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Alwyn Scott Turner

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The American People


Alwyn Scott Turner 


Historical Portfolios of Documentary Photographs During The Golden Age Of The United States of America


Harmonic Composition and Perspective based on The Golden Theme in the historical Documentary Photography Portfolios - each Portfolio accompanied by harmonic sequences in The Musical Composition based on natural harmonic music titled:  MusicScience:  The Golden Theme - Variations and Improvisations by Alwyn Scott Turner.Abstract of Priority dated May 1, 2012, Published on as MusicScience: THE GOLDEN THEME - TradeMark & Copyright by Alwyn Scott Turner. All Rights Reserved Pending Patents.

 Selections from the Documentary Photography Portfolios at ArtSlant:


Master Selections from the Documentary Photography Portfolios - The American People Archive.

MusicScience: Abstracts of Priority/Copyrights

Background Composition for the Portfolio: "The Golden Theme". Composed, performed and copyright by Alwyn Scott Turner. 

 These images in the Portfolio are dedicated to the historical documentary photographs of artists whose work personified their realism, ideas, integrity and ethics. Mathew Brady, Edward Curtis, Lewis Hine,  Robert & Frances Flaherty, Walker Evans, W. Eugene Smith, Enrico Natali and many other influential documentary photographers true an  uncontrived and authenic view of reality in their  historical perspective.

 The Oregon Coast Portfolio 1984-2013/ Master Selections from the North Oregon Coast Portfolios in The American People Archive, including series of images from Seaside, Gearhart, Cannon Beach, Manzanita, Oceonside, and elsewhere - including a Porfolio of Documentary Landscapes from 'Spuce Run'.


 Documentary Portraits Portfolio

An Era of Famous Americans/ A Selection of  documentary portraits and video images of personalities in various fields of endeavor during The Golden Age of America. Including: Rev.Martin Luther King, Jr. (Civil Rights Leader), Robert (Bobbie) Kennedy (Pres.Candidate), Pres.Richard Nixon, Pres.Lyndon Johnson,  Chief Justice Earl Warren (U.S.Supreme Court), Nelson Rockefeller (Pres.Candidate), Hubert Humphrey (Pres.Candidate), Eugene MacCarthy (Pres.Candidate, George Wallace (Pres.Candidate), Gus Hall (American Communist Party), Walter Reuther (UAW Labor Leader), Henry Ford (Ford Mtr Co.),  Ralph Nader (Pres.Candidate), , John Szarkowski (MoMA Photography Curator), Samuel J. Wagstaff, Jr.,(Photography Curator & Collector), Ken Burns (FilmMaker), Alfred Eisenstadt (TimeLife Photojournalist), Gorden Parks (photographer), Yousuf Karsh (Studio Portrait Photographer), Cornell Capa (Photo Curator), Ralph Ginsberg (Avant-Garde Publisher), Timothy Leary (LSD Proponent), Elia Kazan (Film Director), Henry Fonda (Film Actor), Isaac Perlman (Violinist), Doc Watson (Bluegrass Musician), Willie Nelson, (Singer Musician), Pete Fountain (New Orleans Jazz Clarinetist), Herbie Mann (Jazz Flutist), Tiny Tim (Ukulele Actor), , MoonDog (NYC Poet), Eddie Rickenbacker (WW1 Ace & Author), Monte Montana (Rodeo Trick Rider), Larry Mehan (5-Time Rodeo Champion), Peter MacDonald (Navajo Indian Leader), Chief Grey Squirrel (Pueblo de Taos), Gordie Howe (Hockey Player), Jerry Cooney (Boxer), Tex Cobb (Boxer), Sylvester Stallone (Film Actor & Fight Manager),  Mordecai Persky (Editor & Publisher), Frank Ditto (Black Activist), and More.    Background Composition for the Portfolio: MusicScience: The Golden Theme: Let's Cross Over The River/ composed and performed on Piano by Alwyn Scott Turner in memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr Portraits

BackStory: This is the last formal portrait made of Martin Luther King, Jr.  It was made during his last public speaking performance in Detroit, Michigan in late March, on the evening prior to his airplane departure for Memphis, Tennessee - He was assassinated a few days later.  He had agreed to do an interview/portrait with me after his final speech in Detroit, and after making this documentary portrait - his schedule was running late to do the hour-long interview - he agreed to write an article to be published with his historical portrait.  On the day he was assassinated, I received the article titled: 'The Other America" - by Martin Luther King, Jr. - Two weeks after his assassination, I published this documentary portrait with his article in The Detroit Magazine - which I owned.   In this last speech written to be published by Martin Luther King, Jr. - titled 'The Other America' - arrived by mail on the day of his assassination, and was subsequently published in The Detroit Magazine - Dr. King states in his opening paragraph:

 "I still believe that freedom is the bonus you receive for telling the truth - ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. I do not see how we will ever solve the turbulent problem of race confronting our nation until there is an honest confrontation with it and a willing search for the truth and a willingness to admit the truth when we discover it."


 The Detroit People Portfolio 1969/ Documentary Portraits. Self-published in 1970, Photographs of The Detroit People by Alwyn Scott Turner  was distrubuted through the bookstores at The Museum of Modern Art and The George Eastman House - with the assistance of John Szarkowki and Minor White. The book of 142 full-frame black & white documentary photographs was credited by Collier's Encyclopedia as being the publication that stated the self-publishing industry, and influential in reviving the photography publishing market, subsequently leading to a computer era of self-publishing. Szarkowski at MoMA purchased several prints for their permanent collection, and offered to exhibit The Detroit Portfolio. However, the larger documentary project on The American People was in an early stage of compilation, and with Szarkowski's assistance, funded by Guggenheim and National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) fellowship grants.


 Documentary Kodachromes Portfolio 1969-79/ Color Images Verite: The American People.  A selection of color prints from Kodachrome sllides selected from various Portfolios of documentary photographs in The American People Archive. Dedicated to Minor White and the curatorial staff at George Eastman House in Rochester, NY., whose assistance made this Portfolio possible.


 The Samuel J. Wagstaff, Jr. Memorial Portfolio/Opening Night Reception at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Spring, 1969. Photographs of the opening night reception at Sam Wagstaff's first curated exhibition at the DIAPortraits of attending artists and local celebrities. Including photographs of Wagstaff and photographs of Alwyn Scott Turner by Wagstaff. The newspaper review photographic outlay of the event by Alwyn Scott Turner, Contributing Editor to the Sunday Magazine section of The Detroit Free and The Detroit News, which published my story essay on Wagsstaff - which brought him to national attention and led to his awakened interest and subsequent knowledge in collecting photography as works of art, and his historic role as an archive collector of historical aesthetic photographs....and by the power of his personal insight and wealth, established the vintage photographic print market.


