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First Fridays and Third Fridays on Santa Fe Denver  
at Buxiejo Gallery Santa Fe Arts District Denver May 20th, 2011
Posted 5/20/11

The Art District on Santa Fe has a festive First Friday Open Galleries event at the beginning of every month. It is a fun street party with an eclectic mix of art lovers from newbies to collectors. All and all it is easy going without pretention. Check out the Santa Fe Arts District website for more information on the free shuttle as the traffic and parking can be heavy. The Third Friday is also a little less crowded Open Galleries Night that typically attracts more of the art collector crowd. [more]

20110501104557-grad_107 Above the clouds  
Iskra Beličanska, Iskra Belicanska at Pentagonal Tower of the Ljubljana Castle April 19th, 2011 - June 5th, 2011
Posted 5/1/11

"Above the clouds", an exhibition of paintings by Iskra Beličanska at the Pentagonal Tower of the Ljubljana Castle on Tuesday, 19 April 2011 at 19h - 05 Jun 2011In co-operation with the Ljubljana Fine Artists SocietyThe curator: Jadranka Ljubičić • animacija iz slik Iskre Beličanske/ animation of the paintings by Iskra Beličanska:: Tina Avšič• skladatelj / composer: Koko Harsoe (Indonesia)Organizator:  DLUL in Ljubljanski grad Več o informacij / More info: [more]

Lisa Torell: On Our Worldwide Watchlist  
4/26/11 Posted 4/26/11

(Image: Lisa Torell, The Image, 2008-2010, 9 (50 x 70) prints; © Lisa Torell) Lisa Torell (b.1972, Göteborg, Sweden) Lisa Torell works with text based installations in which she combines place with language and words, and expressions with images and context. She ties together personal patterns, words and thoughts with issues and structures of society in order to question a normative way of thinking. A recurring thread through her production is her interest in communication and language, both... [more]

20110212155254-00520110213 Something for Everyone  
Nick Cave at Seattle Art Museum March 10th, 2011 - June 5th, 2011
Posted 4/25/11

The artist Nick Cave has a little something for everybody. Do you like pastel colors and shiny objects? He’s got something for you. How about costume, performance and show? There’s some of that too. Ritual? Craftsmanship? Consumerism? Check.  There are so many cultural references sewn, glued and drilled onto Cave’s sculptures that they explode with social baggage. At the same time they somehow are able to separate from their materials, to discard their connotations and history for a sparkling, os... [more]

Peter Land: On Our Worlwide Watchlist  
2/9/11 Posted 2/9/11

(Image:Peter Land, Public playground, Utterslev Mose, Denmark, 2010; © Galleri Nicolai Wallner) Peter Land (b. 1966 , Aarhus, Denmark) The Danish artist Peter Land is well-known for his humorous and often self-ironic video art, productions which explore the absurdity of life and man's frequently failed conduct in the world. Peter Land moves freely between video, photo, performance and installation works and more traditional types of work in drawing, gouache and oil paint. In the various media he stage... [more]

20110204005448-tot-koko3 Jazz Multimedia Project  
HELMI AGUSTRIAN, Iskra Beličanska, Iskra Belicanska, KOKO HARSOE, KADEK DIAH KRISTIN, AFFAN LATANETE, JASMINE OKUBO, TEGEAH OKTA OWM, SEFI INDAH P, MIA WATSON at Art center, Dempasar December 4th, 2010 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Posted 5/1/11


20101104041245-img_0586 Exhibition review  
Maxime Acker, Alexandre Goubin, Nikola Mihov, Kremena Nikolova, Deyan Parouchev at Temporary Artistic Zone October 21st, 2010 - October 23rd, 2010
Posted 11/10/10

Bahrain-based art collective Temporary Artistic Zone put on an impressive third show titled “Don’t strew me with roses after I’m dead” at Al Dar islands this October. May Ashour spoke to members of the collective for a closer look at the work exhibited. A group of young people sporting dreadlocks and swimwear lie sprawled across traditional red-and-black floor cushions on the sand, hiding from the midday sun in the shade of a palm frond wall with photographs mounted on it. A tall, disheveled and... [more]

Margaret Bourke-White: Fortunes of Industry  
8/26/10 Posted 8/26/10

(Excerpt from 'Fortune Magazine’s First Female Photographer' posted by collectingpro,on The Art Quaterly, August 2010. Found on ) Video: GALLERY M director Myrna Hayutin discusses Margaret Bourke-White's Chrysler Building photograph. Our way of looking at art and the icons of American culture changes fast. Yet the classics of photography are still the reference points for the future. As evidenced by “Margaret Bourke-White:... [more]

Dan Perjovschi on Public Spaces and Human Traces  
5/22/10 Posted 5/22/10

(Excerpt from 'Interview with Dan Perjovschi at Fumetto Festival Lucerne' posted on Vernissage TV blog, May 2010. Found on Olga Stephan speaks to Perjovschi on-camera about his work at the Fumetto Internaional Comix Festival. As part of the Punkte 10 art in public space program of Fumetto Comix Festival Luzern, Dan Perjovschi has been invited to use the Lucerne Theater facade for his popula... [more]

