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Uroš Weinberger

  • 20160219145238-uro__weinberger_the_wall__2016__olje_na_platnu__111_x_180_cm
  • 20160219144618-uro__weinberger__family_picnic__2015__olje_na_platnu__111_x_180_cm
  • 20160219145025-uro__weinberger__let_us_be__2015__olje_na_platnu__111_x_180_cm
  • 20160219144108-uro__weinberger__shell__2015__oil_on_canvas__160_x_190_cm
  • 20150218132748-uro__weinberger__empowered_by_power
  • 20150218133826-uro__weinberger__gazprom__2014__olje_na_platnu__138_5_x_196_cm
  • 20150218134356-uro__weinberger__exxonmobil__2014__oil_on_canvas__200_x_350_cm
  • 20150302214844-uro__weinberger__see__2014__oil_on_canvas__100_x_100_cm
  • 20150205103420-uro__weinberger__only_few_can_walk_on_oil__2013__oil_on_canvas__201_x_306_cm
  • 20140529172255-uro__weinberger__esso__2013__olje_na_platnu__105_5_x_156_cm
  • 20120904175435-this_world_needs_no_cripples__2012__olje_na_platnu__oil_on_canvas__196_x_303_cm
  • 20130129143838-video_control__2012__oil_on_canvas__196_5_x_303_cm
  • 20131106190411-british_petroleum
  • 20151118113044-dsc_0128
  • 20151118113624-dsc_0129
  • 20151118112400-dsc_0058__2_
  • 20130129145305-displaced_world__deplasiran_svet
  • 20130129145052-displaced_world__deplasiran_svet
  • 20130129143948-the_intruder__2012__oil_on_canvas__80_x_120_cm_2
  • 20130129144032-daytime_nightmare__2012__oil_on_canvas__151_x_196_cm
  • 20130129144106-contemporary_insult__2012__oil_on_canvas__190_5_x_241_cm
  • 20130129144149-jumping_jack__2012__oil_on_canvas__159_5_x_182_5_cm
  • 20130129144240-evolution_model__2012__oil_on_canvas__119
  • 20121108131844-guinea-pig__2012__olje_na_platnu__oil_on_canvas__152_x_196_5_cm_2
  • 20130129144542-radio_active__2012__oil_on_canvas__150_x_100_cm
  • 20120412130552-uro__weinberger__acid_rain__2011__olje_na_platnu__151_x_191_cm
  • 20120401115839-pa_sre_no_v_pamtiveku__2011__oil_on_canvas__191_x_343_cm
  • 20120401120248-tatovi_teles__2012__olje_na_platnu__190
  • 20120401120537-broken_promises__2011__olje_na_platnu__220_x_420_cm
  • 20120401120734-generation_z__2012__olje_na_platnu__190
  • 20120401121537-uro__weinberger__minister_za_zdravje_opozarja__2010__oil_on_canvas__191_x_301_cm
  • 20120401121645-silicon__2009__oil_on_canvas__190_x_320_cm
  • 20120401121746-rise-advance-genus__2009__oil_on_canvas__190_5_x_181_5_cm
  • 20120401121837-_lovek_z_neverjetno_auro__2009__oil_on_canvas__191_x_301_cm
  • 20120401121955-silicon_boy__2009__oil_on_canvas__191_x_301_cm
  • 20120401122327-technopolis__2009__oil_on_canvas__150_x_191_cm
  • 20120401122045-evakuacija___2009__oil_on_canvas__100_x_160_cm
  • 20140828172637-111
  • 20140828172642-112
  • 20140828172711-114
  • 20140828172818-115
  • 20140828172840-113
  • 20140828172938-116
  • 20140828172939-117
  • 20140828173025-118
  • 20140828173029-119
  • 20140828173116-120
  • 20140828173124-121
  • 20140828173151-122
  • 20140828173203-123
  • 20140828173324-126
  • 20140828173414-124
  • 20140828173430-127
  • 20140828173448-128
  • 20140828173625-130
  • 20140828173629-129
  • 20140828173641-pdf
  • 20140828185421-pdf_0001
  • 20140828185451-pdf_0003
  • 20140828185554-pdf_0002


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modern, figurative, European art international, contemporary art


My paintings relate to that aspect of social perception of visual information, which we receive via the media. This is the overlap of information/events with new information/events in the sense, that duration or public attention to one event is exactly measured and known by the media, who know when to get on the day with a new event that replaces old and takes its actuality. So it is created a lack of interest in personal and social tragedies that are happening around the world. Chronic conditions of tragedies, famine, disaster and war in recurrent areas, however create a sense of repetition of information, that loses function of the news (and novelty) and remains a pale shadow of the event.

The event at the same moment, when it loses its actuality, also loses reality in terms of, if it is no longer present in the media, it has stopped happening. Too many information, that nullify each other, are creating fragmentation of events and images.

Exhibited paintings imitate strategies of media outlets, namely: actuality, dynamism, aesthetics, and the simulated disability. And so, they are tearing apart the image - information from their original context, directing events and creating otherwise an attractive fine art world, but this is often a trap. The viewer gets caught up in it, when he notices that he likes the painting, where kids wear gas masks, where ecological disaster is threatened, it fascinates him the aggressive intervention of the institutions in our personal space, etc. He is trapped therefore the time when he finds out that the actual contents do not comply with the picturesque of image. One of the characteristics of these paintings is that they are able to defragment the scenes in artistic way, which is otherwise torn out of various media. This can only be done by fine art painting, which with such gestures defines its place in contemporary art.

If the struggle between the visual information in the media is designed to keep the viewer in front of a screen, these paintings do something else. Due to unusual encounters of images they compel the viewer to become an active observer and with his own interpretations complements and transforms their content. And what is most important is that they generate discourse.

 Uroš Weinberger



Uroš Weinberger (b. 1975) finished his studies in painting in 2003 and completed his Master's degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2005. In 2002 he perfected his studies at the National Academy of Art Sofia, Bulgaria. He received several awards, such as Prešeren Student's Award by University of Ljubljana in 2001 and in 2011 he was the winner of the Biennial Exhibition – A Look at Visual Arts in Slovenia 6: I, Here, Now. In 2009 he participated at Artist-in-residence program of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia in Berlin, Germany. In 2013 he participated at Artist-in-residence program at European House of Art, Upper Bavaria-Schafhof in Freising, Germany. He lives and works as an independent visual artist in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Solo Exhibitions (selection)


Uroš Weinberger: Seven Sisters, KiBela, space for art, MMC KIBLA, Maribor

Attention, family values!, Kresija Gallery, Ljubljana



Paintings and Drawings, Gallery of Murska Sobota, Murska Sobota

Hand, Job, Paper, Work., DLUD Gallery, Janez Trdina Culture Centre, Novo mesto



The Final Countdown, Salsaverde Gallery, Izola

Hand, Job, Paper, Work., House of Culture, Pivka

Paintings and Drawings, K12ǀGalerie für Gegenwartskunst, Bregenz, Austria

Kϋnstler aus Slowenien stellen sich vor: Mitja Ficko, Simon Kajtna and Uroš Weinberger, Museum fϋr Abgϋsse Klassicher Bildwerke Mϋnchen, Munich, Germany

Blur Techno, Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana

Displaced world, deplasiran svet., Ravne Gallery, Koroška Art Gallery, Slovenj Gradec



Displaced world, deplasiran svet., Maribor Art Gallery, Maribor

Displaced world, deplasiran svet., Gorenjska Museum, Kranj

Displaced world, deplasiran svet., Celje Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje

Displaced world, deplasiran svet., Nova Gorica City Gallery, Nova Gorica



Chosen artworks 2008-2012, Zlati Ajngel Gallery, Varaždin, Croatia

Displaced world, deplasiran svet., Lamut's Art Salon - Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Kostanjevica na Krki

