Travel is a typically contemporary way of living. It has als o the oldest root in human history – it’s through travel – displacement\, m igration and nomad life\, and even exile – that human beings have written i ts history and formed its identity – humanity.

Life is a cont inuous travel\, between the original location and final destination\, betwe en the past and the future\, between memory and reality\, between emotion a nd imagination… Robert Cahen’s work is one of the most interesting incarnat ions of such a process – it’s also truly contemporary\, not only it resorts to the most up-to-date techniques (electronic ways of producing images and sounds)\, but also explores and demonstrates the very essential aspects of our life today – permanent oscillation\, or passage – in the artist’s own word\, between stability\, settlement\, locality and change\, displacement\ , globality… and the very state of being generated in the negotiation.

Voyager / Rencontrer\, solo exhibition of Robert Cahen presents t he artist’s video creations since 1980s. Most of the works are results of h is travel experience to various parts of the world. They bring viewer into a veritable floating world navigating between reality and fiction\, a quasi bodily experience of travel itself.

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