Sinergias Sinergias: Arte Latinoamericano actual en España  
Alexander Apóstol, Carlos Capelán, Antonio Franco y Daniel Charquero., Marlon de Azambuja, Sandra Gamarra, Carlos Garaicoa, Natalia Granada, Laura Lío, Armando Marino, Iván Marino, César Martínez, Andrea Nacach, Tomás Ochoa at Museo Extremeno Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporaneo (MEIAC) May 14th, 2010 - August 30th, 2010
Posted 5/8/10

La importancia y la influencia en el panorama actual que el arte latinoamericano tiene no sólo en el otro lado del Atlántico se debatirá en los próximos meses a través de un ciclo de mesas redondas protagonizadas por los principales críticos y curadores de arte latinoamericano. Sinergias es una exposición y la plataforma a partir de la cual se debatirán distintos aspectos de la situación contemporánea de Latinoamérica.   La Secretaría General Iberoamericana y la Fundación Fondo Internacional d... [more]

Live Events During Glasgow International Festival  
4/23/10 Posted 4/23/10

(Source:   A fantastic opening weekend saw thousands of people at the Glasgow International exhibitions enjoying the array of shows and opening parties. To give you even more reason to visit the festival soon, there is a host of live events planned during GI 2010 including the new initiative for GI 2010 'Open Glasgow'. Here is a selection of events, the calendaron the GI website is a great way to find out what is happening da... [more]

_supermarket_art_fair_2010 Exquisite Corpse Video Project 2010  
at Kulturhuset February 19th, 2010 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Posted 2/17/10

The Exquisite Corpse Video Project (ECVP) is a unique video collaboration among artists from all overthe world, inspired by the Surrealist creation method, the "Exquisite Corpse".In the Surrealist 'game', a paper is folded such that each contributor sees only a small portion of theprevious contributor's work, and begins his own work from that small portion. When the lastparticipant is finished, the sheet is unfolded to reveal a strangely divergent, yet contiguous form orfigure.Using the semi‐bl... [more]

2 Everybody has a dream - Conflict and harmony  
Budapest, Beata Szechy exhibition at Jokai Club, Budapest December 12th, 2009 - January 13th, 2010
Posted 1/12/10

Conflict and harmonyBeata Szechy exhibition opening at Jokai ClubDecember 12, 2009Since I knew that I was going to give the opening speech for Beata Szechy's exhibition, I wrestled with two things. First: a scientific, objective, art historian’s argument for the presentation. Second: a more personal tone that indicates the long-time relationship between "speaker" and "artist.” So in the end: my speech will be a mixture of both. I start with the fact that she isn't Beata to me, she is Bea. She was... [more]

20130416110530-11 Ikonen des Sieges - transFORM  
Guy Avital, Dobrochna Badora, Jacek Bakowski, Janusz Bakowski, Krzysztof Baran, Grazyna Bartnik, John von Bergen, Czeslaw Bielecki, Bozenna Biskupska, Borena Bodin, Jan Bokiewicz, Wojciech Bruszewski, Michal Brzezinski, Maciej Buszewicz, Piotr Bylina, Janusz Byszewski, Rafal Chmielewski, Krzysztof Cichosz, Erazm Ciolek, Bettina Cohnen, Witoslaw Czerwonka, Andrzej Dluzniewski, Kurt Fleckenstein, Miroslaw Dembinski - Waldemar Major Fydrych, Henryk Gajewski, Varda Getzow, Stefan Gierowski, Teresa Gierzynska, Marek Glinkowski, Sylwia Gorak, Jan Gryka, Pawel Grzes, Ryszard Grzyb, Alexander Honory, Andrzej Janaszewski, Jerzy Janiszewski, Renata Jaworska, Beatrice Jugert, Wolf Kahlen, Andrzej Kalina, Jerzy Kalina, Lodz Kaliska, Edyta Jaworska Kowalska at SIEGesIKONEN / icons of victory - transform August 30th, 2009 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Posted 6/16/13

Ausstellung SIEGesIKONEN Die Ausstellung SIEGESIKONEN - transFORM ist ein Versuch die diversen Facetten der Metamorphosen zu veranschaulichen, die sowohl ganze Nationen als auch uns selbst persönlich betreffen. Über 100 Künstler verschiedenen Alters und Nationalität nehmen teil. In Bildern, Collagen, multimedialen Arbeiten und dokumentarischen Fotos, welche manchmal sehr dramatische, manchmal lustige und oft auch absurde Ereignisse aus den 80er und 90er Jahren festhalten, betra... [more]

at HMC-Medosz August 14th, 2009 - September 13th, 2009
Posted 8/14/09

OPENING SPEECH BY KATALIN GELLER: AIR/HMC, Balatonfured/Budapest, International Artists Residencies exhibition at 
Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism 
August 3 - September 13

When Beata Szechy's founded the Hungarian Multicultural Center in 1990, her goals were fostering culture, personal connections, and art related exchanges.  At the beginning mostly American artists participated at the residencies.  Now artists from all over from the world come to work here for few weeks and exhibit their art... [more]

Air-medosz Air-HMC, Budapest, Hungary  
at HMC-Medosz June 16th, 2009 - June 16th, 2010
Posted 6/16/09

The Hungarian Multicultural Center, Inc.® (HMC), 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, invites interested visual artists, writers and musicians to submit application for its residency program in Budapest, Hungary. HMC is dedicated to promoting international art and the understanding of world cultures, through high quality art exhibitions, cultural exchanges and related educational programs.  Based in Dallas and Budapest, the organization operates throughout the world.  Its principal focus is an in... [more]

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