Blur Techno, Simulaker Gallery, Novo mesto

Generation Z, Domžale Gallery, Franc Bernik Culture Centre, Domžale



Paintings, A+A Gallery, Venice, Italy

Info vs. Info, EQURNA Gallery, Ljubljana



Control-Delete, Piran City Gallery, Coastal Galleries Piran, Piran

Art critics choice: Uroš Weinberger, Cankarjev dom, Culture and Congress Centre, Ljubljana

Soft Techno, Sokolski dom, Novo mesto



Human Error, Schwarz Gallery, Ljubljana

Group Exhibitions (selection)


NordArt 2016, Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany



EQURNA POP!, EQURNA Gallery, Ljubljana

Novo mesto - Town of Inspiration, Dolenjska Museum, Novo mesto

Collection of Gorjup Gallery, Gorjup Gallery, Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Kostanjevica na Krki



12 prostorov / 12 Spaces / 12 Räume, Koroška Art Gallery, Slovenj Gradec

Alkatrash, Mosaic of Creative Metelkova – collective project, Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana

Made in Us, Krško Gallery, Krško

Kunst macht frei, EQURNA Gallery, Ljubljana



Made in Us,Vžigalica Gallery, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Ljubljana

Transfer > Slovenia, European House of Art, Upper Bavaria-Schafhof, Freising, Germany

Trans.form 4, Kϋnstlerhaus Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt, Austria



Biennial Exhibition – A Look at Visual Arts in Slovenia 6: I, Here, Now ( Nova Gorica City Gallery; Velenje Gallery; Celje Gallery of Contemporary Art; Loža Gallery, Koper, Coastal Galleries Piran)

31st Painting Week, Gorše Gallery, Suetschach, Feistritz im Rosental, Austria

A Mid-Stop, M' Art, Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana

18. MFRU, 18. International festival of computer art, Central station, Maribor, Maribor 2012 European Capital of Culture, Maribor

Beautiful Painting Is Behind Us, Maribor Art Gallery, Maribor 2012 European Capital of Culture, Maribor



Figural, figurabile, figurative, Space for Contemporary Art, Coastal Galleries Piran, Portorož

Biennial Exhibition – A Look at Visual Arts in Slovenia 6: I, Here, Now (Lamut's Art Salon - Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Kostanjevica na Krki; Gorenjska Museum Kranj; Gallery of Murska Sobota; Koroška Art Gallery Slovenj Gradec) 

16/16 Taste of painting, EQURNA Gallery, Ljubljana



Berlin – London – New York, Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana

Zeit fϋhlen – Zeit leben, Kϋnstlerhaus Graz, Universalmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria

3rd Artexchange, MMC Rovinj, Croatia (with Mimmo Paladino)

DLUD 16+, Žitnjak Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

2010 International Fine Art Collection (The V & A Waterfront, Cape Town; Melrose Arch, Johannesburg; Kizo Art Gallery, Durban, The South African Republic; Galerie in Berlin KG Harald Osinski, Berlin, Germany)

Paintings from the exhibition 2010, EQURNA Gallery, Ljubljana



Biennial Exhibition -  A Look at Visual Arts 5: I Feel Kostanjevica na Krki, Lamut's Art Salon - Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Kostanjevica na Krki



Opening Night 17, Celje Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje



Uroš Weinberger

Prečna 53, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenia

tel.: +386 (0) 41 753 174+386 (0) 41 753 174



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Recent Exhibits

Uroš Weinberger participated in these exhibits:

Jun, 2014 Uroš Weinberger - Paintings and Drawings
K12ǀGalerie für Gegenwartskunst | A-6900 Bregenz
Dec, 2013 Made in Us
Vžigalica Gallery
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Uroš Weinberger has Exhibited with these artists:

Uroš Abram Mark Požlep
Miha Štrukelj Luka Uršič
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Uroš Weinberger has Exhibited at these venues:

K12ǀGalerie für Gegenwartskunst | A-6900 Bregenz Vžigalica Gallery

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