An intimate survey of contemporary art since the 1990s by ar tists primarily of Southeast Asian descent\, Me Love You Long Time incorporates various media and new visual strategies to explore or upend t hemes such as gender\, sexuality\, sex work\, cultural tropes and subjectiv ity.

DTEND:20130407 DTSTAMP:20161028T082917 DTSTART:20130215 GEO:42.3444466;-71.0712908 LOCATION:Mills Gallery at Boston Center for the Arts\,539 Tremont Street \n Boston\, MA 02116 SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Me Love You Long Time (MLYLT) \, Bobby Abate\, Reza “Asung” Afisina \, Pulang Alakdan\, Hima B.\, Yason Banal\, Anjali Bhargava\, Isauro Cairo\ , Lynne Chan\, Vanna Chin\, Cecile Chong\, Young Chung\, Jon Cuyson\, Ciril o Domine\, Oasa DuVerney\, Permi K. Gill\, Vicente Golveo\, Akintola Hanif\ , Skowmon Hastanan\, Nguyen Tan Hoang\, Swati Khurana\, Andrew H. Kim\, Cor y Koons\, Naruki Kukita\, Viet Le\, Chang-Jin Lee\, Matthew De Leon\, Nguye n Phuong Linh\, Mail Order Brides / M.O.B.\, Yeni Mao\, Zavé Martohardjono\ , Tala Oliver Mateo\, Rafael T. Melendez\, Gabby Quynh-Anh Miller\, Ivan Mo nforte\, Teresa Nasty\, Sokuntevy Oeur\, ParadoxVestedRelics\, Mariko Passi on\, Chath Piersath\, Tomiko Pilson\, Johanna Poethig\, Stephanie Powell\, Clifford Landon Pun\, Vanessa T. Ramalho\, Rico J. Reyes\, Larilyn Sanchez\ , SLAAAP!\, Lim Sokchanlina\, Nodeth Vang\, Nathan Lam Vuong\, Maria Yoon UID:267466 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR