The work of Marcin Maciejowski (born Babice\, Poland in 1974) re-presents everyday images of our time. Using those already in popu lar circulation as starting points - found photographs\, movies\, posters\, newspaper illustrations - his paintings naturally inherit the social and p olitical implications of their source material. Current affairs\, film stil ls\, military and religious figures and film noir femmes fatales all popula te his art. Witty and often ironic\, these subjects are presented in a deli berate abandonment of the traditions associated with the history of paintin g. Echoing the speed of the digital reproduction\, the slowness of his chos en\, analogue\, medium brings an examination of the role of painting in tod ay'’s cultural world. 


This will be the artist's first exhibition in a p ublic UK venue and will include paintings from 2003-12. 

DTEND:20130602 DTSTAMP:20160627T135726 DTSTART:20130201 GEO:54.9667925;-1.5864567 LOCATION:BALTIC Centre For Contemporary Art\,Gateshead Quays South Shore Ro ad\nGateshead\, NE8 3BA SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Solo Exhibition\, Marcin Maciejowski UID:256955 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR