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A little overview :
Swiss Scandal
Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 1/11/14

20131114134956-p1070048_-_copy Swiss experiments on Children and young adults In Their CHILDRENS HOME SYSTEM
This is a victim Of a policy, which allowed the Swiss Authorities to use Vulnerable young Children and even when they became adults to ADMINISTRATIVELY put them into Childrens-Homes - Farms PSYCHIATRIC CLINICS etc where they were put to work, Abused and used as Guinea pigs for the PHARMACYTICAL Industries with 'blessing' from Government OFFICIALS. Many of them in later live were at the bottom of society and therefore no real threat to the system - But recently the subject has surfaced and in this interview is one 'episode' of this sad and cruel happening - as the Government officials response is played on the News Real is played live on camera to a Victim of these Policies. The politician says : "one has to consider the Benefits to science these endeavours have brought..." BTW - I grew up in Switzerland in that System - whilst in the later half of the seventies there was a Revolution going on in few of the Chikdrens- homes - Institutions - they were a minority and were met with political resistance - (such as in Baselland (Kanton)) - But most of them remained victims of administrative 'loch aways' . think of Switzerland as a friendly country ? Think again! But the fact that groups like the group (Victims of the Cjhildrens home system - Waisenkinder-Verdingkinder in der Schweiz Versorgt und vergessen. Das Leben in Kinderheimen und bei Pflegeeltern. Die Ges...

Fleeing Upwards


Being down, crushed to the floor

All logic out of the window

There will be always an opening door

No matter how they try to stop you, by hammering fast and slow

I know deep in my heart, holding on is, what makes me keep knocking that door

Which one may call - the entrance to UP - to the top of the rainbows peak

But as steady as the earths ground


I walk UP and UP - no matter what may come

Seeing and hearing that sound

Fleeing UPwards, is like - returning after a hard journey - into one's cosy home

It can be done with G_d's grace, even with both feet on the ground

What would that be

When I come to flee 

Up to the place

Where the hunted become hunters

I continue to flee

Higher above where there's no hunting

But things are arranged,

No need to bash

Crush and crash

Then I'll be there.

On top of this life

Next stage will one day come

Then I'll knock again and do not stop

Until I am in heavens top

Fleeing up in this life

Thereafter as well

This is Victory's lovely smell





Exodus II / oil on Canvas / ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin


Hope on the Horizon , oil on Canvas ,  ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkinHope on the Horizon oil on canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin



Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 9/26/13 | tags: modern landscape conceptual mixed-media figurative poems writings blogs

Yom Kippur with the son of David

 I know deep in my HEART   -  there's nothing too far -  nothing too close  -  that can describe  -  my  personal   Yom Kippur   -   My being reminded  -  my being renewed.  -  Ages and Ages ago   -  Someone decided for me  -  now I make decisions  -   All of them but one  -  Made more sense  -  to ask for divine revelation  -  about things not many have seen  -   the prophets of old  -  wisdom not fails  - all that fails is our nature  - only if we are kindled with fire and love - a meeting with divine intervention - freed once and for all  - ask me - I tell you - what makes me tick !

Exodus I
Oil on Canvas
© MiroAtlamechoTomarkin

Exodus I Oil on Canvas © MiroAtlamechoTomarkin

Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 9/13/13 | tags: miro tomarkin Art yom kippur israel London NY figurative

Three Parent Babies – it’s not that simple



I worry that there will be a ‘leftover few”, who will lose all hope of ever finding a cure to their existing genetic DISEASES just because everyone concentrates on modifying ‘future’ generations, who then will be free of these genetic impairments.

I think it is to be welcomed, that these genetic male functions are eradicated and future generations may not have to go through. Every parent and of course – person- with one of the many genetic passed on Illnesses can follow and understand this.

Unfortunately my faith in the research labs funders isn’t that great. Saving future Children from getting genetic disorders could become an excuse to drop funding on research aimed at curing those diseases. After all – They are interested in patents and big returns.

In the second half of the Eighties for example, the gene responsible for Cystic Fibrosis was isolated. It was hailed as a major breakthrough in detecting the disease pre-birth - in Pregnancy – therefore abortions could be offered. As a father of a son with Cystic Fibrosis I feared then, that this option will make it less lucrative for investments into research being found and the sums actually did go down, whereas funding in ‘pregnancy testing methods’ went up. Please bear in mind, then it wasn’t about a prospect of eradicating it by cure but abortion and hasty added – early diagnose. But the facts are speaking louder than words. Funding for research looking into cure went down and Pregnancy test development went up.

There are plenty of examples that ‘money saving schemes’ would 'win the day' and silently research into curing these terrible illnesses would be downgraded – even disappear!

We could make the Industries, research funders force to make a pledge, not to neglect the living ‘leftovers’ (this is what they would become) like an outcast, stripped of the very hope that kept them and their families / carers going…They all hope and trust, everything is done to find a cure for their loved ones. If one creates a Situation, in which the ‘last sufferers generation’ would be a reminder of the Past, not because a cure is found but because there’s no need to look further – then we are at a very suspicious place….Hope for those would fade…. I lost my son to cystic fibrosis and find it very distressing to imagine, what would have happened to him, if this had happened during his lifetime. He succumbed to the effects of cystic fibrosis in 2005 at the tender age of 21.

As I just said – if Governments pledge and make the industries do so as well, then we are in the right place.

To just concentrate on’ future prevention’ – money saving – would be unethical – scary and reminiscent of a not too far off history – which is indeed making me feel  - that we are embarking on a slippery roads journey.

Past events have shown that it is quite possible – that the temptation of saving huge sums of money plus HUGE profits for the Health industries  would ‘switch’ the effort and funding into prevention for the future only. When the gene to CF was Isolated, the early detection in pregnancy was given priority over finding a cure, in financial and effort terms and in proportion the cure research had to find additional money from charities.

With a breakthrough of this magnitude, such a pledge would safeguard the ‘leftovers from a ‘past’ episode’ of medical history – as this is exactly what they would become – overnight!


     in memory

Oil on Canvas

©Miro A Tomarkin

  "pouring out hope evenly" 


Oil on Canvas

©Miro A Tomarkin


“it never happened”

Oil on Canvas

©Miro A Tomarkin

Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 6/28/13

Banquet Party

Banquet Party ( Artist's Statement)

It shines, most pleasant, most of the days 

Sometimes it rains, pours down

Being in that place, where the Ghosts of the Past dance with the Present and Future

Like insects in the warm evening summer sun.

This place is warm, bright, colourful and happy -

Sad, angry and desperate as well. 

Where the Extremes hold a Banquet

Some people live overregulated lives - far away from that place. 

I am watching them, hate what these rules represent, but also with envy 

I have been there. The Muse isn’t 

But where he is - Sound - Feel - See - Beauty creating–

it’s the Parties’ HOST. At the Banquet I’ll be!



Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 5/18/13 | tags: modern figurative mixed-media Painting with Poetry miro.tomarkin oil Art

Religion versus Faith

oil on canvas
71/51 cm
Rarely was RELIGION on the 'GOOD SIDE' - more than anything else it stood with the powerful against the 'small'. But with regards to faith, it mostly is on the winner's side, but this is a minority, a winner's minority. Faith is a QUALITY, an ENTITY which allows a small band of people to stand up against a mob, against Dictators and SECTARIAN RELIGIONS, whatever GROUP or DENOMINATION they may confess to belong to. Real FAITH is what those PEOPLE did, whilst acting on their beliefs, to save, hide, enable to flee and feed those unfortunate People on the BLACKLISTS of RELIGION. Those HUMAN BEINGS who have a HEART to SEE and DO, are having FAITH. Those who either SEE and DONT'T DO, or DON'T SEE and do not CARE are the ones with RELIGION.


Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 4/19/13

Funeral rehearsals under the cover of Darknes and Daylight assault on the unemployed




"What happened"

Oil on Canvas

Cuts, broken Promises - all I hear when I turn on the news. Private agencies running checks for state entitlements. Really ill people are getting put through the stress of being 'looked at' by Low profile MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS, Unemployed being demonised - while RICH enjoy TAX CUTS and 'LADIES' get expensive FUNERALS rehearsing the event under cover of DARKNES. Something doesn't seem right. Artists, resources are being cut - despite fulfilling a public function. In my opinion, Exhibitions are free mostly - and enable people to have a nice day out to forget for a moment the ever looming threat of losing their JOBS and / or SUPPORT SYSTEM. As artists, on the Grass Roots, we not just Paint, create Sculptures, Write, Play Music or sing - often we are engaged in community Projects, get invited at the state of London or equivalent to the City or Region they live in. Take an Important part in this societies social and political live.

Social 'JUSTICE' can't be, that Bankers and STOCK BROKERS, SPECULATING WITH PENSION FUNDS, SAVINGS OF MANY GENERATIONS and gambling them away - then get rewarded By the Government with money taken away from the meagre funds belonging to the VICTIMS of those CRIMES - to help the Guilty back on their feet.... While small Crooks face tougher Prison sentences?

Am I so wrong in thinking there is something gone awfully WIERD?

Thatcher may be Marmite (you either LOVE or HATE her) in LIVE as she is after her DEATH (sincere Condolences to her Family, by the way I would say this to anyone who's loved ones died - but does not mean endorsement of her political legacy)

But this current Government has some higher Judgement to answer to, as they are ruling a country, which voted centre left but got a centre right government due to the liberals entering in this 'marriage' with their former political opponents. Opinion Polls just after announcement of the COALITION showed in the light of this the majority would have switched to Labour, as a big percentage of votes for the liberals were protest voters from traditional Labour VOTERS.

I am mentioning this, as it makes the POINT that this Current Government  acts as if they had a mandate similar to the one TONY BLAIR had, after his LANDSLIDE VICTORY over JOHN MAJOR. THE FACT IS - THEY DO NOT HAVE THIS MANDATE! I was amongst those, who hoped, that the fact of a centre left Party being part of this COALITION, (despite being against it, I was merely  trying to calculate ‘the mess’ at the time)  - that this would act as some kind of ‘breaking system’ to the Tory Government, in case they would get too adventurous. More important – I believed foolish hearted, that the current PRIME MINISTER really meant what he spoke in the years before the fateful election. In a sense, at least he’s no Thatcher or Major, but has quite a ‘sensitive side’  with respect to the socially disadvantaged people in this country, such as carers and so on. At one time he even wanted to HUG THE HOODIES, one might recall.

I am disgusted, while REAL PEOPLE having to struggle, the Ill living in fear and the under paid and unemployed facing stigmatisation and being impoverished , they can just pick the public purse and spend it on a funeral of one of the most divisive People this country has ever ‘produced’. Please know – I will write something positive when I see it. But at this moment in time, this GOVERNMENT is following exactly what the others are doing in Conservative ruled GERMANY. It is a ‘cook up’ to make each other seem ‘opposing’ in a very common cover up of international corruption and / or mismanagement . I sincerely hope – really trying to stay fair to all – this GOVERNMENT WILL SHOW COMPASSION to  those who did ‘all the right things’ those who when they fell ill, or got unemployed – moved out to cheaper areas, got into social housing, therefore made those choices the responsible MINISTER spoke this morning on the BBC. ATOS is contracted to see if people ‘deserve’ the Benefits they get. Yet they themselves are ‘ripping’ off the PUBLIC by increasing the numbers of appointments needed for assessments – thus cashing in by sending out letters such as four times this is your ‘Fourth interview’ in a series of… I know of people who had several number four appointments – considering they get a set of money for each person they see. Especially mental Health sufferers are tricked into being ‘able’ when they are not. It is saddening – that – if properly done – the people who are ill could be better off and the government – if done properly – some reforms could benefit both. But I fail to see any really caring intend for the most vulnerable. I will publicly admit if this is the case and I was wrong with my assessment of the current situation. I WANT TO BE WRONG, as I myself have a Progressive Illness which will not get better on its own – I am very depending on science to make progress to find a cure. So please do not think of this as a blind COLORED rhetoric assault on the establishment, but more of a HINT to whoever is in POWER not to rule the People, as you should be doing the Peoples will! With a MANDATE!


