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20110615234602-artslant_profile Desensitizing Rape and Gynocide as Art... A Global Problem
20110615234602-artslant_profile Theory of the Young Girl... The Fruits ************************************* ************************************** "The Young Girl is vacuous and torturable..... " "She is on the verge of death, or perhaps just dead....." "To the left of the painting Aida masturbates to the kanji for 'Beautiful Young Girl'......"
LOL. Like I said, You assume way too much. Now you are claiming I am Japanese, Male and not married... You are teaching me nothing new about Japan so save your time and energy.
20110615234602-artslant_profile The Circle Returns - This Thread Was About The Art Not You
Sure, I'd love to teach you something arrogant one. Here's a quote: "Research on marriage in Japan shows that after a wedding, women have much less time of their own, while there is almost no change in the demands on men's time, said Yoshio Higuchi, a professor of workforce economics at Keio University in Tokyo. "The burden falls almost exclusively on women, and those single women who see that happening choose not to marry, for now, anyway," he said. Higuchi said that in recent years, as single women have been sought after by a corporate Japan starved for young workers, they have gained more power and freedom in the workplace. "For women, this has caused enormous change socially and mentally," he said. "Men, though, have not changed at all." Katayama testifies to that. "Guys will allow a woman to express herself, but they do not want their position threatened," she said. "They want to stand above the girl." That is all. This comment board was about the violent torture porn art describing the hateful contemptuous way women are viewed in Japanese society. You have been contemptuous of me all along while adding nothing but 'rolling your eyes' (your words) and putting me down thinking I would just roll over. I rest my case. I now think less of Japanese men than I did. Congratulations. May the Japanese woman of your dreams find a loving supportive partner in a Western man. Your Akido manner of fighting with me is tiresome, and reflective of you. I suspect you will end up loveless and alone, having driven every woman to distraction. No one like a passive aggressive.
There is nothing to debate.... so why would I be sparring. 草食男子?もちろん知ってる。Anything else you would like to teach the person living in Japan about Japanese society? By what you have written, I see that you really have no idea so please take it as rhetorical. Resorting to personal attacks and put downs tells more about you than me. Qualifying yourself by using other peoples status ( or your husbands geographical birthplace for that matter) to bolster your authority.... interesting. But my favorite has to be your slightly grandiose view of yourself. You assume way too much.
20110615234602-artslant_profile The Cat Pats Back...
Well, on my side it sometimes feels like I'm having a battle of wits with an unarmed man. You show up, but don't add much to a debate. I've had fun, though you've been a weak sparring partner. It's like intellectual ping pong. You are a silly boy. Just because I am intellectually your superior does not make my responses 'over-analytical'. I suppose you think I live in a women's commune where we play 'dance around the handbag'. You would be wrong. I come from a family of intellectuals, males and females, and grew up examining ideas and debating with doctors and diplomats, so this is normal for me. Sorry you found yourself out of your depth. My husband and (often male) philosophical friends enjoy the exploration of ideas and thrust and parry that can reveal new things. I know you're not at my speed, but am playing gently with you anyway for some time, trying to understand what locks your men into misery that often ends in suicide and help you see a different way. That art is a symptom. Are you familiar with the Herbivore men of Japan? This is an adaptation that is opposite to the violent rapist brute, or the salary man, but frustrates because they are passive aggressive. They are saying, "You won't be how I want you to be (traditional Japanese woman), so I will be like a limp dead weight, and wear make up. There has to be a better way than these extremes. Actually, there is. Now, to really make your head spin, my husband of more than ten years is Asian. *Jimbo's head explodes* ;)
"When you exit a debate with a female".......Nice choice of Words. Rolls eyes and awaits yet another over analytical reply putting all men into one basket.
20110615234602-artslant_profile A Metaphore To Help You Along....
There is a tale from the Arthurian legends, which are more than stories, but spiritual metaphors, where King Arthur and his knights are put in a plight where a troll will only release them if one of them marries his sister... and she is a sight! They all quail in horror and dismay. Then, Gawain, the youngest, and most handsome, offers himself to free the others. Reluctantly they agree and the marriage is held. Alone on their wedding night the hideous lady troll says, "My brother and I were cursed by an evil wizard. I can either be a beautiful maiden at night, or during the day, but not both." Gawain thinks about this and his head hurts... either his wife could be beautiful during the day, and he would be the envy of men, but he would sleep with the troll at night, or he would be pitied by men during the day, but enjoy the favors of the beautiful maiden at night... What to do? Finally, he murmurs, "Whatever is your pleasure my dear." And with that, there was a flash as the spell was broken. "Wonderful husband!" she cried. "Because of your knightly nature I am now free to be a beautiful maiden during the day, and at night. Remember the magical words happy married men know, "Yes, dear." Happy wife, happy life. Apply this graciousness widely to women and your life will be lovely. Words to live by. "Whatever is your pleasure, my dear."
20110615234602-artslant_profile Looking Into The Abbys....
