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Group Exhibition
F_AIR - Florence Artist in Residence
via San Gallo 45R, 50129 Florence, Tuscany, Italy
February 28, 2012 - April 13, 2012

The Art of Creation: Development of The Floor Show Exhibit

The Art of Creation: Development of The Floor Show Exhibit

Michele Lancuba setting up his piece

Photo by Arthur Kozlovski

Most people view an art show as a complete entity, with walls perfectly aligned with paintings, floors decorated with sculptures, tables loaded with fancy champagne and cheese. These facets are all part of the final presentation of an exhibition, but the process for this production is one that takes a lot of time, patience, and creativity in its own respect. Last week, I was lucky enough to be involved with the set up of The Floor Show, an exhibit in which several artists took their artwork to a new level: ground zero. Working with the artists, I was able to understand several of those important elements that artists take into account when presenting their works: size and shape of the walls, the floor, and the ceiling; concentration of light; atmosphere of the space; the audience’s perception; and movement throughout the given space.

Environment is crucial when setting up an art show, especially when exhibiting a particular theme such as that in The Floor Show. Because all of the artwork is presented on or near the floor, the space below the viewer’s eye level must be taken into special consideration. The F_AIR gallery, in which the show takes place, offers a trapezoidal room in which the floor is constructed out of wood. The lines of the floor do not outline the shape of the room, but instead form a consistent diagonal pattern throughout. This adds an interesting element of design, which artist Michele Lancuba uses, by placing his glass tile pieces on the ground. Along with the floor itself, the walls were also a major factor, for the Kinkaleri used them to hang three video-stills at waist-level. Additionally, the floor entrance exhibited the Lorenzo Pezzatini piece, a circular conglomeration of colored tape installed at the doorway, and leading to a grounded beam of light  , which was covered in more colored tape. Collaborating together, the artists made sure to properly place the artworks in the space so as to match the proposed theme, illustrating the “floor show” concept as soon as one sets foot into the gallery.  Also, special consideration must be given to the dynamics of the interaction between the space and the audience, and pieces must be arranged in order to provide the most efficient movement of the audience throughout the gallery. Overcrowding and bottle-necking must be avoided, so as to ensure the viewing pleasure of the audience, as well as protection of the artwork.

In addition to the consideration of space, the artists must manipulate the light accordingly. Because each gallery has a set amount of ceiling lights, the artists must carefully place their pieces, making the best use of the light that they are given. Lighting issues such as glares and shadows must be taken into consideration when presenting works. Light is one of the most important elements in an art show, for it allows the audience to perceive the works clearly, as well as enhances a mood in the given space.

Communication amongst the artists, their pieces, and the given space is necessary for the development of a successful show. All of these factors are considered during the installation of an art show, in the hopes of facilitating the audience’s perception of the presented works. Helping out with the set up of this exhibition allowed me to realize the important behind-the-scenes aspects of setting up a gallery show that come together in the final presentation. The creation of an exhibit is in and of itself a work of art; one in which all of the artists strive to create one consistent, masterful product for their audience.


The Floor Show – Feb. 28 – Apr. 13, 2012
opened on Tue Feb 28, at 6.30 PM

F_AIR – Florence Artist in Residence and Gallery
via San Gallo 45R - 50129 Firenze

Curated by Lucia Giardino

Featured artists: Emanuela Ascari, Kinkaleri, Michele Lancuba, Lorenzo Pezzatini, Alessandra Ragionieri

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