 The Washington DC Portfolio. November, 1969/  Moratorium Day Rally. The largest national massive Rally of citizens in American history, as a half million people in the nation's Capitol gathered to demonstrate and celebrate their support for President Nixon's pledge to the American people that he would end The Vietnam War. Consequently, what was scheduled as a violent protest against the war became a victory celebration for advocates of peace and freedom of speech, and the right of civil protest to challenge tyrantic totalitarian authority. This historical Portfolio is dedicated to the memory of the peace policies of President John F. Kennedy, assasinated because of his efforts to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons into the Middle East.


 The Avant-Garde Magazine #13 Portfolio. 1970/ A Monumental Portfolio of Photographs by Alwyn Scott Turner.  The first prominant magazine of the era to publish an entire issue of 70 documentary photographs printed full frame, uncropped, uncontrived and unposed images, sequenced and justaposed - images not influenced by editorial assignment, making a clear distinction between the historical integrity of documentary content as opposed to that of supervised photojournalism - and with this issue of Avant-Garde, as a sequel to the self-publilshed book of images on The Detroit People Portfolio, was a primary factor in establishing a public interest in documentary portraits as an art form for publication. Dedicated to Ralph Ginsberg, Editor and Publisher of Avant-Garde Magazine, for his insight and initiative in publishing an entire issue of documentary photographs when publishing photographic books was not being considered in the marketplace.


 Documentary Portraits Portfolio/The American Communist Party Leaders. Portraits of Gus Hall and leaders of The American Communist Party - Leaders photographed at their headquarters in New York City. Dedicated to James Angleton, former head of the CIA whose assistance made this Portfolio possible.


 The New York Portfolio 1969-84/ Dedicated to John Szarkowski, former Director of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. A photographer/curator who was instrumental in photography being accepted as a fine art, and how encouraged and promoted opportunity for artist when the commercial market did not exist.


 The New England Portfolio 1969/Dedicated to Francis Flarety - whose documentary portraits of ordinary people set a precedent for reality in film.

The Tampa Portfolio 1970. The Missing Portfolio consisting of 144 B&W negatives that are being retained by AOL Time/Life, which was requested by Life photo Editor Alice Rose George with the promise of returning them to me after their perusal. These negatives have never been returned by Time/Life. The documentary images were made at the Florida State Mental Hospital where indigent elderly citizens were being commited to the mental institution. A few of the images were part of a documentary expose that was published in the Tampa Times/Tribune Sunday Magazine when I was Editor of the journal.


 The Cheyenne Portfolio 1970-71.  Dedicated to John Denver, Singer and Musician, who personified the American spirit during The Golden Age of America.

 The New Orleans Portfolio 1971-74. The French Quarter Portfolio was presented by the New Orleans Museum of Art as a One-Man Exhibition in 1974, and the exhibit of 33 archival prints were purchased for their permanent collection. The Images were again exhibited recently as a part of a four-man exhibition with Van Der Zee, Alvarez Bravo and Doisneau - titled: Inner Cities.


 The Rappahannock Portfolio 1974-78/  Dedicated to Linda Beck-Turner.

The Philadelphia Portfolio 1978-84/  Dedicated to Linda Beck-Turner - and the many people whose silent consent to the historical documentary portraits in this Portfolio - to the people that live in this great cultural city...that they refer to as Philly.

 The Oregon Coast Portfolio 1984-2012/The Oregon Coast Portfolio/ Master Selections from the North Oregon Coast Portfolios in The American People Archive, including series of images from Seaside, Gearhart, Cannon Beach, Manzanita, Oceonside, Astoria and elsewhere - plus a Porfolio of Documentary and Abstract Landscapes.  Dedicated to Sandra Claire Foushee, Master Poet and Editor of Poetry & Prose Annual, and 2010 winner of The William Stafford Annual Award for Poetry for her entry Surfing On Intuition.  Known for her clarity of style, sense harmony and intimate reality of substance, and the enlightened nature of her higher consciousness - and to other poets whose influence focused the light of consciousness on the vitality of life - rather than the darkness that prevades the contemporary conntrol of poetry and prose.


Documentary Portraits/The American People - a comprehensive portfolio of ordinary people, unposed and uncontrived, made with their silent consent. Accomplished without painting the camera black or secretly photographing from a distance, or with a telephoto lens. John Szarkowski suggested calling this innovative new approach to documentary photographs as 'Frontal Documentary Portraits' - and acquired a selection of these images for their permanent collection at MoMA.


 The American People Archive was funded by grants and fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment of the Arts. A selection of vintage prints are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the New Orleans Museum of Art.  Portfolios consist of sequenced images arranged by the Artist.


Original Prints: All Photographs are Original One-of-Kind Original 16x20 Archival 'Silver Prints' Master Exhibiton prints made by the Artist. The Black & White 'Silver' prints were made from vintage 35mm TriX Film, and the color prints from vintage 35mm Kodachrome color slides.  All prints full-frame and unmanipulated. All original prints are signed, sealed and autographed by Alwyn Scott Turner. None of the original images were made as a product of commercial or editorial direction.



MusicScience is the original scientific discovery of the Natural Harmonic Matrix - of The Numerical Code of The Universe' - It is a 'Harmonic Universe' - and Music is no longer a 'Theory' - but a Harmonic Science (MusicScience) that is the foundation for musical compositions based on the natural variations of the harmonic code that governs all energy and matter - It is 'Harmonic Universe' based on a 'Numerical Code' and 'The Golden Theme' - the 'divine' ratio of life functions as 'The Code' - a Numerical System - the scientific knowledge that unifies all Sciences and expands the creative base for 'New Game Changing Technology' that will rapidly alter the present primeval political, economic and cultural paradigm of humanity - including all forms of energy and matter.

Hopefully this monumental discovery of 'The Harmonic Code' - an integral function of 'The Numerical Code of The Universe' - will create a human bond of enlightened consciousness in which each human being has the freedom to evolve according to their gifted nature, and to have the privacy to research and create new new scientific inventions and original art forms that benefit all mankind - rather than scientific discoveries used as weapons of war or means to terrify people.  It is my hope that MusicScience will be used to bring illumination to the minds of human beings, and that it will not be used to destroy what nature has created - for we must freely share our scientific discoveries with all of mankind...and work harmoniously together for the survival of all life on planet Earth.  Each human being by the nature of their unique individuality - makes an original contribution to life in the Harmonic Universe...

The search for higher Consciousness is a science and an art - and a grace that unites all humanity - each person is endowed with natural Rights to enjoy their personal evolution - with a sense of security that exists only when Freedom, Peace and Properity prevails - the Pursuit of Happiness is essential for the natural course of evolution toward a higher sense of Cosmic Consciousness - which is our instinctive path to wisdom - for everyone... 


Harmonic Fusion and The Nuclear Code.






THE GOLDEN THEME: A Mathematical System and Numerical Method of Natural Variations derived from the Cosmic Code of the Harmonic Universe


Announcing the Discovery of The Numerical Code of the Universe, the Harmonic Code, the Decimal Code (including the harmonic decimal system for all 'irrational numbers), The Prime Root Code, the  Binary Matrix of Prime Roots for the Periodic Table of Atoms and Molecules, Parallel Matrix of the Gravitational Code; Harmonic Calculus for the MagicSineWave Vectors of the Six Harmonic Triads - Quarks, Phonons & Photons; Triadal Code (Progression of 18 Triads) of the Diatonic Scale and Harmonic Rhythm of the Chromatic Spectrum; Prime Roots for the Velocity of Light, The Prime Roots of the Energy Constant (Planck's) , Prime Root frequencies of Hydrogen & all Atomic and Molecular combinations, including Harmonic Fusion; Harmonic Encryption of Genetic Sequences of the DNA Molecule; Calculus Logarithms of 3-dimensional Angular Momentum of Triadal Planes on the Nuclear Axis in nautical terms, etc. 

All these discoveries will lead to New Technologies of Scientific Invention - including Harmonic Fusion of the Elements, which will replace all forms of enegy -  the primitive period of 'fossil' fuel as the main energy source on is over.  And to all the Musicans of the world - it is no longer Music 'Theory'  - it is now - MusicScience. 


MusicScience is The Universal Harmonic Number System that Unifies Time, Space & Motion in the Micro/Macro Cosmos;  the Harmonic Wave Vectors of Conscious Thought and the Mechanics of Levity of the Astral Body, and the Method of entering the tate of Cosmic Consciousness and the Illumination of the Mind.  -   In essence - all these original scientific discoveries are elements embodied in the Musical Composition: MusicScience - THE GOLDEN THEME' - Variations On The Golden Theme - Copyright by Alwyn Scott Turner - with all rights pending patents.



1.1.13 Abstract of Priority: MusicScience - The Harmonic Code of The Universe.

‘THE GOLDEN THEME’ - A Musical Arrangements - Copyright January 1, 2001 by Alwyn Scott Turner - Trademark and All Rights Reserved Pending Patents. A futher disclosure on the 'Harmonic Code' can be viewed at the following sites: - and Abstracts of Priority: 'The Numerical Code Of The Universe' - posted at and

(MusicScience is deliberately not being listed in search engines by Google - in order to suppress this great discovery that will lead to new technologies that will antiquate current power structures - and those that conspire to prevent 'game changing' scientific discoveries.)






The Harmonic Calculus of Atoms & Molecules based on the Prime Root Frequencies of Each Atom in the Atomic Matrix - including the frequencies of those yet to be discovered -  based on their Electonic Orbits.- and the Harmonic Combinations of each atom in the Triadal System of all Molecules.

See: Abstract Notes published at & &


The Quantum Parallel Matrix Of Gravity


(The Gravity Matrix Abstract of Priority - has been published to a limited distribution.)




There is a Natural Numerical Order in the Decimal Integer Sequences that govern the Harmonic Quantum frequencies and wavelengths of the Chromatic Spectrum.  The Harmonic Universe is based on frequencies of vibration that originate from the natural order of Number Systems that that arise from The Periodic Matrix of Prime Roots.

The Quantum Gravity is a Parallel Matrix based on the Odd and Even numbers - that correspond to the Prime Roots Matrix that governs electronic frequencies. The Harmonic Calculus of the Functions derive from The Decimal Code - the Decimal Expansion of Prime Roots including 'irrational' sequences which in fact are not numerically irrational - but which functions in orderly numerical order in a multiple system based on prime roots, that create perfect harmony within all forms of vibration, motion and energy, and forms of matter.  The natural harmonic order numerical integer sequences in decimal expansion is a domain system of 'Base Pair' Prime Roots in the calculus of all Universal functions - especially, the harmonic architecture of 'base pairs' in the structure of Genetic sequences of the DNA Molecule.



(.000000000000000000000000065470944 )

65470944 = ( 31416 x 521 x 4 )

The Real Numerical Constant for Planck's (h) Energy Interval

And the Quantum Prime Root for the Frequency of the Photon

The 'Decimal Code' for the Photon Prime Root:

Prime Root #521

This is the Harmonic Vibration in Erg Seconds of the Fundamental Quantum Energy Numerical Consant that Spans 40 Octaves (40 x 13 = 520) in the Chromatic Spectrum - the Decimal Code in the Expansion of Prime Root 521 - Governs the Numerical Systems of the Photon, Electron, Neutron and all Atomic Frequencies in the Hydrogen Atoms and basic to all frequencies in The Periodic Table of Elements


Quantum Units & The Speed of Light

931416 x .2 = 186283.2 Miles Per Second

Times 5280 Feet = 983575296 Feet Per Second

THE PHOTON: Quantum Prime Root: #197

(197x197) x (48x48) x (11)

The Universal Constant fo the Frequency of Light

The 'Second' and the 'Foot' being natural units of measure to Gravity, and the only units of measure in the Harmonic Calculus of functions in all the decimal systems in MusicScience and 'The Numerical Code of the  Universe'.

All natural numerical calculations and formulas are in these natural units, and it is only in these precise units of measusre that the decimal integer sequences of the Numerical Systems relative to Time and Space.

