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Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Michelle Kuen Suet Fung: “80/20” – A solo exhibition by Michelle Kuen Suet Fung

Art Projects Gallery    hong kong
Unit S510, 5/F, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central
Hong Kong, China
+852 34855336
November 6th - November 23rd
added about 1 month ago

“80% of all marine waste is from the land. Only 20% is from the ocean. 80% of marine waste is plastic. 80% of the Great Pacific Gyre is plastic, and the Gyre weighs a total of 3.5 million tons. 80% of people will do nothing about it. Are you in the 20%?” Michelle Kuen Suet Fung Hong Kong artist, Michelle Kuen Suet Fung&rsquo...   [more]

Opening: November 6th   6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Wan Zhenyu: The Black Bridge

706 North 3rd Street
Beijing, China
+86 10 5978 9850
November 8th - November 30th
added 8 days ago

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Keysook Geum: Wire and Light: An Exhibition of Sculptures by KeySook Geum

Art+ Shanghai Gallery    shanghai
191 South Suzhou Road
200002 Shanghai, China
+86 21 6333 7223
November 8th - December 31st
added about 1 month ago

Elegant and ethereal, floating forms fill the space, combining the materiality of twisted wire and beads, crystals, and pearls with the ephemeral qualities of light and shadow. There is a sense of poetry, cathartic release, and peaceful movement in the stillness of KeySook Geum’s works. Life-sized sculptures of dresses, qipaos, and other forms of fashion hover suspended in the air or draw fr...   [more]

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Tseng Kwong Chi: Citizen of the World

Ben Brown Fine Arts Hong Kong    hong kong
301 Pedder Building , 12 Pedder Street
Hong Kong, China
+852 2522 9600
November 20th - January 24th, 2015
added 16 days ago

Ben Brown Fine Arts Hong Kong is honoured to present Tseng Kwong Chi: Citizen of the World, a comprehensive exhibition of the Hong Kong-born artist’s pioneering body of photographic work. Tseng Kwong Chi (1950-1990) was not only a photographer but a performance artist, provocateur and documentarian who traversed the globe subversively exploring notions of cultural identity, perception and the...   [more]

Opening: November 19th   6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd 面孔后的故事

CAFA Art Museum    beijing
No.8 Hua Jia Di Nan St.,, Chao Yang District
Beijing, China
June 27th - January 25th, 2015
added 4 months ago

本次展出的作品是从中央美院美术馆典藏作品中挑选出来的肖像画精品。 肖像画在古希腊、罗马时期即已出现,直到意大利文艺复兴时期,随着人文思潮的兴起与推广,人的价值得到肯定和尊重,表现在艺术上则是关注对现实生活和人的描绘,正是在这个基础上肖像画才日益成为一种重要的绘画样式。然而,那时的肖像画主要是为王公、贵族和僧侣等艺术赞助人委托制作,真实摹写并不重要,而以肖像画的形式突出表现赞助人的美德却是此时肖像画的重点,因此,理想化的人物形象以及一整套再现三维空间、体积和质感的绘画技术一并形成了肖像画的古典传统。 进入17世纪,随着资本主义的发展,国王、宗教势力衰落,荷兰小画派中开始出现以逼真描摹为目的的现实主义肖像画,这种肖像画的记录功能增强,类似摄影照片的作用,而且普及到普通民众,同时反映的也是市民以及中产阶级的审美趣味。当然,委拉斯贵支的《教皇英诺森十世像》以及伦勃朗的系列自画像却因真实表达了对...   [more]

Opening: July 23rd   6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd 扬·诺格: 再世界

CAFA Art Museum    beijing
No.8 Hua Jia Di Nan St.,, Chao Yang District
Beijing, China
October 24th - November 28th
added 4 months ago

“比扬·诺格:再世界”将于2014年秋天在中央美术学院美术馆展出,此展览将回顾丹麦艺术家比扬·诺格大量的精彩之作。 比扬·诺格是丹麦在世艺术家中的杰出代表,同时也是自二十世纪六十年代起最重要的丹麦艺术家之一。这个展览主要是展现了比扬·诺格从二十世纪六十年代至今的完整而连贯的作品,包括早期在公众场所做的雕塑、装置、绘画、行为和影像等主要作品,还包括专为丹麦女王创作的巨幅挂毯,以及近几年富有深度且具幽默感的作品,其中有相当部分是在中国完成。 “再世界”是比扬·诺格近期大量行为和装置作品的标题。在这些作品中,他将一个我们熟悉的世界打破成拼图一般的小块,又用新的方式将它重拼起来。我们挪用这个题目作为展览名称,代表比扬·诺格对材料美学的重塑,及其作品中的重要原则——民主的对话和参与。 本次展览的中英文画册中提供了一个更为详细解读,构造了一个微妙的、幻想的、批判的画面来表现比扬·诺格在过去的五十年来发展出的复合且多面的艺术面貌。 本展览由中央美院美术馆和丹麦国家美术馆共同合作...   [more]

Opening: October 24th   9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Kang Jing, Jiang Bo, Meng Baishen, Ni Youyou, Yan Bing, Li Qing, Chen Yufan: Labor and Time

Red No.1-D, Cao Changdi Chaoyang District
Beijing, China
November 1st - December 7th
added 8 days ago

Chambers Fine Art is pleased to announce the opening on November 1 of Labor and Time curated by Cui Cancan, joint curator of Fuck Off II at the Groninger Museum, a recreation of the notorious exhibition in Shanghai in 2000. He has described it as “a discussion on the creation as well as being a response to pressing issues in the art of today.” In this exhibition, starting with a set of 2...   [more]

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Hu Jieming, Jeffrey Shaw: Twofold Solo Exhibition

Chronus Art Center    shanghai
Bldg.18, No.50 Moganshan Rd
Shanghai, China
86 21 52715789
May 9th - November 28th
added 7 months ago

Jeffrey Shaw and Hu Jieming Twofold Solo Exhibition focuses on these two artists who have both developed individual approaches to new media art, and contributed each in their own way to the practice and context of this new art form as we experience it today. Jeffrey Shaw is a leading figure in new media art and has been active since its emergence from the performance, expanded cinema, and installa...   [more]

Opening: May 9th   4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Bill Viola: Transformation

Faurschou Foundation (Beijing)    beijing
798 Art District, NO.2 Jiuxianqiao Road, 8502
100015 Beijing, Chaoyang District, China
0086 10 5978 9316
November 16th - March 22nd, 2015
added 8 days ago

Faurschou Foundation is pleased to present the first solo show in Beijing by the American master of video art Bill Viola. In a 40-year career, Bill Viola has been a leading, artistically outstanding figure in this art form. His iconic, large-scale, ultra-slow-motion cinematic videos have been technically innovative and have transcended the genre. In his works Viola explores the power and complexity of h...   [more]

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Jeff Koons: Hulk Elvis

Gagosian Gallery Hong Kong    hong kong
7/F Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street
Hong Kong, China
November 6th - December 20th
added 8 days ago

Hulk Elvis represents for me both Western and Eastern culture, a sense of a guardian, a protector, that at the same time is capable of bringing the house down. —Jeff Koons Gagosian Hong Kong is pleased to present “Hulk Elvis,” Jeff Koons’s first major solo exhibition in Asia. With sources as diverse as children’s art, comic book characters, and figures from classica...   [more]

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Meng Huang: Elbow Room

Galerie Urs Meile Beijing    beijing
No. 104 Caochangdi, Chaoyang district
100015 Beijing, China
+86 (0) 10 643 333 93
November 8th - January 11th, 2015
added 8 days ago

Galerie Urs Meile Beijing is delighted to announce our second solo exhibition by Meng Huang. As a Chinese artist who spends part of his time in Berlin, Meng Huang has embedded his perspective on history, derived from his personal experiences, into the background of his unique artworks. He is primarily a painter, but he also works in other media, such as photography and installation. This exhibition will s...   [more]

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Christian Schoeler: I wanna be ignored ...

