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Gallery 6NINE

Jun, 2015 Views of Our World
Aneta Bozic, Darron Davies, Greg Ferry, Marianne Little, Erich Schipp
Jun, 2015 Group Exhibition
Justine Cromb, Birgit Kreuzkamp, Marianne Little, Helen McPherson, Merle Parker, Carol Rowlands
May, 2015 INfinite Variation, INfinite Possibility
Rafael de la Paz, Alexi Kaye, Jullie Millowick, Carol Rowlands, Christine Sayer
May, 2015 Group Exhibition
Eddie Botha, Bernadette Boundy, Prue Clements, Justine Cromb, Di Cunningham, Jan Dunphy, Hans Erftermeyer, Nick Hand, Jan Herrera, Rom Jagielski, Leonie Kervin, Fionna Madigan, Jacinta Martin, Annette McCrae, Betty Nicholson, Merle Parker, Carol Rowlands, Erich Schipp, Ali Tabbit
May, 2015 Places and Faces
Emma Blee, Jemal M. Hussien, Ameen Al Jamali, Mohammad Khazane, Fionna Madigan, Pol McMahon, Betty Nicholson
Apr, 2015 Landscapes, Nature & the Human Form
Deb Ball, Ingrid K Brooker, Sally D'Orsogna, Kylie Gerber, Cathy Hayward, Leonie Kervin, Heather King, Lieng Lay, Frances Monro, Olga Tsara
Sep, 2014 Strang/Seach & Verwoert
Gayle Seach, Andrew Strang, Sisca Verwoert
May, 2014 Aerial, Artifacts from a New Mythology
Natalie Fernandez, Phaedra Gunn, Vivien Tate, Liz Zanella
May, 2014 MAYD4 Members - Gallery Artist Group Exhibition
May, 2014 Once Upon a Time
Efrossini Chaniotis
May, 2014 The 4 Artists' Hands
Naomi McDonald, Robina McDonald, Norma McGowan, Liz Patton
May, 2014 Gallery Member Collaboration - Group Exhibition of Contributing Member Artists
Apr, 2014 The Greatest Colouring Book that Ever Was, Vol 1'
Ingrid Ackroyd
Apr, 2014 Brushwork
Gus Eagleton, Gregory Jessup
Apr, 2014 Embodiment
Felicity Clarke, Laziza Hawkins
Apr, 2014 [ADDENDUM]
Katy Bowman
Mar, 2014 Images of India
Hans Erftemeyer
Mar, 2014 The Logic of Living Systems
John Joseph McKenzie
Mar, 2014 I Heart Threads
Kieran Stopp
Mar, 2014 Solo Exhibition
Peter Hutchinson
Mar, 2014 Solo Exhibition
Kate Sylvester
Feb, 2014 'Connected Cultures and Contrasts'
Nikki D'Emden, Max Darby, Clodagh Holahan, Helen McCormack
Feb, 2014 My Journey
Claudio Cantelli
Feb, 2014 The Wrong Head
Mat Blackwell, Dan Kelly, Xtian
Jan, 2014 Librarians At The Gate
Brendan Parkes
Nov, 2013 New Work
Claire Lefebvre
Nov, 2013 69Fifteen
Nov, 2013 Daemons & Deities and Musings
Vanessa Beck, Deborah Walker
Nov, 2013 The Space Between
Marianne Little
Nov, 2013 The Lovers
Georgia Banks
Nov, 2013 Reverie
Sue Bottomley
Oct, 2013 Endangered Beauty
Liz Millson
Oct, 2013 The Company you keep
Amanda Croatto
Oct, 2013 Consume Me
Monique Barnett
Oct, 2013 Red, Black and Blue at SIDECAR
John Puli
Sep, 2013 My Art, My Heart
Claudio Cantelli
Sep, 2013 Book in a Bag
Sep, 2013 AWOL
Jason Nixon
Sep, 2013 The Real Deal
Charlotte Clemens
Sep, 2013 Eden
Zoe Paterson
Sep, 2013 Meeting Alison
Joanne Bos
Aug, 2013 My paintings are my voice...
