We Think Alone is a project by Miranda July\, commiss ioned by Magasin 3 for the exhibition On the Tip of My Tongue. It on ly exists in your inbox where a themed compendium of ten emails will arrive each Monday\, from July 1 to November 11\, 2013.

Collabora tors: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar\, Lena Dunham\, Kirsten Dunst\, Sheila Heti\, Etg ar Keret\, Kate and Laura Mulleavy\, Catherine Opie\, Lee Smolin and Danh V o

"WE THINK ALONE has given me the excuse to read my frien ds' emails and the emails of some people I wish I was friends with…. None o f these emails were originally intended to be read by me (much less you*) … Privacy\, the art of it\, is evolving."

–Miranda July
< br /> *All emails were written prior to the start of this project.



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