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Miro Tomarkin

A little overview :
Swiss Scandal  
Posted 1/11/14

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Fleeing Upwards  
Posted 9/26/13

Being down, crushed to the floor All logic out of the window There will be always an opening door No matter how they try to stop you, by hammering fast and slow I know deep in my heart, holding on is, what makes me keep knocking that door Which one may call - the entrance to UP - to the top of the rainbows peak But as steady as the earths ground I walk UP and UP - no matter what may come Seeing and hearing that sound Fleeing UPwards, is like - returning after a hard journ... [more]

Yom Kippur with the son of David  
Posted 9/13/13

I know deep in my HEART - there's nothing too far - nothing too close - that can describe - my personal Yom Kippur - My being reminded - my being renewed. - Ages and Ages ago - Someone decided for me - now I make decisions - All of them but one - Made more sense - to ask for divine revelation - about things not many have seen - the prophets of old - wisdom not fails - all that fails is our nature - only if we are kindled with fire and love - a meeting with... [more]

Three Parent Babies – it’s not that simple  
Posted 6/28/13

    I worry that there will be a ‘leftover few”, who will lose all hope of ever finding a cure to their existing genetic DISEASES just because everyone concentrates on modifying ‘future’ generations, who then will be free of these genetic impairments. I think it is to be welcomed, that these genetic male functions are eradicated and future generations may not have to go through. Every parent and of course – person- with one of the many genetic passed on Illnesses can follow and understand t... [more]

Banquet Party  
Posted 5/18/13

Banquet Party ( Artist's Statement) It shines, most pleasant, most of the days  Sometimes it rains, pours down Being in that place, where the Ghosts of the Past dance with the Present and Future Like insects in the warm evening summer sun. This place is warm, bright, colourful and happy - Sad, angry and desperate as well.  Where the Extremes hold a Banquet Some people live overregulated lives - far away from that place.  I am watching them, hate what these rules represent, but also with envy  ... [more]

Religion versus Faith  
Posted 4/19/13

oil on canvas71/51 cmRarely was RELIGION on the 'GOOD SIDE' - more than anything else it stood with the powerful against the 'small'. But with regards to faith, it mostly is on the winner's side, but this is a minority, a winner's minority. Faith is a QUALITY, an ENTITY which allows a small band of people to stand up against a mob, against Dictators and SECTARIAN RELIGIONS, whatever GROUP or DENOMINATION they may confess to belong to. Real FAITH is what those PEOPLE did, whilst acting on their belie... [more]

Funeral rehearsals under the cover of Darknes and Daylight assault on the unemployed  
Posted 4/15/13

                                                               "What happened" Oil on Canvas©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin Cuts, broken Promises - all I hear when I turn on the news. Private agencies running checks for state entitlements. Really ill people are getting put through the stress of being 'looked at' by Low profile MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS, Unemployed being demonised - while RICH enjoy TAX CUTS and 'LADIES' get expensive FUNERALS rehearsing the event under cover of DARKNES. Something does... [more]

Being Jewish , what it is to me  
Posted 4/14/13

Although I can claim, Ashkenazy maternal and Sephardim Paternal - I am Sephardim, as in my understanding I lean towards quarim Judaism (Sephardic) who have Patrilineal descent. as one can see from this extract of the description about them : Karaite Judaism follows patrilineal descent, meaning a Jew is someone whose father is Jewish, or who has undergone a formal conversion, since all Jewish descent in the Tanakh is traced patrilineally. However, anyone who formally accepts the God of Israel as their own God, the people of Israel as... [more]

How we Judge recent History and how we view the 'Left' and Religion  
Posted 4/2/13

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Man In charge of the Well which provides the LIVING WATERS managing to burn it down, trying to ‘channel’ it…..   A Look into not too Far off History of our Well fare states throughout the 1st World (and 2nd World until the fall of the IRON CURTAIN   Please Forgive this simplified ‘Argument’, wh... [more]

Growing Poem of LOSS  
Posted 2/22/13

The Growing Poem of Loss How the years have passed by, they rush - they fly. To have had you - makes me glad to have lost you - sad; My heart and my soul are aching, it feels as if it's breaking I'm told we're waiting not in vain, one Day I'll see you again then oh G_d I will rejoice and thank you with my Voice G_d please let it be true ! Late into the night I lay wake, of Pain my heart is 'bout to break but time feels like a curse, the longer ago it feels worse! It stings like... [more]

Angry? - Angry!  
Posted 2/22/13

You want me to change ?  Looking forward to Life ? I'll tell you something strange - Who can give me back the strive To fill that hole You helped to cut the big tear - all they stole. Sits deep in my gut needing a surgeons knife My dignity, my love, my heart is ripped. Want me to change my life Now this late it has slipped * Crap is what you're asking this is not lasting the pain is part of living ones life's Art ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin Poem, Pictures ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin ... [more]

Bankers do your gardening  
Posted 7/10/12

I’ve made my little garden into a piece of art. As, to passer’s by - it matters if a house looks messy and dirty or nice interesting - uplifting. To the ‘Big shots’ in Politics and Banking I say – do the same with your reputations and do your ‘gardening’ and ‘landscaping’ so people do not have to turn their heads away  when they ‘pass’ you.....They might look @ you …….. [more]

Posted 7/4/12

                          Mess and outrage Oil on Canvas©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin there's no joke, no humour, no satire. Just outrage over the current scandals in the banking sector.....  be big enough and you can cheat, steal and get away with it......... [more]

Hi every 2  
Posted 6/8/12

My take on the situation in Syria -  Gedanken ueber die situation in Syrien: Flying Carpet - How nice would it be to have those in order for those victims to escape the brutal terror. Oil on Canvas©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin Chatting in a prehistoric Landscape - all humans, no matter of color / race / religion are endangered to be ruled by ruthless beings, with only one Aim :  To RULE at any price.... Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin broken pipe of peace  -  This Pipe was broken in... [more]