 2.21.12 Abstract of Priority: ‘THE GOLDEN THEME’ & THE SIX QUANTUM TRIADS - MusicScience & -The Cosmic Code Of The Harmonic Universe - ‘TRIADAL MATRIX OF QUANTUM INTERVALS’ and Musical Arrangements - Copyright January 1, 2001 by Alwyn Scott Turner - Trademark and All Rights Reserved Pending Patents. A futher edification on the Method and System in the Abstract of Priority can be viewed at: - which is being blacklisted from review and currently not being indexed by Google. _________________________________________________________________________


'The Golden Theme - 3:4:5 Matrix'

The Harmonic Code:

Quarks & The Six Quantum Triads



Binary Matrix of 2 Sets of 3 Major & 3 Minor Triads Ascending & Descending in the Octave:

Major Set                                                                                        Minor Set

435 : 534 = Root Triad = 345:543
453 : 453 = 1st Inversion = 354:453
543 : 345 = 2nd Inversion = 534:435


Binary Matrix of 2 Sets of 3 Major & 3 Minor Chords Ascending & Descending Across the Octave:

435 : 534 =  Root Triadal = 345 : 543
354 : 453 = 1st Inversion =  453 : 354
543 : 345 = 2nd Inversion = 534 : 435

There are only SIX (6) QUANTUM TRIADS in 'The Nuclear Code'.



MusicScience & 'The Cosmic Code' Of The Harmonic Universe
The Natural Harmonic Order of (18) Quantum Triads Ascending & Descending Inside the Octave and Diatonic Scales of the Chromatic Spectrum - Expanding Across the Octaves in a Universal Quantum System of Frequencies & Wavelengths based on the Decimal Expansion and Partition of the 12th Root of 2.

The Triadal Progression Of 'The Six Quantum Triads'

 The full Octave Chord (13 Keys) begins the Triadal progression with the first three Triads in C' Scale, and proceeds through the natural set of Triads in each of the 7 Diatonic Scales.  In serial order, each Scale has a set of Quantum Triads,  Ascending & Descending in a Binary Progression arranged in their natural decimal sequence across the Diatonic Scale - the series 18 Triads are played in the same decimal order in each of the 12 Chromatic Keys. (The Sequence Order of 12 Chromatic Keys in which the Triads are arranged in their primary numerical order are rearranged into a new hierarachy of functions by changing the decimal harmonic series by The Decimal Code expansion and place series of Integers derived from Prime Root 19.

Music: The Triadal Progression

Harmonic Matrix of (18) Quantum Triads of The (7) Diatonic Scales

Root - 1st Inversion - 2nd Inversion of the Ascending Triadal Progression

(1)    1.1  C’: Major >( 435 = CEGC ) + [ 354 = EGCE ] + ( 543 = GCEG )
(2)    1.2  C’: Major >( 453 = CEAC ) + [ 534 = EACE ] + ( 345 = ACEA )
(3)    1.3  C’: Major >( 543 = CFAC ) + [ 435 =  FACF ] + ( 354 = ACFA )
(4)    2.1  D’: minor >( 345 = DFAD ) + [ 453 = FADF ] + ( 534 = ADFA )
(5)    2.2  D’: Major >( 543 = DGBD ) + [ 435 = GBDG ] + ( 354 = BDGB )
(6)    3.1  E’: minor  >( 345 = EGBE ) + [ 453 = GBEG ] + ( 534 = BEGB )
(7)    3.2  E’: minor  >( 354 = EGCE ) + [ 543 = GCEG ] + ( 435 = CEGC )
(8)    3.3  E’: minor  >( 534 = EACE ) + [ 345 = ACEA ] +  ( 453 = CEAC )
(9)    4.1  F’: Major  >( 435 = FACF ) + [ 354 = ACFA ] +  ( 543 = CFAC )
(10)  4.2. F’: Major  >( 453 = FADF ) + [ 534 = ADFA ] + ( 345 =  DFAD )
(11)  5.1  G’: Major  >( 435 = GBDG ) + [ 354 = BDGB ] + ( 543 = DGBD )
(12)  5.2  G’: Major  >( 453 = GBEG ) + [ 534 = BEGB ] + ( 345 = EGBE )
(13)  5.3  G’: Major  >( 543 = GCEG ) + [ 435 =  CEGC ] + ( 354 = EGCE )
(14)  6.1  A’: minor  >( 345 = ACEA ) + [ 453 = CEAC ] +  ( 534 = EACE )
(15)  6.2  A’: minor  >( 354 = ACFA ) + [ 543 = CFAC ] +  (435 =  FACF )
(16)  6.3  A’: minor  >( 534 = ADFA ) + [ 345 = DFAD ] + ( 453 =  FADF )
(17)  7.1  B’: minor  >( 354 = BDGB ) + [ 543 = DGBD ] + ( 435 =  GBDG )
(18)  7.2  B’: minor  >( 534 = BDGB ) + [ 345 =  EGBE ] + ( 453 =  GBEG )

'THE GOLDEN THEME' - And The Natural Order of the Harmonic Triadal Progression of Quantum Intervals in the Diatonic Scales: Beginning in C’ Scale - All 'Keys' in the Chromatic Spectrum follow this Harmonic Numerical Sequence which Ascends from the Root & Descends from The Octave.

The Triadal Root, 1st & 2nd Inversions in Harmonic Progression Across the Octave  - through the 7 Diatonic Scales and the 12 Keys of the Chromatic Scale:
The 18 Triads Ascending from the Root in each of the 12 Keys (12 x 18) = 216 Triads.  Plus the 18 Triads Descending from the Octave in the same System: (2 x 216) = 432 Triads.






The Decimal Code for the Harmonic Octave and the Diatonic Scale.



The scientific origin of the Chromatic Scale was discovered by Sir Issac Newton in the 16th Century - by measuring the frets of the rainbow, he discovered the true harmonic rainbow structure of the Chromatic Scale by discovering the decimal sequential order based on the  12th Root of 2 = 1.059 463 094 - which defines the 12 intervals of the Chromatic Scale and the 13 intervals in the musical Octave. Newton defined the Diatonic Scale - but had problems with computing the decimal interger sequences and their expansions - deterred by the insoluable complexity of cracking the harmonic Decimal Code -  Newton turned his genius and his discovery of The Calculus on the physics of Music - onto the abstract principles of Universal Gravitation - however, he was also unable to compute the numerical harmony of the Decimal Code to the harmonic functions of gravity...which in fact, Galileo numerically cracked.  Thus, after Newton the diatonic scales were expanded by Bach, and the science of Music remained a 'Theory' until now - ith the discovery of 'The Triadal Progression' and the 'Harmonic Code'  and so has the numerical system discovered by Galileo - which has is now exspanded into The Gravity Matrix from which the Prime Root Code is derived- all essential elements in MusicScience. 

