My work is in part the product of a world-weary person who l istens to too much news and observes too much that is distressing. The imag es start as abstract responses to issues such as overabundance in the U.S.\ , lead poisoning in the environment\, and the battle over the port of Olymp ia\, Washington between peace advocates and the military. I use a language of nature: branches\, stems\, flora\, vines\, pods\, hills\, streams and mo untains to illustrate my responses. While a connection to nature is clearly made with this language the ties become severed as natural forms are squee zed through filters of the surreal and decorative. Binding and clutter are two visual devices I repeatedly use. One is reminded of both the lushness o f a rain forest and the contemporary world’s ability to trap us with its mi sery.

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