ArtSlant - Recently added en-us 40 Sanae Takahata - Mur Nomade - November 29th - February 7th, 2015 <p>Mur Nomade, a curatorial office and gallery in Hong Kong, presents the solo exhibition <em>&lsquo;Metamorphosis&rsquo;</em> by Japanese female artist Sanae Takahata featuring a large installation of dress-shaped painted sculptures accompanied by paintings. The main exhibition <em>&lsquo;Metamorphosis&rsquo;</em> at Mur Nomade, in the South Island Cultural District, is complemented by a four-day-only curatorial project entitled <em>&lsquo;Medieval Garden&rsquo;</em> at A.M. Space, in Central district.</p> <p><strong>Metamorphosis</strong></p> <p>Sanae Takahata&rsquo;s latest series renders into shapes and images her deeply personal and powerful experience of the illness and loss of a close friend. About the dress-shaped sculptures of the <em>Metamorphosis</em> series, Takahata says: &lsquo;Inside them are the time she lived through and the life of hers I saw.&rsquo;</p> <p>Through fluid shapes, vibrant colors and elaborate patterns, the artworks deal with the journeys and flows between the material and spiritual realms, and between figuration and abstraction. Great attention was paid to the display and sequence of the artworks to respect the artist&rsquo;s wish to follow her friend&rsquo;s life journey. The installation and lighting aims at surrounding visitors with a feeling of freshness and lightness, as if an ocean breeze was circulating within the bright space.</p> <p>More generally, Sanae Takahata&rsquo;s artistic practice reflects her vision of nature, matters and people as ever-changing. Yet she thinks &lsquo;painting is like a wish and an act of weaving the eternal time into the canvas.&rsquo; Takahata often likens her sculptures to cast-off skins. Beyond the intimacy of the artworks and their subject, the <em>Metamorphosis</em> exhibition invites visitors to reflect upon the many possibilities and opportunities to evolve and reinvent one self.</p> <p>The <em>Metamorphosis</em> series was presented in a solo exhibition part of the program of the Yokohama Triennale 2014, and will be showcased for the first time outside Japan.</p> <p><strong>Medieval Garden</strong></p> <p>This curatorial project was conceived as a miniature work: it is intentionally short in time, small in scale and intimate. For four days only, after ringing a bell and climbing up to the first floor through a narrow staircase, visitors will enter a cosy and dimly lit space with a balcony overlooking the heritage site of PMQ, and discover a site-specific installation of more than a hundred mixed-media objects.</p> <p>The artworks incorporate detailed decorative elements of medieval architectures or miniature images referencing female portraiture from the Renaissance. Sanae Takahata&rsquo;s mixed-media objects are delicate jewels and indeed the artist calls them &lsquo;wearable art&rsquo; as they can be either installed on walls or worn as brooches or pendants. Contrasting with the fresh and breezy mood of the <em>Metamorphosis</em> exhibition at Mur Nomade, the display of <em>Medieval Garden</em> at A.M Space evokes the warm, precious and intimate atmosphere of a boudoir.</p> Tue, 25 Nov 2014 03:34:35 +0000