Josef Albers has said that 'what counts is seeing\, coupled with fantasy\, with imagination'. A widely renowned color-theorist and artist\, Albers finds that slight shifts in pe rception\, color\, and perspective can result in significant change in rece ption and meaning\, a heightened sensitivity to reality\, and stimulation t o a previously unchallenged sense of awareness. Taking this as a starting p oint\, the work exhibited further takes cues from meaning\, language\, and communication\, the exhibition projects a series of views of the world as i ndefinable\, in-flux\, and in some instances\, entirely void of meaning\, o r playful.


Mysteries brings togeth er nine international artists who challenge reality to arrive at new modes of communication and meaning through the perspectives in their work. Each d econstructs and re-shapes his or her surroundings and reality through the p rocess of art-making\, offering a vision of the ordinary as something altog ether extraordinary. 

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