WHY DOES A GOVERNMENT, SO KEEN TO PROOF THEY RULE WITH A MANDATE, NEED A EXPENSIVE FUNERAL FOR A PERSON, WHO WAS NOT LOVED BY THE NATION? – HER FAMILY IS NOT POOR AND COULD HAVE MADE A CELEBRITY STYLE FUNERAL WITH THOSE INVITED WHO LOVE HER! BUT TO PAY FOR IT WITH THE PEOPLES MONEY IS A DISGRACE! THAT IS MY OPINION! If the Family would have made a posh event, with prominent Guests, would have probably saved her the scenes of celebrations in the mining towns and much of the re awakening of ill feelings, - or at least - kept it to a minimum.




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Being Jewish , what it is to me

Although I can claim, Ashkenazy maternal and Sephardim Paternal - I am Sephardim, as in my understanding I lean towards quarim Judaism (Sephardic) who have Patrilineal descent. as one can see from this extract of the description about them :

Karaite Judaism follows patrilineal descent, meaning a Jew is someone whose father is Jewish, or who has undergone a formal conversion, since all Jewish descent in the Tanakh is traced patrilineally.

However, anyone who formally accepts the God of Israel as their own God, the people of Israel as their own people, and is circumcised (males only), is a fully established member of the people of Israel (Jew); Karaites believe this should be done, after living amongst Karaites and studying the Torah, in the form of a vow before the Beit Din, see Exodus 12:43–49, Ruth 1:16, Esther 8:17, and Isaiah 56:6–7; also Ezekiel the prophet states that strangers who have joined themselves to the Children of Israel will be given land inheritance among the Tribes of Israel amongst whom they live during the final redemption.[13]

Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 4/14/13 | tags: Miro atlamecho tomarkin Moses Moshe Tanakh bible Judaism christianity islam figurative modern

How we Judge recent History and how we view the 'Left' and Religion


Man In charge of the Well which provides the LIVING WATERS managing to burn it down, trying to ‘channel’ it…..


A Look into not too Far off History of our Well fare states throughout the 1st World (and 2nd World until the fall of the IRON CURTAIN


Please Forgive this simplified ‘Argument’, which could be laid out more detailed and scientific accurate, if needed, as historical facts are easy to proof - But this is just the ’story ‘ of this Painting..

People seem to forget, it was the fear of communism - socialism which gave the world ‘off work’ on Sundays / Saturdays etc…. Not the church, as they try to claim recently… It was the fear that workers unite worldwide which gave us social security / Pensions etc. The Churches were on the side of the powerful. This is a fact. So were The Rabbis in our case throughout big portions of our History. The same goes for any religion which is cosy with the Governments of its respective Country. So is it fair to draw the conclusion the however ill or well guided thesis that religion is an instrument for the powerful IN POWER to keep themselves in that position and subsequently suppressing people. If one forgets the fact, that religion should have been the force that should have insisted on basic human rights etc.

In fact, it was the just mentioned cosy alliance with the Powerful, with all the connected issues, which made religious institutions alien to most people and no one, within average society, associated Church / Synagogue / Mosque with social changes and fight for equality in rights etc. This is a very recent development (in historical terms).

If you’re a man/woman of faith, don’t forget to honour that fact, that they have done the job your ‘fathers/mothers’ didn’t want to do.

They themselves ended up creating a dictatorship, very fast forgetting the Ideal, they fought for – in those places where they took POWER - but so did the ‘Religious’ Institutions if given political powers.

I think it is fair to say, for those Idealists, on the forefront of those epic struggles which created a more just society in those places were they did not take power -  slight changes in thinking, could have made socialist spiritual beings, embracing the Holy Scriptures rather than condemning any ‘faith’ as Opium for the Peoples’. But it is easy to see, why this was being advocated by the THINKERS of this so not far off and recent Time. It was AGAIN THE VERY INSTITUTIONS that should have represented THE PEOPLE who let them down badly. Socialists were the ones speaking out - I believe in a very scriptural way, they were doing the ‘ job ‘ – the work so called religious leaders were meant to do. So please be mindful and honour their contribution and overlook their Atheism, as it was born in a time, when Institutions of Faith were helping the Oppressors doing their ‘Job’ whereas ‘Lefties’ were organising to help the vulnerable. My Point is – The story is starting to repeat itself….. just the Players have changed places..

                      above:   Man In charge of the Well which provides the LIVING WATERS managing to burn it down, trying to

                                                              ‘channel’ it…  - Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..


Pope visit (UK) -  Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..


Love / Hate – Progrom / Crusade and Faith - Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..


