Engravings\, etchings\, and woodcuts in the Mannerist style of outrageous extremes


Mannerist artists went to extremes in their treatment of the human body. In the years after Raphael&r squo\;s death in 1520\, complex poses\, intricate gestures\, and esoteric s ymbolism replaced the harmony and balance of the High Renaissance. A self-c onsciously &ldquo\;stylish&rdquo\; style\, Mannerism was an art of extremes : elongated proportions\, exaggerated postures\, ultra-gracefulness\, and t itillating eroticism. This sophisticated and courtly style transformed prin tmaking as well as painting. &ldquo\;Elegant Contortions&rdquo\; displays a pproximately forty engravings\, etchings\, and chiaroscuro woodcuts from th e Museum&rsquo\;s rich collection. The exhibition focuses on Italian printm akers\, such as Giorgio Ghisi\; the French (and Italian) school of Fontaine bleau\; and Dutch engravers\, such as Hendrick Goltzius\, as well as the ul timate Mannerist printmaker\, Jacques Bellange of Lorraine.

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