Galerie Urs Meile Beijing    beijing
No. 104 Caochangdi, Chaoyang district
100015 Beijing, China
+86 (0) 10 643 333 93
November 8th - January 11th, 2015
added 8 days ago

Christian Schoeler’s second exhibition at Galerie Urs Meile in Beijing focuses on his works on paper. Besides his large canvases, executed in a mixed media technique and oils, he also creates smaller, more intimate works on hand-made paper. Here he mixes drawing and printing techniques with watercolors or pastels instead of oil paint. They are different from the oil paintings because this tec...   [more]

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Hans Op de Beeck: The night time drawings

GALLERIA CONTINUA / Beijing    beijing
Dashanzi Art District 798, 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang Dst
100015 Beijing, China
+86 1059789505
September 13th - November 23rd
added 3 months ago

Galleria Continua is honoured to host in its Beijing space, the new solo exhibition by Hans Op de Beeck, the worldwide famous Belgian artist. Hans Op de Beeck (B) produces large installations, sculptures, films, drawings, paintings, photographs and texts. His work is a reflection on our complex society and the universal questions of meaning and mortality that resonate within it. He regards man as...   [more]

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd FUTURA: Solo Exhibition

Gallery Magda Danysz - Shanghai    shanghai
188 Linqing road
+86 186 1615 1670
October 18th - November 29th
added 4 months ago

As a point of his world tour, after other important cities such as Paris or New York, the street artist is shown for the first in China. Today, FUTURA is one of the most important leading figure of International Street Art scene. Famous since his begining, he has been established as the pioneer of this movement by being, in the early 70’s, the first one to mix abstraction style to the Urba...   [more]

Opening: October 18th   4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Kan Kit-keung: Thousand Layers

GROTTO Fine Art    hong kong
2/F 31C-D Wyndham Street
Hong Kong, China
(852) 2121 2270
November 13th - December 6th
added 8 days ago

There is a long commitment for Dr. Kan Kit-keung to concentrate on the depiction of surging water, may it be breath-taking waterfalls or robustly flowing water. With the Chinese idiom ‘the benevolent adore mountains while the wise adore waters', the energetic artist chooses the lively and potent waterscape over the stable and tranquil mountainscape that most Chinese painters prefer. In face o...   [more]

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd 何香凝: 移动的心景

He Xiangning Art Museum    south eastern china
Shennan Road, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District
Shenzhen, China
+86 755 . 26604540
August 23rd - November 23rd
added 4 months ago

在20世纪中国美术史上,何香凝是一个独特的个案。她的艺术创作、政治实践都是艺术史家和历史学家们所津津乐道和反复书写的题材。特别是她的山水画,明显有别于中国近代山水画的主流风格。早年受日本绘画(如端管紫川、田中赖章)的影响,但因日本山水画本身是受南宋绘画的影响,所以,她最初所接受的与其说是日本绘画传统,不如说是经日本画家改造过的中国文人山水画这一新传统。晚年有一个转变,画面中日本绘画的色彩越来越弱,风格更趋近于中国传统的文人画。加之和其他画家、政治家们的特殊交往,使得她的山水画无论观看方式,还是笔墨、形式以及画意的变化,都体现出与众不同的一面。这样一种风格的形成既不是单纯的个人趣味选择,也不是单纯的政治意识形态所决定的,更不是一种纯粹绘画的实践和探索,而是一种综合的结构性的生成和建构。 本次展览拟以何香凝的山水画为视角,一方面通过与黄宾虹、傅抱石等其他山水画家的比较研究和呈现,系统考察她在...   [more]

Opening: August 23rd   5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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