2.17.12:  Abstract of Priority.  MusicScience: THE QUANTUM INTERVALS & THE TRIADAL MATRIX - 'Harmoni Fusion & The Harmonic Code Of The Universe' - 'The Golden Theme', 'Variations On The Golden Theme', and 'Improvisations On The Golden Theme': The Harmonic Method - Copyright & Tradmark with All Rights Reserved Pending Patents by Alwyn Scott Turner.



System of Quantum Intervals Essential to Nuclear Harmonic Fusion.
In MusicScience - An original Method based on the Natural System of Major and minor Sets of Quantum Triads - that Ascend and Descend within the Chromatic Octave, and the Triadal Array Across the set of  Octaves.

The Quantum Intervals Ascend & Descend - Inside The Octave & Across The Octaves:

C' Scale = THREE (3) Major Quantum Triads in a Natural Series - (435:453:543). 

E' Scale = THREE (3) minor Quantum Triads in a Natural Series - (345:354:534).

The Root, 1st Inversion & 2nd Inversion of the Triadal Chord within the Octave, is repeated across the set of Octaves; that is: The Triad consists of a triplet: CEG chord, in which C is the Major Root, E is the minor 1st Inversion, and G is the Major 2nd Inversion. Thus, C' is the Tonic Key for the Root; E' is the Tonic Key of the 1st Inversion; and G' is the Tonic Key of the 2nd Inversion.  The Root, 1st Inversion, 2nd Inversion, and Octave consist of (4) full Octave Chords each consisting of 13 notes = 52 Notes. The same Triadal pattern of Root, Inversions and Octave - Arrayed Acrosss the Octaves, consists of (5) Octaves (Including the spaces between the Chordal set of Octaves) - for a sum total of 61 Intervals in the Octave Span.

The Frequencies and Wavelengths of the Hydrogen Atom are based on the Binary Base Pair of Prime Roots: 61 and 47....(61x61) x (47x47) x (4) =  32878756 - which is the first 8 integer sequences of the 16 digit Code.  Also,  (61 + 47 = 108; 60 + 48 = 108; 59 + 49 = 108; etc) is the Integer Series for Quantum Calculus on Harmonic Variations of the System Functions. Thus, it will be revealed, that the 'Periodic Table of Prime Roots' - are also naturally arranged into a precise System of Base Pairs.

(The Original Formula for the natural order of Base Pairs in the Binary Matrix of Prime Roots, and the Harmonic System of the DNA Molecule - has been Abstracted and Published for Priority, and will be forthcoming here...) 

The Unit Circle of The Octave consists of 13 Chromatic Keys, and 7 Diatonic Scales: C' Scale Ascends 12 Chromatic Keys from the Root =  E' Scale Descends 12 Chromatic Keys from the Octave - A 'Full Chromatic Chord' (CEGC) consists of (8) Keys in the Octave.  A Binary System of Triadal Chords Ascend & Descend from the Root & Octave - that change the Binary Base Pair of Chromatic Keys - into two (2) different Arrays.  In MusicScience, 'The Golden Theme' Progression of Ascending Base Pairs =  4th from the Root is a 5th Descending from the Octave - and 5th Ascending from the Root is a 4th Descending from the Octave. 


The Octave is the Unit Circle. Thus, Binary Triplets in the Circle of 4th & 5ths Ascending & Descending from the Root & Octave - form a harmonic Chromatic quantum series of Binary Base Pairs of Prime Roots (The Periodic Table of Prime Roots), Binary Base Pairs of Chromatic Keys, & Binary Base Pairs of Triple Triads:

Binary Pairs From Root: (1) C:G;  (2) D:A; (3) E:B; (4) F#:Db; (5) Ab:Eb; Bb:F.

Binary Pairs from Octave: (1) C:F; (2) Bb:Eb; (3) Ab:Db; (4)F#:B; (5) E;A; (6) D:G.

(A 5th Degree Ascending is a 4th Degree Descending. There are 7 Degrees (Scales) in the Diatonic and 13 Keys in the Chromatic Octave.)

All (7) of The Diatonic Scales in the Ascending Triadal Progression total (18) Triads - The Descending order in Mirror Image Reverse (MIR) replicates the Series, as a Binary System of Base Pair Triads Ascending & Descending from the Prime Root & the Octave.




Triadal Matrix of Quantum Intervals of the same Tonic Root, 1st Inversion, and 2nd Inversion Inside the Octave Same as Across the Octaves. 

Root: C' Scale Triad: 435 = Major

1st Inv: E' Scale Triad: 354 = minor

2nd Inv: G' Scale Triad: 543 = Major

The Triadal Triple Keys of C'Scale = 4:3:5 (CEG) Within the Octave Ascending from the Root - are Reversed in Mirror Image Descending the Diatonic From the C' Octave in the Triadal Triple Keys of E' Scale in the Order 5:3:4 (CGE).

The Quantum Method of the Harmonic Spectrum is a Binary System of Triple Triads - Ascending & Descending between the Root and the Octave:

C' Scale is E' Scale in Reverse, and the 3 Major Triads in C' Scale are the Reverse Mirror Image of the 3 minor Triads in E' Scale Descending from the Octave.

Harmonic Rhythm.  The Integer Series of the Major Triadal Chord (C'435) Reverses to (E'534) - changing the Rhythmic sequence (4:3:5 Major set of intervals) - into a new sequence (5:3:4 minor set of rhythmic beats) in the measure.  However, The Reversal of Polarity in numerical order does not change the Harmonic set of Keys in the Major Chord - but only Reverses the Series in the sequence of their order.

The Harmonic & Rythym have the same numerical sets of Quantum Intervals - in MusicScience terms, the 12 beat measure is divided into three Major sets: (4:3:5 = 4 beats, 3 beats, 5 beats); the 12 Keys of the Harmonic measure is divided into the same Triadal sets: (4:3:5 = 4 notes, 3 notes, 4 notes) - the accent patterns means that the Harmonic & Rhythmic system are played together in unity, and that changes in one system occur at the same time that the harmonic order changes, and in the same degree.

1.  435 Triad (CEG) Ascends the Octave; Reverse Mirror Image 534 Triad (CGE) Descends From the C' Octave as E' Scale.

( 1st Major Triad in C’ Scale: 435 Ascends the Diatonic from the Prime Root;  Descends from C' Octave as the minor Triad: 534 in E’ Scale. )

2.  354:453 = 1st Inversion

( 1st Inversion in minor E’ Scale:  E'354  >Ascends from the 2nd Key of E' (the Middle Note) In the CEG Triad;  Descends from the E' Octave as Major Triad: 453 in C’ Scale. )

3.  543:345 = 2nd Inversion

( 2nd Inversion in G’ Scale:  543 >Ascending from the 3rd Key in the C' Triad; Descends from the G' Octave as minor Triad: 345 in A’ Scale.

