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Showcase Winner: Stacie Uhinck Rose  
6/21/14 Posted 6/21/14

(Image: Stacie Uhinck Rose, Within Reach, 2013, Mixed media on wood, 30 x 48; © Stacie Uhinck Rose) Stacie Uhinck Rose (b. Akron, Ohio) These recent abstractions are process driven and intuitively born. They were made while reflecting on structure, organized systems, accumulation and the unpredictable human element. There is a layering up of the recent past as we rebuild, rebrand, acquire and replace. This group of works alternately expose the stratum of what lies beneath the new as w... [more]

Krakow Erects A Bright Yellow Statue of Lenin Peeing  
6/13/14 Posted 6/13/14

Yep, a fluorescent chartreuse yellow statue of Lenin awkwardly holding his thing and peeing has come to Pole-land. According to The Independent (which mistakenly reported the statue being "fluorescent green"), the 'pubic' statue of Lenin was erected as part of Krakow's 6th Grolsch ArtBloom Festival in its eastern Nowa Huta district. The so-called Fountain of the Future stands in a place where another statue of Lenin was before it was dismembered in 1989 (and later bought by a Swedish millionai... [more]

Get Ready: Art Basel Opens Next Week  
6/9/14 Posted 6/10/14

It's nearly time for the ultra luxe Swiss art event of the year: the original, uncomparable Art Basel. Our Art Basel Special Edition coverage starts Monday with previews of the satellite fairs and the main event, the special curatorial projects, including the highly anticipated 14 Rooms curated by HUO and K-Bies (that's Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Klaus Biesenbach, btw), and on-the-ground reports from main hall and beyond... See you in Basel! *ArtSla... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Amy Leibrand  
6/7/14 Posted 6/7/14

(Image: Amy Leibrand, untitled, 2013, giclée print, limited edition,16 x 20 inches; © Amy Leibrand) Amy Leibrand (lives in Columbus, Ohio, USA) Amy Leibrand is a self-taught image-based artist. She does not consider herself a photographer; rather, she prefers "image architect." Her work in digital, film, and mobile genres has gained international attention through exhibits at the Bastille Design Center (Paris), Berlin Foto Festival, Lunch Box Gallery (Miami), Soho Gallery for Digital A... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Peggy Guichu  
5/31/14 Posted 5/31/14

(Image: Peggy Guichu, Three Moons, 2009, Oil, 24 X 30 X 1 Inches; © Peggy Guichu) Peggy Guichu (b. 1951, Chico, CA) I’ve been painting for most of my life. I started working in watercolors and graduated to oils 15 years ago. I love the flow of the paint and the endless opportunities for creativity. I’ve had the honor of being invited to China and Australia to show my paintings. How does my art affect you? Does it make you smile or raise your blood pressure? Does it make y... [more]

Salesroom Artist: PETRA SKOPALOVA  
5/29/14 Posted 5/29/14

(Image: Petra Skopalova, GREAT PLANS, 2014, Acrylic on Canvas, 27.6 X 39.4 X 1 Inches; © Petra Skopalova) Petra Skopalova (b. 1974, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic) I love geometry and I love colors - painting gives me an amazing chance to bring this two fascinating elements together and create something very powerful. This helps me to express my way of perceiving reality around me, not only my joy, love, happiness but also common fears and misunderstanding around us. Geometry helps m... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Alexandra Rozenman  
5/28/14 Posted 5/28/14

(Image: Alexandra Rozenman, Stay Still, 2011, Oil on Canvas, 42x36"; © Alexandra Rozenman) Alexandra Rozenman (b. 1971, Moscow, Russia) My work expresses longing for understanding and being understood, for non-belonging and finding a place to be. Playfulness in my work points to instability of life – visually, culturally and literally. I am working playing on the conflicts between identity and assimilation, tradition and modernity. Using recognizable sets from popular tales, plac... [more]

Showcase Winner: Detlef "Dego" Gotzens  
5/24/14 Posted 5/24/14

(Image: Detlef "Dego" Gotzens, Perpetual rational space, 2013, Acrylic and charcoal on cradled panel, 33" x 33"; © Detlef "Dego" Gotzens) Detlef "Dego" Gotzens (b. 1952, Cologne, Germany) Since a very early age I was always drawn to Images, pictures, forms, lines and color, and instinctively felt very comfortable looking at art especially paintings with a sense of wonder and curiosity. I’m constantly in the process to find a visual language that seem to be always changing from one w... [more]

