ArtSlant - Recently added en-us 40 Bree Ellett, Eileen Braybrook, Laura Houlden, Karan Jones, Manna Ly, Camilla Rogers, Camilla Stirling - No Vacancy Fed Square: Project Space - August 1st - August 17th <p style="text-align: justify;">Reflecting on themes of nature and nurture through the practice of craft, Bower is an exhibition featuring works by seven Melbourne based textile designers.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Using collected and found materials each designer has explored the notion, that the process of making by hand allows us to form a connection with our environment, ourselves and others. Mirroring the craft of birds, the nests and vessels exhibited allow glimpses into the designers stories and surroundings.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Throughout their residency, the collective will create and develop an immersive environment. Visitors will be invited to contribute to the installation, exploring weaving skills and partaking in the process of making textiles by hand.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Thu, 24 Jul 2014 11:22:20 +0000 Group Show - Trias Gallery - July 13th - August 3rd Wed, 23 Jul 2014 20:56:22 +0000 Susana Bianchini - Myrine Vlavianos Arte Contemporânea - July 15th - August 9th Wed, 23 Jul 2014 20:29:45 +0000 Renata Tassinari - Mul.ti.plo Espaço Arte - July 22nd - August 30th Wed, 23 Jul 2014 20:22:04 +0000 Jaime Roque - Michael Janssen Singapore - July 12th - August 22nd <p>Michael Janssen Singapore is pleased to present its first solo exhibition with Filipino artist&nbsp;<strong>Jaime Roque</strong>. Featuring a series of abstract works,&nbsp;<strong>&ldquo;UNTITLED&rdquo;</strong>&nbsp;is the artist&rsquo;s first solo exhibition outside of his native Philippines and showcases a progression of Roque&rsquo;s artistic practice towards Abstraction / Optical Art.<br /><br />Originally starting out as a realist painter, Roque was a key proponent of the &ldquo;Magic Realist&rdquo; Movement in the Philippines in the 1970s. Sharing a deep admiration for the realist style of American artist Andrew Wyeth, he, together with several prominent artists such as Nestor Leynes, Emmanuel Llado, Lito Barcelona and Ger Viterbo eventually founded the Manila Wyeth school. Turning a fresh eye onto everyday life, these artists focused on depicting familiar scenes in minute detail, and in retaining their distinct qualities of texture and colour, gave even the humblest of objects a semblance of dignity and worth. Although initially inspired by Wyeth, the works of these artists soon greatly diverged from their American counterpart eventually giving rise to the development of a uniquely Filipino style of Magic Realism- one that was shaped by their own historical experiences, their temperament as a people and their own cultural and artistic traditions. Art, for Roque, is created not just with talent alone but with the expression and inspiration that comes from an artist&rsquo;s heart and mind.<br /><br />A reaction to the development of Modern architecture, Roque&rsquo;s painterly style transition from realist to abstractionist is in essence an exploration of the expressive capacity of abstraction. Reminiscent of the &ldquo;form follow function&rdquo; principle that is associated with Modernist Architecture and Design, the absence of representation in these works on view allow them to stand independently on their own. Roque&rsquo;s works, like so many modern architectural works, are therefore able to relate entirely to themselves, without any distraction or detraction from even their own functions and features.<br />Utilising simple elements and principles of design to communicate his thoughts and feelings, Roque&rsquo;s abstract works are composed entirely using geometric shapes, which are typical motifs of abstraction. In &ldquo;Untitled&rdquo;, highly textured, vibrantly coloured and rigorously mathematically oriented works that pay homage to the Op-Art Movement of the late 1960s to 1970s are presented alongside works that feature rounded, wavy interlocking abstract forms and harmoniously paired colours and tones. These works, soothing, figurative allusions to the natural environment lend a stark contrast to the riotous effect of the former.