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Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Yin Xin: Once Upon A Time in China

Connoisseur Art Gallery, Hong Kong    beijing
G3, Chinachem Hollywood Centre 1 Hollywood Road
Hong Kong, China
(852) 2868 5358
April 11th - April 24th - closing today
added 28 days ago

Yin Xin’s background provides an interesting insight to his work. Born in 1959 in a remote Muslim town in western China, he grew up in Urumqi and was exposed to the different cultures and religions along the Silk Road. This, coupled with the political propaganda during his time, inspired him to paint. After the end of the Cultural Revolution he started his formal art education and taught ar...   [more]

Opening: April 10th   6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Liu Weijian: Under the Sun

ShanghART H-space    shanghai
50 Moganshan Rd., Bldg 18
200060 Shanghai, China
+86 21-6276 2818
March 22nd - April 24th - closing today
added about 1 month ago

ShanghART Gallery is pleased to invite you to come to LIU Weijian’s Solo Exhibition, Under the Sun, which will open on March 22 in ShanghART H-Space and lasts until April 24. More than 20 acrylic paintings created during 2011 and 2013 will be presented this time. As curator and art critic Demetrio Paparoni writes, LIU Weijian has managed to catch and subtly revealed the emotions and feelin...   [more]

Opening: March 22nd   4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Group Show: Bonds of Memory: Wan Qingli's Collection of Chinese Art Given by His Teachers and Friends Exhibition

The Hong Kong Museum of Art    hong kong
10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong, China
(852) 2721 0116
December 13th, 2013 - April 24th - closing today
added 5 months ago

With his unwavering pursuit of excellence in painting, Professor Wan Qingli has made a significant contribution to the research of Chinese fine art. In addition, Professor Wan possesses a substantial collection of paintings, calligraphy, seals and letters by pivotal artists of the 20th century, all priceless gifts from his teachers and friends since his youth in the 1970s. Growing up under exception...   [more]

Opening: December 13th, 2013   10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd WU MINGZHONG: Solo Exhibition

Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art    beijing
798 Art District, Dashanzi, Jiu Xian Qiao Lu No. 4, Chaoyang District
Beijing, China
+86 10 59789356
April 26th - April 26th - closing in 2 days
added 8 days ago

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd He An: It's Forever Not

Magician Space    beijing
798 East R.d, 798 Art Zone, No.2 Jiuxianqiao R.d, Chaoyang District
100015 Beijing, China
+86 10 5840 5117 / 5978 9635
March 29th - April 27th - closing in 3 days
added 28 days ago

Magician Space is delighted to present ‘It’s Forever Not ’ its third solo exhibition with Beijing-based artist He An. The exhibition marks the continuation of a dialogue with Magician Space involving a series of architecture-related installations. He An has boldly occupied both exhibition halls with newly commissioned site-specific works, intervening directly with the gallery struct...   [more]

Opening: March 29th   4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Paris-Beijing, French Focus on China, 1844-2014

Today Art Museum (TAM)    beijing
32 Baiziwan Road, Pingod Community, Chaoyang District
100022 Beijing, China
April 2nd - April 28th - closing in 4 days
added 30 days ago

Can we tell this story from the perspective of these French innumerable soldiers, diplomats, missionaries, or single travelers who have tried for over a century and a half to translate their fascination with China and the Chinese in photographs . It is this story, through some famous examples, and other less known, that propose to do this exhibition. We start with the first known images made in...   [more]

Opening: April 12th   4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Li Binyuan: Today – Future Talents Promotion Plan

Today Art Museum (TAM)    beijing
32 Baiziwan Road, Pingod Community, Chaoyang District
100022 Beijing, China
April 22nd - April 28th - closing in 4 days
added 8 days ago

Today – Future Talents Promotion Plan: Li Binyuan is a promotional exhibition of a young artist launched by Today Art Museum in the spring of 2014. The attention on artistic livelihood of China's contemporary young artists is important investment in boosting the future development of China's contemporary art. Today Art Museum researched and observed emerging young artists in the past two ye...   [more]

