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Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Mark R. Smith: The Silk Road

Elizabeth Leach Gallery    united states
417 N.W. 9th Avenue
Portland, Oregan
November 5th - January 2nd, 2016
added 1 minute ago

Mark R. Smith continues his exploration of pattern and recycled textiles, creating unconventional objects based on a conceptual framework. Smith manifests his ideas through a labor-intensive process, transforming everyday materials into dynamic, thoughtful paintings. In The Silk Road, Smith examines both the historic trading route through central Asia, and the illicit online commerce site of the same na...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Group Show: Glassplus à la Borges aneb Zrcadlo a maskáč

Dvorak Sec Contemporary    czech republic
Dlouha 5
110 00 Prague, Czech Republic
December 11th - January 28th, 2016
added 5 minutes ago

Srdečně vás zveme na kolektivní výstavu s názvem Glassplus à la Borges aneb Zrcadlo a maskáč, jejímž záměrem je ukázat tvorbu špičkových autorů současného umění, pro které je práce se sklem typická, a zároveň představit současné umělce, kteří se specifickým méd...   [more]

Opening: December 11th   5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Jacqueline Humphries: Solo Exhibition

Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans    united states
900 Camp St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
504 528-3805
November 19th - February 28th, 2016
added 9 minutes ago

“I think a painter’s first job is to get someone to look at a painting. Perhaps it’s about motion and light. Having a heightened sense of the painting changing in front of your eyes gives it an almost cinematic quality—light moves across the surface and makes new images before your eyes." ...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b James Hoff: B=R=I=C=K=I=N=G

Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans    united states
900 Camp St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
504 528-3805
November 19th - February 28th, 2016
added 11 minutes ago

“Viruses, like art, need a host, preferably a popular one.” —James Hoff B=R=I=C=K=I=N=G is the first solo museum presentation of work by James Hoff (b. 1975, Fort Wayne, Indiana). As co-editor and publisher of Primary Information*, Hoff has long explored competing forms and networks of...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Group Show: Bourses de la Ville de Genève, Fonds Berthoud, Lissignol-Chevalier et Galland pour la jeune création

Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève    switzerland
10, Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers, 1205
1205 Genève, Switzerland
+41 22 329 18 42
December 11th - January 10th, 2016
added 42 minutes ago

Each year, a dozen Genevan artists and makers compete for one of the bursaries awarded by the Berthoud, Lissignol-Chevalier and Galland funds of the City of Geneva within the field of plastic and applied arts. The exhibition of the nominees at the Centre offers a true picture of youthful creativity in Geneva, demonstrating the different visions of the world that co-exist in the city. SHORTLISTED ARTIST...   [more]

Opening: December 10th   6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Pascual Sisto: En Plein Air

Brand New Gallery    italy
Via Farini 32
20159 Milan, Italy
November 20th - December 23rd
added about 1 hour ago

For En Plein Air, Pascual Sisto has sampled the organic occurring markings native to a peculiar household plant commonly known as the spotted laurel or gold dust laurel (Aucuba Japonica ‘Variegata’); a plant variety that has been produced in strict cultivation by selective breeding. This sampling has occurred not once or twice but multiple times throughout different mediums, like a virus...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Amy Feldman: Moon Decorum

Brand New Gallery    italy
Via Farini 32
20159 Milan, Italy
November 20th - December 23rd
added about 1 hour ago

Amy Feldman’s latest work in Moon Decorum embodies a world that is both restrained form and wild pathos. Her pristine pearlescent surfaces are a substrate upon which she showcases gesture. This is mark making in two forms. Moon Decorum, the painting from which the exhibition takes its title, has both of these forms occurring at once. On the one hand, there are fluid gibbous forms that expl...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Marilice Corona: Autoscopias

Bolsa de Arte de Porto Alegre    brazil
R. Visconde do Rio Branco, 365
90220-231 Porto Alegre, Brazil
+55 51 33326799
November 19th - December 16th
added about 1 hour ago

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Bobbie Burgers: Solo Exhibition

