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3/31/20 Posted 3/5/09

         Hello frends! I am an artist. My roots take place in St.Petersburg, which has great architecture, culture and history that influenced me once and forever. Today, in the times of technical progress, mass production and new artificial materials I search for inspiration in the foundation of the Arts - old Russian Orthodox icons, Renaissance and folk cultures. I seek out look for new shapes and images within my themes using different materials, but my favorite is glass for its plasticity and abi... [more]

My drawings  
9/4/15 Posted 9/4/15


All You Need Is...A Little Inspiration  
9/3/15 Posted 9/3/15

Since the dawn of ancient civilizations, inspiration has been a divine matter. The artist's ability to create was originally believed to come from the gods or was, perhaps, thought to be whispered in the wind. Centuries in, it became understood that everything around us was food for imagination, and that artistic magic was not just in the wind, but could be whispered from one of us to another. Summer 2015: Twelve young men from the Youth Shelter of Westchester embarked on a visual adventure with international ar... [more]

Here's a taste of what's in Carpazine September/October. Carpazine Underground Art Magazine!  
8/15/15 Posted 8/15/15

Here's a taste of what's in Carpazine September/October. Carpazine Underground Art magazine featuring: Jesse Mosher: Punk Art, A.R.D: Hardcore since 1984, Ear and There: Be a part of this worldwide phenomenon, Matthew Lineham: New Wave Saints, Stax Museum: Stax: Visions of Soul, Street Artist: Sath, Muskga: The revival of guitars with substance, Leigh de Vries: Strange, Manoush and many more! [more]

Easy design touches for your master bathroom.  
8/12/15 Posted 8/12/15

Almost every time you wake up, the very first room you step into is the bathroom.It is this very same room that you step into to finish up your night time chores. So, pamper yourselves with a luxurious master bathroom to conduct your daily hygiene chores. The importance of a luxurious, comforting bathroom has gained immense importance. Refresh Your Vanity: When redecorating, the new furnitures and fixtures need not necessarily be expensive. You've got to pay attention every detail to provide... [more]

private & confidential  
Mark Stammers at AE Contemporary Art Gallery June 27th - July 18th
Posted 8/9/15

Just to introduce this a little further: check this video: [more]

The Clear Paintings  
8/9/15 Posted 8/9/15

A new Clear Painting is added to the set. The Clear Paintings, dating to 2004, are the first that I'm aware of in the history of art. While I scratch away on two new bronzes, and a few more abstract paintings with color as content, it seemed right to go forward with a couple more clears. Anyone familiar with art history will probably be able to catch the drift to the clears, and able to place them in the genre. They, in part, re-validate post-... [more]

The Puerto Banús Strip Is Decadent and Depraved   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 7/29/15

They call it “Marbs.” Some of them do, anyway—not the real deal money; not 'Tony' and 'Mel' Banderas-Griffiths, whose beach-front palace’s lease, quite tragically, outlived their marriage—but the ones who are there for an earthier breed of bacchanal: the drunks, the San Tropez tanners, the motor-mouthed swimsuit babes, the rutting Croyden bucks—and so on, and so forth. Breasts as buoyant as puppies; pectorals as tight as spinster's mouths: the strip on Puerto... [more]

Abstract In Nebula  
7/29/15 Posted 7/29/15

Space Theme I am a new Abstract Artist. I am working with textured Paints, Metallics, Metal, Pumice Gels and Fabric to create a quirky and eccentric new look to Art. Aesthetic in taste, and non conventional, I like thinking out if the box. This makes my Art Pieces, unique, quirky, almost spiritually different to mainstream, in images and portraits. I like to get people thinking about what they see. The lights and and Sun reflections in the paintings, changes the pictures also. Conveying differ... [more]

Current Obsessions: Opalescent Summer by Remodelista Team  
7/18/15 Posted 8/14/15

Here's what we've been obsessing over this week. Above: Artist Helena Emman's opalescent spoons made in Skye, Scotland. A few things to keep in mind before listing your house on Airbnb. This weekend Renegade Craft Fair hits San Francisco at the Fort Mason Center. Above: Naturally dyed muslin blankets from Sharktooth in Brooklyn. Actor Jeff Bridges recently listed his 9,000-square-foot Montecito, California, villa for $29 million. Beautifully designed book covers. Above: Our fri... [more]

Artist's cult  
7/17/15 Posted 7/17/15

God first spoke to me when I was 8, while sitting in a wooden church pew in a sanctuary that was outfitted like a synagogue. I recall it was during the part in the "Jewish" ( I cannot verify this is actually a traditional Jewish practice, as I have never seen it happen in any subsequent standardized "Jewish" services) service when the Torah is brought out and everyone is singing and holding up their hands in the air reaching to touch the holiness. God's voice came through the retro woofers ( no... [more]

Comicon North by Vanguard Culture/Rebecca Romani  
Gary Aagaard, Lauren Berley, Thayer Bray, Maclovio Cantu IV, Brittany Ellis, eric garcia, Wes Hardesty, Khryztof, Michael Koerner, Alberto Lopez, Kathleen McLaughlin, Chris Smith, Richard Smolinksi, Sallie Whistler Marcucci at The Studio Door July 3rd - July 26th
Posted 7/16/15

Comicon North Article by Rebecca Romani It’s late on a Friday and the Studio Door Gallery on 30th is still going strong for the opening of its national Comicon-inspired show, “Strip: Caricature, Satire and the Funnies.” The caricature artist is working on a couple who looks thrilled to be getting mildly caricaturized and someone is busily adding lines to the communal canvas off in the corner. She is concentrating so hard she barely notices people looking over her shoulder. ... [more]

Matthew Arnold, Bill Durgin, Ima Mfon, JOHANNA WARWICK, Kimberly Witham at KLOMPCHING GALLERY July 8th - August 1st
Posted 7/26/15

FRESH 2015 ANNUAL SUMMER SHOW AT KLOMPCHING GALLERY Klompching Gallery presented FRESH 2015, the gallery’s annual summer exhibition on July 8,2015. FRESH 2015 is co-curated by Darren Ching and Debra Klomp Ching, from an international open call for submissions. Five new voices are presented, each presenting distinct bodies of work, but united in bringing the subject of the photograph(y) itself into scrutiny through their different methodologies of merging subject and image construction. READ MORE ... [more]

Claire Falkenberg  
7/13/15 Posted 7/13/15

Claire Falkenberg works more: [more]

Gregg Chadwick's "Cinema of Time" Opens Sunday, July 12, 2015  
7/9/15 Posted 7/9/15

Gregg Chadwick Los Angeles Theatre 36"x48" oil on linen 2015 HUFFPOST Arts & Culture Artist Gregg Chadwick Engages Hollywood in New Exhibition: "Cinema of Time" Article published July 7, 2015 By Kathy Leonardo You are invited to the Opening Party on Sunday, July 12th from 4-7 pm At UPPER WEST at 3221 Pico Blvd in Santa Monica. Drinks and appeti... [more]

Durex Pope   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 7/3/15

How do you like your Eggs? Controversial. This may be the answer the Milwaukee Art Museum would give after its recent acquisition of Eggs Benedict by Nicki Johnson. Although, rather than a lush scooping of hollandaise drizzled over ham hock, this dish consists entirely of a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made from 17,000 colored condoms. Many Catholics, not being the biggest fans of responsible spunk containment, have thrown in that extra delicious garnish—controversy. Even possibly going for that ultima... [more]

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