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How we Judge recent History and how we view the 'Left' and Religion


Man In charge of the Well which provides the LIVING WATERS managing to burn it down, trying to ‘channel’ it…..


A Look into not too Far off History of our Well fare states throughout the 1st World (and 2nd World until the fall of the IRON CURTAIN


Please Forgive this simplified ‘Argument’, which could be laid out more detailed and scientific accurate, if needed, as historical facts are easy to proof - But this is just the ’story ‘ of this Painting..

People seem to forget, it was the fear of communism - socialism which gave the world ‘off work’ on Sundays / Saturdays etc…. Not the church, as they try to claim recently… It was the fear that workers unite worldwide which gave us social security / Pensions etc. The Churches were on the side of the powerful. This is a fact. So were The Rabbis in our case throughout big portions of our History. The same goes for any religion which is cosy with the Governments of its respective Country. So is it fair to draw the conclusion the however ill or well guided thesis that religion is an instrument for the powerful IN POWER to keep themselves in that position and subsequently suppressing people. If one forgets the fact, that religion should have been the force that should have insisted on basic human rights etc.

In fact, it was the just mentioned cosy alliance with the Powerful, with all the connected issues, which made religious institutions alien to most people and no one, within average society, associated Church / Synagogue / Mosque with social changes and fight for equality in rights etc. This is a very recent development (in historical terms).

If you’re a man/woman of faith, don’t forget to honour that fact, that they have done the job your ‘fathers/mothers’ didn’t want to do.

They themselves ended up creating a dictatorship, very fast forgetting the Ideal, they fought for – in those places where they took POWER - but so did the ‘Religious’ Institutions if given political powers.

I think it is fair to say, for those Idealists, on the forefront of those epic struggles which created a more just society in those places were they did not take power -  slight changes in thinking, could have made socialist spiritual beings, embracing the Holy Scriptures rather than condemning any ‘faith’ as Opium for the Peoples’. But it is easy to see, why this was being advocated by the THINKERS of this so not far off and recent Time. It was AGAIN THE VERY INSTITUTIONS that should have represented THE PEOPLE who let them down badly. Socialists were the ones speaking out - I believe in a very scriptural way, they were doing the ‘ job ‘ – the work so called religious leaders were meant to do. So please be mindful and honour their contribution and overlook their Atheism, as it was born in a time, when Institutions of Faith were helping the Oppressors doing their ‘Job’ whereas ‘Lefties’ were organising to help the vulnerable. My Point is – The story is starting to repeat itself….. just the Players have changed places..

                      above:   Man In charge of the Well which provides the LIVING WATERS managing to burn it down, trying to

                                                              ‘channel’ it…  - Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..


Pope visit (UK) -  Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..


Love / Hate – Progrom / Crusade and Faith - Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..


Current climate in Politics - Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..


Modern Day Aristocrats / as well as the ones who were there before Paintings Oil on Canvas


 Exodus I Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..


Exodus II Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..


Only C WHAT THEY WANT 2 C Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..


Faith NINJA Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..

………… and so on ……… and on…….and on…… and on… roundabout…….. and on……… J  ©Miro Atlamecho Tomarkin

Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 4/2/13

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