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Liao Xinsong: PIJIN

Today Art Museum (TAM)    beijing
32 Baiziwan Road, Pingod Community, Chaoyang District
100022 Beijing, China
April 18th - April 29th - closing in 5 days
added 8 days ago

In my stage, I always want to try making body dance with thought, but I also have to make my artistic behavior to be ill abed in long term. Drama is like a pain, because it achieves balance only after disillusion and completes the dramatic narration during the conflict between balance and imbalance. by Liao Xinsong Pi Jin, who entered Liao’s creation and became the main visual symbol of his works, not only refer...   [more]

Opening: April 19th   3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Xiao Yu: GROUND

Pace Beijing    beijing
798 Art District, No. 2 Jiuxiangqiao Road, Chaoyang District
Beijing, China
86 10 5978 9781
March 27th - April 30th - closing in 6 days
added about 1 month ago

Xiao Yu, born in Inner Mongolia in 1965, graduated from the General Academy of Fine Arts in 1989 and now lives and works in Beijing. He was invited to participate the international exhibitions including La Biennale di Venezia, Lyon Biennial of Contemporary Art, Shanghai Biennale and Guangzhou Triennial. He has exhibited works at the Pompidou Museum, Seoul Art Museum, Bern Art Museum, Shanghai Art Mu...   [more]

Opening: March 27th   4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Xu Qu: A HIT

Tang Contemporary Art Beijing    beijing
Gate No.2, 798 factory, Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang Dst
Beijing, China
March 15th - April 30th - closing in 6 days
added about 1 month ago

当代唐人艺术中心将在2014年3月15日隆重推出艺术家徐渠的个展——“瞬间”,这次展览是徐渠自2010年从德国留学归国之后在北京的第一次大型个人展览,也是他最新的艺术实践在北京第一次完整的呈现。 延续徐渠自2013年在曼谷举办的个展“可变的形态和不可变的意识”之后的美学面貌,在这次展览中徐渠并没有像以往一样通过社会活动的方式以展示他的美学意图,而是以极少主义的方式将他的美学理念抽离成色彩解构以及抽象的绘画或是装置作品。 在这次“瞬间”个展中将呈现徐渠三组不同的艺术作品,分别是: “关于时间的研究”、“无限“和”平衡系列”。在主展厅中,唐人空间12米挑高的巨型墙面上将呈现题为“无限”的视觉装置,作品以两种色彩的渐变关系给整 个展厅带来非比寻常的视觉美学经验。“关于时间的研究”这一系列包括9件绘画作品和4件雕塑作品分...   [more]

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd 陈燕飞, 朱敬一, 宋涛: “三维的墨”

Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art (Doland Art Museum)    shanghai
27 Duolun Rd, (near Sichuan North Road)
200081 Shanghai, China
+86 (21) 6587 2530
April 20th - May 2nd - closing in 8 days
added 8 days ago

2014年4月20日,“三维的墨—当代水墨三人展”将在上海多伦现代美术馆隆重开幕。本次展览由四位来自不同领域的创作者携手参展:璞素家居创办人陈燕飞、当代艺术家朱敬一、自造社创始人宋涛。  三位创作者以浸染多年的中国传统文化为根基,分别从各自不同的思维角度重新诠释了“墨”的多维度的可能性。  陈燕飞:受日本现代书法影响开始书法的现代变革,建立起一套古典与现代相融合的审美观。他将传统书法,抽象绘画,以及对创作环境的理解融合为一体,创作出颇具现代感的书法作品。  朱敬一:迷恋中国古代线描,他以“线”为工具,将二维平面的水墨、三维立体的结构,以及中国古典神话式的妖怪形象,纳入同一个语境中,创作出立体化的水墨作品。  宋涛:经历了中西文化两方面的浸淫和比较, 反而让他对中国传统文化有了更深的理解。以从法国留学回国为分界点,1994 年之后,他的作品中加入了对...   [more]

