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Maidens of the World & Urban Dimensions San Francisco 

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Maidens of the World

Maidens of The World is a project of non manipulated surrealistic photography. This is a photographic journey that explores concept of surrealism through urban reflections.

The abstraction of Maidens of the World explores concepts of philosophy through fine art photography.This project wants to tap the creative powers of awareness and imagination by uniting illusion with reality. This venture tries to challenge the distinction between consciousness and physical matter, between mind and body.

These photographs are the artist perception of the philosophical aspect of illusion or Maya. Māyā, a sanskrit word, has several interpretations and may be understood as the phenomenal universe of perceived duality. Even though Maya is a controversial concept, the project's approach is to discern duality through abstract reality. In other words these Maidens represent people and the reflections symbolize their soul.

In this context the reflections of the urban environments of the world are the soul of the mannequins. This impressions aim to explore the notion of duality as a representation of the physical body and the fine spiritual soul. 

These Maidens are trying to breath in an illusory multidimensional atmosphere, symbolism of the natural duality of the material existence.

Cities: New York , San Francisco, London, Melbourne, Bali, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Rotterdam.


Urban Dimensions San Francisco

Urban Dimensions San Francisco is a multilingual book of poetry, mixed media and fine art photography inspired by the artistic beauty and cultural diversity of San Francisco, California. This book is a surreal exploration of graphics and verses fusion in poetic dimensions. A dynamic symphony of stories, aerial photographs, soulful graphics and people that call SF their home. This book is an artistic journey that explores the concept of surrealism through urban reflections This project is a philosophical approach to visionary photography, progressive mixed media and raw poetry.


Mystic Nasca Archetypes

This is a book of aerial photographs of the Nasca Lines in Peru, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of archeology's greatest enigmas. This project seeks to highlight the artistic and mystic designs that exist in this desert. These archetypes are unique because of their quantity, nature, size and continuity. The project also presents several theories regarding the enigmatic Nasca Lines. Scientists have called it an astronomical calendar, zodiac, astronomy book, etc.  This book seeks to introduce them as mystic artistic designs in the desert. For the Nasca people, the desert was their canvas.



Maidens of London

Maidens of the London is a book of poetry, photography and mixed media that explores the concept of surrealism through urban reflections.The idea of the Maidens came from the desire to explore concepts of philosophy through photography. These graphics use the reflections of reality in order to express our spiritual nature. These photographs are the artist's answer to the philosophical aspect of illusion or maya.  These mannequins attempt to breath in a multidimensional atmosphere.  The project seeks to explore this duality which represents the material body and the fine spiritual body of the soul.  

This book contains 2 award winning artworks.




Lightscapes is a symphony of photographs and poems in different locations of the planet (Paris, Peru, NYC, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Cologne). An artistic affair and design for the pleasure of expression. A collection of graphics and hymns that caress diverse dimensions of life & various shapes of Light. A free flow of soulful passages while exploring the romance of existence.

This book contains 1 award winning artwork.



Slanted Moments San Francisco

 Slanted Moments San Francisco is a bilingual book of poetry, photography and mixed media that discovers new personas within. An abstract exploration of graphics fused in a poetic composition. I admire the open desire to express life experiences and share them with others. And I thank the ones that inspire me to create this galaxy of letters and images that are dear to my soul;  a journey that kept me on the edge of reality. It is a present to my family and friends that started as a simple gift. 





Slanted Moments 

Slanted Moments is a bilingual book of poetry, photography and mixed media that discovers new persona within. An abstract exploration of graphics fused in a poetic composition.


Isa Barcelona

Isa Barcelona, Episodios Teatrales. A Model Portfolio book of Isa, daughter of Barcelona. Barcelona Spain.

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