Bau-Xi Gallery - Vancouver    canada
3045 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3J9, Canada
604 733 7011
November 19th - December 5th
added about 1 hour ago

Bobbie Burgers is an internationally recognized artist, well known for her large scale paintings possessing strong, assured brush work and a keen contemporary sense of colour. Her work possesses a lusciousness; smooth yet wild textures and colours command the viewers attention and portray her subjects as fleeting moments in time. Believing that the tragedy of beauty is its inevitability to fade, B...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Jenny Authement, Michael w. Howes, John Harlan Norris: Group Exhibition

Baton Rouge Gallery    united states
1515 Dalrymple Drive
Baton Rouge , LA 70808
November 29th - December 24th
added about 1 hour ago

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Annual Artist Member Group Exhibition

Baton Rouge Gallery    united states
1515 Dalrymple Drive
Baton Rouge , LA 70808
November 17th - November 26th
added about 1 hour ago

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Group Show: Baton Rouge Gallery's 2015 Group Exhibition

Baton Rouge Gallery    united states
1515 Dalrymple Drive
Baton Rouge , LA 70808
November 17th - November 25th
added about 1 hour ago

Baton Rouge Gallery's 2015 Group Exhibition Features 30 Artists, Open for Limited Time When Baton Rouge Gallery - center for contemporary art (“BRG”) first opened its doors in 1966, it was to give professional contemporary artists in the Baton Rouge area a vehicle and venue to allow for them to connect with local audiences. In the years since, BRG has exhibited the work of thousands...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Nic Hess: Solo Exhibition

AZKM Muenster    germany
Hafenweg 28
48155 Münster , Germany
+49 (0)251 492 419 1
November 7th - February 28th, 2016
added about 1 hour ago

Nic Hess (*1968) konfisziert die Motive seiner großformatigen Zeichnungen aus dem verlockend bunten Vokabular zeitgenössischer Bildwelten von Werbung, Konsum und Tourismus, aber auch aus moderner Architektur und den allseits vertrauten Ikonen jüngerer Kunstgeschichte. Collageartig gesampelt und nahezu intarsienhaft geschichtet verliert das Allgemeingut vornehmlich westlicher Kultur s...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Nam-Hee Kim, Ji-Woon Yang, So-Jung Yang, Jung-Hong Park, Se-Yong Lee, Dae-Hoon Kim, In-Mo Jung, Kuk-Jin Seo, Young-Ho Lee: Contemporary Korean Ceramics in Asia

Art Seasons Singapore    singapore
1 Selegie Road
Singapore, Singapore
+65 6741 6366
November 26th - December 5th
added about 1 hour ago

Art Seasons, Singapore is pleased to present "Contemporary Korean Ceramics in Asia," an exhibition organized and supported by KICET (Korean Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology). "Contemporary Korea n Ceramics in Asia" showcases ni n e emerging and established Korean ceramicists who show endle ss possibilities of the medium from functional ceramics to art objects with unique aesthetics tha...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b R.B. Bhaskaran, Alec Cumming, Bhuri Bai, Dileep Shyam, Anil Vangad: Christmas Cornucopia!

ART 18/21    united kingdom
The Old Skating Rink Gallery , 34 - 36 Bethel Street
Norwich, Norfolk NR2 1NR, United Kingdom
01603 763345
November 20th - December 5th
added about 1 hour ago

Including works by leading international artists R B Bhaskaran, Alec Cumming, Bhuri Bai, Dileep Shyam, Anil Vangad and many more.   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Cheung Yee, Hiroshi Hara, Li YiBing, Water Poon, BAN WEI: Winter Group Exhibition

Art Beatus Gallery - Vancouver    canada
108 - 808 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
(604) 688-2633
November 27th - January 15th, 2016
added about 2 hours ago

*Please note there will not be an opening reception for this exhibition Art Beatus (Vancouver) Consultancy Ltd is pleased to present a special holiday selection of gallery artists’ works in Winter Group Exhibition. The work of Cheung Yee has a visual language inspired by prehistoric Chinese culture that is synthesized with a contemporary aesthetic. His paper cast pieces have a sculptural tact...   [more]

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