“The Ghost Bus” is coming soon in the Land Of Robin Hood… It's a new art and visual project scheduled in Beeston-Nottingham (UK) for January-February 2015 in collaboration with Bartons Plc and its owner Simon BartonACT Group (Art-Culture-Tourism) and its founder Marysia Zipser. This story and this collaboration began last October, when I spent some hours in Bartons huge garage of vintage buses and cars.



I was really impressed by one of the oldest buses, the so called “The Ghost Bus”, a piece of history of English public transport: it’s a URR 865 vehicle AEC Reliancemade in 1956! Simon Barton told me that a vehicle-sister of the “ghost bus” was also documented in 1959 on a wonderful and unmissable film telling a beautiful journey through Italy by a group of English ladies and gentlemen. It was another great reason to establish a collaboration building a bridge between the Land of Robin Hood and Italy… So, I began to work and create on the “ghost bus” for my “Lacer/actions” project concerning realistic images of decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, urban and industrial tokens and materials.

The project – preceded by 3 trailers and a flyer – will consist of two short moviesfor public performances and video shows, a cards series (reproducing 16 artworks selected from the 109 ones that has been created) and a collection ofcanvases.

The movies premiere will take place in February at Bartons Plc in Beeston, Nottingham. Special previews, news and pictures are yet available on the main social networks (Word Press, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+). The “Ghost Bus” project synopsis tells: “There’s an old bus at Bartons garage, in the ancient land of Robin Hood. After thousands of miles, it’s taking a rest, tired and rusty. But if we look closely, it continues to tell us the colours of its days along the dusty roads of the world ...”.