<br /><br />Drawing heavily on a mix of styles that he combines with a distinctly Filipino flavour to create art that is new and original, Roque&rsquo;s practice is both dynamic and relevant, characteristics typical of a contemporary Filipino artist to say the least. It is this recent rediscovery of Roque and his works that speaks volumes not only about the plurality of expression that has come to characterize the Philippine art world but also points towards the depth and richness of its visual art landscape.<br /><br />Jaime Roque (b.1947) lives and works in Manila, The Philippines.</p> Wed, 23 Jul 2014 20:17:43 +0000 Raphael Couto - Mercedes Viegas Arte Contemporânea - July 11th - July 28th Wed, 23 Jul 2014 20:08:21 +0000 Nazareno - Luciana Caravello Arte Contemporânea - July 25th - August 23rd <p>Nazareno addresses in his works aspects of memory, childhood, fairy tales, narratives, as well as the fragility of the contemporary subject faced with the impossibility of transcendence. Performed in various mediums, such as drawing, sculpture, installations, video, engravings, among others, his works enhance the viewer&rsquo;s attention through the appeal of miniaturization, revealing other realities and eventually leading the adult/viewer to a strange experience through a debasement to an infantile condition.</p> <p>Nazareno&rsquo;s career has national and international exhibitions over the last sixteen years, as well as awards and publications in magazines, catalogues and art books, such as &ldquo;S&atilde;o as coisas que voc&ecirc; n&atilde;o v&ecirc; que nos separam [It&rsquo;s the things you don&rsquo;t see that tear us apart]&rdquo;, in 2004, and &ldquo;Num lugar n&atilde;o longe de voc&ecirc; [In a place not far from you]&rdquo;, in 2013.</p> <p>His works are featured in collections such as Yolanda Penteado e Ciccillo Matarazzo &ndash; MAC/USP, Gilberto Chateaubriand &ndash; MAM/RIO, MAR &ndash; Museu de Arte do Rio, MAM Recife, among others.</p> <p>His main exhibitions include: &ldquo;Abre-se a Floresta [The forest is opened]&rdquo; at Luciana Caravello Arte Contempor&acirc;nea and &ldquo;Ningu&eacute;m Sabe At&eacute; Acontecer [Nobody knows until it happens]&rdquo; at Emma Thomas Gallery, S&atilde;o Paulo, 18th V&iacute;deoBrasil, SESC Pomp&eacute;ia, &ldquo;Da Pr&oacute;xima Vez Fazia Tudo diferente [Next time I would do everything different]&rdquo;, PIV&Ocirc; / V&iacute;deo Brasil 2013, OI FUTURO Ipanema.<br />In April 2014, the artist held the solo exhibition &ldquo;Somos Iguais [We are equal]&rdquo;, at Oi Futuro Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro.</p> <p>Lives and works in S&atilde;o Paulo.</p> Wed, 23 Jul 2014 20:02:04 +0000 吉橋玄雄 - Ippodo Gallery, Tokyo - July 23rd - August 2nd <p>アジアの経典、版本や古裂などを額や掛軸にしたユニークな表装作品を作り続ける吉橋玄雄。「表装とは日本ならではの[包む文化]です。そこにひとつの命をみとめてきたのだと思います。美術品を見るというより、そのひとつの命を感じていただけたらと思います。」と彼は語ります。<br />今回一穂堂では、吉橋玄雄の表装の世界を紹介します。期間中 作者在廊。</p> Wed, 23 Jul 2014 19:43:42 +0000 Maria Klabin - Galeria Silvia Cintra + Box 4 - July 24th - August 23rd <p>Tree years after her last solo exhibition, Maria Klabin gets 12 new works together in &ldquo;for the day was over, when it all began&rdquo;. The paintings will be on exhibition from the 24th of July until the 23rd August, at the Silvia Cintra + Box 4 Gallery, in Rio de Janeiro, presenting diptychs and polyptychs in small sizes, between 20x25 and 50x40cm. Unlike 2011, when she used to refer to the beaches as main subject of reflection, analyzing time and movement, this new phase is based on a long story telling where characters appears inside, in intimate situations or socializing, inside business spaces.<br />&ldquo;I felt like I had started to write a short telling; a story I could only tell through painting, not thinking like a painter, but like a story teller. Maybe that&rsquo;s why the boards needed to be smaller, to look like books, not paintings. The size also helped creating this intimate atmosphere&rdquo;, says the artist.<br />According to Maria, the universe of the exhibition refers to a world of mazes and reverberation, glances and repetitions, where public spaces and intimacy are concepts that may lose their senses, leading to a reflection about the representation and the actual reality, also about the individual process of painting and shared experience.