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James Cohan Gallery Shanghai

Exhibition Detail
New Works
1/F Building 1, No.1 Lane 170 Yue Yang Road
200031 Shanghai

May 12th, 2013 - June 22nd, 2013
May 12th, 2013 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
 Potted plant 6 (盆栽 6), LI WENGUANGLI WENGUANG, Potted plant 6 (盆栽 6),
2013 , Pen, acrylic, ink on rice paper (中性水笔、丙烯、墨、宣纸), 184 x 98 cm
© Courtesy of the artist & James Cohan Gallery Shanghai
Tue-Sat 10-6; Sun 12-6; Monday by appointment

James Cohan Gallery Shanghai is pleased to present new works by Shanghai-based artist Li Wenguang, opening May 12 and running through June 22. This will be the artist’s first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Li Wenguang is known for his highly subjective and idiosyncratic works, many of which have been based on notions of pseudoscientific equations, personal diaries, and dream interpretation. Continuing his exploration of these themes, his recent works are delving further into the territory of the subconscious. Li, who is a completely self-taught artist, presents his works on rice paper mounted to traditional Chinese silk scrolls, using a combination of pen, brush, tea, ink, acrylic and oil paint.

The exhibition will feature new works from three distinctive and ongoing series: Withered Plant, Solo Dance, and Science Fiction. Extending the idea of botanical illustration of traditional flower painting, Li’s drawings and mixed-media works are labor-intensive diagrams of half-blooming, half-withering plants. In the Solo Dance scrolls, the artist uses his own footprints to create a choreography and movement staged against a grid resembling bricks or tiles. Together with the artist’s footsteps, words in Chinese and English (“loneliness”, "faith”, "pursue”, "courage”) suggest a transition from past to future, but without imposing rational connections to the meanings of the words or phrases, and thus leaving it open to interpretation by the viewer.

Also on view will be Li’s latest Science Fiction works. Here we encounter spaces where the traditional and futuristic collide. In this series, too, there are apparent commentaries on environmental concerns, specifically about water, and the exploitation of water resources on the planet. Li’s vision is a post-human, non-carbon world where water itself has become a living, conscious entity. The creation of these new pieces is also based on accident and chance, and on the artist’s use of fundamental chemistry: oil and water. By first pouring water and oil paint on sheets of plastic, allowing the paint to mix as thoroughly as possible against the film, it is then transferred to the surface of the rice paper. When it is removed, it creates a traditional shan-shui effect, leaving traces which often appear as mountains or geological formations.

Li Wenguang was born in Shanghai in 1985. Previous exhibitions include Stir Gallery Shanghai in 2011; Huating Space Shanghai; Songjiang, Shanghai in 2010, 2011; and the Shangyuan Art Museum, Beijing, 2012. His work was also featured in group projects at the James Cohan Gallery Shanghai in 2012.

上海James Cohan画廊荣幸推出生活和工作在上海的年轻艺术家李文光的新作展。展览将由5月12日开幕,并持续至6月22日。这将是李文光在James Cohan画廊的首次个展。

李文光以其非凡的个人化及特殊表现的作品而予人深刻印象,他的许多作品基于伪科学意识等式、私人日记以及对梦的解析。在延续对这些主题的探索的同时,他的 最新作品更进一步地涉足了潜意识这一领域。作为一名完全自学成才的艺术家,李文光在材料的使用上选择了中性水笔、画笔、茶、水墨、丙烯与油画颜料在宣纸上 创作,并最后以中国传统画的立轴形式呈现作品。

本次展览将展现来自艺术家持续创作的三个不同系列中的作品:《枯萎的盆栽》、《独舞》以及《科幻小说》。从传统花鸟画中的植物绘出发,李文光的综合媒体绘 画作品描绘一系列半开花、半枯萎状态中的植物盆栽,他倾注了大量的精力和时间力求作品的细节。在《独舞》系列的两张立轴作品中,艺术家使用本人的脚印来创 造出一组编舞,舞蹈呈现在一系列排列有序看似瓷砖的方块上。作品通过中文和英文文字(“孤独”、“信仰”、“追寻”、“勇气”)暗示一种从过去到未来的转 变,然而,这些文字又不将任何文字本身的意象施加在作品中,而是让观者自己来做解读。

在李文光最新的《科幻小说》系列中,我们会遇见传统与未来相撞击的空间。极其明显的是,艺术家对人类生存环境,尤其是对于水源以及人类对地球水资源的过度 开发所作出的批评。李文光臆想出一个后人类的非碳时代,而水资源则进化成一种有着自身思考的生物。这一系列作品的创作同时基于意外性和偶然性,以及艺术家 对化学现象的基本应用:油和水。艺术家将水和油画颜料泼到塑料纸上,让两者充分混合在一起,然后将混合了水和颜料的塑料纸铺到宣纸上。而将塑料纸取走后, 留下的痕迹则创造出一种高山流水、地理风貌状的传统山水的效果。

李文光1985年出生于上海。曾在上海Stir画廊(2011年)、华亭空间(2010年)、松江美术馆(2011年)、上苑艺术馆(2012年)等机构参加群展。他的作品也曾于2012年在上海James Cohan画廊的各个群展项目中出现。

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