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Art Projects Gallery

Exhibition Detail
Curated by: TAN ANNG, Ray Vees Goh
Unit S510, 5/F, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central
Hong Kong

July 27th, 2013 - August 24th, 2013
AIR I, Shan JiangShan Jiang, AIR I,
2010, Pencil, Colour in Digital. Giclee Print/ Limited Edition of 60, 40 x 56cm
AIR II, Shan JiangShan Jiang, AIR II,
2010, Pencil, Colour in Digital. Giclee Print/ Limited Edition of 60, 40 x 56cm
Under the Sea, Shan JiangShan Jiang, Under the Sea,
2011, Pencil, Colour in Digital. Giclee Print/ Limited Edition of 60, 32 x 57cm
Tiger Girl, Shan JiangShan Jiang, Tiger Girl,
2010, Pencil, Colour in Digital. Giclee Print/ Limited Edition of 60, 83 x 42cm
Moon Phase 03, Shan JiangShan Jiang, Moon Phase 03,
2006, Pencil, Colour in Digital. Giclee Print/ Limited Edition of 60, 80 x 53cm
Moon Phase 05, Shan JiangShan Jiang, Moon Phase 05,
2007, Pencil, Colour in Digital. Giclee Print/ Limited Edition of 60, 80 x 57cm
Moon Phase 09, Shan JiangShan Jiang, Moon Phase 09,
2011, pencil, Colour in Digital. Giclee Print/ Limited Edition of 60, 58 x 187cm
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hong kong
+852 34855336
Open Daily 1pm - 8pm



Art Projects Gallery is proud to present Shan Jiang’s series of highly detailed limited edition works, developed throughout his career over the past several years.

Shan Jiang’s works transcend the boundary between fine art and illustration. Shan’s immaculately detailed and captivating works are the result of the artist’s constant exploration in developing visual language and style to express his personal and visual experiences.

Shan constantly conjures up mesmerizing imageries inspired by his memories of Shanghai, where he was born and grew up in. To Shan, the city of Shanghai contains a myriad of conflicting ideology, cultures, identity and history. Shan’s surreal compositions call for the looking beyond of the superficial façade of China’s prosperity and the awareness of the inherent decay that would lead to its eventual decline.

Other key influences from which he continually seeks inspirations for his works include the ubiquitous bicycle that is a pivotal object of his memory of China in the 80’s and early 90’s; anime; and literature especially the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Italo Calvino and Murakami Haruki. He is also inspired by the works of other artists including Kiyoshi Awazu's design and illustration; Moebius's “40 Days In The Desert”; Rene Magritte's “Golconda” and Gong Suran's “Lady Ming Leaving Han Realm”.

Having completed his Master of Design (M.Des) at Edinburgh College of Art in 2004, Shan worked at one of UK’s leading design studios ILoveDust for 7 years, quickly establishing himself as a leading voice in the illustration world. He then joined the dynamic London-based design company Shotopop as a partner in mid 2012. Shan currently lives and works in London.

Artist’s Statement
“Gombrich once put 'There is no such thing as art. There are only artists’. If there was a question saying 'what I would talk about if I were to talk about my artworks', I would talk about the things that make me who I am. Style of my works partly inspired from the city of Shanghai where I was born and grew up. Especially now that I'm away from there, I can see even more clearly how it influenced the way I think. The city contains all sorts of conflicts: communist ideology versus traditional local culture; the local culture versus flourishing subcultures; modern but cold tower buildings versus small lanes; and more. Both its landscape and its intrinsic nature inspired me to try to develop unpredictable perspective and intricate details in my works. And as a witness of its externally superficial prosperous and bustling and internally decadence and decline, I think that it became one of my sources to take a dim view of the future and try to put a gleam of ominous tone in every works. ”
                                                                                                                                                                                      Shan Jiang 2013





在江杉的記憶里,中國在80年代和90年代初,無處不在的自行車,也是他的作品靈感來源之一。再來是動畫、文學,特別是加夫列爾·加西亞·馬爾克斯、卡爾 維諾和村上春樹的文學作品。藝術家粟津清的設計和插圖作品也給予江杉許多創作啓發。再來是莫比烏斯的《沙漠中的40天》、勒內·馬格利特的《戈爾康 達》和宮素然的《明妃出塞圖》。

2004年,畢業於愛丁堡藝術學院,獲設計碩士學位。隨後,江杉曾在英國頂尖的設計工作室 ILoveDust 從事設計工作七年,迅速成為了在插畫領域中的佼佼者。2012年中旬,他加入了倫敦設計公司 Shotopop, 成為該司的合作夥伴。江杉目前定居倫敦。

“貢布里希曾提出‘沒有藝術,只有藝術家’。如果有個問題是問:當我要述說我的作品的時候,我會說些甚麼?,我會說是甚麼東西造就了我。我的作品的風格, 部分靈感來自上海,一個出生和成長的城市。尤其是現在離開了那裡,我可以更清楚的意識到它對我思考方式的影響。上海包含了各種衝突:共產主義相對於傳統文 化;當地文化相對於蓬勃發展的亞文化;現代但冷淡的塔式建築相對於小巷等等。其景觀和其內在的本質激發了我在我的作品中,嘗試發展意想不到的視角和精巧的 細節。見證了其表面的繁華、熱鬧,內在的頹廢和沒落,從我作品的色調可以看出,它是形成了我對未來產生暗淡想法的來源之一。”
                                                                                                                                                                                                  江 杉 2013




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