C' = Root: Major; 1st Inversion: minor; 2nd Inversion: Major.

C' Scale = (3) Major Triads: 435:453:543 Ascends the Diatonic from Root.

E' Scale = (3) minor Triads: 534:354:345 Descends tje Diatonic from Octave.

Within the Octave, the Tonic Progression of Root, 1st Inversion, and 2nd Inversion is - Major, minor, and Major.

Across the Octaves, the Tonic Progression of Octave chords are also Major, minor, and Major.  What occurs within the Octave determines what Occurs across the Octaves.

C' Scale Triads Ascend from the Root - E' Scale Triads descend in Reverse from the Octave. C' Scale is E' Scale in Reverse. E' Scale is C' Scale in Reverse. G' Scale is A' Scale in Reverse. The other scales are: D' Ascends & Descends as D' (Palindromic); F' Scale is B' Scale in Reverse; A' Scale is G' Scale in Reverse; B' Scale is F' Scale in Reverse. C' Scale Ascends from the Root to the Octave - and Descends from the Octave to the Root as E' Scale.  All the Scales follow the same mirror-imge patterns within the Diatonic system.

The Chromatic Octave consists of 13 keys from Root to Octave:  The Diatonic Scale consists of 12 keys Ascscending from the Root, and 12 Keys Descending from the Octave.  Each measure consists of 12 Beats of Quantum Intervals of Rhythm, and 12 Quantum Harmonic Intervals.  Both Harmonic & Rhythmic Systems Function in counterpoint to the same 435 Triad - by the division of the harmonic notes into (3) sets of keys, and corresponding to dividing the time factor of the rhytmic beat into the same (3) sets of Quantum Intervals: The Triad of 4 notes, 3 notes and 5 notes - in the same series of a 12 beat measure as: 4 beats, 3 beats, and 5 beats - the natural melody of HarmonicRhythm. 

The same Triadal Set of Quantum Intervals:   The 1st Major Triad 435 (CEG) in C’ Scale has 3 sets of Quantum Intervals that apply to both armonic and rhytmnic systems: C' Scale Triad: 435 consists: C = 4 notes, E = 3 notes, G = 5 notes - within the same measure.  The Rhythm is divided into the same set of three sets of Quantum Intervals: 4 beats, 3 beats & 5 beats = Root, 1st Inversion, 2nd Inversion.  Both rhythm and harmony have the same intervals derived from the same Quantum Triad.  Consequently, the changes in the Triadal Progression governs both harmony and rhythm.  (Instead of playing a 12 beat measure either as  3 sets of 4 beats, or 4 sets of three beats - the 435 Triad is played as a set of 4 beats, 3 beats and 5 beats.  The changing within the Harmonic Calculus proceeds throughout the Triadal Progression of the Chromatic Spectrum and Diatonic Scale.



All things that vibrate in the Harmonic Universe are based on the harmonics of the Prime Roots - 'The Code' - The true order and function of the Prime Roots has finally been discovered - for the first time in history, science has access to the master keys for all quantum frequencies and wavelengths of the Energy Spectrum and Cosmic Functions.  The Periodic Table of Prime Roots - is the key to all functions of time and space, all frequencies and wavelengths, and all forms of matter. Harmonic Calculus of Prime Roots is a 'The Code' that will effect a harmonic Unification of Science - and create new initiatives in a giant leap into Harmonic Fusion technology and the natural functions of energy - and extrapolation of the genetic code.   It is time that everyone joined the Family of Man to use technical advances of knowledge for peaceful means - instead of destructive secret technological advances used for weapons of war and terrorism against innocent people.  America must throw off the yoke of Zionist tyranny and return to the natural state of being Free...where Freedom of Privacy, Thought and Speech make creative thinking and vital knowledge possible, and share great discoveries...and by individual achievements, creat peace and prosperity among nations, and inspire Mankind in the search for Cosmic Cosciousness - and the quest for greatness of spirit and wisdom - that such knowledge commands...




HarmonicCalculus defines the ElectroMagnetic Wave Mechanics integral to the domain of functions on the Gravitational Axis - alternating harmonic patterns of the Triadal Progression which govern the changing vectors of Angular Momentum and the harmonic sequence of alternating polarities of energy in three-dimensional coordinates. The integrals of Harmonic Calculus are functions that derive from the Prime Root expansion of decimal partials that are harmonic and rhythmic sequences based on a number system - aparallel quadratic matrix of 'base pair' combinations.

The Triadal Series of quantum intervals expanded from the Periodic Matrix of Prime Roots govern all frequencies and wavelengths - including atomic electron orbitals based on the Octave and Triad which governs the precise prime root frequencies of all atomic and molecular combinations based on the harmonics of the Octave . The Method of HarmonicEncryption is original - extraction of the place series and the array of decimal numbers (including a method for cracking the Decimal Code of all irrational numbers) in the electronic system.  HarmonicEncryption is a method of rendering precise wave vectors based on The Prime Root Code frequencies - that systematically alternate sequential changes of polarity in the gravity field by within a numerical system based on The Prime Root Code of quadratic harmonic frequencies - the natural order that extends from the frequencies of the Photon to molecular chemical combinations- a state of harmonic fusion in which the periodic Triadal wave mechanics follow predictable numerical patterns.  For instance, by the combination of 'base pair' frequencies in the Periodic Matrix of Prime Roots - based on the harmonic order of decimal partials in the expansion of Prime Root 19 - the Harmonic Calculus for a MagicSineWave is generated that produces Harmonic Fusion in the molecular array of chemical combinations generated by the 18th Atom in the Perioditic Table of Atomic Orbitals.


