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3/31/20 Posted 3/5/09

         Hello frends! I am an artist. My roots take place in St.Petersburg, which has great architecture, culture and history that influenced me once and forever. Today, in the times of technical progress, mass production and new artificial materials I search for inspiration in the foundation of the Arts - old Russian Orthodox icons, Renaissance and folk cultures. I seek out look for new shapes and images within my themes using different materials, but my favorite is glass for its plasticity and abi... [more]

Current state // Artist's collection  
4/24/16 Posted 4/24/16

Project "Current state" represents an archive of personal belongings of the artist through photographs. Taking object created in the process of mass production, is a general act which is characteristic of the process of creating personal collection. Personal things in this case are referred to as "objects" are listed by numbers, stored in a particular category. Through this process it becomes depersonalized, transformed into photographic documents that resemble examples from the catalog of consumer... [more]

Portrait of MCAB  
4/23/16 Posted 4/23/16

Portrait of MCAB The work "Portrait of MCAB" is not only about the issue of Museum as a space, which has been closed for some time; it is also about Museum s existence in time, as well as the biological aspect. Given that I have not had a chance to visit the interior of the Museum, neither when it was open for public nor now, I can infer that I do not have a relationship with it, and see it merely as one building in line building rotting away in Belgrade. The issue of time imposes itself... [more]

The Lyceum Theatre London  
4/21/16 Posted 4/21/16

Disney’s blockbuster classic London show, The Lion King is running with packed houses at the magnificent Lycuem Theatre London. Lyceum Theatre is located at 21 Wellington Street, WC2E7RQ. It is located in the heart of lOndon’s Theatreland and is one of the most popular area of London city. Some of the finest bars and restaurants are positioned here. Moreover, top most London attractions are located at a nearby distance like London Transport Museum, Covent Garden Market and the Royal O... [more]

Lyceum Theatre London  
4/15/16 Posted 4/15/16

The heart warming blockbuster London show, The Lion King is certainly one of the most successful and loved all time classics. The show has made rocking entry into its 17th year and still wowing audience with its wonderful performances. The key highlights of the stunning show are the heart rendering songs penned by Sir Elton John and Tim Rice. The epic saga of Simba woos audience to the theatre again and again to relive all the moments of pain, love and glory. To enjoy the show at fullest, you must... [more]

Roses & Nature by Aase Birkhaug  
4/11/16 Posted 4/11/16

Artist & Painter - Aase Birkhaug Believing that surroundings can influence one` s health and mind, Painter and Physiotherapist Aase Birkhaug has combined her two passions by painting roses for a soothing effect. Having fallen in love with flowers, nature and painting from early age, it was only natural to merge these factors together at some point, and by combining the aesthetic beauty of botany with her skills as a painter. It is documented that colors have an effect on the sensory system, and... [more]

3/31/16 Posted 3/31/16

© Roberto Alborghetti-Mitrani Yarden The printing fabrics you see in this post don’t come or proceed from drawings, paintings or digitally made works. They come from realistic and abstract photos of torn and decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, urban and industrial matters… They are part of a special series created and developed by me, Roberto Alborghetti (I’ve collected so far more than 90.000 pictures for my “Lacer/actions” proje... [more]

Opera Publica  
3/25/16 Posted 3/25/16

Curently taking part at Opera Publica, group show at Künstlerhaus Wien [more]

The Society for Domestic Museology  
3/24/16 Posted 3/24/16

Imagine you have a daughter. She is a good kid -- almost 20 years old, hasn't ever been in trouble. Her friends, family, teachers, acquaintances all describe her with words like sweet, funny, sporty, loyal, wouldn't hurt a fly -- all things you might find in any high-school yearbook. She is about to embark on her junior year abroad -- an adventure for which she has saved and planned -- to Perugia, Italy, where she wants to study language. After just a few weeks in the country, she is accused... [more]

< Harmony > (No.1) w/ Writings (Lyrical, Poetical)  
3/9/16 Posted 3/9/16

< Harmony > (No.1) Trying to get Integration Combine Unification or unitedfor my personalities, still now.... But?Is it perfectly, possible?Why can I get Perfect? Any people can do Perfect? I think, if, I get just only "Harmony" for myself / ourselves.if, Is it happiness, peaceful mind, it is well for me; Don't you, Haruka? I ask myself / ourselves. Even if I cannot get "unification or united".if, it will not be come for me / us.Perfect; I cannot get it. But, it is not my sin, I think so. ex) If, "Harmony" is not true.Bu... [more]

< Clone > Needle Work (Embroidery) w/ Writings (Lyrical, Poetical)  
3/8/16 Posted 3/8/16

< The clone > Cloned human. If, I have my clone?If, my clone existed? Could she completely understand me?And does she has the same sense/feeling/mind?May she become "the existence" same as me? Think about as for assuming;Think about the impossible thing; Occasionally some kind of;Maybe helped. However, it is empty support, assist and help. I really need what kind of things? It is not clone.Other human being exists. And hope has honesty, gentleness and other things. (20, Feb. 2016) © by Haruka... [more]

U.S. Ambassador to Qatar - Dana Shell Smith  
3/5/16 Posted 3/5/16

I'm truly grateful for this opportunity. Also, I do feel this is the greatest exhibition of my drawings. I created a ink drawing called "North Korea" that became a digital drawing called "Time". Soon after "Time" was created, ArtonFashion transformed it into a wearable work of art. It is truly a statement peice! What I find most amazing about this work of art, The Ambassador wore it in support of an American artist trying to make a difference. My ink and digital drawing are political statement... [more]

My Ego Goes On Vacation  
3/1/16 Posted 3/1/16

I encounter a deeper awareness of my ego voice. The voice itself sounds louder, loud enough for me to be able to differentiate it from my higher self aspects, and exaggerated enough so I take notice of it's yearning in a more compassionate and understanding way. The overall sense is that my ego is not me. But. It is me. It is the part of me that is always looking for more. I decide to give my ego more love forever. I go inside to find it. I can see it in plain sight, sitting behind a desk lo... [more]

Show Me the Feeling of Oneness Energy  
3/1/16 Posted 3/1/16

Before I fall asleep I ask them to show me the feeling of oneness energy. In the morning, I find myself alone. The voices that I usually hear in my head - angels, spirit guides and galactic friends - are not speaking to me. The visions I am used to having of wondrous and colourful light beings are gone. I call out to them, worried and impatient. I demand to know why they have left me to fend for myself. They say the energy of oneness is one voice. It is them within me. It is my voice. ... [more]

The Gift of Remembrance  
2/28/16 Posted 2/28/16

THE GIFT OF REMEMBRANCE Georgina Escobar | December 31, 2015 | Theater | No Comments Photo by Richard Termine The Holidays. A time of joy and warmth where comfort and communion come wrapped up in a year’s worth of good intentions. Aren’t people nicer in December? For me, it is usually the cool shifts in weather that mark the start of a period of forced introspection. As we crawl into the new year, so many of us, who perhaps don’t do so often, take a moment to look backwards. We... [more]

An Operative Breakthrough  
2/28/16 Posted 2/28/16

It’s a terribly gusty January night in the Lower East Side. Luckily I’m not walking very far—from Delancey up to E4th. I’m seeing a piece by a company from Barcelona called Agrupación Señor Serrano. I have a terrible memory so I guiltily associate the last name “Serrano” to my favorite pepper. I find 74A and see the poster for the show: an action-shot of four men in an island of polystyrene foam (or Styrofoam) breaking pieces mid-air. I enter the th... [more]

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