The Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden and the Museum Frieder Burda are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Museum Frieder Burda\, presenting highlights from the collection which has constantly grown for fo rty years. As was the case on the occasion of the museum opening in 2004\, the exhibition will again present various groups of works from the extensiv e holdings of the collection at two venues &mdash\; at the neo-classical St aatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden designed by Hermann Billing During as well as in the museum building designed by Richard Meier. The anniversary exhibi tion is being curated by Helmut Friedel (Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden) and Gö\;tz Adriani (Museum Frieder Burda).


Exhibition at Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden

Works by Gü\;n ther Uecker\, Heinz Mack\, Adolf Luther\, and Christian Maggert\, on the ot her hand\, represent an important phase of postwar German art history. In 1 958\, the artists joined forces to establish the ZERO group\, propagating a n idealistic fresh start in art through their purist light-kinetic wall obj ects. Extensive monographic groups of works by Gerhard Richter\, Georg Base litz\, and Sigmar Polke from the 1960s to the present take on a unique role in the Collection Frieder Burda. Unlike ZERO\, they stand for the enormous prominence of the picture and its continuity in German painting of the pas t fifty years. These are supplemented by outstanding paintings by Eugen Sch ö\;nebeck\, Anselm Kiefer\, Markus Lü\;pertz\, and Arnulf Rainer\; by Neo Rauch\, Herbert Brandl\, Corinne Wasmuht\, Karin Kneffel\, as well a s by other contemporary artists. \;

The anniversary catalogue \;

The publication includes illustrations and the descriptions of numerous works from the collection\, an interview with Frieder Burda\, as well as a tribute to Richard Meier&rsquo\;s museum architecture. It furthermore provides insight into all of the Museum Friede r Burda&rsquo\;s previous exhibitions. With contributions by Gö\;tz Adr iani\, Hans-Joachim Mü\;ller\, Wolfgang Pehnt\, et al. Hatje Cantz Verl ag\; German and French\, 336 pages\, 35 euros.

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From July to October four of the Henry Moore Institute's gal leries are dedicated to the work of Gego (1912-94)\, an artist who faithful ly explored the possibilities of the line as an object. Gego was born Gertr ud Goldschmidt in Hamburg\, 1912\, and emigrated to Caracas in 1939 immedia tely after finishing her architectural studies in Stuttgart. In Venezuela s he began working as an artist in the 1950s\, and became a citizen in 1952.< /p>\n

For five decades Gego expanded the line into planes\, volumes and e xpansive nets to reflect on the nature of perception. \;Gego. Line as Object \;investigates the artist's unrivalled engagement with t he problems of form and space\, using light\, shadow\, scale and gravity in a constant process of discovery. This first UK solo presentation of Gego u nderlines her visionary approach to sculpture\, a terminology that she refu sed to use for her own work. In one of her notebooks she exclaimed: 'Sculpt ure\, three-dimensional forms of solid material. Never what I do!' Sculptur e is concerned with weight\, scale\, gravity\, light\, space and encounter: terms embodied by Gego's study of the line as object. Here at the Henry Mo ore Institute\, a centre for the study of sculpture\, her work is claimed f or sculpture. Gego's sculptures or\, as she preferred to call them\, \; bichos \;directly address the phenomenological encounter with sculpture.


The selection of works in \;Gego. Line as Object  \;span a thirty-four year period. It begins in 1957\, when Gego e xplicitly began to address sculptural thinking with the work 'Vibration in Black'. This torso-sized continuous form of painted black aluminium hangs f rom the ceiling\, gently responding to air movement and spreading its volum e through shadows. The latest works are from 1991\, when Gego concentrated on her 'Tedejuras':  \;interlaced paper strips that combined  \;rep roductions of her own works with pages from magazines and gold cigarette wr appings. Between these two points Gego made large-scale nets\, columns and spheres that filled gallery spaces\, as well as watercolours\, ink drawings \, prints and lithographs exploring the line in space\, hand-sized sculptur es made from material found in her studio and sculptures that stretched bet ween the buildings in her home city of Caracas.


Gego was interested in the limitless possibilities of growth of the line. \;The Gego Found ation \;in Caracas\, where research for this exhibition was conducted\, holds the artist's book collection that includes an annotated copy of  \;D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson's \;On Growth and Form \;(1917 )\, a book that has lodged itself within the consciousness of twentieth-cen tury sculpture and that is the subject of our concurrent Gallery 4 exhibiti on.

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John Byrne's artistic career began in 1967 when he assumed t he identity of the naive painter 'Patrick' for a series of shows at the Por tal Gallery\, London. A true renaissance man\, Byrne is an artist\, playwri ght and theatre designer whose paintings feature in the Scottish National P ortrait Gallery\, Edinburgh and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery\,Glasgow. His p aintings have an unresolved and dreamlike sense of narrative that includes references to mortality and Catholicism as well as 1950s Paisley.

A 'Cabinet of Curiosities' will exhibit alongside the John Byrne exhibiti on and will also feature his work. Byrne's idiosyncratic style will be matc hed by the variety and interest of objects\, historical and contemporary\, on display.