Giang Nguyen
Louise Anthony
Aug, 2013 Cycles of Light
Michelle McGowan, Maria Stipcevic, Kathy Thompson
Aug, 2013 New Landscape
Carol Rowlands
Aug, 2013 Perception_self
Jul, 2013 What It Is and What It Isn’t
Andrew Maclean
Jul, 2013 Bound for Glory
Janet Clouston
Jul, 2013 Perpetual Opposites
Lucinda Cyran, Shane Sterry
Jul, 2013 Freedom
Emily Payne
Jul, 2013 The Obsessions of a Woman of a Certain Age-Cohen and Cats
Penny Peckham
Jul, 2013 Bending Light
Margaret Thomson
Jul, 2013 Utopian Dreams Debbie Robinson
Debbie Robinson
Jul, 2013 Likeness 3 - the process of portrayal
Maxime Banks, James Bonnici, Ed Botha, Aneta Bozic, Richard Butler-Bowden, Prue Clements, Amanda Croatto, Justine Cromb, Dali Dali, Darron Davies, Toni-ann Dowd, Drewfunk, Nikki D’Emden, M. P. Fikaris, Jo Harrison, Adrian Jilich, Julian Di Martino, Amy Mills, Betty Nicholson, Merle Parker, Liza Posar, Rose Rigley, Francie Wills
Jun, 2013 Fusion
Fionna Madigan
May, 2013 Lynchie the Mouse
Justin Perkins
Duncan Crawford, Yvonne Dalton, Jim Duncan, Cindy Durant, Siv Grava, Neil Hann, Marek Herburt, Pamela Kouwenhoven, Beaver Lennon, Kim Marriott, Bruce Martin, Alison Mitchell, Allyson Parsons, Todd Romanowycz, Cathy Sarles, Sandra Saunders, Simon Smith, Lise Temple, Kerry Youde
May, 2013 Elements
Keiko Murakami
May, 2013 The Art of Reading
Rita Zammit
May, 2013 Are You Ready
Darron Davies, Antony Dimmock, Jenny Gibson, Karena Goldfinch, Veronica Hodgkinson, Andrew Maclean, Maree Quinn, Jillian Russell, Margot Sharman, Marg Thomson
Apr, 2013 Inside Out
Anna Chadwick
Apr, 2013 Instinctive Behavior
Bronni Krieger
Apr, 2013 As For the Rhinoceros
Katrina Dobbs
Mar, 2013 Bodily Dialogue
Peter So
Mar, 2013 Glances Stolen
Peter Quarry
Mar, 2013 Recent Works
Shelley Vincent
Feb, 2013 And the Big Men Fly
Sarah Hawkins
Feb, 2013 work on paper
Nguyen Dinh Hien
Feb, 2013 Underwards
Merryl Key, Janine Parker
Feb, 2013 Workers Exhibit
Feb, 2013 Simmer - Contemporary Works from Far North Queensland
Raewyn Biggs, Louisa Ennis-Thomas, Vide Freiburg, Rose Rigley
Feb, 2013 Solo Exhibition
Claire Ngu
Feb, 2013 This is my art
Feb, 2013 Black and Gold
Veronica Hodgkinson
Jan, 2013 Red is for ...
Jan, 2013 Journeys
Jade Thompson
Jan, 2013 Summer Stories
Dec, 2012 Spring Art Market
Andrew Maclean, Amy Mills, Merle Parker, Liz Zanella
Nov, 2012 69 Smith Street Art Prize 2012 - The Secret Life of Space
Nov, 2012 Spring Art Market
Andrew Maclean, Amy Mills, Merle Parker, Liz Zanella
Nov, 2012 Filaments
Maria Teixeira
Nov, 2012 Street Views
Dylan Brookes
Nov, 2012 Flight
Kate Peters
Nov, 2012 Land, Sky & Sea
Peter Hutchison
Nov, 2012 Solo Exhibition
Marije Klaver
Oct, 2012 Spring Art Market
Andrew Maclean, Amy Mills, Merle Parker, Liz Zanella
Oct, 2012 Present Yourself
