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D. A. Brunzlik

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  • 20150430191228-formation_of_awareness_sign_-_june_2011
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  • 20110525014304-touching_sign_-_may_2011
  • 20150430190616-wordlessness_neu_sign_-_march_2011
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"Combining painting, organic photography and digital art enables me to overcome limits and to reflect contradictions and paradoxes in our modern lifestyle. 
My art mirrors the increasing mixing of virtual and real world. Uniting organic subjects with digital art is my base for new ideas and approaches.


Biography Dominique Alexandra Brunzlik

German artist with Czech, Frisian and Indian roots,– was born in 1973 in Munich, the daughter of a photographer and a model. Her childhood, a mix of different cultural and social worlds, had a strong impact on her creativity.

She lived with her father among fishermen on the Mediterranean Sea and got to know the hard but contented life of these people. Her respect and love of nature and animals grew during this time. Simultaneously, she began her first photographic studies.

After the divorce of her parents, she grew up with her father in Munich. She also, however, travelled a lot with her mother and learned about foreign cultures - and also got to know the world of "High Society," with its heights and depths. In this tense field of different life draughts and behaviour patterns she developed a great interest in psychology and behavioral research. At the same time, she wrote poems and texts, took photos, painted and drew, took music lessons and participated in theatrical performances, commercials and photo sessions.

After high school, she wanted to accept an invitation from an academy of arts, but than decided, at her parents' request, to study art history, and later psychology and speech sciences at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich. She financed her study with diverse jobs - doing piecework and working in industrial storage, at the Munich Octoberfest, as an extra at Bavaria Film Studios and as a member of different projects in the Munich creative scene. During these years she took various artistic study abroad trips in Europe (Greece, France, England, Italy and others).

Although she worked for a while afterwards as an artist (in 1983 she had her first exhibitions of watch installations, photographs and pictures in Munich), she decided in 1991 to pursue a business career as her main job. For several years she ran her own agency, using her creativity on text and pictures. At the end of the 90s, she accepted an offer from an IT branch and worked for several years in the area of Internet and Social media Marketing.

In 2008 she received a serious medical diagnosis and in 2009 a private stroke led her to deal intensely with her real passion and artistic calling - so she converted this into a positive impulse for a new art project. In early 2010 the circle shut: painting, photography, laser light experiments and installations combined with computer art to create a common world - to overcome present borders and to reflect the permanent alteration of life: "The only permanent thing is change itself." Dominique Brunzlik created the name and project "Paradiso Figurale" to present her works and new digital technologies to an international public, and has already received diverse honours and acknowledgments for her art.



Berlin Loewe Saal bac 1st 2012



Exhibitions 2010 & 2011:

Gallery Weekend Berlin 2011 BAGL SPRINGtime

Art Domain Leipzig Palm Art Award 2011

Jean-Gebser-Akademie / Leipzig 13. Offener Kunstpreis

MOCA / Brooklyn NY Contest of the month October

European Artists Going Live / Berlin BAGL - afFAIRS - 2010

MOCA / New York 2nd Anniversary Exhibit

Museum of Computer Art / NY Summer Festival 2010

Guadalupe Art Dogs Gallery/ Ingram Texas Digital Art Rage Show 2010

MOCA / Brooklyn NY Digital Art Olympiad 2010

MOCA / New York March Contest 2010




Auszeichnungen / Awards 2010 & 2011:

MOCA / New York - First Prize at July 2011 Contest of the Month for the artwork "Touching"

MOCA Museum of Computer Art / New York - Honorable Mention for "Dictator" and "Red Light Bird"

ArtSlant 2011 Showcase Competition / Los Angeles - 3rd 2011 Showcase Winner in the mixed-media Category

13. Offener Kunstpreis (Preisverleihung 20. Mai 2011 in Leipzig) - Bronzemedaille

ArtSlant 2011 Showcase Competition - Showcase Winner Round #1 with "Red light bird (Multimedia artwork)"

11/2010 Art Addiction Medial Museum / London - Diploma of excellence (Honorable Award) for "Does god play dice"

11/2010 Mitteldeutsche Jean-Gebser-Akademie Leipzig - Oevrewertung "cum laude"

Museum of Computer Art, Brooklyn NY / Contest of the month October 2010 - "Honorable Mention" for "2012 - Final Destination"

Talentfair Wettbewerb "Frühlingserwachen" / competition spring 2010 - Third Place with "Transition"

ArtSlant 2010 Showcase Competition - Showcase Winner Round #4 with "Wordlessness"

ArtSlant 2010 Showcase Competition - Showcase Winner Round #3 with "Friday night in NY"

Museum of Computer Art, Brooklyn NY / March Contest 2010 - "Honorable Mention" for "Submission" 


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