<br />Maria Klabin (Rio de Janeiro, 1978)<br />Maria Klabin&rsquo;s work is centered in landscapes and ordinary objects at their most privileged views. Born in Rio de Janeiro, the artist graduated in 1999 in Painting and Art History at Brandeis University, United States, where she won the &ldquo;Susan May Green Award for Painting&rdquo;. Tree years later, in 2002, she got her master&rsquo;s degree at the Central Saint Martin, in London. In 2014 she does her fourth solo exhibition at the Silvia Cintra + Box 4 Gallery, after 2005, 2007 and 2011.<br />Among the group shows that Maria took part, some of the most important were &ldquo;Arquivo Geral&rdquo; at the Botanical Garden, Rio de Janeiro, 2004; Transit at Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, 2004; &ldquo;Al&eacute;m da Imagem&rdquo; at Centro Cultural Telemar, Rio de Janeiro, 2005; 30th SESC&rsquo;s Contemporary Art Festival Videobrasil at SESC Pompeia, S&atilde;o Paulo, 2013. The artist&rsquo;s work is also part of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro and Ita&uacute; Cultural (S&atilde;o Paulo) collections.</p> Thu, 24 Jul 2014 00:17:45 +0000 Franklin Cassaro - Galeria Inox - July 24th - August 16th Wed, 23 Jul 2014 19:12:26 +0000 Timo Wright - Forum Box - Space for Art - August 8th - August 31st <p><strong>A Feast with King Midas</strong>&nbsp;on kokeellinen lyhytelokuva, joka k&auml;sittelee kuolevaisuutta, luonnon liikak&auml;ytt&ouml;&auml; ja ihmisten p&ouml;yhkeytt&auml;.&nbsp;<br />Teos on uudenlainen tulkinta Vanitas-aiheesta, ihmisten kuolevaisuuden kuvauksesta. Siististi mutta eleett&ouml;m&auml;sti pukeutunut mies istuu p&ouml;yd&auml;n &auml;&auml;rell&auml; kohti katsojaa.&nbsp;<br />P&ouml;yt&auml; on kukkuroillaan ruokaa &ndash; kokonaisia kalkkunoita, vadillisia hedelmi&auml;, lautasittain vihanneksia, lihoja, kaloja, leivoksia. Miehen edess&auml; on tyhj&auml; lautanen. Mies istuu ja katsoo kohti kameraa. Ruoka h&auml;nen ymp&auml;rill&auml;&auml;n rupeaa m&auml;t&auml;nem&auml;&auml;n ja tuhoutumaan.&nbsp;<br />Ensin tulevat k&auml;rp&auml;set, sitten toukat. Kosteat ruuat m&auml;d&auml;ntyv&auml;t, kuivat homehtuvat. Lopulta ruoka muuttuu iljett&auml;v&auml;ksi sotkuksi. Mies istuu edelleen ilmeett&ouml;m&auml;n&auml;.&nbsp;<br />Teos kuvastaa ihmisen tarvetta haalia itselleen kaikki, vaikka kaikki tarvittava h&auml;nell&auml; jo on.&nbsp;<br />Emme n&auml;e sit&auml;, mit&auml; edess&auml;mme on, mit&auml; oikeasti tarvitsemme, sit&auml; mik&auml; on t&auml;rke&auml;&auml;. Teoksen mies on kuin kuningas Midas, h&auml;nell&auml; on kaikki mutta h&auml;n ei pysty siit&auml; nauttimaan.&nbsp;<br />N&ouml;yryyden puute tekee h&auml;nest&auml;, kuten meist&auml;kin, sokean.&nbsp;</p> Wed, 23 Jul 2014 18:59:00 +0000 Ilona Valkonen, Tinttu Henttonen - Forum Box - Space for Art - August 8th - August 31st <p>"T&auml;m&auml; n&auml;yttely on omistettu surullisille, vihaisille, petetyille ja pettyneille, jokap&auml;iv&auml;isyyden keveydest&auml; sivuun sys&auml;tyille. Jos ahdistus on tuntematta j&auml;&auml;neit&auml; tunteita, emme me siihen ansaan j&auml;&auml;.</p> <p>Kuvataiteilija Ilona Valkonen (s. 1980) tunnetaan sek&auml; k&auml;sitteellisist&auml; installaatioista ett&auml; perinteisemmist&auml; maalauksista. H&auml;n on teoksillaan usein ehdottanut hienovireisesti rinnakkaisia tapoja katsoa todellisuutta. Viimeaikaisissa maalauksissaan h&auml;n on kuitenkin valinnut ankaramman volyymin."</p> <p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>Kirjailija Marjo Niemi (s.1978) on kirjoittanut n&auml;yttelyn teoksista n&auml;in:</p> <p>Minut on helppo ohittaa, l&ouml;yhk&auml;&auml;n, en ole kaiken aikaa s&auml;yse&auml; kuten ennen, teen huomioita, syljenkin, mutta vasta kun opin ett&auml; se on kanssak&auml;ymisen muoto siin&auml; miss&auml; pieni puhe.</p> <p>Ehk&auml; myrskys&auml;&auml;ll&auml;, kun tuuli keinuttaa minua t&auml;ss&auml;, maailma natisee, ehk&auml; silloin minusta p&ouml;l&auml;ht&auml;&auml; jokin m&auml;&auml;r&auml; iti&ouml;it&auml;. Sitten se onkin vain meteorologinen toteamus. Tai jos olet oikein altis samastumaan ja katselet siin&auml; sitten minua aikasi niin en tied&auml;.