Leah Mariani
Oct, 2012 Simply Her Friends
Darron Davies
Oct, 2012 A Sentient Dream
Cheryl Osborne
Sep, 2012 Cultural Connectedness
Charlotte Clemens
Sep, 2012 Creation/Destruction
Mikaila Hanman Siegersma
Sep, 2012 Sacrosanct Wine Fairies
Amy Mills
Sep, 2012 City Lines
Marianne Little
Sep, 2012 Gestured Conversations
Liz Archer
Sep, 2012 We are all in this together
Liza Posar
Sep, 2012 Colour Rush
Jacqui Moyle
Sep, 2012 Quotidian
Gavin Sanderson
Sep, 2012 The Obelisk
Tas Wansbrough
Aug, 2012 arc at 30
John Abery, Sharon Anderson, Dana Ashlakoff, Prue Clements, Shelley McDermott, Sue Pavlovich, Jenny Peterson, Dianne Shaw, Fiona West, Anthea Williams
Aug, 2012 Likeness 2
Jul, 2012 Incandescent
Julie-anne Armstrong-Roper
Jul, 2012 The 75 Print Salute
Paula McLoughlin
Jul, 2012 Journey with a Pencil
Mireille Beaufremez
Jul, 2012 Order Versus Kaos
Brian Delaney
Jul, 2012 Red
Liz Zanella
Jul, 2012 Three Men & A Red Head
Otto Boron, Patrick Jennings Brady, Thomas Delohery, Kaliopy
Jul, 2012 Second Edition
Katy Bowman
Jul, 2012 Similitudes II
Sue Pavlovich
Jul, 2012 Sacrosanct
Amy Mills
Jul, 2012 Frottage Workshop
Marianne Little, Jill Maclean, Sue Pavlovich
Jun, 2012 Shared Space
Michael Cuthburt, Birgit Kreuzkamp
Jun, 2012 Fingerprints
Bernadette Boundy, Darron Davies, Antony Dimmock, Jenny Gibson, Karena Goldfinch, Veronica Hodgkinson, Andrew Maclean, Merle Parker, Maree Quinn, Jill Russell, Margot Sharman, Marg Thomson
May, 2012 Big Breath into Town
Leone Gabrielle
May, 2012 Weird OK!
May, 2012 UpStairs
Apr, 2012 Hanga
Keiko Murakami
Apr, 2012 The Peppermint Knights & Limes of Disease
Brendan Parkes
Apr, 2012 Bound by the Book
Bernadette Boundy, Sally D'Orsogna, Susan Lock, Greg Neville, Margot Sharman
Mar, 2012 Mind's Eye
Linda Zarb
Mar, 2012 Dance With Me
Emma Morrison
Mar, 2012 Dreaming a Garden
Darron Davies
Mar, 2012 Colour Story
Cecilia Gardiner
Mar, 2012 Patterns
Carol Rowlands
Feb, 2012 Jason’s quest for the Fleece
Justin Perkins
Feb, 2012 We [heart] Robots
Lukas Haulser
Feb, 2012 Performance Paradigm
Vanessa Howells, Tyler Payne
Feb, 2012 Group Exhibition
Aneta Bozic, Jan Herrera
Feb, 2012 Ecelectic Imagining from Warrnambool
Feb, 2012 End of Times - Members show
Feb, 2012 Our Disappearing Forest - Too precious to turn into woodchips!
Karena Goldfinch
Jan, 2012 Elegance in line
Ryan DAVIS, Amanda Gelling, Duncan James, Nicole Wassell
Jan, 2012 Urban in colour
Alison Bennett, Jacqueline Gwynne, Zoe Horsfall, Rat Simpson, Phil Soliman
Nov, 2011 recipe
Nov, 2011 ‘HATCH’- Exhibition of NMIT graduate painters & printmakers
Adriana Crosshall, NATHAN JOKOVICH, Eugene Mott, Lance Simpson
Oct, 2011 SILVER
Oct, 2011 Of Passionate things
Veronica Hodgkinson
Ellen Taylor
Sep, 2011 Sylvia- whose forest is it anyway?