Prime Root 19 - Harmonic Decimal Expansion

{ }

HarmonicCalculus: Base Pair Wave Vectors

for 3-Dimentional Changes in Polarity on the Triadal Axis in Nautical Terms:

(1. 1) = Sway & Roll : Heave & Pitch : Surge & Yaw / (18. 2) =  Sway & Roll : Surge & Yaw : Heave & Pitch

(2. 10) = Sway & Roll : Surge & Yaw : Heave & Pitch / (17.4) = Heave & Pitch : Sway & Roll : Surge & Yaw

(3. 5) =  Surge & Yaw : Sway & Roll : Heave & Pitch / (16.8) =  Surge & Yaw : Heave & Pitch : Sway & Roll

(4. 12) =  Sway & Roll : Surge & Yaw : Heave & Pitch / (15.16) = Surge & Yaw : Heave & Pitch : Sway & Roll

(5. 6)  =  Heave & Pitch : Sway & Roll : Surge & Yaw / (14.13) = Surge & Yaw : Sway & Roll : Heave & Pitch

(6. 3) =  Surge & Yaw : Sway & Roll : Heave & Pitch / (13.7) = Heave & Pitch : Surge & Yaw : Sway & Roll

(7. 11) =  Sway & Roll : Heave & Pitch : Surge & Yaw / (12.14) = Heave & Pitch : Sway & Roll : Surge & Yaw

(8. 15)  = Heave & Pitch : Surge & Yaw : Sway & Roll / (11.9) = Sway & Roll : Heave & Pitch : Surge & Yaw

(9. 17)  = Heave & Pitch : Surge & Yaw : Sway & Roll / (10.18) =  Surge & Yaw : Heave & Pitch : Sway & Roll






MusicScience: The 7 Keys of  the Diatonic Scales Ascend from the Root & Descend in Reverse Mirror Image Order descending down the Octave to the Root: From C' Root to C' Octave there are 8 Keys in the Full Chromatic Chord (4 notes: CEGC) of the 13 Quantum Intervals inside the Octave.

It takes some analysis to understand - although the 435:CEGC Major Triad Ascends, Reverses in Mirror Image, and Descends from the Octave as a 534 E'Scale Triad - it retains the same notes in the C'Scale - but changes the order to a minor series!  Thus, keeping the same Major Harmonic Division of Quantum Intervals as it descends from the Octave.  The minor Triadal numerical structure descending from the Octave retains the same set of major harmonic keys in from the reverse order: The Major and Minor Scales Reverse - the but same notes are retained so that the sound of the full chord remains Major.  It is an important insight into the deeper structure of the Harmonic Code.

1.  2212221: 1222122    C' Scale Ascends from Root, E' Scale Descends from Octave

2.  2122212: 2122212    D' Scale Ascends from Root, D' Scale Descends from Octave

3. 1222122: 2212221    E' Scale Ascends from Root, C' Scale Descends from Octave  

4.  2221221: 1221222    F' Scale Ascends from Root, B' Scale Descends from Octave

5.  2212212: 2122122    G' Scale Ascends from Root, A' Scale Descends from Octave

6.  2122122: 2212212    A' Scale Ascends from Root, G' Scale Descends from Octave

7.  1221222: 2221221    B' Scale Ascends from Root, F' Scale Descends from Octave

The Harmonic Octave consists of 13 Quantum Intervals.

The Chromatic Scale consists of 12 Quantum Intervals.

The Diatonic Scale consists of 7 Degrees Ascending from the Root and 7 Degrees Descending from the Octave. The ascending order of scales and triads reverse descending from the Octave, the harmonic and rhythmic (HarmonicRhythm) structure within the measure function with the same Triadal Progression - that is, the 12 key measure is divided into three harmonic sections, and the 12 beat rhythm is equally divided into three sections - The Triad within the scale, determines the triple counterpoint of both harmonic and rhythmic sections:  Thus, the triad of the measure consists of  Root, 1st Inversion and 2nd Inversion within the Octave, and the same keys as Roots expand across the Octaves.  The rhythm section has the same beat structure as the harmony. Simply, the same triple division of the Triad - governs both elements.  It should be noted that within the Octave -  the first Triad in C' is Major, whereas across the Octave, the Root is Major, the 1st Inversion is minor and the 2nd Inversion is Major.  Expansion across the Octaves by other scales and their Triads follow the same procedure - in essence, what occurs within the Octave governs what occurs across the Octaves.

1. The 1st Degree Ascends from the Root -  and Descends as the 3rd Degree from the Octave.

2.  The 2nd Degree Ascending from the Root - is palindromic Descending from the Octave.

3.  The 3rd Degree Ascending from the Root - and Descends as the 1st Degree from the Octave.

4.  The 4th Degree Ascending from the Root - and Descends as the 7th Degree from the Octave.

5.  The 5th Degree Ascending from the Root - and Descends as the 6th Degree from the Octave.

6. The 6th Degree Ascending from the Root - and Descends as the 5th Degree from the Octave.

7. The 7th Degree ascending from the root -  and Descends as the 4th Degree from the Octave.

The Keys D,F & B each have two triads and are related in the Triadal Progression by the fact that D' Scale has two Triads: 345 and 543 - one minor & one Major in palindromic number; F' Scale has two Major Triads: 435 & 453 - missing the 3rd 543 Major Triad;  B' Scale has two minor Triads: 354 & 534 - missisng the 1st 345 minor Triad.  There are 7 Keys in the Diatonic and there are 6 Quantum Triads - the natural order of the numerical expansion within the harmonic structure is expanded and arranged into a functional system within the Chromatic Spectrum. It is interesting to note that the 1st minor Triad in D' Scale is one interval from the C' Tonic...while the 2nd Triad in D' Scale, a Major 543 is Six Intervals from the Root. Also, the 345 Triad is a Mirror Image to the 543 Traid - also, a 345 Triad Ascending is a 543 Triad in the Descending order. This nuance of this is imperative in the playing the accent patterns of arranging and orchestrating 'Variations and Improvisations On The Golden Theme'.


2.19.12:  Abstract of Priority.  MusicScience: QuantumGravity & The Periodic Table of Atomic Elements; 'The Harmonic Code Of The Universe' , 'The Golden Theme', 'Variations On The Golden Theme', and 'Improvisations On The Golden Theme';  The Method & All Systems - Copyright & Trademark with All Rights Reserved Pending Patents by Alwyn Scott Turner.






The Harmonic Structure of the Periodic Table of Elements & Triadal Combinations of Molecules - The Quantum Chemistry of All Atomic Orbits based on The Octave & Triadal Matrix of The Prime Root Code

Each Atom is part of an Harmonic Matrix aligned with other atoms arranged in Triads & Octaves in accordance to the Prime Root Matrix - the number system that govens the molecular combinations of Atoms. All the atomic mass in the Harmonic Universe... -

The Numerical Order of Electrons in Atomic Orbit is determined by the Prime Root of each Atom -  based on the Octave and Triadal Combinations - all Atoms combine as Molecules in accordance to the their Numerical Sequence in the The Prime Root Matrix. In effect, each Atom and Molecule has a 'harmonic quadrature set of Prime Roots' frequencies based on their Electronic configuration.