</p> <p>P.s. Minulla on sinulle yksi juttu, silt&auml; varalta ett&auml; joskus her&auml;&auml;t t&auml;st&auml;:&nbsp;<br />Se mink&auml; luulet olevan el&auml;m&auml;ss&auml; kaikista yksityisint&auml;, se johon liittyy suurin kauhun m&auml;&auml;r&auml; (kts.viite 1), on kuitenkin juuri sit&auml; mik&auml; on monenkin mahdollista ymm&auml;rt&auml;&auml;. Paljon helpompi kuin vaikka sit&auml; milt&auml; tumma kahvi juuri sinusta maistuu, kun juot sen paahteisella laiturilla ja alkaakin sataa.</p> <p>Viite 1: ero/mielisairaus/sairaus/menetys/raiskaus/v&auml;kivalta/n&ouml;yryytys/ulkopuolelle sulkeminen/mustamaalaaminen/yksin vanheneminen/petos/petetyksi tuleminen/amputaatio/alkoholismi/k&ouml;yhyys/kiusaaminen/vaino/kyvytt&ouml;myys saada lasta/potkut/ty&ouml;tt&ouml;myys/pelko ett&auml; menett&auml;&auml;/pelko ettei koskaan en&auml;&auml; p&auml;&auml;se pois/pelko ettei koskaan en&auml;&auml; p&auml;&auml;se sis&auml;&auml;&auml;n/pelko ett&auml; t&auml;m&auml;n kaikki n&auml;kee/ett&auml; kaikki n&auml;kee eik&auml; kukaan en&auml;&auml; halua/ettei koskaan en&auml;&auml; ole j&auml;ljell&auml; mit&auml;&auml;n sinusta/ett&auml; t&auml;m&auml; merkitsee sinut ikuisesti/pelko ettet koskaan l&ouml;yd&auml; sanoja/pelko ettet koskaan en&auml;&auml; pysty ty&ouml;skentelem&auml;&auml;n/ettet koskaan en&auml;&auml; kykene iloitsemaan/ettet koskaan en&auml;&auml; pysty luottamaan/ettet koskaan en&auml;&auml; pysty rakastamaan/h&auml;pe&auml;.</p> <p>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>K&ouml;ysitaiteilija Tinttu Henttonen (s.1978) on opiskellut Japanissa samuraisidontatekniikoita suoraan perinteen mestareilta. H&auml;n laajentaa ty&ouml;ll&auml;&auml;n k&auml;sityst&auml; sidonnan k&auml;ytt&ouml;aloista ja -tavoista. Vaikka samuraihistoriassa sidonta on toiminut er&auml;&auml;nlaisena h&auml;pe&auml;paaluna, kuuluu perinteeseen my&ouml;s luostareissa vaalittu henkinen puoli sek&auml; eroottinen alakulttuuri. Yksinkertaisimmillaan sidonta voi olla er&auml;&auml;nlainen tiukka ja pitk&auml; halaus.</p> <p>N&auml;yttelyn toteutumista ja ty&ouml;skentely&auml; ovat tukeneet Koneen s&auml;&auml;ti&ouml;, Taike, V&auml;in&ouml; Tannerin s&auml;&auml;ti&ouml; residenssiajalla sek&auml; l&auml;heiset ja avustajat arvokkaalla tuella. Kiitos!</p> Wed, 23 Jul 2014 18:54:01 +0000 Group Show - Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans - August 2nd - October 4th <p>The Contemporary Arts Center is pleased to present the work of 12 award-winning emerging artists who received the esteemed Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award in 2013.</p> <p>The International Sculpture Center (ISC) established the Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award program in 1994 to recognize deserving sculpture students and to encourage their continued commitment to the field of sculpture. This year&rsquo;s winners were selected from a pool of over 414 student nominees from 159 universities in eight countries across the globe.&nbsp;</p> <p>The Student Awards program is organized by the ISC and is sponsored in part by Gertrud and Heinz Aeschlimann, Doris and Donald Fisher, Grounds For Sculpture, the Johnson Art and Education Foundation, the Jon and Mary Shirley Foundation, and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.</p> <p>A panel of jurors made up of Drew Goerlitz, Sculptor and Associate Professor of Sculpture at SUNY Plattsburgh, Elizabeth Neilson, Director, Zabludowicz Collection, London, and Rein Triefeldt, Sculptor, NJ selected 12 recipients and 5 honorable mentions.</p> Wed, 23 Jul 2014 18:38:28 +0000 Group Show - Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans - August 2nd - October 4th <p>Curator Regine Basha&rsquo;s&nbsp;<strong><em>Mark of the Feminine</em></strong>&nbsp;is the first in a series of exhibitions to be produced by the CAC focusing on the remarkable community of artists working in New Orleans. The 2014 exhibition, on view in the CAC&rsquo;s Lupin Foundation Gallery from August 2 &ndash; October 4, 2014, features works by a selection of multigenerational female and female-identifying contemporary artists working in a variety of mediums.</p> Wed, 23 Jul 2014 18:29:22 +0000 Casey McGlynn - Bau-Xi Gallery - Vancouver - July 20th - August 9th Wed, 23 Jul 2014 18:12:49 +0000 - ART 18/21 - July 23rd - August 31st Wed, 23 Jul 2014 18:05:26 +0000