Thoughts to the recent news.....  
Posted 6/8/12

Charles Aznavour's song "Ghost's of the Past" Oil on Canvas©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin [more]

Ling and Lang ( from my own Compost)  
Posted 6/8/12

Ling and Lang: the balance of the Nonsense and the Fundamental -Fabric of the satirical compost, with the estranged meaning of the radical endorsement of the coalition between the spoken and the visual........  Taken from : Miro A Tomarkin's wise Compost ( © ) © Oil on Canvas©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin© Follow this blog // if(typeof(networkedblogs)=="undefined"){networkedblogs = {};networkedblogs.blogId=1157027;networkedblogs.shortName="ling-and-lang";} // [more]

Past exhibitions :)  
Posted 6/8/12

Miro A Tomarkin © Miro A Tomarkin © Pesach from miro tomarkin on Vimeo. Follow this blog // if(typeof(networkedblogs)=="undefined"){networkedblogs = {};networkedblogs.blogId=1157022;networkedblogs.shortName="artslant-hi-every-2";} // [more]

Jubilant ?  
Posted 6/1/12

I am in two minds about the British monarchy. I currently live in an area of London (one of the ‘Olympic London Boroughs’). Considering, they have no real decision making power. Every state has a representative Head of state. I’ve been asked quite frequently, if I am republican or constitutional monarchist. The Answer is, generally speaking, neither. I find every country has to find its own way – as long they don’t rob their citizens and live a live in luxury, when their citizens struggle. So no – I won’t be... [more]

No reason to change policies - we're on course  
Posted 1/18/12


For Sale (Dept. of Economy repairs)  
Posted 11/4/11

"Letting off steam after watching the daily news" oil on canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin "from normal to abnormal" Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin [more]

Breaking free (by Miro Tomarkin)  
Posted 11/4/11

Another day, another DragEveryone seems to be content but meStriving for perfect Beauty after PainAnother Painting, another SongWhere are all the promises made in Despair?Gone, gone, like all those who left, when times were hardAnother Poem, another Creation after Sadness as deep as the blue SeaThen life’s ‘picking up’, they all come, those friends that DisappearedI’d rather have those, I never knew before or those who stood PutAnother attempt to break the Chain, another desperate cry for the Handwh... [more]

the new Aristocrats: BMW, VW,Audi,Mercedes,Citroen,Peugot, GM,Toyota,Mazda  
Posted 11/3/11

Who rules this Planet?   Or the modern Aristocrats G20 - a funny term..... Like in the Automobile industry, there are 'the serious players', and those 'owned by the G4'.( G4 -my term actually G7, G8)... -So why G20? It's designed to make other countries, besides the US, Germany, Japan, France and now China, feel important and find mechanisms to cement the current World-Order. The mid-field players like Britain, Spain and Italy are given the sense of having something to say, and the rest of the... [more]

daily politics - again - not so many words - but Pictures..... :);)))  
Posted 11/2/11

THE COIN PRODUCED TO PAY FOR THE BANKS FAILINGS "the coin makers - Citizens Coin" Oil on Canvas©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin [more]

Not many words- just a complicated title - or : speak through pictures about us  
Posted 10/31/11

@mirotheartist    (twitter) miro tomarkin the 'OZboUrne Conspiracy' or Dave and Nickie in bed, or banks give friendly advice.. ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin [more]

Artist statement  
Posted 10/11/11

My Art is the Attempt ..... : .......... to tell my story, my point of view... to bring across, not just a 'tale' , but the way it made me feel...... showing teeth, where I feel threat.... pouring my heart out........ sending love when I approve...... being sad, to get angry at the right things.... to be wind, when others are hot........ be a fire when it is cold...... to show the world around me, as I see it..... making a statement, when everyone else is quiet.... joining the choir,... [more]

“The tale of Mrs and Mr Majority” or: “what’s more important Talent or Fame”  
Posted 10/10/11

This is the story of a couple, everyone knows……….. ‘Turning on’ the TV can be a quite stressful experience. One Live Show, Talk Show, Music, Dance, Business and cooking competition ‘races’ the other. While everyone strives to succeed, ‘Making it BIG’ as fast as possible. This seems to be the main theme. It’s a trend which more worryingly has got hold of the Political Landscape too. While they claim to make tough choices, they actually are rough on us and  target what they think a majority can b... [more]

My new Artist's Statement  
Posted 4/18/10

My Art is the Attempt ..... : .......... to tell my story, my point of view... to bring across, not just a 'tale' , but the way it made me feel...... showing teeth, where I feel threat.... pouring my heart out........ sending love when I approve...... being sad, to get angry at the right things.... to be wind, when others arer hot........ be a fire when it is cold...... to show the world around me, as I see it..... making a statement, when everyone else is quiet.... joining the choir, when it's righ... [more]

raising your voice during these uncertain times  
Posted 10/3/11

During several local exhibitions, I was asked to either give a written Explanation or even not to display certain pieces, as they were deemed  'too controversial'..... here are some thoughts about this..... Antidote (economic downturn) oil on canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin suicide bombers promise, or the big fat lie oil on canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin Mountains from my memory Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin Art is to many people different things. From consumable gourmet to the eye, provocation, underl... [more]

I will be exhibiting some of my work for the duration of one year at the NewWorldArtGalleryLondon  
Posted 7/14/10

Aristocratic Family / Oil on Canvas / by: © MiroAtlamechoTomarkin see also :    or or  for Video : [more]

My recent Exhibitions (c)MiroAtlamechoTomarkin  

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