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20130125011829-persona_announcement Persona – Therese A. Maloney Gallery - A Portrait of the Psyche - Review by Mary Gregory  
Sally Alexandres, Jayna Aronovitch, Kiyomi Baird, Marianne Barcellona, Rob Barth, Aileen Bassis, Amy Becker, Bette Blank, Elizabeth Catanese, Olushola A. Cole, Ellen Denuto, Doug Depice, Elise Dodeles, GORDON FEAREY, Carlos Frias, Arlene Gale, norma greenwood, Valerie Huhn, Neal Korn, Greg Leshé, Claire McConaughy, Charlie Perkalis, Larry Ross, Kiyoko Sakai, aZin seraj, Barbara Simcoe, K Lenore Siner, Marsha Solomon, Daryl Thetford, Adejoke Tugbiyele, Raúl Villarreal at Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery January 22nd, 2013 - April 14th, 2013
Posted 2/8/13

A Portrait of the Psyche Persona is a word that can mean that aspect or part of one’s personality that is deliberately shown to the world, or in the Jungian sense, and hearkening back to the etymology of the word (from the Greek “prosōpon”), a theatrical mask which covers the wearer. In the current exhibition at the Therese A. Maloney Gallery, director and curator Dr. Virginia Fabbri Butera, by choosing this particular word as both the theme and the title, has opened a dual... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Gürsel Tunali  
12/4/12 Posted 12/4/12

(Image: Gürsel Tunali, GUZELE SAYGI / RESPECT FOR BEAUTY, 2010, oil on canvas, 155 x 195 cms.; © Gürsel Tunali)   Gürsel Tunali (b. 1960, Ruschuk, Bulgaria) Gürsel Tunali received education at Kiril Stanchev's workshop for four years (1973-1978). In 1978, he moved to Turkey. Between 1978 and 1986, he held 12 personal exhibitions at private and government galleries. At age 26, he enrolled to Mimar Sinan University where he received education at Prof. Devrim Erbil and Şükrü Aysan's workshop... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Minja Nikolcin  
12/2/12 Posted 12/2/12

(Image: Minja Nikolcin, pierro with ladys, 2012, oil on canvas,100 x 160 x 5 centimeters; © Minja Nikolcin)   Minja Nikolcin (b. 1964, Beocin, Serbia) Minja Nikolcin is very inspired artist. In the sphere of highly figurative concept, with craftsmanship and at a high artistic level and unusual characteristic way, he reanimate interior with a patina of bygone eras, creating a strong creativity and consistence. With sumptuous feeling for color, weight and running playful forms Nikolcin is prim... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Brent Schreiber  
11/27/12 Posted 11/27/12

(Image: Brent Schreiber, LISTEN, 2011, Acrylic ; Brent Schreiber)   Brent Schreiber (b. 1975, London) Brent Schreiber is an Artist/Illustrator located in Elmira, Ontario CAN. His personal work focuses on realist portrait and figurative paintings combining illustrative influences and narrative themes. Professionally, Brent focuses on traditional commissions and portraits as well as commercial illustration in the science fiction, fantasy, and romance/adult genres. His work is held in both P... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Lidia Simeonova  
11/24/12 Posted 11/24/12

(Image:  Lidia Simeonova, Earth, Air, Water,  2009, Mixed media, 48 x 48 x 2 inches; © Lidia Simeonova)   Lidia Simeonova (b. 1956, Plovdiv, Bulgaria) My artwork is a reflection of my life. I have projected frozen moments-good and bad-onto the canvas. As my style and personality matured, I traveled the world. I was born and grew up in Bulgaria, where I obtained a Bachelor's Degree from Velico Tarnovo University of Fine Art. My free spirit, and lust for discovery and exploration fueled a worldwi... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Massimo Eleonori  
11/19/12 Posted 11/19/12

(Image: Massimo Eleonori, Medusa, 2009, Acrylic, Vinavil and paper on canvas, 80 x 80 cms; © Massimo Eleonori)   Massimo Eleonori (b. 1967, Macerata, Italy) Massimo Eleonori, after graduating as a surveyor, soon graduated as a Master of Art from the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata. He participated in numerous collective exhibitions and in 1991 had his first solo exhibition "Fragments screamed in silence" where, after starting from a surreal dream of unconscious phallic landscape of the years 1989-1990, he was d... [more]

Showcase Watchlist: Gyeong Yoon An  
10/31/12 Posted 10/31/12

(Image: Gyeong Yoon An,Time is on my side, 2010, carbon pencil on paper, 29.7 X 42 cm; © Gyeong Yoon An)   Gyeong Yoon An (b. Korea) In my recent work I have focused on three projects: First is a sculpture series about icons, second a drawing series as a more narrative form of my practice, and third an installation series in which I try to combine the idea of abstract and figurative image through a mixed form of sculpture, installation and painting. In my sculpture series ‘Icon _ Goddess’, I reinterpr... [more]