The periodicity of Electronic Orbits of all Atom, and their harmonic molecular combinations - are governed by the natural sequential combinations of The Prime Root Matrix which determine their combined frequencies - just as The Prime Root Matrix is the Numerical Code that governs all combinations of 'base pairs' at the root all harmonic vibration including the DNA Molecule and its harmonic 'base pair' integer sequences. 

The Quantum Number System for the Harmonic Orbit of Electrons:

The Fundamental Binary Arrangement for each side of the Atomic Nucleus:


1.  2 x (1x1) = 1st Orbit - Electrons: 2 = 2  (DS= 2:2)

2.  2 x (2x2) =  2nd Orbit - Electrons: 8 = 10  (8:1)

3.  2 x (3x3) =  3rd Orbit - Electrons: 18 = 28  (9:1)

4.  2 x (4x4) =  4th Orbit - Electrons: 32 = 60   (5:6)

5.  2 x (5x5) =  5th Orbit - Electrons: 50 = 110.  (5:2)

6.  2 x (6x6) =  6th Orbit - Electrons: 72 = 182 (9:2)

7.  2 x (7x7)  = 7th Orbit - Electrons: 98 = 280   (8:1)

8.  2 x (8x8)  = 8th Orbit - Electrons: 128 = 408  (2:3)

9.  2 x (9x9)  = 9th Orbit - Electrons: 162 = 570  (9:3)

10. 2x (10x10) = 10th Orbit - Electrons: 200  = 770  (2:5)

11. 2 x (11x11) = 11th Orbit - Electrons: 242 = 1012  (8:4)

12. 2 x (12x12) = 12th Orbit - Electrons: 288 = 1300  (9:4)

13. Etc. Etc.

The 'Digit Sum Serial Number = 289.559.829 for the Decimal Code Matrix.



This actua 'Base Pair' arrangement of electrons in orbit is a System of parallel positive and negative electronic orbits around the nucleus is a binary system that doubles the arrangement of electrons into triadal sets of Octaves for all the Atoms, including predetermining all undiscovered atoms - and their natural harmonic (octave and triadal) combinations based on the 'Prime Root Matrix' frequencies and the inverse system of 'Base Pairs'.


2.28.12: Abstract of Priority. MusicScience:;;;; QuantumGravity &; TheMagicMatrix & The Chromatic Scale  - The Method & All Systems - Copyright & Trademark with All Rights Reserved Pending Patents by Alwyn Scott Turner.




The Harmonic Matrix: Based on the Decimal Expansion of Prime Root 13

'Base Pairs' of The Quantum Chromatic Spectrum:

1.& 12. =  ( 1 : 8 )

2. & 11. =  ( 10 : 6 )

3. & 10. =  ( 9 : 11 )

4. & 9. =  ( 12 : 5 )

5. & 8. =  ( 3 : 7 )

6. & 7. =  ( 4 : 2 )


'The Golden Theme' Series of Quantum Intervals in The Octave:

The Chromatic Quantum Spectrum of Base Pairs by 4th & 5th Degrees

1. & 12.  = ( 1 : 6 )

2. & 11. =  ( 8 : 11 )

3. & 10.  =  ( 3 : 4 )

4. & 9. =  (10 : 9 )

5. & 8.  = ( 5 : 2 )

6. & 7.  = ( 12 : 7 )


The Harmonic DiHedral Decimal Expansion of Chromatic 'Base Pairs'

1. & 12.  = ( 1 : 7 )

2.  & 11  =  ( 3 : 2 )

3. &  10 =  ( 5 : 8 )

4. &  9.  =  ( 12 : 8 )

5. &  8.  =  ( 10 : 11 )

6. & 7.  =  ( 9 : 4  )


Abstract of Priority: MusicScience - THE HARMONIC CODE OF THE UNIVERSE.COM; - The Calculus:  Harmonic Fusion and The Nuclear Code. ( -  Variations On The Golden Theme:  Published on Summer Solstice, June 21, 2011 by MusicScience, Trademark & Copyright with All Rights Reserved Pending Patents by Alwyn Scott Turner.

Notice of Abstract Priority: March 21, 2012 - Vernal Equinox.  MusicScience: The PRIME ROOT MATRIX and the PRIME ROOT MATRIX & THE PRIME ROOTS OF THE PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS & MOLECULES - Published on this date establishing priority to the copyright, trademark and all rights reserved and pending patents.




 The original discovery and invention of the natural order of the Prime Root Matrix - the core harmonic matrix number system of the Universe based on the periodic order of prime root integers in their natural sequence that governs all numerical systems that function as mathematical codes in all natural geometrical forms and vibrational frequencies, micro and macro scale, in the unification of all time, energy and matter.  Everything that exists in the vast cosmos of time and motion in the Harmonic Universe vibrates and functions in accordance to the Natural  periodic order of the PrimeRootCode.
In effect, a numerical system and method for harmonic molecular fusion and genetic engineering.
MusicScience and TheGoldenTheme embodies these mathematical codes published in musical composition, original discoveries based on the Prime Root Periodic Table and the physics of The Harmonic Code of the Universe.  
This unique discovery of the Prime Root Periodic Table ends a search for periodic order of the prime roots for all frequencies since the beginning of science, and the gravity of this knowledge will change the world by revealing the method by which Harmonic Fusion of natural elements in perpetual motion, unlimited access to natural energy to replace fossil fuels, and the alchemy of elements - and the scientific molecular engineering of the genetic code - enabling humans to essentially live forever - to live in peace with Nature, in good health and prosperity, and illuminate the natural path toward the illumination of cosmic consciousness and wisdom for all mankind.
From this historical moment into the future - we are on the edge of miraculous times.

 Dedicated to Pythagoras, Galileo, Sir Issac Newton, and to Bertrand Russell - Noble Prize winner for literature, philosopher, mathematician and peace activist. Imprisoned for his anti-war writing, the author of unilateral renunciation of atomic weapons. A mind of great clarity and knowledge, of ideas composed with intellectual wit and vivid metaphor, author of the Principia Mathematica (symbolic logic), Analysis of Mind, Analysis of Matter, and History of Western Philosophy.  Dedicated Anti-war spokesman (AND one of the first well-known advocates that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was the result of a political conspiracy) - which repressed his humanitarian viewpoint and quest for Freedom....the clarity and truth of his noble views prevail with dignity.

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