Man bashing? Hello? Did you not see the disgusting female torture porn masquerading as art? The show is about 'woman bashing'; steeped in it, reveling in it, and saying, 'Don't like it? Sorry for being a genius.' Arrogant sod. I would spit in his face and call it 'performance art'. ;) I stated facts and provided links for further reading. Don't like those facts? I didn't invent them. Do something about changing it. Start with yourself. When you exit from a debate with a female do not do the equivalent of bowing out of a leopard's cage and giving it one last poke with a stick when you think you are safe, or you will get mauled and rightly so. If you want to bow out, do so with respect, or I will despise you. What I said is the truth. There are many men who will end up bitter, alone, and miserable because they take succor and sustenance from 'art' like this, both high and low, because it is endemic in Japanese media. It both reflects and feeds the subconscious in a negative feedback loop that is a dead end and self destructive. There is also a Japanese industry very interested in the 'creation of a better' (read more submissive and servile) female. To that I say, 'Good luck', and it is another 'dead end'. Sometimes you have to look into the abyss to realize that this is not the future you want. The art I see here will only take Japanese men further away from women, and deeper into alienation and unhappiness. It is sad you seem to have few alternative paradigms to consider and identify with. Males always have to metaphorically die to their old way to be reborn as better men through women. This is a mystery, as men are 'born twice', and both times through women. Males who feed off each other like what this man offers males can only burn themselves out in ignorance and impotent infantile raving. I expect and demand better than that.... and more and more, so are Asian women, and good for them. You are challenged to bring out the best, the knight...
Lol, relax. Please , you do not need to try to teach me about Japanese culture and gender inequality, I live here, work in a domestic Company and know what you are talking about. I am pointing out to you that if you look at the exhibition as a whole, he leaves no stone unturned about the state of Japanese society from the idolisation of young females through to the plight of the working ants "salaryman" suicide rates , over inflated views of their own culture etc. BTW, nice bit of man bashing .
20110615234602-artslant_profile A Snapshot of Japan's Present And A Vision For Japan's Future...
I don't like how you try to marginalize what I was saying as 'a conversation about feminism' which does not apply nor affect you. Feminism is more about equal pay for equal work. I am responding to what was a violent gender insult to me and other women and that is not to be trivialized. It is not something 'other', but keep your polite dismissive contempt. I can look at those works and see clearly how they are representative of ideas and a mindset towards women that is driving more and more Japanese women not to want to marry, particularly not Japanese men. I don't blame them at all. Actually, according to the world economic forum, Japan ranked 91 out of 128 countries in gender equity in society. This artist's work is reflective of this, and it is not a good thing. Asian women are not amused and are deciding to opt out from the males of their culture because instead of evolving forward, they are throwing hateful tantrums like this violent mess of 'art', which like minded babies suck up, pay out money for and lionize as 'genius'. It's really not. Not at all. It is just a snapshot of the rage and frustrated entitlement of a male culture which will not be indulged any more. Your women will not be put in a blender. They will enjoy their lives and leave immature brutish males who don't want to evolve on the evolutionary scrap heap. That will be the 'Monument for Nothing'. They'll be left eating ramen noodles from a takeaway while playing video games and looking at violent torture porn, or maybe going to see it in a gallery.... Better get cracking on those robots. ;)
Sorry not really interested in a conversation about feminism. BUT yes, men and women have equal human rights. and yes, women are human. Was chatting with a few girlfriends that went to the exhibit and they were commenting on how they could imagine all the feminists will be out in force. but yet none of them were offended as they could understand the irony and some of the complex message that was being pointed at japanese pop culture and society. To pull out a couple of works sort of feels like an not so true reflection on the mans work. But hey, it is your opinion and was great to hear it.
20110615234602-artslant_profile Boots On The Ground...
Then answer the question I posed... in what way does this violent misogynistic art serve Japan? How did it make you feel to see such representations? Did it makes you feel good? Empowered? Vindicated? How do you imagine young women who saw these vile things, such as 'Monument For Nothing' and the image of the young girl being raped and disemboweled by voracious multi-headed dragons felt? Do you realize that human rights issues do not only apply to males? Do you acknowledge that women (one birthed and sustained you) are human? I think this art expresses an outrageous infantile fear of the feminine that must utterly destroy it to be awkwardly viable. How very different this is from the chivalric ideal of serving a lady, or even being pleasing to her, of making himself a more refined specimen, like a knight, better than what he was. You can't become a real man, a noble man of spirit with the ideals presented in this artist's images.
Placeholder70x70-2 Monument for Nothing - Aida Makoto
Because i went to his exhibition yesterday and saw the title of this article so my comments are related to this exhibition.
Indeed, I was talking about all of the above images, which is what this thread was about. A holocaust of women is not a 'Monument to Nothing'. I have to ask why you were commenting about something unrelated.
I think you and I are talking about completely different things. I am talking about some of the work that is deliberately thought provoking to Japanese society and you seem to be on about feminist issues. I dont need to support an argument that never happened. you are talking about a completely different thing. maybe you are relating your view to the above pictures? make of them what you will. BUT as I mentioned, I was talking about minna to isshyo series. IF you want to disagree, at least make sure you know what you are disagreeing about.
