third Wave, (with Jorge L. Vega)

Alexa Lee Gallery, Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Offering Series


Galerie Alain Veinstein, Paris, France. Reposez votre tête fatiguée (Rest your weary head)


Crux Gallery, Chicago

Selected Group Exhibitions


Marella Arte Contemporanea, Stay Positive!, Milan, Italy, March-April. Catalog.


Nils Gallery, Williamsburg, NY

Caren Golden Gallery, The Nature of the Beast, New York, NY

Danese Gallery, Northern Woods, New York, NY


450 Broadway, NY, Fusion, collaboration, curated by Condon and Mers

Galleria Cardi, Milan, Italy


Derek Eller Gallery, New York, NY

Loggitta Lomdabardesca, Ravenna, Italy; Arte Americana Ultimo Decennio, curated by Claudio Spadoni (cat.)


Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany; Colour me blind!, curated by Ralf Christofori (Oct. 1, 1999-Jan. 16, 2000); Stadtische Austellungshalle Am Hawerkamp, Munster, Germany (Feb.9 – April 9, 2000).

Gorney Bravin + Lee, New York, NY; Gallery Artists

Brent Sikkema Gallery, New York, NY and Lawrence Rubin – Greenberg Van Doren Gallery NY; Another Country, curated by Augusto Arbizo (June)


Turner & Runyon Gallery, Dallas, TX; Encyclopedia 1999 (Dec. 10, 1998-Jan. 30, 1999)

Max Protetch Gallery, New York, NY; From Here to Eternity: Painting in 1998, curated by Ruth Kaufmann (July 1-Aug. 28)

Stefan Stux Gallery, New York, NY; Summer ‘98 Review (July 17-Aug.)

Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI; New Works (June-Aug.)

Hillwood Art Museum, Brookville, NY; Celebrating Diversity: Contemporary Women Painters curated by Anne L. Abeles (July 6-July 31)

Stefan Stux Gallery, New York, NY; Complimentary Dialectics: Recent Paintings, (with Bill Barrette), (Jan. 15 – Feb. 14)


Joan Prats Gallery, New York, NY; Wash Out the Heavy Days, curated by Ji
ll Brienza (Nov. 8-Dec. 20)

Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI; New Works by Gallery Artists (Sept. 4-20)

Roger Smith Gallery, New York, NY; Coe-Cooper-Reeves (July 10-Aug. 16)

Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI; Gallery Selections (July 8-Aug. 23)

Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI; Works… (Dec. 7-Jan. 25)


Jack Shainman Gallery, New York, NY; Untitled (June 28-Aug. 23)

Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, CO; Group Show (Sept. 3-Oct. 19)

Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI; New Work (Sept. 10-Oct. 5)

Alexa Lee Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI; Gallery Artists: Recent Paintings and Sculptures (June 21-Aug. 3)

The Alfred Berkowitz Gallery, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Dearborn, MI; Selected Works, curated by Chris L. Chesley (cat., Feb. 2-Mar. 2)


Alexa Lee Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI; Land June 9-July 22)

Alexa Lee Gallery (Project Room), Ann Arbor, MI; Small Talk (June 9-July 22)

Alexa Lee Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI; Look with care... (July 28-Sept. 2)

Alexa Lee Gallery (Project Room), Ann Arbor, MI; A Day Without Art (Dec. 1st)


B.B.A.A. Gallery, Birmingham, MI; Works on Paper (Apr. 4-May 2)

Ella Sharp Museum, Jackson, MI; New Works (Feb. 23-Apr. 5)


The Radford Gallery, Principia College, Elsah, IL; 22 Women Artists, curated by Duncan Martin (Jan. 21-Mar. 15)

Ella Sharp Museum, Jackson, MI; Jackson Show (Mar. 10-Apr. 21) curated by David Greenwood


Vermont Studio School Gallery, Johnson, VT; Current Works (July)

Webb & Parsons Gallery, Bedford Hills, NY; Small Art Works (Oct. 26-Nov. 3)


Principia Gallery, Elsah, IL; Paintings on Paper (Apr.)

Vermont Studio School Gallery, Johnson, VT; Studio Works (July)

Webb & Parsons Gallery, Bedford Hills, NY; Four Painters (Nov.)


Principia Gallery, Elsah, IL; Works on Paper (Nov.)

Principia Gallery, Elsah, IL; Recent Paintings (Apr.)



Garner Tullis Workshop, New York. Monoprints Project, Summer

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Artist’s Writings and Statements


"Doing the Good We Would" Inka Essenhigh and Michael Kimmelman, NYArts, February

"The Cream Cube" Kiefer, Saltz, Cotter, NYArts, March

"The Orchestra Grid" Close, NYArts, April

"Putting Down the Indifferent Blade" Robert Grosvenor, NYArts, May


"Panel of Popes or Vitamins for the Pissed." NYArts Magazine, December 2002


"Jennifer Reeves." Recent Paintings. Statement

"Jennifer Reeves." Complimentary Dialectics. Statement


"Jennifer Reeves." In Place. Statement


"Place." Selected Works. University of Michigan-Dearborn. Statement

"Jennifer Reeves." The Place Series. Statement

"Jennifer Reeves." Specific Abstraction: the line of demarcation. Statement


"Jennifer Reeves." The Offering Series. Statement

"A Few Words." Alexa Lee Gallery. Lecture


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"Jennifer Reeves." Reposez votre tête fatiguèe (Rest your weary head). Statement


"Cast In the Sculptor’s Own Mold: Antony Gormley." The Christian Science Monitor, (Aug. 14) p. 16-17

Public Lectures


CAA, Philadelphia - with Saul Ostrow, Fabian Marcaccio


Worchester Art Museum, Worchester, MA (July)


SUNY Albany


Mardigian Library Gallery, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Dearborn, MI; In the Place series (Feb. 2nd)


Alexa Lee Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI (Apr. 8).

Grants and Awards


Adelaide Carroll Johnson Award.



Principia College, Elsah, Illinois; Bachelor of Arts


Vermont Studio School, Johnson, Vermont. (teacher: Archie Rand; visiting teachers: Janet Fish, James Rosati)


Vermont Studio School, Johnson, Vermont. (teachers: Al Blaustein, Ron Gorchev; visiting teachers: Alice Neel, Nell Blaine)


Recent Exhibits

Jennifer Reeves participated in these exhibits:

The Kunstverein Hamburg
Apr, 2013 Dirty Looks NYC | FRENZY: A Riot Decade
The Kitchen
Apr, 2013 Film Screening: Contemporary Shorts
The Baltimore Museum of Art
Feb, 2013 L.A. Filmforum presents The 50th Ann Arbor Film Festival Traveling Tour – New 16mm films!
Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian
Dec, 2012 En Plein Air (A Stux Invitational)
Stux + Haller
Mar, 2012 When It Was Blue
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