Showcase Winner: Vojtech Mica  
5/21/14 Posted 5/21/14

(Image: Vojtech Mica, Budka II.Kiosk II., 2010, beton/concrete, 230 x 110 x 110; © Vojtech Mica) Vojtech Mica (b. 1966, Prague) My work consists of parallel, seemingly disparate lines, which collide one with another and complement each other. Despite first sight, everything faces the certain defining of my sculpture form. I compose the space and the space forms me, myself. The seeming serenity of one form is the exact print of the Dionysian pole of another form. The viewer himself... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Shoshana Kertesz  
5/17/14 Posted 5/17/14

(Image: Shoshana Kertesz, Sergei Rachmaninoff, 2009, Oil on Canvas, 60 X 50 X 1.5 Centimeters; © Shoshana Kertesz) Shoshana Kertesz (b. 1979, Budapest, Hungary) Shoshana's artwork is inspired by a variety of subjects. Her portrait series shows well known writers, poets and musicians that arouse rapport and admiration in her and a desire to express the feelings that their work and personality evokes in her. Her surrealistic “Time” series explores the relationship between man and t... [more]

20140514121057-invitation_krakow-1 Solo exhibition of the Ukrainian contemporary artist Vladimir Domchuk “Chartreuse : 7 Stars – All Inclusive”  
Vladimir Domchuk at Benedictine Institute of Culture Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec, Krakow, Poland May 10th - July 26th
Posted 5/14/14

On the 09th of May, 2014 the Benedictine Institute of Culture, Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec will open doors for the inauguration ceremony of solo exhibition by Ukrainian contemporary artist Volodymyr Domchuk, titled “Chartreuse : 7 Stars – All Inclusive”. The “Chartreuse …” series revises contemplations of what is viewed as a ‘creative space’ surrounding us that, in author’s opinion, has not changed during the last several centuries. Thr... [more]

20140425223420-14av0011-vogt_drained_sm “Andy Vogt: Fossilized” by Richard Speer, Willamette Week  
Andy Vogt at Hap Gallery May 1st - May 31st
Posted 5/21/14

San Francisco-based artist Andy Vogt turns plywood and other salvaged wood into the stuff of sculptural perfection. But this is no polished, gleaming perfection—rather, a weathered, beaten-down beauty. He arranges strips of wood into dynamic, delightful compositions, as if he were deconstructing Sol LeWitt’s cubes and reconfiguring them to decorate a New England barn. The show’s most striking work, Sustained Decay, seems a direct translation of the nimbus beams radiating down on... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Mohsen Keiany  
5/12/14 Posted 5/12/14

(Image: Mohsen Keiany, Mah-e man (my moon), 2013, Oil on Canvas, 60 X 60 Cm; © Mohsen Keiany) Mohsen Keiany (b. 1970, Shiraz, Iran) I am a highly experienced artist, art teacher and lecturer in visual arts. I have obtained a PhD in Architecture, from BCU, in rural and nomadic symbolic arts, crafts and architecture. I also did both my M.A. and B.A degrees in Fine Art (Painting). I am very much into multi-culturalism and am always interested in researching about different cultures and... [more]

Beloved "Body Conscious" Maria Lassnig Passes Away at 94  
5/8/14 Posted 5/8/14

photo via Famed artist, "body awareness" theorist, and Austria's "Grand Dame of painting" Maria Lassnig passed away earlier this week in Vienna at the age of 94. Lassnig, born in Austria in 1919, attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna during World War II and is known for her brushy paint strokes and brutal subject matter. Lassnig used painting to explore the human body and psyche, illustrating a critical and sometimes gruesome subjectivity. She herself was often the object of her critical eye. Her l... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Iñaki Calleja  
5/6/14 Posted 5/6/14

(Image: Iñaki Calleja, Flamenco, 2013, Acrylics and Gouache on Fine Art Paper, 30 X 40 X 0.1 Cms; © Iñaki Calleja) Iñaki Calleja (b. 1959, Bilbao, Spain) My first attempts to paint were when I was 7 years old and three porcelain clowns attracted my attention. I, then, decided to paint them one by one on canvas. My work has experienced a huge transformation and I have been through a variety of periods, techniques and styles. I have had exhibitions in Spain, mainly i... [more]

20140204151306-shawnt Reviews of 'Inclusion/Exclusion: Poetics of Cartography'  
#BrailleStreetArt, Joel Chartkoff, Emily Erb, Alina Josan, Sarah Rose Kelley, Nile Livingston, Shawn Thornton at Yell Gallery March 7th - March 28th
Posted 5/6/14

"Yell Gallery is quickly becoming known as an arts and performance space where confrontation of change and challenge is beautiful." "Right when I entered [the] space, I was very impressed with the feel of it." See Braille street art in its unnatural environment — a gallery, Philadelphia CityPaper First Friday Picks for March, Philadelphia Magazine [more]

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