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The Thinking Woman
An Effluviance of Santorum from Paris

Where to begin with Mr. Loks' bizarre and pretentious screed celebrating the giant green butt plug that was recently erected in Paris and his prissy and presumptuous scolding of the people who were righteously offended?   I hardly know where to turn in this sea of verbal diarrhea, with this big green THING bobbing about like an obscene buoy…  En garde!  Thinking of Joan of Arc, I will wade in and start by saying that just because one knows what such an obscene implement is, does not mean that we use one, nor that we watch hardcore pornography; nor is this cheap stunt 'sculpture' what the people of the West 'deserve.  Cultural Marxism and its perverse Ebola-like attempts to subvert, liquefy, and destroy Western culture was enforced on us by a small and powerful minority, determined to make the West so foul it stank, the better to rule over it. 

As a person of French heritage, I take this monstrous green butt plug offense in the beautiful Place Vendome I visited this Spring as an act of psychological war on the people and its culture, and on the spirit of Paris as a city, going back to its Gallo Roman roots, when it was known as the city of Lutece and worshipped a goddess  Leucothea in a temple upon which the chapel of St. Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris, who helped repel the Huns was built; and then Notre Dame Cathedral.  It seems the Huns are back in the city, and took a mighty crap.

If London is a city of men, Paris is and always has been a city dedicated to the divine feminine, from pagan goddesses like Diana, Nike, Hera, Astarte to the Blessed Virgin Mary; to secular goddesses like Joan of Arc and George Sand.  In the magnificent Cluny museum, you contemplate the mysterious six medieval tapestries of the senses with the Lady and the Unicorn; metaphors consistent with images, statues, and bas reliefs, exquisitely carved all over Paris, and particularly in the 3rd Arrondisement, of the goddess Artemis-Diana and her stag, who is like the eternal goddess (hence Virgin, originally) and her son, the ‘dying god’ who represents bolting virile nature springing forth and then dying with the turn of the seasons to be reborn again in an endless spiral that is the dance of life. 

There was no place for the obscenity of the male anus held up as an erotic fetish, a hot mess in the center of Place Vendome,  two fingers up to the very soul of Paris, and of France.  France is the birthplace of Chivalry and courtly love, begun by Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine.  She had all the Arthurian legends transcribed in a way the people could read them to inspire the men to be as knights, paladins, and the best they could be.  Homosexuality and butt plugs had no part in this.  Clearly, this is an assault on the refined culture of beauty, art, and religion of France, which even when Catholic, worshipped an ideal of the goddess that resonated to the earliest European cultures.  It is an assault on French male virility.

I think the man who slapped the old pervert three times in the face is a hero, and I salute him. (Only a Frenchman has nerves so fast that he could slap a man three times before he even knew what hit him).  His anguished cry that the pig who shat out the sculpture was ‘not a Frenchman’ was correct.  Indeed he was not, not by birth or by temperamental sensibility.  Nor did he have respect for the French; neither the men, nor the women.  That Frenchman is a hero to France, and it was the disgusting pig man who deserved to be slapped.  So did the vile pig men who hid in the shadows, paid for, and allowed this vileness to be put up.  I know they are shameless, but they deserve to be put in the public square and flogged by fed up French people.  I’d spank them myself, but I’m afraid they’d enjoy it too much.

As for calling the butt plug alternatively, ‘a giant Christmas tree’ – Well, what a perfect insult to Christian culture in what has been traditionally a Catholic country.  What if someone made an insulting anal sex toy-menorah association?  I think the hysterical screams would bring the house down!  It would not be cool or piquant then.  We would not be told to ‘take the cork out’ of our collective arses.  I am not amused by how they, the artist and his puerile Euro-hating collaborators who paid for and brought that piece to Paris, managed to combine multiple obscene associations in one and shove it rudely on people, and then have the nerve to defend that as something that represents the people of the West, or what they deserve!  That is a gross projection, sirs!  - And I include Mr. Loks in my excoriation.  Do not wipe the slime of your souls on me, or to use your metaphors, ‘do not wipe your asses on me’ and the people of France.  You have the raw cheek to do that; you’d better have the hide to take the wrath back.  It does not represent us.  It represents you. 