DTEND:20140801 DTSTAMP:20140713T010555 DTSTART:20140703 GEO:55.9561845;-3.1990766 LOCATION:Bourne Fine Art\,6 Dundas St \nEdinburgh\, Scotland EH3 6HZ SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:DEAD END\, John Byrne UID:346620 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:

I don't send regular hand written letters anymore
I get e mail
I read e newspapers
I send e Christmas cards
I recei ve e newsletters
I generate e messages
I use e remote controls
I am creating \;e waste

Her sculptural collage takes the universal symbol for e-commerce and constructs it from antiquated technology: brick-sized mobile phone casi ng\, data chips from superseded products\, circuit boards from perhaps a tr ansistor radio or facsimile machine - all against a backdrop of a data stre am.
DTEND:20140805 DTSTAMP:20140713T010555 DTSTART:20140712 GEO:-33.896103;151.198761 LOCATION:Slot\,38 Botany Rd\, Alexandria \nSydney\, NSW 2015 SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY: e Wasted\, Judy Bourke UID:346619 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:

For the 9th in its series of \;exhibitions\, the Museo T hyssen-Bornemisza is presenting an analysis of the concept of the &ldquo\;u nfinished&rdquo\; in painting through fourteen works from the Permanent Col lection and the Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection. \;

Str uctured around the traditional genres of history\, landscape and portrait p ainting\, the exhibition features sketchily executed works by both Old Mast er and modern painters. \;

Works on show range from oil sket ches by Rubens\, Tiepolo\, Gé\;ricault and Delacroix to a \;p lein air \;study by Matisse and compositions by Manet\, Cé\; zanne\, Van Gogh\, Heckel and Kokoschka.

DTEND:20140921 DTSTAMP:20140713T010555 DTSTART:20140707 GEO:40.4160715;-3.6945508 LOCATION:Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza\,Paseo del Prado 8 \nMadrid\, 28014 SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY: 9: Finished / Unfinished\, Sir Peter Paul Rubens \, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo\, Henri Matisse\, Édouard Manet\, Paul Cezanne \, Vincent Van Gogh\, Friedemann Heckel\, Oskar Kokoschka\, Théodore Gérica ult\, Eugene Delacroix UID:346618 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:

Art to Collect NOW is a \;showcase of works by 100 of Ma ine's best contemporary artists\, from well-known to emerging\, whose work will be included in CMCA's \;Benefit Art Auction &\; Dinner \;on July 27. Now in its 37th year\, the auction \;is widely regarded as on e of Maine's premier collecting opportunities.

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The Galveston Arts Center proudly presents \;PALACE REVOLUTION\, a group exhibition inspired by the concept of a soft or n on-violent regime change. While the exhibition addresses various modes of s urface politics\, the show attempts to go deeper\, inviting the viewer to e xplore more subtle\, more elegant motivations and primal sources for change \, transformation and ultimately transcendence. Art works of all media will be exhibited in PALACE REVOLUTION\, with the intention to spark vital dial ogue and discovery of what it means to be truly awake in the 21st Century.< /p>\n

The artists included are at the very edge of contemporary art\, wit h many working on a global stage. Their \;work has been shown in the fu ll gamut of gallery spaces from prestigious locations such as The National Portrait Gallery of London\, The Scottish National Portrait Gallery\, vario us museums and galleries in New York\, Mexico and Singapore to the most vib rant alternative art spaces. PALACE REVOLUTION will exhibit work and artist s not seen in the region before. Programming surrounding the exhibition wil l include a free-wheeling roster of films\, socials and actions.

DTEND:20140817 DTSTAMP:20140713T010555 DTSTART:20140712 GEO:29.3047663;-94.7961897 LOCATION:Galveston Arts Center\,2501 Market Street \nGalveston\, Tx 77550 SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:PALACE REVOLUTION\, Bill Barminski\, Sarah Castillo\, Claire Fontai ne\, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge\, Andrea Geyer\, Floria Gonzalez\, Maria Garc ia Ibanez\, Lisa Kirk\, Paul Moore\, Lydia Panas\, David Gremard Romero UID:346614 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTEND:20140712T210000 DTSTAMP:20140713T010555 DTSTART:20140712T180000 GEO:29.3047663;-94.7961897 LOCATION:Galveston Arts Center\,2501 Market Street \nGalveston\, Tx 77550 SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:PALACE REVOLUTION\, Bill Barminski\, Sarah Castillo\, Claire Fontai ne\, Andrea Geyer\, Floria Gonzalez\, Maria Garcia Ibanez\, Lisa Kirk\, Pau l Moore\, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge\, Lydia Panas\, David Gremard Romero UID:346615 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:

The $50\,000 Walters Prize\, named after the late New Zealan d artist Gordon Walters\, is awarded for an outstanding work of contemporar y New Zealand art produced and exhibited during the past two years. The bia nnual Walters Prize sets out to make contemporary art a more widely recogni sed and debated feature of our cultural life. Previous Prizes have been awa rded to works by artists including Kate Newby\, Dan Arps\, Peter Robinson\, Francis Upritchard\, et al. and Yvonne Todd.


Each artist whose wor k is shortlisted receives $5\,000 in recognition of their achievement\, tha nks to major donor Dayle Mace. Their work is presented in theWalters Pr ize \;exhibition at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki 12 July - 12 October 2014.




The four shortlisted artworks are:\n