The first solo exhibition of H uang Zhiyang in Shanghai will be held at Art+ Shanghai Gallery. Unveiled in our new gallery space\, the exhibition will include a site-specific five-m eter long miniature Chinese garden created by the artist displaying his new marble sculptures. The installation will rest among a labyrinth of ink pai ntings draped from the ceiling.

The artist’s sculptural explo ration is one concerned with the science of nature and study of life. The e volution of living organisms from cells into plants and human forms has bee n the underlining theme of Huang’s artistic career. A Thousand Plateaus exa mines the origin\, structure and evolution of the artist’s rich repertoire of new ink paintings and marble sculptures in an epic gallery installation.

The exhibition is running simultaneously with a large-scale p ublic artwork featured in the HOT SPOTS at the 2012 SH Contemporary Art Fai r. The site-specific installation will feature 10 new large granite sculptu res by the artist at the entrance to the fair.

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