As for what is ‘pretentious’, a term bandied about by pseudo-intellectuals and Cultural Marxists until it acts as an emetic, it is an abortion of language, a gross misuse and backwards association.  It is ‘pretentious’ to pretend that a giant green inflatable butt plug is art, just as it is to crow that a few black lines or colored splotches on a canvas is art; or that an emperor is wearing no clothes.  This emperor is not only naked; he is syphilitic with resulting dementia, and he is raving; declaring his love for horses and assorted farm animals. 

On the other hand, there is nothing ‘pretentious’ about the spirit elevating and awe inspiring beauty of Paris which draws the world to admire; of its Cathedrals and churches, some of which took generations to build; its architecture, its magnificent art, even that which adorns the buildings; from the representations of Diana and the Stag near the Place Vendome, to the graceful Art Nouveau beauty of the Paris Metro.  There is nothing ‘pretentious’ in the beauty and spiritual elevation of music like a Bach cantata or fugue, or the magnificent 17th and 18th century French statues in the indoor atrium court of the Louvre.  It is pure.  You recognize it immediately.  It lifts and illuminates the soul.  It is history, myth, and mastery encoded, that shows the beauty and potential of human beings as an emanation of the divine. 

That is art.  Some would like us debased to depraved animals worthy of nothing but contempt and brutality; and art as a cheap perverse commodity to be hustled and traded, in short, a crass racket, and a racket used to tear down culture and society as people see vileness with no meaning but ugliness held up and glorified with a torrent of verbal diarrhea; but that is not who we are.  It is not who we will be.  They will have to raze Paris to the ground for us to forget, and perhaps they will.

I’ll say it again.  Paris is a city that glorifies the divine feminine, the lady as her embodiment, the sacred vagina as the versica pisces, the door of life and death and rebirth.  It is not a place for glorification of the male bung hole as sexual object.  The proponents of the male anus and prostate stimulator have screamed loudly, and it was ugly.  They left a mess and are now seeking to apologize by projecting the shame they should own onto the people they insulted, heaping insult upon injury.  Wear it.  It’s yours.  It suits you.  It was not art.  It was your perfect reflection.  We see you.

I hope that the next time such artists and shadowy figures snickering in the background who hate Europe and the West so much that they lick their chops to destroy it decide to pull such a malignant socio-political stunt again, that the people of France bring back the guillotine to do some ‘thrilling and provocative performance art’ - in creative effigy, of course; made of PVC, and filled with methane.  Why would you complain?  Take the cork out of your arses and loosen up, already!  It would be ‘edgy’, a breath of foul air when it was pierced like a piñata.  You claim that we Western European people deserve a giant butt plug forcibly shoved up us?  Pray, what do you deserve?  What’s good for the French goose, (and I do love foie gras) is good for the gander. 

The French and the people of Europe must survive these hateful attacks to demoralize, pervert, and destroy their people and cultures, their bodies and spirits in a death from a thousand cuts to turn them into cesspools of santorum; and for those without a dictionary, that is a froth of blood, semen, mucus, lube, and feces churned up as by vigorous anal sex; the perfect cocktail to describe Mr. Loks’ essay and the giant green butt plug it was written to celebrate, with all it represented. 

If anyone is ‘narcissistic’, it would be the histrionic homosexual taunting with glee, and the perverted geezer who would deliver such an insult, not the demoralized French people who saw the butt plug inflicted on them and their families and reacted with anger and despair to an attack on their city and cultural legacy.  The tale of Narcissus was a myth of a beautiful young man who preferred to fall in love with his own reflection in another male rather than to gaze in adoration at the moon, who was the Lady, as was the order of nature.  The moon gazes serenely into the water, not the impudent male, who was cursed to turn into a frilly flower who would forever gaze at himself in the water in insipid rapt adoration. 

And with that, I defend a city and culture I powerfully love, and a people whose blood runs through my veins, and gracefully withdraw my Gallic javelin from your quivering and thrashed collective anus.  Salut!  A butt plug up your asses too, ten stories tall.  Do you think it will fit?  Would you even feel it?

Vive la France!