Karena Goldfinch
Anne Bennett, Jodi Heffernan, Kari Henriksen
Sep, 2011 Observance
Karena Goldfinch
Sep, 2011 TRANSITIONS – reflections on a year of change
Emma Blee
Sep, 2011 unNatural Order
Aneta Bozic, Dominique Dunstan, Cristy Gilbert, Sandra Winkworth
Sep, 2011 White Man’s Burden
Ben Laycock
Sep, 2011 Solitary Poesy: Some are born to the endless night
Rebecca Cantlon, Matthew Engert
Jul, 2011 Structured Conversations
Liz Archer
Jul, 2011 Fog
Jul, 2011 ‘Constructing Spaces’
Sue Comrie
Jul, 2011 Likeness – a Portrait Exhibition
Jun, 2011 RE-FOCUS
Vivienne Baldwin, Emma Blee, Bernadette Boundy, Darron Davies, Jenny Gibson, Karen Goldfinch, Veronica Hodgkinson, Andrew Maclean, Merle Parker
Jun, 2011 Merging Point
May, 2011 ‘Family Anatomy’
Jillian Russell
May, 2011 ‘Face the Truth’
Jennifer Symons
May, 2011 ‘Kisses From Down Under’
May, 2011 ‘Exploration’
Olga Morris
May, 2011 Interpreting the landscape
Karen Foley
May, 2011 SEE O METRIC
Desiree Vanderhaegen
May, 2011 WITHIN SILENCE Insight into the Little Desert Hidden Energies
Mireille Beaufremez
Apr, 2011 Autumnal Equinox: 24 Hours Photography Show
Apr, 2011 FONE FOTOS
Kaitlyn Crist
Mar, 2011 A Double Life
Paul Kathner
Leisa Fields
Mar, 2011 FLOW
Veronica Hodgkinson
Mar, 2011 'Ink Blots on the Horizon’
Kylie Blackley
Mar, 2011 ’Shifting Ground'
John Doyle, Angela Gardner, Lisa Pullen, Gwenn Tasker
Mar, 2011 ‘Apartment or Aquarium’
Elizaveta Maltseva
Feb, 2011 ‘Body Parts’
Feb, 2011 There’s no Place Like Home
Sobrane Simcock
Jan, 2011 Scapes
T J Bateson, Mtoklo, Christos Nikopoulos, Rat Simpson, Alex Herbert Townsend, Roger Ungers, Alli Sebastian Wolf
Nov, 2010 2010 Art prize
Leonardo Uribe Angarita, Eleven, Jenny Gibson, Marianne Little, Rachele MacBryde, Christina Markin, Erin Round
Oct, 2010 ’LIVING CITY ‘
Alison Hart, Carolyn Sratford
Sheila D'Cruz
Yvonne Ho
Lelia Aguila, Genevieve Allison, Fay Chiaplias, Priscilia Diaz, Carmen Kelly, Robert Mangion, Dianne Martin, Joan Stojcevski
Sep, 2010 “INSIDE OUT ”
Karryn Argus, Bek Hayes, Mira Krulic, Jennie Menzies, Dianne Zacanovsky
Sep, 2010 10 Weeks and 1 Day
Merle Parker
Sep, 2010 Veronica Hodgkinson
Veronica Hodgkinson
Sep, 2010 ‘No title Necessary’
Clare Bannatyne, Robyn Fry, Marianne Little, Christine Menegazzo, Carol Rowlands, Kathleen Vafiadis, Elizabeth van Herwaarden
Andreas Bickford
Arnya Smith
Aug, 2010 ‘EARTHLING - POD PAD ’
Campbell Wyers
Nat Morris
Aug, 2010 "UNTITLED 1"
Irene Amorosi, Jason Boag, Alcides Flores, Christina Markin, Emma Morrison, Elaine Pullum, Barry Shirley, Karen Shirley, Sobrane Simcock, Anna Taifernopoulos, Desiree Vanderhagen, Shelley Vincent
Peter Hutchison
Helen McInnis
Jul, 2010 ‘INTROSPECT’
Amy Mills
Apr, 2010 Cyril
Justine Cromb
Apr, 2010 Visceral-if I touch I might get cut
Anna Taifernopoulos
Apr, 2010 Urban Trace
Nick Kind
Apr, 2010 I'll come back for you
Georgina Koureas
Apr, 2010 Fragmentary Observations
Caroline Halstead
Feb, 2010 Group Show
Dominique Dunstan, Naomi Eller, Nele Hoffmann, Rose O'Shea
Nov, 2009 Group Exhibition
Emma Blee, Aneta Bozic, Cristy Gilbert, Eleni Rivers, Trish Round, Mardi Sommerfeld
Oct, 2009 So Easey
Pamela Begbie, Frances Fraser, Claudia Hull, Kathy Siganakis
Sep, 2009 Sea: What lies beneath?
Martha Ackroyd Curtis
Sep, 2009 Wilson Prom Revisited
Marianne Little
Sep, 2009 New York Reflections
Anthony Hollway
Sep, 2009 Walking through Fox Glacier
Sue Pavlovich
Sep, 2009 From the Archive: Pilgrim's treasure
Rose O'Shea
Sep, 2009 Scared of a Rabbit are You
Julian Di Martino
Jun, 2009 Open Ground, Opened Spaces
Ian Cox, Stephen Jovanovich
May, 2009 Altered View
Michael Cuthbert
May, 2009 Girls and Boys come out to play
Maria Vella
May, 2009 Alice in Tartland
Debbie Harman
May, 2009 Is that a shoe?
Monica Jackson
Apr, 2009 Keith by Hans
Hans Erftemeyer
Apr, 2009 Who is afraid of red,blue,yellow?
Group Exhibition
Feb, 2009 Dreamscapes
Kristin McIver

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