Opening: April 20th   3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Muchen & Shao Yinong: Gorgeous World

10 Chancery Lane Gallery    hong kong
10 Chancery Lane
Hong Kong, China
825 2810 0065
April 15th - May 3rd - closing in 9 days
added 23 days ago

A Splendid Web from Heaven to Earth is an installation of a giant web flowing delicately from ceiling to the floor. The stainless-steel-made web looks shimmering and inviting from afar. However, as one gets closer, what seems so still and peaceful a moment ago suddenly turns unsettling. The conflicting feeling is a metaphor of the chaos in today’s world. It poses a question to our being, a...   [more]

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd ART BEIJING 2014

China National Agriculture Exhibition Center , 16 Dongsanhuan north Rd., Chaoyang District
April 30th - May 3rd - closing in 9 days
added 12 days ago

Hours April 30 17∶00 — 22∶00 only for VIP card or invitaion holders May 1 12∶00 — 21∶00 11∶45 — 20∶00 May 2 12∶00 — 21∶00 11∶45 — 20∶00 May 3 12∶00 — 19∶00 11∶45 — 18∶00 Exhibitors Exhibitor’s Name City Lin & Lin Gallery Beijing /Taipei(China) Eastation Gallery Beijing(Chin...   [more]

Opening: April 30th   5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Lin Jingjing: Promise Again For The First Time

de Sarthe Gallery    hong kong
8/F Club Lusitano , 16 Ice House Street
Hong Kong, China
852 21678896
April 5th - May 3rd - closing in 9 days
added 28 days ago

Opening: April 4th   6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Janaina Tschäpe: Contemplating Landscape

Edouard Malingue Gallery    hong kong
First floor, 8 Queen's Road Central
Hong Kong, China
+852 2810 0317
March 14th - May 3rd - closing in 9 days
added 3 months ago

Edouard Malingue Gallery is pleased to present ‘Contemplating Landscape’, the first solo exhibition in Hong Kong of renowned New York-based artist Janaina Tschäpe (b. 1973, Germany/Brazil) that explores, through multiple mediums, amorphous landscapes and their abundant luscious properties. Of Brazilian and German descent, Tschäpe commenced her artistic career by completin...   [more]

Featured-e646e9fca793ac2085bf950fdae0ddcd Elmgreen & Dragset: "THE OLD WORLD"

Galerie Perrotin    hong kong
17/F, 50 Connaught Road
Hong Kong, China
+852 3758 2180
April 3rd - May 3rd - closing in 9 days
added 30 days ago

English follows 個啞白色的白種女僕雕像,身穿典型黑白色制服,像真人般高大。隔壁展廳的焦點是另一雕像《He》(2013年)──丹麥美人魚像的男性化身。它安 坐着望向畫廊17樓窗外的天空,仿佛嚮往著融入香港繁忙的都市生活。雕像對面擺有《Heritage》(2014年),一個供法官使用的假髮,代表今天香 港法庭仍沿襲的英國殖民地傳統。然而,假髮一旦離開了法官,放到展覽座上,便失去象徵意義,顯得軟弱無力。同樣,它那陳舊古怪的外貌,也因為脫離了原來語 境,令人更感到權力符號的意義時刻在變。這次展覽的作品都離不開歐洲歷史文化。對於這個大課題,兩位藝術家之前亦曾以扭曲室內裝置來探討,最近的 例子有第五十三屆威尼斯雙年展的《The Collectors》展覽(2009年),以及在倫敦英國國立維多利亞與艾爾伯特博物館舉行的《Tomorrow》展覽(2013年)。兩人雖喜歡構思 各種情節,但敘事結構鬆散,需要觀者自行填補完成。作為展覽觀者,你會...   [more]

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