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Posted by Ashtoreth on 10/24/14

Predators as Victims... A Non-Sequitor

My comment was garbled, so I posted it on the blog function on my page.  You can read my essay response there.  If I again exceed the word limit and it garbles, I will post it there also... an awkward way to communicate.  ;)

You write and express yourself beautifully.  However, I stand by the refusal to intellectualize and fractionalize WHAT IS.  The young girl is not any male, and that is never their intention. They are seeking to hide themselves and deceive you if they say that; just as the cannibal cop sat weeping for himself that he was 'misunderstood' and what he engaged in were 'fantasies', when they were deeply expressed longings and plans.  In the case of these artists, it is a blueprint.  

When a man finds a way to act this out, he is not abused, that is nonsense.  Only the young girl is abused or destroyed, and society at large is left feeling less safe.  It is not just Japanese, but they codify and celebrate such in their art, media, and fetish culture.  I came across a book of photographs of this world in the late 1990's that I never forgot.  It is real.  The women, some of the Caucasian, drugged, brainwashed and subjugated, dressed up in fetish clothes teetering in high heels set into decorated prosthetic legs, some that looked like fish bowls, with goldfish swimming inside.  The men who did this to them 'were not abused'.  And to those who would call this art or beauty, let them allow someone to saw off their legs.

Indeed, this media represents and feeds a problem which is not just Japanese, but global.  The cannibal cop was American.  His mentor, a 57 year old NHS nurse with a wife and grown children had bragged about having 'eaten women to death', a black one, and a white one, and had posted a picture of an Asian one he 'had big plans for'.  If you've visited the Miscer (Miscellaneous) threads on the chat boards of the US site, you will see a constant stream of virulent misogyny, combined with slavering male worshiping and confirmation that they are 'brahs' (brothers) and 'alpha' (dominant).  

Women are discussed with contempt, sometimes mixed with lust, and always as non-human... unlike the 'brahs'.  They speak of 'smashing' women, 'hitting her two times', 'destroying her', 'annihilating her'.  These are usually young men talking about young girls, and then we wonder at all these cases of males snapping and brutally murdering their girlfriend for daring to say "No, I am moving on with my life."  Often, these people are no more than 18 or 20.  

Existentially, these males have been thrown into a maelstrom.  SHE IS NOTHING!  I AM THE ONLY PERSON, THE ONLY ONE WITH VALUE AND FEELINGS AND A POINT OF VIEW!  I AM ALPHA!.... And with that, they bludgeon her skull in or otherwise destroy her in an annihilating spasm of narcissistic rage.  That they destroy their own lives, that they will be held responsible, in no way compares to the suffering, the agony, the knowledge that they were being destroyed by someone they knew and trusted of the young girl they figuratively put in a blender and turned to pulp, or in some cases did not know at all.  In. No. Way.

This is too common, the male narcissism and bloated sense of entitlement to enjoy and destroy the female at will, the assumption of dominance, the insistence of it for self and gender definition, and the roots are clear.  Actually, they are manifold, including rap music and video games.  Forms of violent porn cut across cultural boundaries and are easily available in a global marketplace.  There is a global market for manga fetish.  Sites and message boards feed, massage, and excuse the most hateful predilections of males, who should be shamed and shunned.  

We must look at things clearly and not blind ourselves by intellectual acrobatics that do not leave us able to call a spade a spade, and therefore to deal with the problem, on a family and societal level. To over-intellectualize to the point of turning things inside out and leveling the victim with the abuser is to excuse and give folds of ironically here, 'a woman's skirts', to hide behind.  

Such men count on this.  There is no such thing for a woman getting her lovely face bashed in, or her trachea crushed, or her entrails ripped out as her vagina is torn.  It is never a man who is the victim there.  NEVER.  For them, it is only a psychopathic power trip and a prurient sex rush.  And you cover for them with your exquisite words.  Don't excuse yourself, you do.  You must not.  A 'theory of the young girl' as something abstract yet purile to be 'vanquished' and 'tortured' is pretentious pseudo-intellectual twaddle. Let that little masturbator explain his theory to the parents who lost such a family member.  