Salesroom Artist: William Rohe  
10/3/12 Posted 10/3/12

(Image: William Rohe, Greek Urns, 2007, Oil on Canvas, 80 X 120 Centimeters; © William Rohe)     William Rohe (b. 1933, USA) William T. Rohe is an American  artist living on the island of Aegina, Greece  After graduating with an Architectural Degree, he has designed buildings and new Town Master Plans in the USA, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. As an artist, Mr. Rohe paints abstracts, landscapes and people in oils and acrylics, drawings in pencil and pastels. He also works in three d... [more]

Showcase Watchlist: Michael West  
10/1/12 Posted 10/1/12

(Image: Michael West, Self portrait,  2012, wood logs and stinging nettles, Length-1740mm / Height-1010mm / Width-600mm; © Michael West)   Michael West (b. 1962, United Kingdom) Born and raised in the United Kingdom I started my career specializing in classical sculpture, honing my skills in the film industry at Pinewood, and Shepperton studios, in London and gaining a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art at the University of Plymouth, my work being displayed and in private collections and galleries worldwide. My... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Lisa Welcher  
9/5/12 Posted 9/5/12

(Image: Lisa Welcher, Camilla, 2010, photo-based, digitally manipulated, painted; © Lisa Welcher)   Lisa Welcher (b. Los Angeles, CA) Passion is the cornerstone of Lisa's art inspiration. A world traveler with diverse interests and a keen eye for all things that stimulate the soul, Lisa translates sight into sound and sound into image; the laughter of a young child in play, a crackling bonfire on the beach, a steamy lagoon in the Asian jungle. Lisa's art has a heartbeat that can be felt in eve... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Fred Holle  
8/9/12 Posted 8/9/12

(Image: Fred Holle, BEHIND THE CURTAIN, 2009, free-hand airbrush with acrylic, 40 x 30 x 0 inches; © Fred Holle)   Fred Holle (b. 1931, Milwaukee, Wisconsin) I'm a figural artist of "Romantic" persuasion. I'm also a painter/printmaker who's aware that drawing is the genesis of all of my work. I constantly draw from models, partly for the great pleasure it affords but, primarily, to maintain perceptual sensitivity and to obtain fresh data to fill a mental reservoir of images that may be tapped,... [more]

Wanda Ewing: Catalogue Edition  
Posted 8/8/12

Wanda Ewing Mixed Media Lives & Works in: Omaha, NE Website: For purchase, contact Wanda Ewing Wanda Ewing, Tickled, 2012, yarn, canvas mesh, sequins, 26" x 46"; Courtesy of the artist. Wanda Ewing, Blue, 2012, yarn, canvas mesh, sequins, 55" x 46"; Courtesy of the artist. Wanda Ewing, Midnight, yarn, canvas mesh, artist tape, sequins, 51"x 26"; Courtesy of the artist. [more]

Showcase Winner: Ira Upin  
7/31/12 Posted 7/31/12

(Image: Ira Upin, Strong Man Series Chapter 11 - Zero Gravity, 2012, Oil on Panel, 36"x 36";  © Ira Upin)   Ira Upin (b. 1948, Chicago, IL) The two constants in my work have been the narrative and the intensity of the visual. I want the viewer to be intoxicated  and perplexed by how I make my paintings and intrigued by the stories I am trying to tell. I’m interested in human dynamics whether they be social, political, or emotional.    In the end though it's about randomness and our inabil... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Rachel Williams  
7/24/12 Posted 7/24/12

(Image: Rachel Williams, White Bull, 2009, monotype, ink on paper, 70 x 50 cms; © Rachel Williams)   Rachel Williams (lives in Trevi, Umbria, Italy) I create works about man and his effect on the land, the work under taken by man in order to control nature, about the seasons, perseids, nature in general (sounds naff when you write it down but in truth its quite compelling). I love the mad complexity of what I see with my eyes. In my work I regurgitate that bombardment of the senses. At times I feel the... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Elisaveta Sivas  
7/21/12 Posted 7/21/12

(Image: Elisaveta Sivas, DAPPLE GRAY HORSE, 2011, oil on canvas, wool, mixed media, 100 x 120 x 1,5 cms; © Elisaveta Sivas)   Elisaveta Sivas (b. 1979, Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Born in St. Petersburg in 1979 a designer of Russian-Estonian origin, Elisaveta Sivas started visiting a ceramic studio at the age of three and later she continued to study painting and sculpture in the Art School. After working for several years as a researcher at the State University of Cyprus, she followed her desir... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Philippe Sauvie  
7/20/12 Posted 7/20/12

(Image: Philippe Sauvie, Angelina: The Ochre Nude, Technology & Digital Art, 2012; © Philippe Sauvie)   Philippe Sauvie (b. 1959, Portland, OR) Artist Philippe Sauvie engages the viewer conceptually in a multiplicity of visual approaches, connecting, sampling and tagging all manner of imagery, created, sought after and stumbled upon. He takes the position that good art can't help but be derivative yet must have its own, new identity. His images feel familiar but speak of the present and into the fut... [more]

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