Current climate in Politics - Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..


Modern Day Aristocrats / as well as the ones who were there before Paintings Oil on Canvas


 Exodus I Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..


Exodus II Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..


Only C WHAT THEY WANT 2 C Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..


Faith NINJA Paintings Oil on Canvas ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin..

………… and so on ……… and on…….and on…… and on… roundabout…….. and on……… J  ©Miro Atlamecho Tomarkin

Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 4/2/13

Growing Poem of LOSS

The Growing Poem of Loss

How the years have passed by,

they rush - they fly.

To have had you - makes me glad

to have lost you - sad;

My heart and my soul are aching,

it feels as if it's breaking

I'm told we're waiting not in vain,

one Day I'll see you again

then oh G_d I will rejoice

and thank you with my Voice

G_d please let it be true !

Late into the night I lay wake,

of Pain my heart is 'bout to break

but time feels like a curse,

the longer ago it feels worse!

It stings like being stabbed by a thorn

to think of the loss of my lovely Firstborn.

It ribbed in the heart a big great hole,

my innermost being will not console

in sadness my back is bent

before it begun it had to end


Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 2/22/13

Angry? - Angry!

You want me to change ? 

Looking forward to Life ?

I'll tell you something strange -

Who can give me back the strive

To fill that hole

You helped to cut

the big tear - all they stole.

Sits deep in my gut

needing a surgeons knife

My dignity, my love, my heart is ripped.

Want me to change my life

Now this late it has slipped


Crap is what you're asking

this is not lasting

the pain is part

of living ones life's Art


Poem, Pictures ©MiroAtlamechoTomarkin

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Bankers do your gardening

I’ve made my little garden into a piece of art. As, to passer’s by - it matters if a house looks messy and dirty or nice interesting - uplifting. To the ‘Big shots’ in Politics and Banking I say – do the same with your reputations and do your ‘gardening’ and ‘landscaping’ so people do not have to turn their heads away  when they ‘pass’ you.....They might look @ you ……..

Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 7/10/12 | tags: modern landscape photography realism installation My garden - my art sculpture


                          Mess and outrage

Oil on Canvas

there's no joke, no humour, no satire. Just outrage over the current scandals in the banking sector.....  be big enough and you can cheat, steal and get away with it.........

Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 7/4/12 | tags: Blog article Satire Political Criminal conceptual

Hi every 2

My take on the situation in Syria -  Gedanken ueber die situation in Syrien:

Flying Carpet - How nice would it be to have those in order for those victims to escape the brutal terror.

Oil on Canvas

Chatting in a prehistoric Landscape - all humans, no matter of color / race / religion are endangered to be ruled by ruthless beings, with only one Aim :  To RULE at any price....

Oil on Canvas


broken pipe of peace  -  This Pipe was broken in ancient times and has never been fixed.... "Zerbrochene Friedens Pfeiffe" - Diese Pfeiffe wurde zerbrochen in alter Vorzeit; repariert wude sie jedoch noch nie....

Oil on Canvas

"Clinging on to power"  Everywhere it happens / yet evry time we witness it - never looses its ugly and horrible sight and the 'fist' in the stomach one gets.... - "Macht um jeden Preis" - Ueberall, zu jeder Zeit- egal wieviele male sich das 'Machtspiel' wiederholt vor unsern Augen, es hoert nie auf zu entsetzen und hinterlaesst dieses unangenehme, schwere Gefuehl im Magen.....

Oil on Canvas


Clinging on to power

"Only c what they want 2 c"  - haven't we've been there already - sooooo often...     - "Nur sehen was man will"  klingt sehr bekannt......  

Oil on Canvas


Only c what they eant to c

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Thoughts to the recent news.....

Charles Aznavour's song

"Ghost's of the Past"

Oil on Canvas

Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 6/8/12

Ling and Lang ( from my own Compost)

Ling and Lang: the balance of the Nonsense and the Fundamental -Fabric of the satirical compost, with the estranged meaning of the radical endorsement of the coalition between the spoken and the visual........ 

Taken from :

Miro A Tomarkin's wise Compost ( © )


Oil on Canvas

Posted by Miro Tomarkin on 6/8/12 | tags: modern figurative abstract miro tomarkin painting conceptual pop blogging Satire

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