This is the new 'male empowerment'.  The 'final solution' to women's empowerment.  Men in this way are making themselves the detached predators and rending destroyers of women, if only in their minds.  This should not be tolerated, and those that feed the supply lines for such appetites should be held responsible... until they find something else to paint. 

Posted by Ashtoreth on 3/8/13

To See, Or Not To See.... What Is Before You

This post is a comment made on this article:

This was a well written post, an intellectually frothy bit of 'amuse bouche', that uses linguistic artistry to dance around what is THERE, and therein lies the problem.  

The Japanese Samurai spoke of two ways of seeing things.  There is 'gen', with illusion, and 'zantotsu', as things are.  What this writer presents is gen. We can answer the question posed without her help.  If anything, she has kowtowed and submitted herself to this artist's neck twisting move on her, and all women who encounter his 'art'.

I am provoked and piqued, but not the way he might comfortably expect.  I am inspired.  Perhaps I should do a painting of penises in a blender, or an installation where at a set time, and with ritual ceremony, I hit 'Frappe' on a collection of lifelike dildos.  Don't forget, I am a genius.  ;)  You have major pucker factor boys and girls?  I am detached and immune, ironic and provoking your bourgeois minds.  That in itself is the real art here, the pose and effect.

Betraying her stifled squirms, the writer hazards a thought of who the ardent collectors of this artist's works are.  Perhaps it is someone like this person, who frequents sites where other men congeal their simmering misogyny and rage at the advances in women's empowerment; their improved access to education, income, and property; the return of sovereignty to their bodies and reproduction to their hands, and who devoutly wish to deceive and betray their wish for male companionship to maim, rape, kill, and even eat them.  I think this artist taps into a dark trend, which requires an answer, not submissive pandering.

For a woman writer of obvious talent to affect the stilted intellectual pretense of asking if this man and those who show and buy his art are misogynist is sad.  Intellectualism is to bring us closer to the truth, not to obscure it with elegant wordplay and dialectic.  She is defacto agreeing with the artist and his presenters in their definition of her; who are using and abusing her by extracting her collusion and promotion.  Instead of cutting off her arms and legs and making her look like a dog, they are cutting off her common sense and making her look like a monkey.

As for the archetype of the young girl, who in their mind has not the means to defend herself from their morbid predations, I must wonder; if the alternate diode is the used up salary man, what is to be made of women who are not 'the young girl'?  Do they simply not exist?  

I believe this may explain why Japanese women do not want to appear as 'women', but rather as infantilized fetishes, a pose that must grow stale and tiresome.  Perhaps this is also why increasingly, Japanese women do not want to marry Japanese men?  

And can you blame them?  Who would want to cater to a 'little emperor' turned salary man who would consign you to domestic dross while he masturbates and goes in search of a 'young girl' to 'torture' and fuck?

Perhaps answering images of women torturing and eating men are in order... broaden out the dialogue here, and throw them from their smug position into the void of women's wrath at their nerve to glorify and promote the most dehumanizing abuse of women, representing their total destruction, even maiming and consummation.  

Perhaps when these men are metaphorically forced with their heads into the oven, they will feel primal fear and terror and find their humanity again.  For too many I fear there is no hope.  

Men need to deal with the fact that 2,000 years of total suppression of women is over.  The Jinn is out of the bottle, and is not going back in the box.  Men who seethe and fantasize and form communities of like minds fed by mind food as this artist provides WILL act this out on REAL women.  THAT is to see things 'as they are', Zantotsu.  Like the man from New York now on trial for using police computers to track women to 'torture, rape, kill, and eat', he would have fed upon these images; along with the NHS male nurse hiding in plain sight as a community carer and family man; and the butcher the policeman promised could slit his wife's throat and let her 'bleed out like a goat'.  There is a real Japanese underground where part of the fetishes include THE ACTUAL amputation of women's limbs.  

Women, of all people, assuming you declare that you are 'people'; that not just males are 'people' should not, cannot afford to make intellectual pas de deux with material like this. The casualties will be real women.  And then, there will be real world consequences.  

We need a return to chivalry, of men looking to be tempered in the Lady's discipline, by which they become real men, not these sniveling sneezing little male masturbators who are only worthy of being a crocodile's lunch.

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Posted by Ashtoreth on 3/7/13

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