20110615234602-artslant_profile A Global Image... And a Global problem
I don't agree with you. Violence against women and held as an entitlement of males, and of males defining themselves in a patriarchal culture, in fact to violently defend patriarchal structures through violence and fear of violence is a pretty universal problem; from US football players to the Indian gang rapes, and Arab honor killings, or destruction of women for turning down (weak-minded) males in marriage. You don't support your argument... because you can't. Or, shall we say 'What's good for the good for the goose is good for the gander'?
yep, some of his art most definitely serves society and more so in Japan. His " in your face " attitude provides a slap to the sense in many ways on what are uniquely Japanese society issues.
20110615234602-artslant_profile Looking At Things From Differnt Sides of A Prism....
One does not need big words if one does not have mastery of a language, so no need to apologize. :) It is more the visceral response, and daring to look at things 'zantotsu', at what is, not framing it in pseudo intellectual drivel that steers us away. What about cute Japanese males who are often delicate and effeminately fetching? How would you feel to see such a subject, but with the dragons voraciously sodomizing and disembowling a tortured and probably dead 'young man'? How about a 'theory of the young man, or young boy'. Perhaps with pheonixes or tigresses as these are often symbolic of the feminine, though it is more likely such carnage would be homo-erotic, and so dragons. Try that philosophical paradigm on for size and imagine, look through that lens and feel. See it as you, or your little brother, or perhaps any of (if this was the case) many cute young boys raped and murdered who end up on the news, in parallel with the use of the young girl as grist for predatory and canibalistic fantasy. How would you feel? Do you really feel such art serves society and makes it a better place, or feeds the molds of violent pervert. The woodcut of the fisherman's wife was about her abandonment in receiving the erotic pleasure of cunnilingus. There is no pleasure in this disemboweled young girl except for the male. Perhaps someone should juxtapose things and place this male artist in such a position. No, he puts himself above and outside. The male is also vulnerable to nature, and that is the feminine. He is not just the used up salary man, modern stand in for the stoic samurai.
Placeholder70x70-2 みんなといっしょ
The minna to isshou series really grabbed me. It was interesting to watch how Japanese people were reacting to ”hinomaru flag put up way too high" . Yep, lots of young japanese girls etc etc. I am no art critic and this is the first gallery I have been to, but what I got from it was the ironic view of how japanese girls are idolized to their own detriment. I am sure I could articulate this with bigger words, but I dont really know many :)
20110615234602-artslant_profile International Woman's Day... Whatever That Means
Beautiful young women being preyed on and destroyed by males from today's paper. ************************************** ************************************ *************************************** ************************************* I don't think these men deserve jail, or even death by injection. I think they should be made the prey of carnivorous mammals or reptiles who will not see them as special, or as alpha males, but only as meat, prey. If they knew that this is what would await them, the terror and agony and dehumanizing rending annihilation, perhaps observed by women or the families of the young girls or women they slaughtered, I think it would have a powerful reshaping effect on their consciousness. They are too confident in the assumption that they are immune from the predation they lay out to females.
20110615234602-artslant_profile Predators as Victims... A Non-Sequitor ************************************** My initial comment was here. **************************************** I took it down because the program compressed and garbled my post.
I regret that you took down your very first comment as I didn't get a chance to read it fully and slowly enough. From my initial, too brief impression I was immediately struck by how carefully thought and well-written your remarks were. That said, I think you brought up and bring up some really important points. In my review I make a point to quote Tiqqun's use of "Young-girl" because it deplores the violence and exploitation of the young-girl while demonstrating that all of us are young-girls. We are all embedded in the same system. A system that, by its very nature, exploits its subjects and resources. I wanted to see what would happen if I applied Tiqqun's same approach to Makoto's work. How is he connected to the highly stylized feminine images he portrays? I would argue his representation is uncomfortably ubiquitous (which I think you're responding to as well). If the source material and aesthetic are so pervasive, it seems inadequate to me to just point the finger at Makoto as though he is an anomaly. It is so much larger than him. It's not just Makoto and it's not just Japan. Carol J Adams, for instance, has written extensively about how the sexual politics of meat (this ties in also with the cannibal cop link you posted). And of course there are so many other possible links and authors. It's a well-trodden path. Another great book I love is Nina Powers' "One Dimensional Woman" — Given that this is the reality, how do we (I) move out of feeling victimized and subject? What I like so much about Tiqqun is that the Young-Girl stops being "an other" in a traditionally binary representation of gender. She is not denied as a real person. On the contrary she is all of us. The man who abuses women is himself abused. This does not excuse her abuse. Makoto's girls are self-portraits of one sort or another....
20110615234602-artslant_profile Monument for Nothing... A Flaccid Argument For Gynocide
Monument for Nothing? For Shame.... ************************************ ************************************* ************************************** These examples are just from today's paper! 'The Young Girl' is not an archetype. She is not a 'theory'. She is a person, and a potential, with far more value and meaning than males who glorify snuffing that out. I think that families of sex murdered young girls and women should be able to seek financial restitution from artists who promote gynocide as a fetish, and institutions who promote it and encourage such as normal and acceptable thought.
20110615234602-artslant_profile To Read Full Comment...
Unfortunately, Artslant's comment system is not as fluid as its blog program, so I have posted the full comment on my page.

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